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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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into buildings rain eigning twisted metal and concrete down on the streets. >> let's get you caught up on how this all unfolded. just before 8:30 this morning when the 15-story crane collapsed slamming into several buildings hitting the streets. it came down while workers were working and carrying the boom. >> a 38-year-old man was killed while walking down the block. three others hurt including a 7 73-year-old in his car. >> several buildings were evacuated why authorities evaluated the situation. none of the buildings hit by the fallen crane sustained any structural damage. >> in minutes the phone lines were lighting up. some who live or work on that block say they had big concerns about the crane from the moment it arrived. sarah wallace is in tribeca with that part of the story. >> reporter: david, we have been talking to a number of residents who will tell you they believe this crane was an accident
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despite neighbors concerns, the i team learned 311 crane complaints city wide are actually down 34% since 2010. >> we heard it, heard sirens all over the place saw emergency vehicles. >> the city buildings department routinely issued advisories when the cranes can be a risk. still, the crane's crew was locking it down when something went wrong, another resident. >> this could have been an incredible much bigger accident that could have killed so many more people in a regular day. >> the head of the local community board is concerned about the 90 on going
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one and a half square mile area. >> they need to make sure this never happens again. second, we need to know in areas where there's a whole lot of construction happening, we're going to have an effective way for the community, agencies and contractors work together in a transit parent way. >> reporter: investigators are talking to a number of witnesses including the crane's operator who by the way passed a beth liezer test. the crane will be moved out of here beginning tomorrow morning. every piece of it, of course, is forensic evidence. live, news 4 new york.
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crane collapse is the first of its kind since 2008. they prompted changes for safety regulations. in march of that year six construction workers were killed and dozens others injured on 61st street. two months later in may a giant crane crashed into an apartment building on east 91st street. since then, there's been several small incidents involving cranes. since then, a worker was killed when a 170 foot crane collapsed at the construction site. four others were hurt. in october of that year, you may recall this from super storm sandy. a construction crane being built on west 57th street collapsed due to the fierce winds. it was left dangling for months. in january 2013 a crane collapsed in long island city.
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walked away with minor injuries. last april a construction worker was crushed to death when the hydraulic system crashed and pinned him between a bomb and boom and a truck. last may they were hauling an air conditioning unit sending it nearly 30 stories. 10 people were hurt by falling debris. you can count on news 4 to bring you continuing coverage of this deadly crane collapse here ond and on the nbc 4 app. >> we are getting a good look at the man police think stabbed a woman with a needle on a subway platform. surveillance video shows the subject on 7th avenue and 49th street wednesday. the victim was waiting for the train when someone bumped into her she felt pain in her right arm and that's when doctors
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have been caused by a needle. they want to keep firearms out of the lands of people facing facing restraining orders. >> coming up next, the sentence for a former new york giant's star and super bowl hero. he pleaded guilty to tax evasion. >> and can you believe it? the 2016 summer olympics kicks off exactly six months from now. up next, the local athletes share the big dreams and hard work it takes to get to rio. >> storm team 4 has a lot to talk about. we're not just dealing with one storm next week, not just two. the possibility of three storms working into the area. we'll tell you the timing and
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the count down to rio hits a milestone today. we are exactly six months away from the start of the 2016 summer olympics in brazil. tonight news 4 catches up with some of the local athletes who have their eyes set on the gold. >> when you're ready to give up, always remember where you started. >> that's bronze o limp canadian with the eyes of the universe set to converge on rio in six
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that's the gym nis battle cry. four years ago in london, the 19-year-old rosco entered the games with high expectations only to return home empty handed. >> i was disappointed in myself and my performance. i was 19. i did what i needed to do. there's no second guessing anymore. >> these games are about redemption. for queens native, a returned trip to the greatest sporting spectacle in the world is about vin din case. four years ago he finished fifth in the women's 800 meters. she gave birth to a daughter that carries a different perspective to the track this time around. >> it makes me feel all the more hope recognizing i was there all along and everything i was doing
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four years to kind of hone in more on my craft i feel like the skies are the limit. having scored the game winning goals in the past two olympic gold medal games. >> the whole world watches the olympics whether they're a soccer fan or not they watch all the u.s. olympians compete. >> dreams are big for so many locals. that's what the olympics are all about. six months from now, those dreams will be put to the test in rio as the greatest athletes in the world assemble for the biggest sporting event on the planet. we can hardly wait. i'm bruce beck. news 4 new york. >> as we said, the 2016 summer olympics begin in six months
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count on us to bring you all the action on nbc 4. >> new tonight, former nfl star is sentenced to five years probation for tax evasion. last december the one time new york giants player admitted he didn't pay new jersey state taxes on his million dollar income in 2013. he now has five years to pay $56,000 or he'll face a year in jail. >> listen up, 10s of thousands of toys being recalled because they could burn kids. what parents need to check for. >> and caught on camera, a fight you never seen before. wait until you hear who police
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an 8-year-old walked in a store with a gun and demanded cash. the clerk didn't want to go on camera. >> all the sudden i'm so shocked. i didn't know if it was a real gun or fake gun. my priority to so take it away from him. i turned his wrist and took it from his hand. >> another employee stopped the boy from getting away. he told police he stole the gun from his mother. >> sad story. back here in our area it was a rough morning for drivers on the garden state parkway where several large pop holes popped tires on more than a dozen vehicles. the holes opened up in the south bound lanes around 9:00 a.m. we're told craters flattened
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emergency repairs are underway and video from chopper 4 shows crews combing the area for additional holes. >> we've had the dramatic changes in temperatures and now we're in for more. >> wait until you see the 7-day forecast. we're going to get to it in a minute. nice to see you. we have a chilly night ahead. maybe not numbing winds but a chilly breeze in the area. cooler temperatures overnight. it's going to feel like it's winter and indeed, it should, right. we have been up and down on the temperature scale. temperatures climbing again all the way up to 50 as we head into the end of the weekend and next week, this active pattern continues. we're tracking three different storms. we'll talk about it in a moment. temperatures around the afternoon around the region are in the pretty much in the upper 30s. we see a little bit of cooler temperature readings as you head to the north and west. let's take a check and see what the current wind gusts are. 30 miles per hour in white plains.
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23 in monticello. that makes it feel like it is cooler by several degrees. in the 20s in much of the area. oakland 28. as you get to areas north and west we're in the teens in monticello and 24 in newburg. if you have a staycation for the weekend, perfect weekend to be in the tri-state area. an active weather map, that's why we're showing you the national picture because this is going to be our next weather maker. not one but two systems working across the country in tandem if you will. joining forces and one low spins off and that creates the next chance of snow activity monday. the better chance is tuesday. that's what we're looking@this point. tuesday into wednesday we'll see a low pressure system which could bring snow to the area.
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what to expect tonight, clear and cold. as we head to saturday brisk and beautiful. sunday looks absolutely jor jous. here's your 7-day forecast everyone. stay tune for next week. we'll watch it all weekend long. monday and tuesday and then into friday. three chances for snow. we'll keepen eye an it at the desk. >> we know you will, david. thank you. >> nearly 27,000 remote control construction truck toys being recalled over fire and burn hazards. here's what the truck sets look like. they're the excavate or and toy shovel models sold only at dollar general. so far, five reports of the remote control overheating have been turned in. no one was hurt. >> you pay for life insurance hoping it will be there for your loved ones when it's gone. when a new jersey retire ree couldn't get answers she said
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>> there's so many different types of policies. it's important to know exactly what coverage you have, whether your premiums will go up or down and whether you're entitled to a benefit or not. >> 39-year-old trudy has lived quiet the life. always a trail blazer and determined. that determination is one of the reasons we met this retired teacher. >> i'm becoming of age where i'm starting to think about making things easier for those who are left behind because i'm from a very small family. >> my only sister. >> with no children she started thinking about her sister peggy. she wanted to make sure she would be the beneficiary of her life insurance policy. a policy she had paid premiums on for years. >> i had it for close to 30 years or more. >> the policy was with the insurance accompany of america through her work as a teacher in the schools.
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george who passed away in the year 2000 and she did receive an insurance check after his passing. >> i had absolutely no problems and that's the only time i've been in connection with the accompany. >> she heard news she found alarming. >> oh, you cancelled. you called us and cancelled that policy. i said how can you cancel something. >> she asked news 4 to get answers. life insurance comes in two different categories. permanent which offers protection throughout your life and some policies cash value. the premiums are more expensive and there's term life which lasts a fixed period of time. there's no cash value and the premiums generally stay the
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>> that's what i'm going to do. i'm going to write to linda baquero and because i was not getting anywhere with the insurance accompany. >> we're glad she did. we asked for her to look into the follow si and she tells us her coverage began 1992 and she'll receive a benefit. the cash value isn't building. right now, it's at $800. according to the records, the active part of the coverage discontinued in 2000. that happens to be the year her husband died. she'll be able to give some benefit to her sister. >> we're told it would be about 2-$3,000. >> we're talking about 800. something, she wants to give something to her sister. >> all right, linda, thanks so much.
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e-mail to better get baquero at >> up next on news 4 new york, protecting the shore. >> flood waters held back by an unusual barrier in a jersey shore community hit hard by sandy. >> i think this is absolutely going to be the next big thing for sure. >> and chuck is here with a look at what's coming up new at 6:00. >> this camera is given rare access inside today. a new york woman diagnosed with the zika virus where health
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nchsz we've been showing you the damage done along the jersey shore when ocean waters flood communities during last month's storms and other storms. news 4's ted greenburg explains it's because of barriers you might not expect. >> they're about four, four or five feet high. >> ed andrews admits he was
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leaves would be able to hold back the water. muscle. >> i was not sure they would work or provide much. it's amazing what they did during the storm. just before the january 23rd nor'easter, more than 60 leaf bails were put up as barriers in three spots in little harbor township which is still recoffering recoffer recovering from hurricane sandy. officials say the leaf bails stood up to pounding waves and protecting areas at risk of being washed out saving the township upwards of $10,000 in repairs. >> it's a tremendous amount to have something like this. >> i think this is absolutely going to be the next big thing for sure protection. >> the bails are packed tightly and bound with strong cable. they're heavy. each one weighs roughly 3,000 pounds. >> they did not move an inch. those things are going to be
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vulnerable areas to any community. >> the bails are creation of the county based nature's corporation. >> it was spectacular success, i think. >> local officials hope to try out the bails on a long term basis as well possibly in vulnerable spots. they now know in emergency these recycled leaves have the power to stand up to mother nature's strikes. >> that will do it for us. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. >> live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. >> [ bleep ] oh, it broke. holy [ bleep ]. >> now the latest on the deadly crane collapse in lower manhattan. what we know how what investigators are looking for.
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investigation. news 4 got mind the lines for unparallel access to the safe. >> now for the storm that hit parts of long island especially hard today. god evening. >> a snowy morning was interrupted by a huge crash in tribeca. >> the moment that 500 football crane collapsed with a construction worker with his cell phone camera. take a look. >> she's moving fast now and dropping it quick. >> woe. >> looks like it's going to [ bleep ]. holy [ bleep ] that shortly turns into grim reality. one man was killed, three people hurt by debris that scattered as the rig's massive boom fell. >> the crane crashed down so hard, it disrupted underground
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