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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 9, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EST

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device. breaking news long island. a very serious crash ends with a truck wrapped around a pole. we'll tell you what crews are says. breaking in germany, a deadly coalition, two trains collide head on. right now, there are flooding fears up and down the coast. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody, 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday. it's february 9th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> and i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here. good morning. >> it's two-prong scenario that we're dealing with a little snow and flooding. with his high tide cycle normally runs from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. areas in red, we have a coastal flood warning. we could see 3 feet to 3 1/2 feeaet above normal because of that huge storm that churned up the surf.
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brooklyn, queens, probably hitting between 7:30 and 8:30 for high tide. this area, precip of the south, drifting more towards the north. turning it out to sea quicker, we'll keep an eye on that, that could bring a steadier snowflake out here. we do have an ldvisory that covers that area. light snow and flurries around today. ibe don't think it amounts to too much. then as we get to late afternoon and evening, south to north, some steadier snow could develop. we'll talk more about accumulations on the 4s. let's talk commute. lauren. >> we have two problems on the bqe. both pretty significant. to the maps first problem out by the brooklyn bridge. an unauthorized tractor trailer is shutting down the ramp from the bqe into the brooklyn bridge. if you need to get into manhattan, use manhattan or williamsburg bridge.
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lanes, all lanes shut down. another tractor trailer problem. this one san accident though. you can see minor delays heading through this area. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. breaking news in long island, suffolk police investigating a crash that sent three people to the hospital. right now, there are few details about this crash in copier. however, the firlye department said three people were ejected from the pickup truck. one of them was hit by another car. that person was airlifted to a dnearby hospital. there is word that the crash may have started with a possible police pursuit but that has not been confirmed. we want to update you on breaking news, two trains slammed head on to each other in a remote part of germany. so far, german news agency reports four people were killed. police are saying about 100 passengers were hurt. 15 of them critically. we are told cars from the two trains went off the tracks. and now one train is wedged into
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rescuers are working to get people trapped in that wreckage. and a chance of more flooding today. this is a constant problem for some water locked problems. "tseoday in new york's" katherine creag is there. it's low lying there? >> reporter: absolutely, michael. we're learning more about these cars. all of these cars damaged by floodwaters. they're not turning on. the engines have been damaged. a neighbor told us that water came up to the headlights. the taillights right here. wa yter was inside the cars. and then high tide is expected yet again in a few hours from now. it really is going to be another rough morning. it's expected to be for so many of the residents here, after gh tide last night, water from jamaica bay came up into the street, high tide. is expected again in a few hours. mayor de blasio warned residents coastal flooding is a risk right
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he advised neighbors to prepare a bag of splice and necessities in case the. need to leave their homes. when we saw this area across the boulevard yesterday morning, cars were submerged. many of the vehicles were damaged. residents told us it took them by surprise how high the water came up and how quickly. cars will have to be towed away. a ne hbor told us she and her husband two of these cars. another family owns these cars. all of these cars, they're a total loss. >> there's water on both sides so you really don't have that much place to go? >> reporter: right, exactly. you can imagine, the water was so high. that's the thing, the resident, they feel like if they had any warning, at least they could have moved their cars. they said it just came out of the blue, all that water. right now, residents on the jersey shore they're bracing as well for more coastal flooding.
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avoid any flooded streets. families that were ruined by last year's nor'easter are now sitting in water. unfortunately, it could bring more rising water. on long island, convoys are clearing and preparing roads for the morning rush. there are several school did,stricts that have delayed their start this morning, too. people are working to remove the wet heavy snow that hit them yesterday while bracing for another layer of snow and ice that chris says is on the way. >> let's check in with chris to see what kind of weather we're expecting. light snow, there's a layer on the ground when we got up, chris. >> right, a ltle dusting. there could be another steadier period of snow that arrives later today and tonight that could put down another accumulation of a few inches. we're in the mid to upper 20s, even in the five boroughs, any
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hudson valley, mid to upper 20s in central parts of new jersey. moisture trying to move northward. itti's now beginning to snow in cape may, southern sections of new jersey this will creep slow ove, the course of the day. there's another batch sitting south and west of there. while this is not a clearly organized storm, these clipper-like systems do have the potential that supplies more snow than anticipated. right now, we're going to put the city on the cusp with a 2 to 4-inch snowfall. again, is this for later today. i don't think you're going to see much snow this morning. this is later today. toward the evening commute it starts. it picks up and winds down by tox morrow morning. meantime, for today early on, we're looking at mostly cloudy sky. flurries through noon. and then about 3:00 and thereafter. south of the city, especially a steadier snow could get going. look for a high temperature of 34. more details on accumulations
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lauren scala with the latest on the commute. wi thanks, chris. we do have e o here. bus 96. the goethals bridge right now, new jersey-bound, there's a disabled truck out there. it's subject to closure. right now, it does look closed. you can see nothing moving through new jersey. this is a spot to avoid. are fine. let's talk about the ferry, the staten island, possible delays because of high tide. new york waterway running on regular routes. alternate side parking in effect. >>st> today, jury deliberations will begin in the trial of. nypd officer shot and killed an unarmed man in brooklyn. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is at the courthouse. >> reporter: peter liang actually turned away from the court for a time to compose himself before admitting on the
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akai gurley was shot and then gave details in his response in the moments afterwards. the rookie cop at some points cried on the stand during his testimony. he said he followed procedure while he pulled out his bloc while entering a dark stairwell atho the pink houses in november 2014. he said his gun, quote, just went off. when asked why he never called 91wo1 or add ministered cpr. liang then he and his partner werecactually bickering. peter liang is not only facing manslaughter charges but charges of administrative duty, whether or m not he followed protocol, protocol,
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kai gurley was shot. mayor de blasio and the city council speaker just helped count thousands of the city's homeless. thope annual hope count as it's known took place last night. and it estimates just how many people are living on the streets and subways. >> we want to figure out what's going to get tell me them to some place better. like our safe havens or some place they feel comfortable that's not on the street. >> last year, volunteers found more than 3,000 people who were living outside. about 58,000 homeless people currently live in new york city shelters. today, president obama plans to make homelessness a big priority in his new budget. "the new york times" reports that the president will ask for $1 h1 billion to help homeless families nationwide. he's expected to present his 2017 budget to congress later today. now to decision 2016. the first votes already cast in
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"today in new york's" kerry barrett is here with early results. these are results from dozens of people? >> indeed, maybe ten. voting getting under way at midnight. as many as two-twards ih the entire state expected to turn out for the primary. and in case of bernie sanders, they won there. sanders, ocourse, holding that commanding lead in polls throughout the state. but this state is what brought hillary clinton back to life in 2008 after she lost in iowa. on the republican side, donald trump ahead in the polls. officials expect this o be a record breaking day. 500,000 people expected to be at the polls. >> it's christmas eve for politicians in new hampshire. and you all get to play santa claus. >> this is now crunch time. >> yes, trump definitely has the lead in the polls there but there is a battle for second
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the polls show ted cruz, rubio, kasich, all of them have a shot. even though it say primary day, morning half of new hampshire vod ters are still undecided. going back to dicksville notch, that town has voters. it has the distinction of accurately predicting the eventual republican nominee in every one going back to 1968. >> wow. that's fascinating. thank you so much. >> i'm going to see it first hand. after the broadcast, i'm heading up to new hampshire. i'll be live with the results and reactions. we have four local candidates, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, donald trump and chris christie.
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>> i'm going to dixville notch. it's been closed for months. the iconic new york city raunt that reopens today. plus, we have an update on the story we brought you yesterday. the cruise ship that hit those rough assess. we've seen pictures and videos from these folks. but consolation this morning for everyone who was on board an went through that. and storm team 4 tracking our next chance of snow. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 5:14. 27 degrees out right now. we have some school delays on the screen. we some yesterday as well. ween want to take a look at that. have a look at that to see if your child's school is there. >> in the meantime, we do want to check with storm team 4's chris cimino. we had delays yesterday as well. we have on and off snow showers out there as well. you see the warnings in red. let's break it down. first high tide cycle to hit new jersey, 7:30 to 8:30.
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could be localized minor ooding. waves 14 feet. strong winds out of the north, 15 to 30 miles an hour. that's the jersey shore. long island, coastal flood warnings in effect. generally this morning, high tide between 8:00 and 9:00, closer to brooklyn and queens. then long island as late as 10:00. another cycle 8:30 to 10:30. minor coastal flooding, 7 to 10 feet. an gusty winds 25 miles an hour as well. overall overall, light snow flurries. the steadier snow later on today. winter weather advisories have been extended from long island to coastal connecticut. westchester county. again, this is later tonight into tomorrow morning when there could be another round of snow. nothing particularly heavy but enough to create an accumulation.
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delmarva, that's the area we're going to watch as it moves slowly over the course of the day. for today, light flurries in spots. for the morning commute, i think we're okay. these snowfall accumulations, again, later tonight into tomorrow morning. with the city on the cusp of a couple inctos here. just to the south, 3 or 4 inches, farther south, more than 4 inches. then to the right of the city, cuts off to less than an inch. these numbers could shift either way. again, we're not talking about heavy snowfall. just more of a nuisance. it may make travel treacherous later tonight or tomorrow morning. flurries from time to time, high temperature may get above the freezing mark for a couple hours. and then about 30 in the city. we'll see 20s in the suburbs. you'll be begging for 20s by the weekend. 30 for the highs thursday and friday. and cold, dry weather for the weekend. bitter cold arctic air is moving
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highs only in the 20s on saturday. teens, highs in the teens. coldest air of the season. a little light snow in the morning. a f flurry here and there. a few leftover flurries tomorrow. then the trend is colder. upper 20s friday. lower teens and then upper teens for saturday. to lauren scala. we did have a disabled truck on the new jersey-bound goethals bridge, that cleared out. we have this accident investigation on sunrise highway. eastbound highways shut down between bayview and great neck road. heading over to the bqe. one problem shutting down the ramp. an unauthorized truck that they need to back off the ramp. in the meantime, manhattan or williamsburg bridge are your only options. in addition to that, we have
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the eastbound bqe to the l.i.e. you definitely have problems out there. and things moving along nicely on thebelt. nothing slowing down just yet. alternate side parking in effect today. a new york institution is going to reopen its doors in just a few hours. it's the carnegie deli. owners claimed to be closed for con edison repairs. on the website, carnegie deli looks forward to serving its customers with the gargantuan sandwiches. right now, a crew ship that ran into rough seas with thousands on board is headed back to new jersey. royal caribbean's anthem of the
5:19 am
port canaveral sunday butmo then passengers showed chairs flying off the deck while the ship was in 25-foot waves. >> the only thing that's going on in our minds is will we suearvivedthis. >> it was incredible. the movement of the ship, the sound. the captain was painfully honest about the situation we were in. >> a florida senator is calling for an investigation was to why the ship was at seat the national weather service said it issued an alert days ahead of time. a new year's celebration in hong kong turned into a violent clash between police and protesters. officers were hit with bricks. one officer firing warning shot it's in air. this all started when police tried to clear illegal street vendors. authorities usually turn a blind eye to those vendors during the new year holiday. one of the newest additions to one of our zoos that will be
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this morning, welcome back. let's start there. this morning, we're having our first look at the newest addition to the new york aquarium in brooklyn. this black-footed male penguin
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he doesn't have a name yet. he enjoys hanging out with his parents just like michael does. the aquarium said this cutie pie will make its public debut in the future. very sweet. and panda cub back out trying to climb the tree at the smithsonian national zoo. he got stuck. bei bei's mom came to the rescue to help him down. you can see, this is all, of course, captured by the panda cam. she's like how many times, have i told you not to climb up there without me. so cute. >> so cute. >> like a true toddler. >> they'll have to call the fire department to get him down, but mom gets him down. meantime, today, just be a little careful there cou be a few slick spots. the main emphasis for snow is
5:24 am
through the late afternoon and evening through the overnight hours. a winter weather advisory through most of the viewing area. the extreme southwestern suburbs excluded. chilly, breeze, a little light snow showers at times. that possibly could accemulate south and west of the city. but then we all run the risk of seeing accumulating snow overnight tonight. most of it winds down tomorrow morning as some flurries. after this, we got arctic air to look forward to. >> oh no. >> we'll show you how cold in the next half hour. >> his favorite word is arctic. >> and subzero. >> that one, too. we do have a couple changes this morning for ferry commuters to get to the high tide, staten island is saying expect delays. seastreak also service changes in place. new york water way, on schedule.
5:25 am
nicely to 5:30 this morning. real estate developer tishman spire has unveiled the latest addition. the building is called the spiral because of the terraced gardens that wrap around the outside. the company plans to build t.e 1,000 and the it will have near 3 million square feet of space. 5:26, just ahead -- an alert for parents. where police say a woman tried to lure a little girl using puppies. and michael bloomberg shed something light on his own political plans. and why he says he may just jump into he presidential race. >> reporter: and i'm katherine creag, live in broad channel queens where residents are
5:26 am
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breaking news on long island.
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truck wrapped around a pole. what police are saying. we're also following breaking news overseas where two trains crashed head on. this is a live scene from southern germany where the crash took place. and the first votes cast overnight in new hampshire. who jumped out to a very early lead. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning, it's february 9th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo and storm team 4 chris cimino is here with the forecast. >> not a lot of snow in terms of right now, coming out of the clouds but there could be a little later on today and especially by tonight. it's colder out there everywhere this morning. some cases a good 10 degrees colder than some places. 20s in long island, northwest sections of new jersey as well. watches this area of precipitation slowly working its way north, notice it started out green. but as the colder air, the area of snow getting more intense
5:30 am
we'll watch this creep slowly northward during the course of the day and evening. right now, a few flurries. however, coastal flooding, we could have significant coastal flooding along the jersey shore. we have coastal flood warnings in effect. high tide cycles, 7:00 to 8:30 along the jersey shore up through long island. 3 to 3 1/2-foot tides above normal. and plan on it being gray, chilly bundle up. a few flurries that could get steady, though, by the end of the day. more on the accumulations coming up in a bit. what's it look like, lauren? >> two problems on the roadways. bqe. both of them involve closures. event from the brooklyn bridge to the bqe still shut down with an unauthorized truck out there. head to manhattan or williamsburg bridges. we have the ramp closed on the bqe.
5:31 am
it's 5:31 on this tuesday morning. we do have information on breaking news from long island. police say an erratic driver who crashed into a pole was not chased. suffolk police say the pickup truck crashed before police found it. one person was hit by another car, that person was air lifted to the hospital. there is no word right now on the extent of these injuries. now, to the latest on breaking news from germany where two trains slammed into each other. southeast of munich. the death toll is still rising. we're getting our first look at the scene of that crash. you can see live pictures, in fact from the crash scene. rescuers are trying to free passengers still trapped in the cars. we're told one train wedged into the other. eight people were killed. about 100 more were hurt. 15 of those critically. right now people up and down the coast are keeping a close
5:32 am
again today. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in broad channel queens. >> reporter: residents here, darlene, are dealing with so much from yesterday and then today. each and every car you that see right here, six of them, just right here. even more down the street and in other neighborhoods. they're not just damaged. but they're a total loss. the engines were damaged by the floodwaters. they're not turning on. water was inside the cars, residents told us, this happened because of high tide. after the high tide last night, water from jamaica bay, what we saw just a little while ago, has come up into the street. high tide is expected again around 7:30 to 8:00 this morning. mayor de blasio is telling residents coastal flooding is to be expected through now through wednesday morning. he advised neighbors to prepare a bag of supplies in case they need to it leave their homes. were we saw this yesterday, on
5:33 am
submerged or damaged. residents told us it took them by surprise how quickly the water came out. and damage in the basements of the homes here. the cars will have to be towed away. a neighbor told us that she and her husband lost their two cars here, darlene. another family lost their two cars there. six cars here, even more down the street. so much damage in this neighborhood of broad channel, queens, darlene. right now, residents on the jersey shore are bracing for more coastal flooding. police in aberdeen are urging drivers to avoid flooded streets. family belongings ruined by last month's blizzard are now sitting in water from flooding. high tide is expected today that could bring more rising water. on long island, convoys of plows are out clearing and preparing roading for the morning rush. several school districts have delayed starts. many people are still working to remove the wet heavy snow from yesterday while bracing for
5:34 am
the way. a missable few hours. time for weather and traffic on the had 4s. chris is focusing where kat creag is, the moment that impacts flooding? >> it's generally about a foot to foot and a half above normal tide cycles. however because of the tomorrow, we're talking 2 1/2 to 3 feet of normal tide cycles. moderate flooding is possible during this cycle which is south shore of long island, generally 8:30 and 10:30. meanwhile, scattered flurries this morning. not going to amount to anything though. this is the area we're watching from later on today into tonight. it's slowly drifting north award in the weak disturbance of the atmosphere. as it does so, it could spread snow. how far north is what we'll see in the city.
5:35 am
we're looking at maybe a couple inches. a better chance of 2 to 4 for middlesex, monmouth, ocean on south and west. the most likely is beginning towards the evening commute and overnight. the first forecast, it's quiet, 27 degrees in the city. we'll climb slowly back to the low 30s. nothing more than a couple flurries. then we'll watch for the possibility of another period of snow today an tonight. she's watching the road, rails and buses as well. >> not too many detours out there. mj transit bus route 196. then on the ferry, staten island you can expect possible delays because of high tide. seastreak has service changes in place. north waterway operating on its regular route and schedules. major roads doing fine. alternate side parking in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. right now, connecticut state
5:36 am
what caused a charter bus loaded with people to overturn on i-95. the bus was headed to mohegan sun casino from new york city when it crashed in the town of madison monday afternoon. cell phone video shows the 55 people on board trying to escape through a roof hatch. more than 30 people were hurt. four of them critically. one witness says the bus passed him shortly before the crash. >> passed us. he had to be going 55, 60 miles an hour. there's no reason to be going that fast. >> the bus company is out of flushing queens. after investigation, the bus company had violation information the past two years and the same bus was cited for equipment problems last year. today, the jury is to begin deliberating the fate of an nypd police officer on trial for killing an unarmed man. yesterday, that officer gave tearful testimony about the shooting. . "today in new york's" tracie strahan is at the courthouse.
5:37 am
tear, lengthy pauses. major revelations on the stand when peter liang testified. especially after is akai gurley was pronounced dead he didn't realize anyone had been shot. liang walked into the courtroom silently but at some points on the stand had to compose himself because he was weeping. the rookie cop said his finger was not on his glock but that the gun, quote, just went off when he was conducting vertical patrols of the pink houses in new york. during cross-examination, liang was asked why he never called 911 or administered cpr as akai gurley lay dying in a darkened stairwell. liang said he and his partner were bickering over who would call 911. then insisted that he didn't realize he shot anyone. when asked why he didn't take over for the girlfriend doing chest compressions he said, quote, i didn't know that i could do it better than her.
5:38 am
noise startled him when he and his partner were conducting those vertical patrols. he's facing charges that include manslaughter and official misconduct. deliberations are expected in the case by sometime this afternoon. back to you. >> emotional testimony there. tracie, thank you. we're getting a look at the man police say attacked a woman in a bronx stairwell. investigators released this surveillance video last night. they say he fold his victim into a building an 183rd street on university heights friday evening. when he got into the elevator, police say he attacked her robbing her before dragging her into a stairwell and sexually assaulting her. if he looks familiar, police want to hear from you. police just got this surveillance video in of a man accused of robbing and sexually assaulting a woman. he threw her to the ground. they say he took $40 and then
5:39 am
anyone with any information is asked to call crime stoppers. in westchester county parents are on alert after a stranger tried to lure a young girl into her car. police station are looking for a woman who asked the 9-year-old to get in saying she had puppies in the back street. suspect took off when the girl refused. we're told she's driving a differented beige or tan four-door sedan. we have early numbers in from the tiny town of dixville notch that turned out at midnight to cast ballots. governor kasich outpolled donald trump 3 to 2. on the democratic side, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton 4-0. yesterday, though, trump repeated a derogatory term that
5:40 am
as weak. >> she just said a terrible thing. she said i never expect to hear that from you again. she said he's a [ bleep ]. terrible. >> all right. well, there are three small towns that all voted at midnight, trump, kasich and cruz all tied at 9 votes each. democratic side with her husband bill unleashed sharp criticism of her opponent, bernie sanders. all of that happening. and i'm heading up to new hampshire today. i'll be live there with results and reaction in the primary. miking bloomberg is speaking out at a possible presidential bid. now he said he's looking at all the options. that's what the former mayor told the financial times. he said the people deserve much better from candidates and what's being offered. still to come, there's new concerns about medications that are probably in your medicine
5:41 am
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good morning. welcome back. 5:44 on a tuesday morning. a few flurries around, but that's about it. the wind's still gusty. and it's a colder morning than yesterday. get ready, there's even colder air for the weekend. and coastal flooding a problem, the next high tide cycle which begins about 7:30 along the jersey shore, to 8:30. there could be mod lit to localized flooding along the jersey shore. a pretty strong win the of 15 to 30. south-facing shorelines of long island, also you're under a coastal flood warning. north shore, a coast add flood advisory. high tide cycle between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. again, minor to moderate, flooding certainly a possibility.
5:43 am
in the last two cycles will likely see flooding again. meantime, weather advisory through connecticut and long island and hudson valley. national weather service said we're going to see windy conditions around here tonight and into tomorrow morning. that's the next chance of getting steadier-type of snow. temperatures low 20s, hudson valley. it's a cold morning out there. anything that does fall will certainly stick. then out to the west, we see teens, single numbers. and here it comes. there's arctic air sitting right in here. look at these temperatures, 25 to 20 below zero. the immediate future, we're watching this. midafternoon, fine. we're going to look at this area of precipitation as it drifts slowly northward to bring a steadier period of snow late eye
5:44 am
a few flakes around from time to time. periods of snow moving in. we'll say anytime after 4:00 or 5:00 from south to north. look for that could continue overnight. tomorrow, leftover snow flurries in the morning. some breaks in the cloud cover. temperatures briefly get back to midand upper 30s. accumulations, city on the cusp of 2 to 4 inches. same thing south-favoring shorelines on long island. an inch or so. farther north, a coating up here. on the seven-day forecast, the story after all of this gets on out of here is the cold that pushes in here. so,couple of fleur police here. a few leftover flurries tomorrow. that's the warmest day, 38. say good-bye. at leaving to freezing for the next five days. upper teens on sunday after slipping to a low of 6 on saturday night.
5:45 am
>> that's a big time cuddle day, valentine's day. we do have problems out there with the roads. i'll take you over to the bqe. what you're seeing now is the ramp from the eastbound bqe to the long island expressway. you can see this tractor trailer out here. that trailer that was sitting on that tractor trailer, no longer sitting on it. so that's going to take a while to clean up. the ramp is shut down. i'm going to show you the delays heading into this area all the way back to metropolitan avenue. you just stop and go to the long island expressway. something to keep in mind. we're going to take a live look outside to the bqe. this is eastbound. the ramp is shut down to the brooklyn bridge. there's an unauthorized tractor trailer which they need to back off. it's not causing delays. you can't get on use manhattan bridge or williamsburg bridge.
5:46 am
accident investigation between bayview and great neck. and alternate side street parking rules back in effect. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> happening today -- there will be a rally in queens to call for a few review of the 7 train. elected officials, commuters and business owners will be gathering in sunnyside. they'll be calling for improvements regarding better communication about disruptions, better station access and more reliable service. an nypd detective and long island soldier both were awarded the bronze scar. joseph lindt and staff sergeant lewis benacosta. "the new york times" said the two stepped and took the brunt of a blast. it saved the lives of 12 people. a michigan father suing state officials.
5:47 am
2-year-old has high levels of lead in her bloodstream. the family said they used to bathe and clean with the water because city officials said it was safe. >> like she can never calm down or concentrate on goals. it's hard for her to concentrate on learning with flashcards and stuff like that. >> lead started leaching into flint's tap water in 2015 after officials there decide use corrosive water from the flint river to save money. if you're using over-the-counter drugs to fight heartburn can do damage to other parts of your body. they're told as prevacid and drugs that are prohibiters. a new study from johns hopkins said the drugs increase the risk
5:48 am
20% to 50%. doctors say pills are not the only answer. >> you can change your diet and reduce acid production. and actually heal your own body by what you're eating. >> experts say people who suffer from heartburn should avoid acidic foods such as berries, chocolate, caffeine and sodas. the makers of the drugs say they're safe when used correctly. how you may be able to prevent jet lag. and a gator inside a fast food restaurant. how it got there. it landed a man behind bars. you're watching "today in new
5:49 am
what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary
5:50 am
5:54. this morning, just how popular drones were become. the faa said there's more registered drone users in the united states than registered planes. 325,000 drone users signed but with the faa. researchers may have come up with a way to help travelers avoid jet lag. according to a study, flashing lights the night before the flight could trick the brain into adjusting into a new sleep cycle. the theory is being tested and
5:51 am
timed properly. are you looking for a light? >> right. >> do you stand over somebody's bed and just light their face? >> you'll appreciate that hours from now. >> that's interesting. i'm going to see if that works over time. right now, it's pretty quiet. the morning commute should be okay. any flurries are relatively light and scattered around the area. maybe a couple of spotty coatings. even that chances diminishing as i looked at the radar recently. minor impacts on the roads for the morning commute. that could change towards the end of the day, though. look for clouds and flurries around early then snow showers get going for the evening hours. high temperature of 34. steadiest period of snow is overnight tonight. that's where we could see the accumulation of at least a couple inch information the city more to the south an west.
5:52 am
tomorrow morning. just enough to make issues on the roads. >> right. >> we're going to get to the roads in one second. let's start with the ferries. this morning, we actually have changes on the ferries, staten island commuters changes. and seastreak with service changes in effect. the north waterway running on regular schedule. here's the bqe. it's the trouble spot of the morning. we have now likely three problems out there. you can see the flashing lights part right in the middle to the right of the center of your screen, everything is slowing down getting into this area. because of what could possibly be an accident or disabled vehicle. waiting for confirmation on that. once you get past it it opens up. i'll have details coming up. well, it may be easier to buy a tesla in connecticut. today, a car maker in norwalk
5:53 am
law prevents tesla from opening retail stores over in milford. 24-year-old josh james facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. that weapon, an alligator, police say he picked up a 3 1/2 foot alligator at the side of the road and threw it into a wendy's police came and retrieved it. his father said it was a stupid prank. high tide concerns across the area as residents prepare for a second morning of coastal flooding. we'll tell you what city officials are doing to try to minimize the damage. also at 6:00 a.m., they're calling it the beyonce bounce. why the star's new song is causing a sales bomb for one restaurant chain. keep watching "today in new york." download the app news 4 new york
5:54 am
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>> we're following two breaking stories. a serious crash send it was long island people to the hospital. and getting ready for more snow. storm team 4 will tell us what to expect for today. and the first vote, in. see what presidential candidates are already ahead in new hampshire. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning, it is february 9th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. several school districts are delaying their starts this morning. >> there's a list at the bottom of the screen and as well. let's take a check of the weather with chris cimino. good morning. that's primarily in the snow yesterday from long island. no additional snow this morning. i think the snow is not a problem until later in the day and evening hours. what's a problem now for
5:56 am
flooding. warnings in effect, all of the areas shaded in red. shorelines in long island as well. areas in green, coastal flood advisories. we could see tides of 3 to 3 1/2 feet above normal. that leads to moderate and localized flooding. winter weather advisory in effect for beginning late in the day through the overnight and into the morning. for today, in terms of snow, not a big issue. a few flurries from time to time. 31 at noon. 33 by 6:00. we'll talk more about the snow accumulation potential around here in a bit. after 6:00 a.m., let's find out about the roads. new problems? >> no new problems. we like the green here. new jersey doing okay. the bqe is just a disaster this morning. the ramp is shut down from the eastbound lanes to the l.i.e. with a tractor trailer out there that lost its trailer. so this is what the delays look like. it's a parking lot. all the way back, this is metropolitan avenue. nothing is moving eastbound.
5:57 am
i'll keep you posted.eein addition to that we have the ramp shut down from the eastbound b qe to the ramp there. slow ride we'll have more on the 4s. we'll take you to that breaking news in germany. southeast of munich, passengers remain trapped by a head-on collision. we're getting video of rescuers ytrying to free those trapped. we're told they're dealing with mangled car southwest the crash. eight people reported dead. 100 more hurt. many of them seriously. an overnight crash in copspai sent three people to the spital.
5:58 am
that person was airlifted to the hospital. no word of extent of any other injuries. right now, residents along our coastline are taking steps to protect their property in flooding. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in broad channel, queens, kat, how is it looking? >> reporter: right. there's still some flooding left over from high tide last night, darlene. residents here, they're used to high tide. flooding in the streets, every couple of weeks. it's usually two or three inches. but what they saw, two feet of flooding. there was water up to the headlights, taillights of these cayrs, up to the cup holders. the flooding that we've seen so far this morning. you can see it there on the street, west 12th road. after high tide last night, water from jamaica bay came up into the street. and high tide is expected around 7:30, 8:00 this morning.
5:59 am
that coast add flooding is expected. he's also at thinoug neighbors to prepare a bag of supplie in case they need to leave their homes. residents told us it took them by surprise how high the water came up and how quickly. all of the cars, darlene, they will have to be towed away. in our immediate area, six cars. there are more cars down the street, darlene. cars in other neighborhoods. the residents out here would have moved them but they didn't think the water was going to come up so high, darlene. back to you. >> thank you. expecting to see more snow and coastal flooding today. floodeded roads swallowed up cars in aberdeen. now police are warning people to avoid waterlogged roadways. in west wildwood, family belongings that were ruined last
6:00 am
plows are out clearing roads for the morning rush in lonmo island. people are working to remove the wet heavy snow that hit them yesterday, while they're bracing for the next round of snow which chris says is on the way. mr. popularity these days. >> yes. >> flooding, snow, i don't know. i understand we're in the midst of the heart of winter now over the next seven to ten days we're going to feel it in every shape and form. upper 20s around the city. newburgh is down to 21. 20 in danbury, connecticut. most of long island is in the 20s. bundle up, gusty winds making those 20s feel even colder. notice this area of precipitation. it is filling in to the south of us. it's slowly drifting northward. as we go throughout the day, we'll see a return of snow throughout the north. not the case this morning. a couple flurries there, that
6:01 am
2 to 4 inches will put the city on the cusp of that. you go to the north, it drops off dramatically to an inch or less. there could be higher amounts around central and southern new jersey. again, early on, not an issue today. 27 in the city. a couple of flurries on and off through the day. once you get past 3:00 or 4:00, steadier snow could break out. more details on the commute. let's talk about mass transit. the bqe is a mess. mass transit is okay. 196 is okay. ferry you can expect delays on staten island because of high tide. sea streak has some changes. alternate side of the street rules back in effect. we'll have more weather and update on the 4s. now, the man wanted for
6:02 am
stairwell. investigators released this video last night. they say he followed his victim into a building at east 183rd street at university heights friday night. police say he robbed her in an elevator. dragged her to a stairwell and sexually assaulted her. if you recognize him, you're asked to call police. today is the big new hampshire primary. the tiny town of dixville notch turned out to cast their ballots. on the democratic side, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton 4-0. yesterday, they chris crossed the state with the final drive to yet out to vote. >> it's christmas eve for politiciss in new hampshire. and you all get to play santa claus. >> this is now crunch time. >> well trump definitely had the lead in the polls there.
6:03 am
polls show cruz, rubio, jeb bush, all have a shot. new this morning, a nur national poll out that shows donald trump may have the lead the republican race but ted cruz and marco rubio are on the rise. trump ahead 35%, a full 15% over the second-place finisher ted cruz. third place, marco rubio but he's up now to 17%. that's up 5% from last week. as for the democrats, hillary clinton has a double digit lead over bernie sanders. 51% to 39%. and coming up in just a few minutes, nbc's chuck todd is going to join us live from new hampshire. more on the candidates in this final push now on primary day to the voters. new this morning, thousands of volunteers spent the night in the cold counting the city's homeless population. mayor de blasio and the city council speaker took part in the hope count. .
6:04 am
living in the streets and suopbways. >> there are several thousand people on the streets and that is a huge challenge and problem. but there are many more people in shelter. we have to get at that core issue of getting people out of shelters into homes. >> last year, they pound more than 3,000 people living outside. 35,000 people currently live in new york city shelters. president obama is going to take his budget to congress. "telhe new york times" reports that the president is going to ask for $11 billion to help homeless families nationwide. the president also wants congress 1 money to fight the zika virus. some of that money will go to countries where zika is spreading rapidly. president obama says, though, people here in the united states shouldn't panic, noting that the virus is not deadly. in this morning's cnbc money report. investor, bracing for another
6:05 am
following yesterday's tough losses. cnbc's landon dowdy joins us. >> good morning. it could be another wild ride for the markets today. futures are a touch lower this morning. japan selling off sharply overnight, down to 5%. and the dollar amid concerns a global economic slowdown, losses monday with a loss in oil prices. meanwhile, super bowl fans weren't the only beneficiaries of beyonce's presence during the halftime. red lobster said sales spiked more than 30% on sunday because beyonce's new song "formation" includes lyrics about enjoying the seafood restaurant. the chain is referring to it as the beyonce bounce.
6:06 am
on the menu such as the cheddar bea biscuits. >> i was at wendy's going where is everybody? >> it's all about the red lobster, though. still ahead, one of the more popular restaurants, prepares to reopen after forced to close its doors by the city. and the cruise ship on rough waters. we'll tell when you the vessel will be returning to new jersey. coming with a look on the 4s there at the hamilton bridge.
6:07 am
i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the wayt things should be done. ve that's important to me.
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and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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welcome back, 6:14 on a tuesday morning. we're dealing with a couple flurries in parts of the area. the more important issue through the morning hour, coastal flooding along the jersey shore. we're hitting the high tide 7:30 to 8:30. be wary of that. south shore of long island,
6:10 am
coastal flood warnings. in green. periods of high tide, moderate flooding certainly possible. waves of 7 to 10 feet. are after that, we get rid of the high tide. and then we got to deal with snow. shaded in purple means wintry weather headed back our way especially tonight. cold enough now for snow. temperatures in and around the upper 20s. low 20s, upper teen, hudson valley. here's the area we're watching. notice it's falling in fast here on the looper. again this is drdifting. only drifting slowly northward. several hours away. drier air is trying to fight it. in the meantime, not much going on. most of the flurries moved to the north have died out. you get a flake from time to time. that's about it. the steadier snow from south to north could redevelop after 4:00.
6:11 am
this is where we could see accumulation, down around 30. probably a flurry left over. tomorrow is going to be one of the warmest days over the next several. 2, to 4 inches on average. coating to an inch, mainly to the north and west of town. here's your seven-day forecast. again, after the snow, leftover flurry tomorrow, 38. sharply colder, upper 20s friday. low 20s saturday. upper teens saturday. look for a low of 6 degrees on saturday night. what are we looking for commutewise. >> right now, we have delays in both directions on the "l" train. that just came in. and by the triborough bridge, there's a disabled vehicle. you can see delays heavy into this area. also still heavy delays on the bqe because the ramp to the l.i.e. is shut down. still a parking lot back to metropolitan avenue. we have other issues getting into this area as well. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s.
6:12 am
presidential candidates are making theirinal appeal to the voters as the nation's first presidential primary getting under way. nbc's chuck todd is in new hampshire watching it all. chuck, we're talking about who is coming in first place, how important is it to close that gap between first andecond place, or even second and third place? >> well, certainly on the republican side, obviously. i mean, if one of these five candidates chasing donald trump, rubio, cruz, bush, case kasich, christie, if one of them has a strong second place finish, if they're a candidate, same as marco rubio in iowa. he was a strong finish and then momentum coming his way. of course, he fell on his face during that debate and now it feels like a jumbled mess. but i'll tell you, even agency
6:13 am
second or third, i think we shouldn't discount who is about to win the new hampshire primary. if i said six months if i came out and said donald trump and bernie sanders were going to win new hampshire, it's remarkable what's happening. >> chuck, is it possible for hillary clinton, if she doesn't win, what is her team hoping the finish will be within one, 15 points, 10 points? >> well, look, i think single digits. and then they can feel as if they got some momentum back and they got their groove back. but when you think about the clinton connections to the new hampshire primary over the years. saved bill clinton in 1992. saved hillary clinton in were 2008. the idea that she could lose by 15 or 20 minutes if that's proposed right and that's where this is headed, i think that's a rethal setback for her. not something thateans she's
6:14 am
all of a sudden, the nomination is no longer something that seemed as attainable as it is today. look, single digitses is what she needs, but if we're looking at 15 or 20 points i think this is campaign that suddenly looks like it's reeling. >> with democrats or republicans, could today's vote be an indication of what's going to happen in the general election? >> well, i wouldn't say that per se. i think in new hampshire, the reason there's such a large chunk of independent voters is you have some very liberal and progressive voters who don't like the democratic party. they register as independent. ditto with real conservative voters that end up decides i don't want to be a member of the republican party. i want to estab lish myself as independent. don't assume that independent is synonymous with swipp voter or moderate. i think here, it's a very special case.
6:15 am
chuck todd, always great talking to you. thanks. >> thanks, chuck. i'm going to be in new hampshire as well. tomorrow morning, we'll be bringing the full primary results. my live reports start at 4:30 here on "today in new york." looking forward to it. meanwhile, michael bloomberg now speaking out and he admits he may in fact run for president. the former mayor tells the financial times he's looking at all the options. bloomberg said he's watching the campaign and finds it distressing and an outrage as well. bloomberg said he will decide by next month whether to launch a third-party bid. >> and 6:20 right now. still ahead, a warning for paigrents. police say a man is trying to lure children with promises of a puppy. >> don't forget to follow us on facebook, twitter, michaelg4ny. darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
6:16 am
welcome back. 27 degrees. 6:23 on this tuesday morning. a new york institution will reopen its doors in just a few hours. the carnegie deli shut down for 10 months after con edison found a gas line had been diverted. carnegie deli looks forward to serving its customers with, quote, gargantuan sandwiches and creamy cheesecakes. the martin brodeur's number 30 will rise to the rafters. yesterday, he was honored with a
6:17 am
salute with martin brodeur to his fans and giving a wink to his children. martin brodeur is one of the idols. so many goals. 30 as his numbers. >> the 30 as the golden jersey. >> fantastic. >> he's one of the greats, right? >> there's actually an autographed goalie stick in my son's room. my son is a devils fan, not a rangers fan. let's get a look at what's going on outside. we've got clouds out there. the main issue out there, not so coastal flooding. we r have a coastal flood in effect. new jersey and long island as cycle. generally running from 7:30 to 10:30, 11:00 in the morning. meantime, we've got this, winter weather advisory covers the
6:18 am
wintry conditions with accumulating snow possible. for today, the bulk of the daylight hours. steadier snow could get going south of the area by the end david. we could see a couple inches down there, 34. but we all run the risk of snow tonight especially from the city on south where there could be accumulation north and northwest. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk about what we can expect in terms of sack las vegas accumulations, out of this next storm. slow ride today, especially for people taking the harlem river drive. taking a look southbound. that's out by the 3rd avenue bridge. there's an unauthorized trashgter trailer. there's one southbound by the bridge there. delays are heavy getting into this area. west side highway. heading into west side high doing fine. it's a good alternate option. let's take a look outside. the lincoln tunnel, it's weird that i say that at this hour. very minor delays heading into
6:19 am
10 to 15 into the holland. about 10 into the george washington bridge. coming up next, coastal flood fears across our area. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag, live in broad channel, queens, where residents are already starting to move their cars because of concerns about the flooding and high tide because of damage that residents are dealing with. >> reporter: and i'm tracie strahan live out of the brooklyn criminal courthouse where jurors will soon have their say in the case of an nypd police officer accused of shooting an unarmed man. hear what the officer said on the stand, straight ahead. >> keep watching "today in new york." download the news for new york app on yxlour mobile device right now.
6:20 am
now, at 6:30, updates on two breaking stories. a serious crash sends three people to a hospital in long island. and two commuter trains collide head on in germany. high tide concerns across our area as residents prepare fomr a second morning of coastal flooding. storm team 4 is tracking it all, plus more snow. and new details with that
6:21 am
of cruise line passengers. "tpeoday in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 6:30 on this tuesday, february 9th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. several school districts are delayed this morning. >> we have a list at the bottom of the screen. good morning, guys. slippery spots indeed out there. light snow dusting the ground. temperatures are colder this morning than yesterday. anything on the ground stays. with pouring, of long island, and hudson valley, in the morning commute, not a big issue in terms of additional snow. we have a few spotty coatings out there. minor impact. that could change by the time we get into tonight by maybe a steadier snow because of this. we're watching this area off to the south. we've had computer models suggesting it's going to do a couple thing.
6:22 am
and then south and east. we're going to keep an eye on it. right now, nothing more than a flurry or two. closeds, upper 20s. a couple of flurries from time to timein. the potential for snow on the evening commute. the bqe, still a lot of problems out there. we will head over to where the brooklyn bridge ramp is still shut down from the eastbound lanes because of an unauthorized tractor trailer. before you get into this area, there's a disabled vehicle or accident. delays are heavy getting in there. once you get past this, we did have the eastbound ramp to the l.i.e. shut down. that reopened. delays residual from that. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. we have an update now to breaking news that's coming from southern germany where two trains slammed head on into each other near munich. we're now told that all of the traps passengers are out of those mangled cars. we as have new video of the
6:23 am
airlifted into that remote scene of the crash. right now, though, the death toll stands at eight. there's more than 100 people who have been hurt. now, to the latest on the breaking news we're following on long island. suffolk police investigating what caused a pickup to smash into a utility pole. police say officers were responding to a report of an erratic drivr when they came ton the crash. three peorle were ejected from the vehicle. one person was air lifted to the hospital. there's no word on the extent of injuries. right now, some residents taopking stepsuso protect their property from flooding. "today in new york's katherine creag is in broad channel, queens. >> reporter: right, michael. some residents getting ready to go to work and school. we're keeping an eye on that spot there.
6:24 am
the channel where the houses are, west 12th road where we are, about six cars, a total loss, because of damage from floodwaters. i want to show you this video. it was flooding from a few hours ago. it was remnants from high tide last night. water from the bay came up into the street. and high tide is expected around 7:30, 8:00 this morning. mayor de blasio sent out a us in release advising residents to prepare a bag of necessities if case they need to leave their homes. were we saw this neighborhood yesterday morning, cars were submerged and residents are movian their vehicles over concerns about flooding. >> this was a total surprise. out of nowhere. just came out of nowhere. i don't know where it came from but the wind and the tides, the tide cycles, the new moon, everything came up. but this one was worse than the blizzard.
6:25 am
because it's on blocks in her garage. these owners, not as lucky. michael, there are six cars where we are here. even cars here and on other streets all of them not just damaged, but they're a total loss. the engines were flooded. these vehicles have to be towed atan some point today. back to you, michael. >> we wish the best to people in th tat neighborhood. so close to that water. >> there's absolutely nothsug you can do. 6:35. we'll check weather right now. see what everybody's expecting, chris. >> on the south side, the next high tide cycle as we've been talking about all morning between 8:00 and 10:00. south favoring shorelines, sufficient olk county as well. minor to moderate flooding a possibility. waves of seven to ten feet. on the jersey shore, we're looking at major flooding locally. it's going to be moderate broadly across the area.
6:26 am
7:30 to 8:30. they'll do it again between 7:00 and 8:30 the headlines break down this wargy, intermittent snow today. andselurries through tonight. frigid weekend. i mean, the coldest air of the season so far. i'll let you know how cold in a bit. let's head out to lauren scala. >> it's a little cold out there. we do have icy conditions on 68ea4. heading southbound. the golden bridge road. there is an accident there. we do have delays on the l train due to switching problems. you're getting on the staten island ferry possible delays because of high tides. major commuter lines doing fine. alternate parking routes in effect today. we'll have more weather and traffic on the 4s.
6:27 am
man suspected of robbing and sexually assaulting a. oman on the upper east side. this is surveillance video art attack. police say he grabbed a woman, took $40 and sexually assaulted her. anyob with information is asked to call crime stoppers. . today, the jury will begin weighing the fate of a man on trial of the shooting death of an unarmed man. >> reporter: good morning to you. peter liang iswaacing charges including official misconduct and manslghter in the death of akai gurley in 2014. ahead of today's closing arguments, the rookie cop gave emotional testimony in the cam . how he took the stand for a while yesterday and at some points had to turn away from the courtroom to compose himself. on the stand, liang said that didn't know anyone had been shot in the moments as akai gurley lay in a darkened stairwell. liang also said his finger was
6:28 am
the gun just went off. during cross-examination, however, t w officer was asked why he didn't call 911 or administer cpr on akai gurley after he was shut. liang admitted he and his partner actually bickered over who would call for help. liang insisted he didn't realize he shot anyone. when he was asked why he didn't take over the chest impression prs akai gurley's girlfriend, he said, quote, i didn't know if i could do any better than her. him. that's why he went in the stairwell in the first place. deliberations expected this back to you. >> tracie, thank you. parentse.n westchester county are on alert and police are searching for the woman who they say tried to lure the young girl with the promise of puppies. is she alleged asked the girl to get into her car. saying she had puppies in the
6:29 am
the suspect took off. we're told she's driting a dented beige or tan four-door sedan. police are also looking for range of shop lifters to whos have expensive taste. it shows them in action. the four suspects work in teams they pose as shoppers. one distracts the store em sployee, one steals coats. they did six high end shops in midtown since october. the royal caribbean cruise ship that was founded by a storm should return to its home port in new jersey tomorrow. the anthem of the seas headed from cape liberty saled directly into a storm. passenger videos show chairs flying off the -ck. calling for a federal investigation into why the ship
6:30 am
the real estate developer tishman spayer is unveiling a 1005-foot tall officer tower. the building will be 65 stories tall. it's going to have nearly 3 million square feet of space in it. today is mardi gras, they're letting the good times roll in new orleans. people on bourbon street will enjoy their final indulgences before tomorrow, the start of the lent period. lots of jackets are being worn along with mardi gras beads. the mardi gras beads are for the reason. to get the jacket, a couple more steps involved. up next, for ourarea. weather and traffic on the
6:31 am
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6:32 am
it's almost 6:44 on a tuesday morning. go 's a gray chilly day out there. not much in the way of snow right no h a few flurrie. may dissipate for the time being. we're not done. there's more to come. of we'll get into that, especially tonight. a chance for a little more snow. no big snowstorms but enough to make things slippery. 27 degrees in the city right now. that's the low. winter weather advisory in effect for tonight into tomorrow morning. this again covers the city and suburbs north and west. farther north and west, sussex, north and more in line for more snow.
6:33 am
moderate coastal flooding. areas in green, probably minor coastal floodng. high tide cycle. generally, 7:30, 8:30, jersey shore. along the south facing shoreline of long island. 27 a popular number. mass ka when you take the wind speed with the temperatures feels more like 20. 19 in newark rightarow the current windchill. feels like 9 in monticello. feels like upper teens across a good portion of long island. we're watching this area of moisture. again as you can see it tries to move north, it doesn't make a lot of progress. one piece is going to move off to the east. the piece back in here we think may slide back into new jersey throughout the day and into the evening hours and bring accumulating snow. we may need to shovel in parts of the area, an inch or two of snow by late tonight or tomorrow morning. farther south, better chance
6:34 am
north of this line here, just a broom to sweep it away. farther north of that, not a big de- al. a dusting. meantime, as we take a look at what's going on in terms of future tracker, we do anticipate seeing the snow break out. is this 3:00, central portions of new jersey. then as it moves towards the city, it kind of fall as part. this is 8:00 at night. between 8:00 and 11:00, that's probably the greatest threat for accumulating snow. just a few more snow showers tomorrow morning. and then it quiets down. we're looking at 2 to 4 inches central new jersey. portions of brooklyn, queens, shorelines, long island, farther north of that, an inch or less in most cases a coating way north of that. not a big deal. 44 the high today. 38 the high tomorrow afternoon.
6:35 am
31 thursday, colder upper 20s friday. arctic care air comes in. watch out, upper teens in valentine's day. you're going to have to snuggle in a big way with an electric blanket and i don't know what. >> puppies. and we have a couple problem out there. new once heading to long island north state parkway heading westbound on route 110. watch out for an accident there. slow ride through here. heading to the hutch, we do have reports of an accident out by wet stchester avenue. we see some delays building in this this area. in addition to that, westbound between the bruckner today, good news, the bqe finally reopened. you can see stop and go traffic here. eastbound, just before you get to the verrazano bridge, to the
6:36 am
and go getting into there. 109 northbound by 440, an accident there blocks the right lane. and southbound down by the triborough bridge, those delays are out there. leave yourself extra time that way. and alternate side parking routes in effect. a michigan family has filed a lawsuit over the toxic level ofco lead in the drinking water. sophia waite's parents show the 2-year-old has high levels of lead in her bloodstream. it was first detected after officials switched the water source from the corrosive flint river to save money. the family said they drank, bathed and cleaned with contaminated tap water because city and state officials said it was safe. a health alert. another rabid raccoon in our the area in bridgeport, connecticut.
6:37 am
to contact them and stay away if they see creatures acting strangely. enough was enough for the knicks after losing eight of the last ten ti h, the team fired derek fisher, leaving the knicks with 40 wins and 96 losses. jackson said it's now time to tu: rn the team around. the assistant coach curt ramis will lead the team. a lot of people agreed it was sort of time. up next, meet the newest resident of the new york aquarium. >> don't forget, follow us on facebook on twitter and instagram. michaelg4ny. darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
6:38 am
back now, 6:52. we're getting our first glimpse of one of brooklyn's newest residents.
6:39 am
it doesn't have a name yet. he's spending time adapting to his habitat. hay nging out with his mom an dad. their names are bolden and dassa. those are cool names. going to make his public debut in thor in future. how about cyclone. the "today" show is coming up in a few minutes. we're going to check in with savannah in new hampshire, matt's in new york. good morning. >> good morning, guys. good to see you. coming up, we've got a special edition of " aday." we're live in new hampshire as you said. we'll have complete coverage of the all important primary. this morning, why a second place finish could propel the campaign forward. republican hopefuls christie will join us next. and in that powerful storm in north carolina, passengers are asking why. we've got those stories and a
6:40 am
studio ai, we'll strike a pose with zoo lander's ben stiller and katie holmes opening up about her new intense role. when we see you on a split edition of "today" on tuesday. >> i can totally see you as "zoolander." >> all right. >> take care guys. >> when de we come back, chris is going to tell us how much snow
6:41 am
welcome back. now to tracie strahan in downtown brooklyn. a jury about to begin deliberating the fate of an nypd officer. >> reporter: ahead of today's closing arguments, peter liang offered up emotional testimony about the death of akai gurley. he actually cried at some points when he talked about patrolling the pink houses. he said his finger was not on the trigger but the gun just, quote, went off. during the cross-examination, liang was asked why he never called 911 or administered cpr. he is nation charges including manslaughter and official misconduct. back to you. some breaking news we've been following in suffolk county where police are trying to determine what caused a pickup truck to smash into a utility pole.
6:42 am
onsponding to reports of erratic driver when they found the crash site. the fire department said one person was hit by another car and had to be airlifted to the hospital. no word as to the extent of their injuries. thousands of volunteers spent the night in the cold counting the city's homeless population. mayor de blasio also took part in the count. in about san hour, the carnegie deli is going to reopen its doors for the first time in ten months. the restaurant had been shut down in april after con ed found a gas line diverted. they're back. a check of traffic. what are we eating? >> pastrami. >> let's order the whole menu. we have a couple things getting in our way, the rails one delay, both direction on the l train right now. as far as the roads go, we've got fight a few problems on the bqe.
6:43 am
blocks the center lane. it's very heavily delayed there. we also have an accident eastbound on the staten island expressway to the verrazano bridge. then over, heading towards the lincoln tunnel, there's some sort of incident eastbound on 4 495. expect a 15-minute delay or the holland or george washington bridge. take your pick. we had to note that kat creag and the crew had to move from where they're reporting box of the rising waters. >> it may be an hour or hour and a half. but it's a process of going to that high tide level. the areas shaded in red, jersey shore, 7:30 to 8:30. south facing long island, now until about 10:00. the areas in green a coastal flood vice other. that's one issue. we've got snow heading to parts of the area for later on tonight. we could see a couple inch or
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