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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. right now on news 4 new york, random attack or act of hate? this is the man who police believe stabbed a jewish man on the street. the 25-year-old victim was attacked from behind. >> there was no argument or fight that triggered the stabbing, police say. >> reporter: right now police are investigating this as they think this may have been a hate crime. the victim was walking and from behind him the suspect stabbed him and ran. take a look at this video now that we've been able to gather just recently. you'll see the video of this believed to be attacker. police want to talk to this man in connection with the attack.
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a 25-year-old man in hasidic gash was garb was stabbed in the back. they believe this man was attacked because he's hasidic. >> no words prior, no argument as far as what we could see. >> it's really upsetting to be walked home in the afternoon with my daughter and now have to worry about somebody getting hurt like that. we're really really store orry about the tragedy. >> reporter: the attacker was last seen running towards leopards boulevard. in jurors at the trial of officer peter liang were sent home without reaching a verdict. the charges include manslaughter and criminally njt ly
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four suspects in a gun running case used commercial flights to traffic guns. the 657 count indictment was revealed today. two former delta air lines worker were charged with running a criminal enterprise. three of the five charged today could face live in prison. authorities captured the man they believe followed and sexually abused a woman in the bronx. tonight, 21-year-old brandon gonzalez is facing charges. police say he is the man seen in this video. gonzalez allegedly stalked the woman last week, then forced her to touch him and ran off. the new jersey teenager mrs. say is seen on video knocking
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has pleaded not guilty. 18-year-old christian gonzalez turned himself in yesterday. police say gonzalez attacked the man as he was waiting to cross the street in patterson. right now we're waiting to here if the man who assassinated robert f kennedy will be released from prison. he maintains he does not remember shooting kennedy nearly 48 years ago in los angeles. sirhan is 70 years old and is serving a life sentence at a prison in san diego. should wrongfully convicted prisoners be given health benefits for life? that's what go state senators would like to see happen. they are proposing a law for people in prison for crimes they didn't commit.
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metro north cheating scandal exposed. four more employees in the case have pleaded guilty. they helped prospective conductors and engineers cheat on the exams. good news for bus riders on long island. nassau county leaders say they've come up with an additional additional $3 million in funding. riders complained about the cuts saying they've been left out in the cold. officials say they'll work with nice's bus ceo to drop a plan. just 24 hours ago we told you about a man arrested for throwing an al alligator into a drive through window.
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well, you're about to get reacquainted big time. how low will the temperatures go? we'll tell you in just a couple of minutes. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's
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. a warning about would be robbers gaining your trust to get into your home. it happened to a 79-year-old man in new jersey. he was duped by the suspect's tricks. >> reporter: we talked with
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area for generations. they say they have never heard of such a brazen attack. >> it's scary that people coming into the area like this and scoping stuff out. >> reporter: john finch has called this street home for all of his 58 years. >> you've got to watch when you're answering your door no matter where you are. >> reporter: even in a nice neighborhood. >> even in a nice neighborhood. >> a man posed as a water inspector and made his way into the home of a 79-year-old man who uses a walker. the man even displayed a phony id card before letting two accomplish accomplices into the house where they store stole a safe. >> they left and fled. >> reporter: the victim is still too rattled to go on camera and asked that we not identify him or show his home. police here are now on edge given that all three suspected
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>> you've got to check id. that would be the smartest thing to do. >> reporter: police say if you have questions about workers trying to get into your home, ask for id and carefully check it, confirm with the agency they say they work for and call 911 if you have any doubts. so far police say this appears to be an isolated incident. but they're telling neighbors not to take any chances. the man who threw a live alligator through a restaurant drive through window claims he has no idea how much trouble he was going to get into. joshua james tossed this gator at the drive through cashier at a wendy's in florida. he found the gator on the side of the road and thought it would be funny. he faces criminal assault charges.
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yeah, just being stupid, not thinking and obviously i found out what the consequences were. i think my pranking days are over. >> i'd say so. james was released from jail on a $6,000 bail. a judge also banned him from all wendy's restaurants. updating a commuter alert, delays continue on the a, c and e subway lines in both directions. a person was hit by a train at canal street. we have new information on the zika virus outbreak. fresh evidence that it might be responsible for a rare birth defect. also one month into tax season and the irs has been targeted by identity thieves looking to file phony returns. how to know if you're at risk. plus, we are keeping an eye on the anthem of the seas return to new jersey after being pummelled by huge waves and hurricane force winds.
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attorney general loretta lynch has announced the federal government will sue the city of ferguson, missouri. the civil rights lawsuit comes one day after the city council there voted to change an agreement which was aimed at improving its police and court system. ferguson has been under scrutiny since the shooting death of michael brown by an officer two years ago. an update on the virus, today the cdc announced it found
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two babies who died in brazil from micro ceph rarks l aly. 80 % of those who contract the virus will have no symptoms at all. this is the strongest evidence to date that zika is the cause but it's still not definitive. a student at lehigh university in bethlehem university in pennsylvania has also tested positive for zika. the student is recovering and feeling well. let's check in with dave price now. it's going to be so cold over the weekend you're going to need jackets in the studstudio. it's going to penetrate everywhere. cool air on its way in. that bitter blast is coming. and that in combination with winds kicking in is going to create a very uncomfortable and
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temps in the area right now, fine, in the mid 30s. things are going to be changing. now we have winds coming out of the west anywhere from eight miles per hour to about the teens. let's go outside right now for a look at a gorgeous sunset. that's from our chopper 4 at about 1700 feet over sandy hook. it's west ward where the camera is facing. that is a gorgeous picture. you see some clouds there over to the west. let's show you on the storm tracker what you're seeing. that is some clouds bringing in some snow showers possibly over the next several hours, widely scattered though. these showers stretch as far back as the grarks eat lakes over to cleveland. they could create some treacherous driving overnight.
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when the winds begin to kick up, it's going to feel like the lower 20s in the city, down to the teens in monticello. 23 in north port and 19 in danbury. then we wake up tomorrow morning to temperatures feeling like the low teens in the city, zero in monticello, ten in danbury. it only gets worse from there. not a lot of progress through the day. the mid teens on thursday at lunch. as we get to the rush hour, single digits around the area. it feels like seven below in monticello. look at these temperatures friday morning for the rush. bundle up, everyone. the polar vortex slips on down. teen into the weekend. feels like 4 degrees sunday morning. here's your seven day forecast. as we head through the big story, wind kick up, temperatures drop down and plummet.
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that's a quick look at your forecast. temperatures moderate next week. you may get a warning let frer er from the irs, but it's not what you think. the tax agencies computerer systems have been attacked. the irs says the hackers used nearly half a million stolen social security numbers to try to steal taxpayers' refund. a gift card came in handy for a victim of hurricane sandy to buy furniture. find out why she couldn't use it at first. >> this is definitely a confusing situation. the card was purchased at an ashley furniture store. so why couldn't she use it at an ashley furniture store? this is what jennifer's home in breezy point looked like when super storm sandy barrelled through. as she tried to literally pick
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and friends came through in a big way. >> my sister had a house shower for me to get some of my belongings back. and my friend got me a $500 gift certificate from ashley furniture. >> she ordered a new sofa from ashley furniture and tried to redeem her gift card. >> i get to the counter and they wouldn't accept the gift certificates. >> jennifer explained the gift card has been purchased at furniture that's now closed. >> i called the store on flatbush avenue and they were adamant they were not going to accept it. what would you like to happen? >> i'd just like them to let me
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>> we asked ashley furniture to look into jennifer's case. just a couple of weeks after news 4 got involved here's the sofa she long wanted finally in front of her fireplace after the store finally accepted her gift card. so what happened here? well, a spokesman explained that ashley stores are independently owned. and the one where jennifer tried to redeem her card is actually now a store doing business as ashley furniture. to protect the ashley brands, the owner called jennifer and said she can now use her gift card after all. jennifer is happy to make her house feel a little more like a home once again. >> you could see where that would be confusing. >> what if another customer has a similar problem? >> they can reach out to the customer service office at the headquarters. to get in touch with our
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send an e-mail to better get baquero. she lost her three daughters and parents in a horrific christmas day fire. up next, an exclusive interview with madonna badger and what she thinks really started that fire. 11,000 new jersey public and private school children could lose their school bus service in less than a month. and forest hills residents are up in arms over developments that would wipe out their restaurant row for a proposed high rose that -rise high-rise.
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. it's a tranld gedy that made headlines, a fire killed madonna badger's three young children and parents. >> she sat down exclusive with nbc connecticut. >> i walk through that pain every single day. but i also walk through the joy of knowing them.
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christmas day fire in stamford that claimed the lives of her children and parents, a lot has changed for madonna badger. new love. a return to her fifth avenue advertise agency. and now a new purpose in a movement called women, not objects. >> women are responsible for 70 to 80% of the purchases made this this country. >> but advertising like this, she says, doesn't speak to them. that's why she's calling on industry colleagues to stop using images that objectify women and girls. >> three little precious girls, i would be mortified if they were seeing some of the things that were out there today. >> the viral video her agency created has exploded on social media. >> we can vote with our wallets.
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world, so to say, is to say, hey, don't talk to me like that, don't talk to me that way. i'm still fighting the city of stamford. i'm still searching for the right answers there. >> fire officials determined discarded fireplace ashes caused the deadly house fire in 2011. >> when you look at the photographs and see, i mean, it's so obvious that it started in the basement and that it was an electrical fire. >> but all the evidence, she says, along with her personal belongings were destroyed when her house was demolished within 24 hours. >> they took my house and everything in it and i never saw a thing from it on federal christmas holiday at 7:00 in the morning. that's not normal. >> badger says she's not critical of the first responders
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>> i believe they did everything they knew how to do. i do believe that. >> her fight and her legal action is against city officials. >> i want to really understand what happened in that house and what really caused that fire. and you know, i want to know. >> we reached out to the city of stamford for comment. only the mayor's office responded, saying due to ongoing legal proceedings, they cannot comment. that will do it for us. we thank you for watching. >> stick with us as the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news 4 new york. horror on staten island, a mother and two daughters stabbed to death.
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arch for the suspected killer. >> the city-run program that housed her in that staten island hotel. governor christie is bowing out of the race for the white house. it's official, governor chris christie is sus spend pending his presidential bid. >> bernie sanders and trump were last night's big winners. the zant news 4's pat battle is in fort lee tonight with the reaction to christie's decision to quit the race. >> reporter: if we stood her four years ago and told members of the republican national
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christie would be an also-ran,
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