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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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news 4's john chandler just stepped out of the press conference in lower manhattan. that press conference is still going on. as i first stepped out, five people charged. those five people, building owner, maria herenko and her son, and anastasio and andrew trombettes. both were plumbers who were unlicensed and among the charges that they face, second-degree manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and second-degree assault, all of this leading up to the explosion last march in the east village that killed two and injured more than a dozen. authorities say that the cause of this explosion stem from an illegal hookup. as you see, it's pictured here, that yellow tubing in the illegal hookup which maria herenko, they allege, devise in order to siphon gas illegally
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building that she owned into another. it was that hookup that eventually lead to the deadly explosion. now this is a hookup that they say the general contractor dilbert kukich should have known was something that was potentially dangerous. those yellow tubings have the potential to break, to fray to rip and it was something con ed initially had flagged as dangerous and had told maria herenko to shut down and to fix and to get approval. con ed never approved it. she wanted to get the building filled with tenants and rented out quickly and she devised this illegal hookup to siphon gas. it's something officials caution and warn today is extremely dangerous. >> when you tinker around with the hookups as happened here, you have, in effect, weaponized the building and you can be held here, accountable for the harm to inflict.
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explosion, nicholas figueroa. news 4 spoke to his mother today and she says, quote thshgs say long time coming and we are excited. our pain is still there and the loss of our son will never go away. at least we now see that someone will take the blame for this. we want justice and it's now happening moving on. those five indicted will be arraigned in court later this afternoon. live, i'm john chandler, news 4 new york. >> john, thank you. >> at this the hour the nypd are still trying to find a man for killing a woman and two children on staten island. michael sykes is accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend, their daughter and another woman being used for homeless housing. sykes called someone and confessed. while they have never been so happy to see dry land, more
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we have news 4's tracie strahan. >> reporter: royal caribbean allowing them to stay another night on the anthem of the seas and even though it is anor deal that couldn't be over quickly enough for the 4500 passengers onboard. i've been in touch with the coast guard and they confirmed to me that their inspection of the ship is ongoing, but for some of those passengers, who at some point feareded for their lives, well, they want answers now. dry land finally for passengers that spent the night aboard the anthem of the seas. they boarded busses and cabs greeted with hugs ending a dream vacation that turned into a nightmare. >> it was worse than bad. when you're scared you're going to die. >> reporter: emotions are still fresh after extreme conditions at sea cut the cruise short. now investigators want to know if it should have sailed in the first place. >> they should have never left port. royal caribbean or the captain
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>> no visible exterior damage at the port, but cell phone video from passengers captured the 30-foot waves and hurricane-force winds of 120 miles per hour that the ship faced head-on off the coast of north carolina en route to the bahamas. a ride so wild that some up. >> we were up on the 10th floor, and at one point the ship started to lean that way and we thought it was never going to come back. >> glasses were breaking and things were falling off and we were getting thrown off our bed. it was pretty rough. >> reporter: in a statement royal caribbean admitted gaps in their planning and wanted to shore up their storm avoidance policy, while the battle with the storm couldn't be avoided. >> we felt the captain was doing as best he could. >> others want to know why the ship kept going. >> the captain was excellent, but the decision to leave endangered everybody. >> reporter: in spite of all of this, the anthem of the seas is
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saturday and a spokesman for royal caribbean confirms to news 4 that they will resume their itinerary and they heard there was damage to the rudder, something that could knock this ship out of commission for another two weeks. we are live in bayo, new jersey, tracie strahan, news 4, new york. happening now, day three in the trial of the rookie nypd officer who shot and killed an unarmed man in brooklyn. peter lang can face up to 15 years in prison. michael george is in downtown brooklyn, is the jury making any progress? >> we just finished the tenth hour of deliberations with no verdict. the information that the jury requested to see again is they're going over every second when officer liang killed todd gurley. he is facing manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide for the death of 28-year-old gurley.
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project in november 2014 when he stepped into a dark stairwell. he was startled by the sound of a gun -- excuse me, he was startled by a sound and the gun went off accidentally killing gurley who was unarmed. the defense called it a tragic accident and liang was reckless and should never have drawn his gun. they tried to convince the jury that it was criminal negligence. they requested that the account of the shooting be read again. >> when you removed the weapon from the holster, where was your trigger finger? it was along the side of the weapon, along the frame. >> how do you know it was on the side. >> because i've done hundreds of verticals and this is how i always do it. >> and yesterday, in an unusual move the jury actually asked to hold the gun and try it out themselves and see just how easily that trigger could be pulled. if convicted, liang could face up to 15 years behind bars. we're all waiting for that verdict and we're in the courtroom and we'll have a live report when that happens.
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brooklyn, michael george, news 4, new york. >> thank you. a long island jury has convicted a man of chilling a nassau police officer in a chain reaction crash. jurors cleared james ryan of the top count, aggravated vehicular homicide, but he was convicted of ten other counts. his client was driving drunk the morning joseph olvera was killed in 2012. the attorney urged the jury to acquit ryan of vehicular manslaughter since ryan's car was not the one that actually hit the offi r. the officer had gotten out of his car to tend to an injured person along the long island expressway when he was hit. happening now, the six-week showdown in a wild laf refuge in oregon might soon be over. the four remaining holdouts will be turning themselves over today. they have held the refuge, demanding the feds turn public lands over to control. the feds argued with a
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at officers to move back. >> come out with your hands up. >> no we're not! you're going to have to kill us! >> according to the negotiators, the remaining occupiers agreed to surrender peacefully today. many of the occupiers were arrested and another killed after a confrontation with federal agents last month. back here at home happening today mayor de blasio will discuss the zika vier with us a panel of experts at city hall. on capitol hill, the centers for disease control is testifying before the senate committee. swift action to boost prevention, detection and response. in decision 2016 coverage, congressional black cause us leaders are throwing their support behind hillary clinton. today's endorsement comes from the caucuses's political action committee representing 19 members and the nod could help clinton solidify support in states such as south carolina. several caucus members will
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the february 27th primary. >> tonight, look for political fireworks when the democratic candidates go head to head. clinton and sanders will debate in milwaukee and this comes off of sanders' big win in new hampshire. stick with us for the latest on tonight's debate and the campaigning going on in south carolina right now. you'll find this all on nbc 4 new what spiked the fall and how worried should we be? we're going to cnbc for answers next. plus, they are fed up to pay double to ride the subway every day. now brooklyn commuters are doing something about this. >> david and natalie, you're talking about a freefall on wall street. we have a freefall on the thermometers taking place as we speak and through the weekend. we'll tell you how dangerously cold it's going to get. stand by for that. folks, i've got a couple of best friends who are turning in their single girlfriend for being way too much too soon.
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new at noon today, several suspected members of a notorious street gang operating in newark are now behind bars. federal agents and local law enforcement officers raided several locations today and they took those suspects including the gang's reputed leader in custody. they're believed to be members of the grape street crips. officials say the gang members have been linked to murders and drug dealing all across the city. there is a search for a man suspected in a possible hate crime in brooklyn. police say the suspect in this video punched a man in the face and started yelling racist
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the victim was waiting at the church avenue subway station in flatbush friday. subway riders tired of paying twice are asking the mta for a little bit of help. >> this should be a free transfer. don't you agree? you shouldn't have to pay twice. >> brooklyn borough president joined commuter advocates in handing out information for people getting off of the la vanya avenue in brownsville. every day thousands of people pay a double fare, even though they're only a block apart. last year the mta promised to build a connector between the two stops and riders want to stop paying the double fare right now. >> the only people that are hurt are the people that need this free transfer the most, the people who can't afford monthly metro cards. >> for comparison, the mta does offer a free out of station transfer for riders on the upper east side between 59th and 63rd
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now to a major settlement should help thousands of homeowners in the state. new york attorney general eric schneiderman announced morgan stanley will have to pay $3.2 billion for deceptive practices that contributed to the housing crash of 200. that includes creating bad and will issing mortgage-backed securities. the attorney spoke in the last hour about the deal. from day one, my priority has been trying to help the people that were hurt and trying to help communities that were devastated. so we've gotten money and there's $150 million here in cashou. a total of $500 million in cash will be allocated to new york state. some of which will provide loan reductions to homeowners so they can avoid foreclosure. in today's money report an sec investigation is having a devastating effect on wall street. >> sue herrera joins us from cnbc's global headquarters to tell us what's going on. >> it's an ugly day, guys, on wall street today and several reasons for it and one is the continued drop in oil which has
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right now we are down about 309 points on the trading session. so the dow is down almost 2%. all of the other major indices, the nasdaq and the s&p are off at least 1%. boeing. there are reports that the sec, the securities and exchange commission, is looking into boeing's accounting methods as it pertains to the 747 and the 787, two of boeing's iconic airliners, of course. now the accounting method is known as, basically, it's known as the gram accounting. it allows bowing to spread out the costs or account for the costs over many years for those big projects. there has been no formal, sec filing and there are reports that the sec is looking into that. that is taking boeing's stock down 10% and boeing is having its worst day and it is a dow component since october of 2001 and that's one of the reasons that wall street is lower at
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have the fed chief, janet yellen. she is speaking on capitol hill and her comments are rattling the markets, and she's saying the economy, looking a bit weaker than expected and a number of countries around the world have gone to what's called negative rates and she's being asked a lot about that on wall street today on capitol hill today and that would be a big negative for wall street and it is proving to be that case today. so miss yell en's testimony continues and hang on to your hats because the volatility is the high on the street today. back to you guys. >> so much to watch there. >> queasy stomach. your numbers are going south, too. >> sue was talking about hanging on to your hats because of the wall street ride. i'm talking about hang on to your hats because of the winds which are picking up. it is going to be rough this afternoon and getting rougher. outside we go right now. take a look right now at rockefeller plaza. if you feel like going ice skating, bundle up, and that's going to be the case for the
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let's talk about the current conditions. only 26 degree outside at this hour and it feels like the teens. we'll get to the real feel temperature in a moment, but first let's talk about what we have on our headlines. spot showers a possibility, snow showers is what we're talking about through the afternoon and evening and we'll show you those on the satellite picture in just a moment. stinging wind will be picking up and staying with us right through sunday and a brutally cold weekend, dangerously cold weekend ahead. all right, the live radar picture right now shows snow showers that have just moved off the barrier islands from south manalocking and manusquan. they'll slip to the south and east and this is what we will see a little later on. nothing significant, but we're tracking the next batch and just keep it in mind and you could see a couple of flakes falling. here are our temperatures, much cooler than we've seen. 23 in parsippany, and 25 in staten island and as we head up to monticello, we're in the
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over the beacon bridge where we're at 21 degrees and danbury by the mall, 22 and white plains airport. all right now, current gusts. up to 25 miles per hour in white plains and 30 in west hampton and again, consistently high gusts out west, as well. how does it feel? like it is 0 degrees right now in the middle of the afternoon as you head to monticello, 6 degrees in white plains and 9 in islip and we're only going down and the complaint department is simply closed and we are above december and we got to december and february, although we may have forgotten about it with these cold temperature, 7 plus, degrees above the norm and the cold air comes in and what do we expect over the weekend? bitter cold temperatures and a potential record breaker, everyone, as we head into sunday. the record is at two and we could be at one.
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as we take a look. please be careful and check on the elderly and watch it if you're outside exposed for a long period of time this weekend and dangerous conditions and janice will update you when we rejoin you at 5:00 tonight and as always, we'll be on twitter and the web all day long. let's send it back to both of you. temperatures moderate next week. "new york live" is next. >> here's sara and jacque. >> it's an oprah auction you have to see to believe. how super fans can score some of her most prized possessions. it's the restaurant that takes blind dating to a whole new level. find out why dinners in the dark is the perfect place for a unique night out. plus, fran drescher right here at 12:30. >> we are excited for it and looking forward to it. at noon. very tense story, anxious family members crowded outside of the mexican prison after chaos erupted inside, there were flames, gun fire, escapees.
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>> just days ahead of a visit by the pope 52 inmates are dead after a massive riot inside a mexican prison. fire could be seen pouring from the northern city of monterrey. the fight involved members of the infamous zetas drug cartel. family members of the inmates have gathered outside the gates and they're desperate to know if their relatives are arrive. pope francis is scheduled to visit another mexican prison.
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testifying against a former s.s. guard on trial in germany. 94-year-old rhyne old hanning is charged with murdering 170,000 people. he was 20 when he worked at the concentration camp. he said he had nothing to do with the gassings. his trial is limited to two hours a day due to his age and his health. 1.1 million prisoners died in the concentration camp, most of them jews. >> still ahead on news 4 new york at noon, a wish granted. the 9-year-old australian boy
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a little boy in australia battling cystic fibrosis. >> 9-year-old dominic pace was able to suit up as iron boy. he spent the day rescuing a reporter, battling bad guys and defeating the evil ultron. dominic got a special from robert downey, jr., how cool is that? of course, he plays iron man in the movies. he told dominic that iron man
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honorary avenger. that is cool. >> good he arrested a reporter because not everyone would. >> i know, right? >> much more on the breaking news we're following. five people charged in the east village gas explosion. >> a company hitting customers with a brand new fee. >> that will do it.
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