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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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hope to see you there. oops. my uber is here. thanks for dinner. >> "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon" is in l.a. all this week. and tomorrow, will ferrel drops by. now at 11:00, new trouble for eliot spitzer, the dierraced former governor. what he's accused of doing inside an important manhattan hotel. the high stakes battle after the death of judge antonen scalia. but first, the icy chill
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the record books, and n get re,dy for a dose of snow. this arctic air finally moving out, but we're going to have to get through another round of winter weather bef weore we get the big warmup. >> and we shattered a 100-year old record today, dropping to 1 below zero. >> it was the cold els day on record on this day, the coldest valentine's day ever, not just because of the record low temperature but because we also had coldest high temperature records that were broken today such as in central park where we only got up to 15 degrees. the old record was 17 degrees for the coldest high temperature. 16 in morristown. we did not break a record in newark, new jersey. one of our official climate reporting sites, but we got very close. and new records were set at jfk
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this is a six-hour loop. you can see snow aprobinge probing pproachingapproaching. at the same time, some warmer air is going to start to mix in. so not big snowfall totals out of this system. we do have winter weather advisories for almost then tire viewing area. does not include the jersey shore, but everyone else will see a light accumulation of snow before we change over to rain. if you are headi ng out the door, if you do still have to work tomorrow, the morning commute will be dry, but snow arrives by mid afternoon and could cause slick roadways for the evening rush before we change over to freezing rain. i'll give you timing and totals coming up in the full seven-day forecast. back to you. the city is get weting ready fongr the winter weather coming tomorrow. a snow alert has been issued to get the snowplows and spreaders ready to roll. many are taking it in stride. we have more on this big chill. ida?
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tonight, the last thing people wanted to hear about was the possibility for snow tomorrow. but, you know, at this point, people are just in survival mode and trying to make it through this arctic holiday weekend. it's a valentine's night to remember, but with temperatures in the teens, there were no casual, romantic strolls home. getting out of the cold was the priority. >>e my god, it's freezing. >> i want to be honest but. it is cold, but his love is keeping me warm. >> reporter: ah, look at that. he warms you up. >> yes, he does. >> and vice versa. >> repor r: the kumar family had a night at thers movies and a hurried walk home. >> i can't feel my face. >> reporter: we could barely see barbara good steen's face as she walked the dogs tonight, and that was the point. >> not too bad. yo nu put on all your ski clothes and head out. >> reporter: you pretend like you're going skiing. >> it's all good. >> reporter: then we found
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hauling garbage and working the news stand, trying to stay safe while getting the job done. >> i would describe it as excruciating cold. >> last night it was whipping. >> reporter: it's a little better tonight? >> yes, much better. >> reporter: and you've got the hat. >> yes, and a goodco this coat. this is new york. so what can you expect. >> reporter: yes, this is new york city, and she's going to need that hat when the snow sets in. and eventually temperatures will start to head upwards. ida segal, news 4, new york. more than 100 firefighters had to head out and battle flames and the cold in brooklyn. it broke out on adelphia street. we're told five firefighters and one civilian suffered minor injuries.
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the snow with the news 4 app. just tap the logo in the corner and select the weather tab. tonight new troub for former governor eliot spitzer. you'll remember years ago, he resigned from office in disgrace after being linked to a prostitution scandal. now sources tell us he's accused of assaulting a woman at the plaza hotel in midtown. ray vee illeda is live. >> reporter: new details tonight. a senior law enforcement official tells us the accuser slas hed her wrists. he choked er at the plaza hotel. now as sources tell us the investigation is under way, we're told that this victim, the alleged victim boarded a plane home to russia. no w police are investigating this as an assault case. after at new york's premiere plaza hotel, a police
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involving a well-known former ne wiw york politician. police are looking into allegations eliot spitzer choked a woman in her 20s inside her room at the plaza on saturday. >> that's insane. that's awful. >> reporter: spitzer served as governor of new york for just over a year, stepping down in 2008. >> i am deeply sorry that i did not live up to what was expected of me. >> reporter: at the time the former attorney general became the center of a prostitution ring scandal. prosecutors said spitzer paid thousands of dollars for a prostitute. >> it's kind of sad actually. bad for a career, and just sad for the guy. l>> reporter: before the scandal, spitzer had made a name for himself, prioritizing ethics and politics. he even passed a law increasing jail time for those soliciting prostitutes in 2007. after the scandal, spitzer tri aned running for comptroller in 2013 but lost in the democratic primary. >> he was kind of a hypocrite and, but i do remember three got
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people were a little bit willing to overlook all of his flaws. >> reporter: now police re looking at surveillance video om the plaza, trying to piece together what happened here on saturday. a spokesperson for spitzer released a statement late sunday night saying simply, there is no truth to the allegation. >> they're just allegations. i don't think anything. >> reporter: we want to make clear tonight that no charges have been filed in this case. police tell us they're looking at this as an assault. we're a live in midtown tonight, i'm ray villeda, news new york. virgin airways says passengers who were on that flight that got hit by a laser beam will arrive hereonight on another flight tomorrow afternoon. this was breaking news at 6:00. the flight had just taken off from heathrow airport when the pilot reported that incident. someone shined a laser that was similar to this one on the plane. the heathrow spokesperson says
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of a medical emergency involving the the pilot. the first officer was feeling unwell. there's no word of any passenger injuries or any arres on the ound. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia is on its way back home tonight. what they can't agree on is how he should be replaced. >> reporter: justice scalia being remembered tonight, the longest serving and most ine fluential j tice in the supreme court died in his sleep at this texas guest ranch, a popular place with bird hunters. >> passed away with no difficulty at all in the middle of the night. that was our first message for the family. >> reporter: a catholic priest was summoned to administer scalia's last rites. his former colleagues on the court today had wonderful things
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ruth bader ginsberg said they were best bud eyes dy ies buddies. clarence thomas said he would miss him beyond measure. the court was often divided closely 5-4. and scalia's death now leaves eight justices and the possibility of tie votes until he's replaced. >> if there's a tie, there's no outcome at the supreme court. the lower court ruling stands, it's if the supreme court never heard the case. >> reporter: a tie vote would leave rulings in place which blocked obama's plan to keep undocumented yo residents in the united states. ft. prident if the president appoi s a successor, the court would probably point to the left. >> if president obama were a e
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court, he would cement a leftist majority on the court for the xt gener ion or so. >> reporter: among the potential nominees mentioned in legal circles. sri sir view sen. and paul litford. but it's a political battle as the president has said he will choose a successor. the republican-dominated senate may not confirm the nomination. >> there's no way that the senate should confirm anybody that barack obama tries to appoint in his last year in office to a lifetime appoint mntd. >> let me just make one point. barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th, 2017. i the supreme court is in a mid-term break and the justices return to the bench in one week. they face the possibility of finishing their term without a
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coming up, chilling new details about the hotel stabbing that left a mother and two of her daughters dead as the spect faces a judge for tyo first time. plus, he's accused of sending sa lashs text messages to a woman who's not his wife, but he says he didn't do t >> > then pope francis spreads his message of faith and love to thousands on valentine's day during his biggest trip to mexico. we are coming back. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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a not guilty plea from the man accused of murdering three people at a hotel in staten island. today he faced a judge. >> you viciously stabbed over 40 times about the body. he also stabbed the child. he has no regard for the lives of others, even his own child. >> 23-year-old michael sikes fa mces several charges including murder and attempted murder. he was arrested after a three-day manhunt and a tip from a friend. he is accused of stabbing a woman and her three children in willow brook on wednesday. the judge ordered an order of protection for the only survive or survivor.
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that the president, he said that the proposed fiscal budget for 2017 would slash a budget from $600 million to $330 million. >> here are some of the things that these fkeds go for. first responder training. including the fire departments nd he police department's counter terrorism training. when you see a police car sitting at each end of the brooklyn bridge to prevent anyone from trying to blow it up, those are these funds. >> schumer says he and congressman peter king will try to team up to reverse the cuts. >>no> pope francis ventured into a crime-ridden suburb of mexico city today, leading a huge outdoor mass with a message of hope for those trapped by the country's drug violence. ann tom
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>> repter: today pope francis went to a city notorious for pove sorty and crime. francis drove through the graffiti-covered streets given a keover by reformed criminals, more appropriate for the occasion. the pope portrayed in many ways, even as a graffiti artist. it has one of the highest murder and disappearance rates of women in mexico. but police have solved few of the cases. it's such a dangerous place, rekina tells us today's mass is one of the rare times she can ing her children to a public event. under a crowd of 300,000 people, they filled a dusty field to hear the pope talk about wealth and crime. saying there can be no dialog with the devil. here evil can feel like a daily reality. for this nation which polls show s little confidence in its
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these people, many of them poor and powerless to join the front lines of making mexico a land of opportunity, urging them to create a country where no one has to leave to find a better life. a challenge this college student is ready to accept. >> so mexico can be the better country. >> reporter: and today for a moment, one of its most dangerous cities was a better place. anne thompson, mexico. how we'd love to skip over the next couple days and get to the sunshine. >> absolutely. wintry weather is on the way. and after this record cold that we had today, it's going to take a little while to warm up, but you'll be surprised at how mild it's going to be on tuesday, compared to the 14 degrees that we have right now out on the plaza and central park under clear skies. in our weather headlines we do have winter weather on the way. tomorrow's not going to be as
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that will allow snow to arrive in time for the p.m. commute. we won't have as many people on the roadways, but it will be slick and slippery out there. a quick changeover t rain, but before that happens, we could have ice. very, very cold out there. 15 in tompkins cove. 10 in terry town. 're all the way down to 0 in danbury, and 4 below zero in monticello. on storm tracker, you can see the clouds have already moved in. and this snow is approaching, moving into d.c., makingants way philadelphia. that will take a little while to arrive. so by the time it gets here, we have all this dr air in place. it's very, very cold. some of that cold air will have receded. so that's going to limit our totals. not all of the precipitation that's arriving will be snow. we'll just have a coating to an inch in the five boroughs and along the jersey shore and central new jersey. 1 to 3 inches in the higher
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that includes put nam, duchess, sussex, orange county, all those locations. so this is what you canxpect during the evening hours on monday. snow and freezing rain in the immediate metro area. mostly to all rain on the jersey shore locations and mostly to all snow to the north and west. by the time we get to tuesday morning, though, it's all rain for just about everybody. maybe just somt lingering ice far to the north. we're talking up toward the catskills and the mid hudson valley. overnight tonight, very, very cold again, bdi not looking at y low potential in the city. 10 degrees. many areas are going to dip into the single numbers and even below zero overnight. 34 degrees on monday. still below average but much better than today. we're going to look for the snow to develop and then quickly change over to rain as we head into the overnight hours. then tuesday, after starting out with a little bit of lingering patchy ice, we'll change over to
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all the way up to 50 degrees for the afternoon high. then we'll get that streak of dry weather and 40s as we head into the middle part of the workweek, so yeah, we do have messy weather to contend with. and in the next half hour i'll give you more detail on where the ice will form and what to expect there. >> just make it warmer. anything but this. >> i'm tryin', i'm tryin'. and a cold day for this. a valentine's day surprise proposal that almost didn't happen. a future groom from north carolina had a tough time getting his sweetheart to leave work. >> i didn't know. i was like, i'm not leavin' work. we're so busy. >> but she did, obviously. they made it to r kefeller center where the world famous skating rink opened up the ice for a number of marriage proposals. beautiful i might add. rudy sanders popped the question and delivered the ring to kature mayberry, his high school sweetheart.
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>> years ago i saw a proposal on the ice that didn't go so well. >> no? oh, no. >> the girl said no. it's a gamble either way. still ahead, she is all dressed up for valentinj's day th nowhere to go. valentine? the story behind her heartbreaking holiday, that's coming up. coming up, he stole trains d buses for 30 years. >> you've operated transit at every subway line? now, in his first tv interview, sarah wallace goes inside the mind of a notorious transit thief. coming up 789 . the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. lift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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all right, we have some action on the ice today? >> it is freezing outside. so where do you think we're going to start? on the ice, okay. the rangers welcomed the rival flyers to msg. meeting eight days after mcdonough was knocked out with a concussion. and this game got off to a predictable start. 40 seconding in. dillon mcle wrath and simmons dropped their gloves. 32 penalty minutes in the first period alone.
11:25 pm
just five minutes in, derrick broussard scores on the and were around, somehow sneaking under steve mason's skate. there it is, perfect. derrick stepan scored. both beautiful feeds from matt zuccarello zuccarello. 3-1 rangers the final. the kobe bryant story and
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this afternoon, the devils hosted the los angeles kings who are in the middle of a seven-game road trip and have recently paid visits to the islanders and rangers. the devils had a power play just over five minutes in. and david sh lum coe dumps it in on net. it might have been deflected by joseph vlandeze. but trevor lewis beats kin kate. and sh lum coe gets the wide open net. kincaid made all the big stops, turning away 28 shots in route
11:29 pm
now it a slightly warmer climate. california and the pebble beach pro am. what a final round by taylor. the 447th ranked player in the world began the day six shots off the pace but made a ferocious charge. check out the par 4 15. it nestles up to the pin. still, phil mickelson and a chance to force a playoff, the lefty has won at pebble beach four times. taylor, who had not won in over a decade now qualifies for this year's masters. said taylor, an augusta stay intive, playing in the masters is my super bowl. the nba all-star game took center stage in toronto tonight. the west cruised to a 196-173 victory. paul george of the pacers scored
11:30 pm
short of the all-star game record. i guessoptional. but tonight and the weekend belonged to kobe bryant. the future hall-of-famer is hanging it up after two decades in the nba, he was the centerpiece. gregg popovich r oved bryant with a minute left t . and he left to a standing ovation and hugs and high-fives from his teammates and opponents. he leaves an amazing legacy. who is t of owner oa the longest winning streak in basketball? stoney brook university. they hosted the university of new hampshire. the sea wolves and a senior sensation comes up with a block shot at the buzzer, his eighth block of the game, seals the ctory for stoney brook.


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