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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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rhaming flames damage several buildings in brooklyn. firefighters spent the night fighting the elements to get it under control. a new investigation involving eliot spitzer. what a woman is accusing him of doing. antonin scalia's body returned home. now it's setting up a battle ina washington. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. monday morning, february 15th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here with the forecast. chris, we're trying to get thro iugh how many hours we have left until it warms up again. >> it's a balmy 14 this morning. this is 15 degrees warmer than yesterday morning at this time. mid teens in the city. it's still plenty cold. not a lot of wind. it's down to 2 in sussex. 7 in morristown. 6 in white plains. 2 in poughkeepsie. it is below zero in danbury. out east, westhampton, 7 beftw.
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we have one moreheaded in our direction. we have winter weather advisories in effect with the exception of monmouth and ocean counties. from noon until midnight, you'll see snow, mixture of snow, sleet, freezing rain turning over to rain. delaware, maryland, notice it's moving more east than north. it's running into drier air. it's going to have a hard time moistening up air. it will start out as snow. 'll get some accumulation. day planner, a qeiet start. mid-20s by noon. changing over to sl t and rain wards the evening hours. first in the city and later on the coast. the neighborhood in a minute. let's get a first check on a monday morning commute. is this really a commute, lauren? >> it is. if you happen to commute on the suu bway. we have a bunch of weekend track work that affects 12 subway lines. expect delays and service
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later on, when the rail lines take off, metro-north on aprile weekend schedule. thank you, lauren. in brooklyn around 140 firefighters pat l cold and grflames into the morning at at site of a raging fire in greenpoint. katherine creag is there with more. kat, what's the latest? >> reporter: to say it's a busy scene seems like an understatement. there are so many emergency vehicles, paramedics just passed by us inu he ambulances yougsrw, sa slt trucks are here, fire trucks down the street. we want to show you the roadway. firefighters used so much water to extinguish this fire that water pooled on the street and because it's so cold, the water froze quickly. we want to show you this huge blaze. fire started at 47 diamond
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greenpoint and spread to two other buildings. the fire chief believes all three buildings have to be accomplished. they were occupied buildings, all residential. two civilians and two firefighters had minor injuries. we're told they'll be okay. they were hocht spitalized but will recover. these are images of the blaze. a huge fire. we talked with some of the people who live in the area. this is what they saw. take a listen. >> fire out of the back door. the whole building looked on fire. at one point, the below floors looked contained but still on the roof. >> reporter: it took 2 1/2 hours to get the fire under control. we told you about how icy the street is. there are at least two salt trucks here. now, yet another mmg vehicle is passing by. yes, fire trucks are still moving around the area.
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spreading salt on to the street. this is still so icy. it's really an ice rink out here. ssau and diamond streets. >> very dangerous. katherine creag, thank you. terrible timing for a power problem. a few thousand people in northern new jersey did their best to stay warm when a transformer blew. it happened in union city. pseg crews worked in the bit syter cold. this morning the power and the heat are back on. authorities are investigating a laser pointing incident that forced a virgin atlantic fight headed to jfk to turn around. it had just taken off from london's heathrow airport when it reported a beam of light. the passengers were offered tels overnight and booked on aneaother flight. they'll be back here in new aork this afternoon. 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. heading over to chris cimino. good morning. >> good morning. nice chilly, crisp monday morning it is. this is the first of a semi
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a lot of folks have the day off. set records yesterday morning. still pretty cold across the hudson valley. hopewell junction zero. 2 below in lagrange. you get towards the city, it's a little better. we are the warm spot if you will. warm at 14. but it's only 6 at islip, white plains. 7 in bridgeport. single digits in the northern half of new jersey. moisture headed in our direction. certainly at the onset it will be -- the morning commute is dry. by mid afternoon, we'll start to see snow spread from south to north across new jersey and towards the city. long island, connecticut and hudson valley. into the evening hours, the roads could get slick to slippery, especially north and west of city. overnight, freezing rain north and west. it should be all rain all areas by this time tomorrow morning. it's clear to partly cloudy now at 14 degrees in the city. breaks down like this. cloud through the morning. light snow around noonish. shortly thereafter.ow snow into the evening commute.
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rain and eventually plain old rain. details on the accumulation totals in a bit. hopefully no big problems lauren. >> the roads are very quiet. being that today is a holiday, all of mass transit is st alternating on schedules. nj transit varies by route. decamp has a modified schedule in place. ferry lines running on holiday schedules. alternate side of the street parking rulehaare suspended. 4:36. a new investigation involving former n t york governor eliot spitzer. sources telling news 4 a woman is accusing him of assaulting her at the plaza hotel. that's where tracie strahan is this morning. tracie? >> reporter: michael, police ll us that these are allegations that stem from a woman said to be in her mid-20s. she told him she came to the
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that he spoekd her incompetent -- choked her inside of a room. they're combing surveillance video. they're treating it as an assault case. the woman said she accompanied him to the hotel on saturday night, that he choked her and that she slashed her wrists after warlds. a 911 call was made and she was taken to a localhospal. she's since been discharged. you'll remember eliot spitzer resigned as new york's governor in 2008. that followed an investigation into a financial transaction that revealed that he had paid for sex with a prostitute. so far a spokeswoman for spitzer says this is an unfounded accusation saying, quote, there's no truth to the al plegation. michael, we've learned tha the alleged victim boarded a plane for russia and left the country. we want to make it clear that eliot spitzer so far is not facing any charmgs ges in this investigation.
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funeral plans for justice scalia remain unclear. his body arrived at dulles airport near washington. he grew up in queens. he died saturday while vacationing on a texas ranch. >> there is no way the senate udould confirm anyone that rack obama tries to appoint. >> barack obama is president of the united states until january 20th, 20 th17. >> scalia's sudden death at ge 79 leaves the court deeply divided between four conservative and four liberal leaning justices. any 4-4 deadlock would leave lower court rulings intact. this evening, former president george w. bush returns to the political spotlight campaigning in south carolina for his brother jeb. yoat state has voted favorably r thocbush family in tht past. south carolina's primary is five days away and jeb bush is
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keep his presidential hopes alive. president obama had host a summit of southeast asian leaders. this will take ph,ce at a resort in palm springs region in lifornia. leader, are likely to discuss china's security threat in the south china sea and maintaining north korea's -- a week ago, the north says it put a satellite in space. then the u.n. promise tougher sanctions against that country fo hr defying a ban on tests of missile technology. go is weekend, leader kim jong un did not back down. he praised his scientist and told them to p more satellites in orbit. john mccain is threatening to speep a the u.s. sailors who we are briefly held by iran. the iranians released video of the -- mccain accuses the white house of dragging its feet on an investigation into the incident. he says if he doesn't get a full
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to order the sailors to testify before congress. an investigation is under way into what started a massive fire in india. dancers were performing on stage in mumbai when the fire broke out. the flames quickly grew and spread to a scaffolding before firefighters got it under control. several thousand people were saanfely evacuated, including some government officials. the event was part of a we long approach to bring foreign investors there. there was a huge outdoor sunday mass in a mexico city suburb with the pope. there were more than a million opeople there. the holy father speaking out against mexico's drug dealers, calling them merchants of death. 4:40 right now. st ahead, he calls it a smear attempt. the sexting investigation involving a local politician. an attack on one of the most reco izable bridgts where someone is using a dart gun to
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storm team 4 isatrackingea warmup. but it comes with a catch. your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. follow us on facebook and twitter darlene4ny and mingchaelgs y and instagram as well.
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it's 4 clone 43. four things to know. a street in brooklyn is a sheet of ice following this fire that erupted late last night. three buildings are damaged. there are minor injuries. katherine creag is there. an update on t conditions in about 15 minutes. sources tell news 4 that they're investigating an assault allegation against eliot spitzer.
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a hotel in midtown. a spokeswoman for spitzer denies the allegation. antonin scalia returned to -- president obama plans to nominate a replacement. will the mets on this cold morning are invitingans to come out to citi field latfo on today. team will hold a fanney vent as they get ready to head off to spring training. it happens at noon today. you can tour the clubhouse and get a free voucher for a game this season. > enjoy the first season snowball apparently later on today. 4:44. we have snowflakes heading in our direction. however, it shouldn't be a heavy snow but a messy scenario later this afternoon into the evening. winter weather advisories in effect. all the areas shaded in purple indicating where the advisories are in effect from noon until midnight. snow, sleet, f tezing rain. then plain rain pushing from south to north going through the
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it breaks down like this. by this afternoon, snow mixed wimoth ice pellets at times into the early evening. that includes the city, long island and into the hudson valley and sectilis of new jersey. it's mainly rain. at theonset, from ocean county on south, maybe wet snow or ice pe mllets mixed in early on. from the north and west, it's mainly all snow through the early evening hours. even there, the freezing rain mixes in. by thisime tomorrow morning, most of us are looking at plain old rain. could be a soaking r n that moves in later tomorrow afternoon. we'll get one push of precipitation. snow, sleet, rain. thfe a little break for a while early tomorrow, then heavy rain tomorrow afternoon. meantime, vou wouldn't think of rain with temperatures like the is. 8 in emerson, 2 in ring wood, 9 in massapequa. long branch at 12. 7 below zero ought in westhampton. here comes the snow but also the warmer air pushing in our direction. notice it's moving more east.
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wem buy time through the morning commute. probably until noon or so, most of the area will be snow free. that changes on future track. moving forward in time here. -noon, maybe a little bit of light snow flurry activity breaking out. the main steady snow sits to the south. then once you get to 3:00, in the city, long island, most of new jersey at that point and it will snow through the evening commute. this is 6:00. notice that mix line. that's the pink line getting closer to the cicy. south facing shoreline, the jersey shore, going to rain by 6:00. not the case north and west. even at 9:00, still frozen precipitation north of the city. over to plain rainepity of long island, good portion of new jersey. here's a lull i'm talking abouw. just lighter showers. watch what happens in the afternoon from the west. is is the cold front. a nasty line of showers here. that bright red indicating maybe a brief thunderstorm as this front moves on by ahead of it tomorrow, we could be in the mid-50s. temperatures hang talmost 60 degrees. acr cumulations, an inch or so in the city.
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coating to an inch or less. eastern long isiand eswn the jersey shore. maybe a coating at that. area in pipg indicating 3 to 4 inches here. maybe touch upon a 5 in the higher terrain. north and west before the changeover. a light accumulation. just enough to make the evening commute messy. morning commute is fine. it all goes over to rain later tonight. look t tne temperatures. 55. still nice on wednesday at 45. little more seasonable. thursday and friday. warming up for the weekend. that means rain again on saturday with a high of 54 and close to 50 on sunday. it's a little after 4:47. hottpefully things are quiet, lauren. >> for the most part, yes. it is a holiday commute if it is each a commute. you can see lots of green, which is normal for this hour anyway. we have our first accident of the morning on the whitestone bridge. the bronx, two lanes closed. throgs neck bridge is the way to go to avoid it. otherwise, ip roa tds are quiet.
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the gowanus expressway. you can see a handful of cars past the belt merge through city city. in queens, by the grand central parkway, similar story there. likely, not too crowded this pa rning. you should be in for a nice ride if you have to go anywhere. alternate side of the street are suspended but you need to pay the meters. next weather and traffic update on the 4s zoochlt . mangano says someone impersonoted him in a sexting scandal. they were sent to a public relations consultant did not come from him. he calls it a smear attempt and yo ws to take legal action. the california highway patrol is investigating wo by zahra tax on pedestrians walking on the golden gate bridge. th fley have been struck by long metal darts. one hit in the thigh and another in the kneecap.
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passing car fired those darts from a blow gun. authorities reopened you an avis facility in albuquerque after a bomb scare there. a mechanic noticed an explosive device attached to a car at the sun port yesterday. it was rented elsewhere and brought back to that airport location. nobody was injured, no flights were affected. but the fbi and the atf are investigating. senator chuck schumer is vowing to fight a huge cut in anti-terror funding to our area. it helps train the nypd and firefighters and other first respond toers handle terror threats. originally, the fund gave out $6.00 million nationwide. thnte proposed budget cuts, cuts it nearly in half. humer says full funding must be restored. >> new york city needs a the funding it can get to make sure we're safe. this is a national issue, not just a local issue. we all know how badly not ohm
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wanes hurt after 9/11. schumer points to december's san bernardino's massacre and says the police face an ongoing threat of domestic terrorism. authorities are calling it onehe of the biggest drug b ts in australia's history. more than $900 million worth of liquid methamphetamine hid in silicone bra inserts. >> it was also found in art supply bottles. four chinese nationals are now in custody. the men accused of brutally lmurdering his girlfriend and her children. michael sykes pleaded guilty to mu trder charges yesterday in staten island. he stabbed her 40 times on wednesday and also allegedly stabbed 19-month-old child and his own daughter, malia to death. the 2-year-old sister survived the attack.
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a new jersey an charged with killing an elderly couple inde his home. they found the bodies in branch burglary. bo ra simon daniels was covered in blood but not injured. investigators found the suspected murder weapon, an aluminum bat. there's no word on his relationship to the victims. he's being held on $2 million bail. the yonkers police department is remembering veteran of the force killed in a horrific crash. detective fnk fernandez died yesterday morning when his suv slammed into a fire truck. the impact destroyan his vehicle. e yonkers police commissioner says he served with honor and distinction and calls his death a major loss. the 45-year-old was off duty at the time. no word on what caused the accident >> a massive pileup in pennsylvania is having an impact in our area. three people died when dozens of vehicles plowed into each other
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one of the victims, a 50 w-year-old was from bethpage, long island. 54-year-old was from bridgewater, new jersey, also lost her life. there was a sudden whiteout that caused the pileup. 73 other peopl were hurt. two men in custody accused of beating and robbing an elderly man in akah asino. the victim from new york is in the hospital with a broken back. he was entering his hotel room saturday when two men wearing ski masks pushed him inside. they beat him and stole casino chleips, his money and cell phone. it's 4:52 now. still to come, the local governor who wants to make your trip to a liquor store less ex expensive expensive. hear what it was like for people trapped inside a tram.
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4:54 now. police commissioner bill bratton is welcoming the newest recruit. cookie monster outfitted in a vintage police uniform. he tweeted out the picture and he thanks sesame street workshop as part of a new campaign promoting everyday heroes. a tough man to hold a puppet like that. >> and smile. he looks at home in that uniform, doesn't he? all right. wemell, as we chip away the ice from the weekend, it was really in the deep freeze. we set records yesterday. record lows and record high lows, if you know what i mean. it was the coldest valentine's day we've seen.
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snow before -- from noon today until midnight. morning commute is fine. it's dry, it's afternoon, light snow breaks out fr south to north. by evening, it mixes with sleet and free ng rain in the city. it quickly goes over to rain. keep climbing tonight. keep climbing, even north and west, there could be a prolonged period of icing. temperatures climb from the 30s into the 40s. we're heading into the mid-50s tomorrow. >> yes. >> 50s. >> 50 degrees warmer than yesterday morning. >> unbelievable. in two days. >> can't wait. >> i'll take it. how is the traffic going? >> we had an accident on the whitestone bridge that's cleared already. that's good. garden state parkway northbound after exit 124 main street, watch out for that one. a live look outside. this is what most of the roads look like. by laguardia airport, you can barely count how many cars are on the road.
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so far so good, garden state rkway, it's minor. anot havpueh to change the liquor pricing laws in the stat ace. a mepublic hearing scheduled a week from tomorrow to discuss governor malloy's proposal to eliminate so-called minimum bottle pricing. under current state law, most stores are not allowed to sell liquor other than beer below a set price. governor malloy says that's unfair to consumers. but one association representing owners says changing the law will lead to a drop in revenue and put many out of business. stranded sky high at a resort. cell phone video showing the dramatic rescue on the mountain. 48 people had to rappel from two stalled tram cars. the skiers waited for hours -- some of the trams were 40 feet off the ground. still high when you're on there. passengers say the rescue went pretty smoothly.
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as it was being lowered down, th re was a bucket that would go up. somebody would get in the bucket anfod the bucket would go down, the harness would go back up. >> there was a problem with the brake system that caused the cars to stall. the repairs are under way. an upcoming auction has spider senses tingling. walter jack backs i is selling the first appearance of spider man comic book. it's now expected to sell for as much as $400,000. he wants to use the money to buy his late father's farm in suffolk county. another superhero story. it was a record breaking weekend at the box office. the new movie dead pool took in app estimated $135 million in just three days. it broke a record for february
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it's also the best debut for an r-rated movie. the previous record was $91 million set by the matrix reloaded back in 2003. there was glit and glamour in london at the british version of the oscars. >> it went to the revenant. >> the film took home five trophies. including best picture and best actor. it is leonardo dicaprio's win. he's won a golden globe. he is a favorite to win at the academy award. i'm rooting for him at the academy awards. i hope he get the oscars. >> for the bear scene alone. >> then eating the -- it's a long story. it's coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're headed out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching us by downloading the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. the next hour start right now.
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several buildings damaged. people hurt in a massive fire. the street is covered in ice as well. we're live with the story. plus, an assault accusation against former governor eliot spitzer. what a woman says happened inside the plaza hotel. >> also this morning, an historic political battle is brewing following the death of a supreme court justice. antonin scalia. "today in new york" start now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this monday. president's day. february 15th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino here with a forecast. hey, chris. >> good morning, guys. slowly coming out of the deep freeze now. still very cold out there. temperatures in the mid teens in and around the city. 1 degree in the last hour in midtown to 15 degrees. it's still 7 in islip. same thing bridgeport. below zero in westhampton. down the shore, 12 in long branch branch. most are at single digits.


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