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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-7:00am EST

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several buildings damaged. people hurt in a massive fire. the street is covered in ice as well. we're live with the story. plus, an assault accusation against former governor eliot spitzer. what a woman says happened inside the plaza hotel. >> also this morning, an historic political battle is brewing following the death of a supreme court justice. antonin scalia. "today in new york" start now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this monday. president's day. february 15th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino here with a forecast. hey, chris. >> good morning, guys. slowly coming out of the deep freeze now. still very cold out there. temperatures in the mid teens in and around the city. 1 degree in the last hour in midtown to 15 degrees. it's still 7 in islip. same thing bridgeport. below zero in westhampton. down the shore, 12 in long branch branch. most are at single digits.
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the warmer air is pushing in our direction. it's causing snow to the south of a us. but it's moving more west to east or left to right. not coming up the coast that quickly. we'll buy time. through m day or so, it stays dry. the first place of snow, probably not in anthe area until early in the afternoon. the snow moving in for later this afternoon into the evening mixing with sleet and freezing rain giving rise to a winter weather advisory from noon until midnight tonight. the day planner starting out iet.oongo you're past 1:00, 2:00, the snow picks up. it will mix to a change of sleet to rain by the late evening. more details on accumulations in a little bit. it's a little after 5:00. let find out about the president's commute so far. is it busy? not at all. a nice quiet commute. one accident on the road. this one on the garden state parkway northbound after exit 124. it's in the local lanesnd on the shoulder. it's not causing a problem.
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suspended but you need to pay thtue meters around the city. more weather and traffic on the 4s. lauren, thanks very much. in brooklyn this morning, multiple buildings damaged by these raging flames. a fire broke out late last night in greenpoint. e firefighters battled the flames and the cold into the morning. "today in new york" is in greenpoint with katherine creag. kat, we keep thinking about the firefighterslsut there in single digit temperatures. what it was like to fight this fire. >> reporter: right. they have ice on their uniforms, mienchael, and jackets. you can imagine spraying ar on to them as they're trying to extinguish the blaze. this is die mopped street at the corner of nassau avenue. it's an ice rink out here, the street. important to note that there are salt trucks out here with the workers for the sanitation department. th yoey've been sg eading salt on en the street for the safety of drivers. there's one worker there with a shovel. they're spreading salt for the safety of drivers and also pedestrians who are walking
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we want to show you this video. it as a huge fire that started 47 diamond street and spread to two other buildings. deputy fire chief tells us he believes all three buildings ve to be demolished. two civilians and two firefighters have minor injuries. neighbors also took photographs and tweeted images of the blaze which started before 11:00 last night. one neighbor describes how residents were covered in ashes. >> i saw flickering lights, like firecracke nd then smelled smoke. i thoughtw hat's weird. at that point, i saw people in soot. a woman took care of a cate rescued from the fire. took 2 1/2 hours to get the fire under control. as you can see, hours, several hours after the fire broke out, firefighters are still here and sanitation workers also helping out making sure that the streets are not icy. back to you. all right, kat, thank you
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terrible timing for a power problem. a few thousand people in northern new jersey did their best to stay warm when a transformer blew. it happened in union city. pseg crews worked in the bitter cold. this morning, the power and the heat are back on. authorities are investigating a laser pointing incident that forced a virgin atlantic flight headed to jfk to turn around. the flight had taken off from heathrow airport when the pilot reported the beam of light. e plane returned to the runway. passengers were offered overnight accommodations and booked on another flight. they will arrive here in new york this afternoon. pope francis head to one of the poorest and least catholic regions of mexico. it's the state of chapas. it follows an outdoor mass in mexico city yesterday. this is an area that has been rocked by drug violence and women are often kidnapped. the pope called on mexicans to "shun the devil and not get involved with the illegal narcotics trade." it's 5:04.
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looking at the temperatures, we're in the teens. we're in the right direction. >> right. >> heading in the right direction out of that ice block over the weekend that we were in. we were sub zero for the first time in 20 years, plus. still sub zero temperatures on the fringes in the suburbs. 1 below in walpack. 5 in califon and mine hill. the city is themwarm spot. noe rth in white plains, it's 6. a l of single digit numbers. it's 12 in long branch and 7 in brimg port. snow, sleet, freezing rain, that's all headed in our direction later this afternoon towards evening. south here into the lower end of monmouth and ocean counties, it's mainly going to be rain. might start as wet snow or sleet. we could see accumulation, certainly the city. coastal areas of long island fore changing over to rain. it's mostly all snow. north and west, we're probably going to have to shovel in some spots by early evening hours. by tomorrow morning at this
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warmth air is really going to push in and mean business getting rid of the cold finally around here. it's still frigid this morning at 15 degrees out there. with a clear to partly cloudy sky. clouds roll in through the early morning. snow breaks out from south to north this afternoon. a wintry mix by the evening commute. more details on that in a bit. now over to the commute. no major problems at all. we have a lot of s edule changes for mass transit because of the holiday. metro-north and path are operating on a saturday schedule. lirr and nj transit have a holiday schedule in place. new york city buses and subways, also on a saturday schedule today. beeline on a saturday. it varies but route.eacam am on a modified schedule. the ferries on a holiday schedule today. you can get around a little less frequent in service. more weather and traffic on the 4s. lauren, thanks very much. 5:06 now. sources are telling news 4
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allegation of assault against former ghof eliot spitzer. the accuser says it happened at the plaza hotel. that's where tracie strahan is with the latest on this. >> reporter: michael, it's a name that's made hea ihines in the past. this morning, eliot spitzer is nyin6 g claims that he choked a woman here at the plaza hotel on lentine's day weekend. that's not the only jerry she claims she suffered. nypd detectives have been poring over vid from the hotel this weeken the woman said to be in her mid-20s. she accompanied the former new york governor here on saturday she said. that he choked her inside of a room upstairs and she slashed her wrists immediately afterwards. an emergency call was made andg she was transported to a local hokispital and treated for the injury. she has since been of discharged and is on a plane back to russia. eliot spitzer, of course, resiepd as governor in 2008 following an investigation into
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revealed that he paid for sex. this morning, a spokesperson for spitzer says there is no truth to that allegation. again, michael, we want to point out that so far, this is only an investigation. eliot spitzer is not facing any charges so far. back to you. > tracie, thank you. washington, the death of antonin scalia is setting up a political show doup. kerry barrett is in the newsroom wi thth more. re>> goomorning, darlene. a lot going on. the body of supreme court justice scalia arrived back home in virginia. his body arrived at dulles aiverport late last night loaded on to a hearst. a little earlier, a procession of 20 p toolice officers brought the body to an el paso funeral home from the west texas ranch where he was found dead on saturday. officials awaiting word whether there would be an autopsy. they decided against it. it is believed that he died of natural ca es. meanwhile, the debate about who is going to replace him.
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president obama hold off and let the next president name a successor. democrat ars say that we shouldn't wait nearly a year for the next president to decide. scalia, a staunch conservative, replacing him could tilt the balance of the court. >> there is no way the senate ould cop firm anyone that barack obama tries to appoint. these are responsibilities i take seriously, as should everyone. they're bigger than any one party. they're about our democracy. >> cabinet members, politicians, judges, all in the mix as possible replacements. the names we're earing attorney general loretta lynch,ab utah senator o en hatch. among many others. president obama will make a choice in due time. scalia, of course, appointed by president ronald reagan in 1986. had been the senior member of the court now for several years. darlene? kerry barrett in the newsroom. kerry, thank you. tonight, republican jeb bush
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brother, former president george w. bush. that will happen near charleston, south carolina. it's the first time the former president is hitting the campaign trail. he's doing it in a state long favored the bush family. the primary takes place this coming saturday. president obama will host southeast asian leaders for a summit. the two-day meeting is in rancho rage, california. they're likely to discuss trade and the threats by isis terrorists. north korea appears ready to defy the world and launch more missiles. a week ago the north put a satellite up into space and the u.n. promised tougher sapgss against that country for defying a ban on testing missile technology. kim jong un praised his scientists and told them to put more missiles in orbit. it's 5:10. juost ahead, a public plea from kanye west.
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early in tax season right now. but already the irs is issuing a warning of what they say is driving a spike now in scams. storm team 4 tracking a major rebound to our temperatures. a messy mix that could slow you down tonight. weather and traffic on the 4s is next. you're watching "today in new
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it's 5:14. four things to know this morning. a street in brooklyn is a sheet of ice following this fire that erupted late last nigh three buildings are damaged. there are some minor injuries. katherine creag there and will have an update in 15 minutes. allegations against eliot spitzer. a woman cla onims he choked her at the plaza hotel in midtown. okesman forespitzer denies the allegations.
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virginia overnight. he died while vacationing at a texas ranch. president obama plans to nominate a replacement. here's a thought to warm you up when it's 15 degrees outside. the mets inviting fans to citi field. there's going to be fan event as they head off to spring training. you can tour the clubhouse and get a free voucher for a game this season. i like it. >> time for weather and traffic on the 4s. snow is headed our way. despite that at citi field. however, going through time, the snow that moves in is a harbinger of warmer air that will bring temperatures into the 50s by tomorrow. hang in there. odaf ernoon snow today, yes. morning commute is dry. transition to rain overnight. all areas raining by tomorrow. mild and rainy and breezy too. as i said, temperatures well into the 50s tomorrow afternoon. but in the meantime, between now, noon and midnight, wintry weather to get through. a good part of tme area.
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oce ean county. not in this winter weather advisory. snow, sleet, freezing rain and plain rain will be the story. we'll take you through that hour by hour. 10 in sayreville, 11 in red bank. 17 at point pleasant. the cold air is locked into place. 10bl in jackson. 15 in the city. single numbers to the north. sub zero numbers. monticello, 4 below. danbury 1 below. the coldest spot in the pine barrens. westhampton at 8 below. the snow sitting across a virginia, delaware, maryland as well. it's moving more east, this first push. eventually, it will take a turn and move n rthward as high pressure exits the area. right now that cold dry air is blocking that snow from moving in here. a look at future temperatures and radar on top of that. we're starting out in the teens and single numbers this morning. by 1:00, we're in the upper 20s in the city. ght snow breaks out to the south across central portions of new jersey. ocean, monmouth county could see snow at the onset. watch what happens. that goes over to rain quickly
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at the freezing mark at 6:00. snowing through the northern half of new jersey. the south shore of long island by 6:00, you'll see a transition. th aa of pink means freezing rain and sleet in there. thmiat goee to the north of us in here. of by 8:00. should be raining in the city, ng island, central, southern new jersey. plain rain above freezing by 8:00 this evening. not the case once you're north of 287 in particular k temperatures at freezing or below. more snow up there. a period of ice further north and west. even by midnight, temperatures above freezing northwest new rejersey too. watch what happens tomorrow. we start out in the 40s. go to the 50s in the afternoon. even with the heavy push of rain that goes through between 3:00 and 5:00. heavier downpours possible. in terms of accumulation, an inch or so in the city. closer to 2 or 3 outside ofr town. the city of suffolk, between 1 and 2. a coating to an inch in the areas in gray. but locally 3 to 4. maybe somebody touching upon 5
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u get into portions of range county, northwest sections of sussex county as well, into putnam county, northern rock land, westchester. then it's all wet here tomorrow. heaviest rain is really tomorrow afternoon. mid-50s. 40s wednesday. seasonably chilly thursday and friday. mild by the weekend with temperatures in the mid 50s. theainking it would be quiet on a morning commute, that's -- >> for the most part, it's quiet. we have a new problem on the belt parkway heading westbound by lefferts boulevard. earlier it was shut down now. twe o lanes closed with one getting by. reports of an overturned vehicle out there. delays are not bad at all. mething to take note of. in better news, take a live lk outside at the george washington bridge. it's very quiet. all the hudson river crossings look fine. everything moving along nicely. this is what most of the major roadways look like.
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anywhere. alternate side of the street suspended. you have to pay the meters. it's 5:18 now. in news for your health, a potential new health risk for teenage boys. researchers from penn state monitored the sleep patterns of 700 children. ey found boys who didn't get enough sleep could be at a greater risk for type 2 diabetes later on in their life. the researchers don't know what the connection is, but it may ha to do with being dee pride with the deep stage of sleep called slow wave sleep. in the money report, thieves may be cashing in on your tax refund. the irs is sending letters warning taxpayers about fraudulent tax returns. the problem stems from data curiib breaches last year. millions of social security numbers ended up in the hand of thieves. >> in most cases we're hearing that they're e-filing and doing this in bulk, maslive amounts of
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of them will get rejected or caught by the irs. the irs is urging taxpayers to file before the thieves do ideally by the end of this week. kanye west making a very public plea for money. kanye dr released a new album, held a fashion show at madison square garden and was on salt night live. despite all that, he's $53 million in debt. heit followed it up with a request for a loan from facebook founder mark zuckerberg tweeting, i know it's your birthday but can you call me. his birthday isn't until may. the tweets and activity to havd people concerned about kanye and what's going on -- >> if you look at them, he's saying things like i know i can make the world a better place. i have done the impossible. i retook the throne of rap. he says, i'm this generati 's disney. i want to bring dope blank to the world. i g don't know that disney phrases
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>> no. 5:20 right now. still ahead, a nearly $1 billion drug bust. where police found all of this hidden. a mys iy in queens. the search for the person who lost a dog. stepped out for valentine's day.
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so look at the bridge. 5:23 right now. evan is taking selfies these days. even sea lions. they designed a selfie stick for the sea lions to use. video shows this is milo the sea lion swimming underwater carrying the stick in his mouth. >> how smart are they. >> pretty smart. >> i can't get my dog to bring the ball back to me. he's taking selfies in the water as he's swimming on video. the search is on for a the owner of a funny valentine found in queens. >> this is a story viewed thousands of times. a pekinese dog found roaming along in jamaican queens. she was spotted about 10:00 in the morning wearing aed dress. she has a microchip, but it was never registered. so if you do recognize her, let
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our website, for mog th details. somebody would like to reunite this little dog. >> somebody is heartbroken. >> i would think so. we'll get them together. >> definitely. >> we're trying to get it together. after this weekend of really frigid temperatures, slowly bouncing back tdis morning. it's still cold out there. temperatures in the teens and single numbers. some c es still below zero. wa ow is headed our way. winter weather advisory in effect most of the area from noon until midnig . going from snow, to sleet to freezing rain and rain. it happens along the coast. takes longest north and west. increasing clouds, low to mid-30s by the end of the day. snow arrives around noon or shortly thereafter. then picks up in intensity into the evening commute. mixes with sleet and freezing rain and evedybody goes over to rain overnight as temperatures go from the 30s into the 40s overnight. we just keep going tomorrow. into the 50s. we've got heavy rain and that
5:26 am
flooding problems by tomorrow rdafternoon. unthing at a time. >> quiet morning commute, messy evening commute today. that's the plan. >> thank you. some people don't have a commute. it's a holiday. >> it's a holiday. >> if they do, we have changes to mass transit. commuter checklist. metro-north and path on a saturday schedule. and lirr and -- have a holiday schedule in place. same for the ferry lines. you can get around. service is less frequent this morning. lauren, thanks so much. ahead at 5:30, he says he was hacked. the sexting investigation that involves a local politician. plus, this morning, what sources tell us about the allegation of this former governor eliot spitzer. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in greenpoint, brooklyn, where fire tore through three buildings. firefighters and residents were hurt. we'll tell y byou why there's so much ice out here on the street. that's coming up.
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headed out the door. download the "news 4 new york"
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right now, a difficult fight raging flames damage several buildings in brooklyn. firefighters spent the night fighting the elements to get it
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plus, a new investigation involving eliot spitzer. what a woman is accusing him of doing. a local politics says he was hacked. the messages the police are now investigating. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's monday morning, february 15th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. we've been focusing on the temperatures, chris. but we have other things to think about too. >> snow, sleet, freezing rain and plain old rain overnight. to get there, we have to shape the cold out there. 1 below in stony kill. 3 below in lagrange. 0 in hopewell junction. these are the actual air temperatures, not windchills. the city one of the milder spots. a lot of single numbers in the northern half of new jersey. cold air is heavy and dense. you don't get rid of it that quickly when warm air is moving towards it. first it goes over the top of it and creates areas of snow.
5:31 am
this morning. this will fill in through time. we expect the snow to break out after noon. we have winter weather advisories most of the viewing area, noon until midnight. city and coast change over to rain faster. right now, quiet. partly cloudy, 15. by noon. first few flakes showing up. especially south of the city. mid-20 ez a. by the evening commute, snow, sleet. freeze rain mixing in. we'll talk about accumulation possibilities in a bit. let's find out if there are early trouble spots on a holiday monday morning commute. >> there are two right now. one is the belt parkway. lefferts boulevard, an overturned vehicle shutting down two lanes. minor delays through this area much there's not many people on the roads yet. over to the neptune area of new jersey, neptune township, route 35 closed down in both directions by sylvania avenue making electrical repairs. most of that will reopen soon. weather and traffic on the 4s. 5:31 now. in brooklyn, around 140
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flames into the morning at the site of a raging fire in greenpoint greenpoint. it was breaking news on news 4 at 11:00. "today in new york's" katherine creag is there. kat, what is the latest? >> reporter: there is still so much going on, darlene. fire investigators are down the street trying to figure out how this blaze started. but you can see that the street is covered with ice. there are sanitation workers spreading salt on the streets. nassau avenue and diamond street. the waters used to extinguish the flames froze quickly. we want to show you video of fire that started at 47 diamond street and spread to two -- two civilians and two firefighters had minor injuries. they'll object okay. neighbors took photographs and took images of the blaze. it started before 11:00 last night. one neighbor described how
5:33 am
>> at one point it looked like the low floors it was contained but still on the roof. but it was burning the whole time. at that point, i came over here to see how it looks over here. it looks horrible. >> reporter: it took 2 1/2 hours to get the fire under control. darlene, we told you about how icy the street is. again, salt trucks are here. because nassau avenue, diamond street covered with ice. for the safety of drivers and pedestrians, they're continuing to spread salt on the streets and sidewalks. >> katherine creag, thank you. nassau county executive ed mangano says he's been hacked. mangano said someone impersonated him in a sexting scandal. he didn't write the x-rated messages sent to a public relations consultant allegedly from his cell phone. he calls it a smear attempt and vows to take legal action. new this morning, drug dealers busted in australia for smuggling a record amount of
5:34 am
police seized more than $900 million worth of liquid meth in silicone bra inserts. they're calling it one of the biggest drug busts in australian history. four chinese nationals are now in custody. it's coming up on 5:34. time nor weather and traffic on the 4s on this holiday weekend. chris, maybe some people get to stay out of the sdmoe now and the cold and get out in the rain. >> we may have to shovel a little bit of snow in parts of area before the day is through. the morning commute is dry, though. early on, not a problem. until noon, probably okay. snow arrives early to mid afternoon from south to north across the area and picks up in intensity going into the evening rush. slick roads are possible between 4:00 and 7:00. 4:00 and 8:00 out there. then a transition from snow to sleet and freezing rain and rain overnight. in the city, it should take
5:35 am
north and west of the city, that's where the lingering ice could be a bit of a problem too. it's snow going over to ice and then rain. this is mid afternoon. this is the scenario across the area. map lip all snow to the north and west. once you get to warren, sussex county, northern putnam county, it stays snow a while longer. a few inches are possible. city gets a sloppy inch or so. then it goes over to all rain overnight tonight and especially by this time tomorrow morning. we're looking at maybe each heavy rain by tomorrow afternoon. still frigid out there. in the mid teens. we're going to be about 40 degrees warmer tomorrow than that believe it or not. mid-20s by noon. light snow going over to that mixture in evening. details coming up in a bit. details on the commute from lauren. not too man incompetent problems on the roads. this is a vehicle by the charlotte circle in jersey city that takes out the left lane. mass transit, a lot of changes in place because of holiday.
5:36 am
schedule. lirr and trains it rail on a holiday schedule. on the buses, it varies by route. new york city, buses on a saturday schedule. decamp on a modified schedule. you can get around. services a little less frequent today. alternate side of the street are suspended but meter rules are not. a new investigation involving former new york governor elliott spitter. sources telling news 4 a woman is accusing spitzer of assaulting her at the plaza hotel. that's where "today in new york's" tracie strahan is this morning with the latest on this. tracie? >> reporter: michael, it's hard to believe. but it has been eight years since eliot spitzer resigned as new york's governor following that prostitution scandal. he is being investigated once again this week for an alleged incident here at the plaza that happened on valentine's day weekend. nypd detectives have been poring through surveillance video from
5:37 am
woman reported that spitzer choked her and she slashed her wrists afterwards. they claimed all of this happened on saturday night. a 911 call was made and that woman was taken to a local hospital and treated. she's been discharged. the former governor resigned, as i said, back in 2008 after app investigation into a financial transaction revealed that he had paid for sex. as for this incident, a spokesperson for spitzer released a statement last night saying "there is no truth to the allegation." the alleged -- she boarded a plane to russia. she's not cooperating with the investigation. we should point out that eliot spitzer so far is only being investigated and not yet charged. back to you. >> tracie, thank you. 5:37 right now. the man accused of stabbing his
5:38 am
children faced a judge yesterday. michael sykes pleaded -- he stabbed rebecca cutler 40 times on wednesday killing her. he also alleged killed 19-month-old and his own daughter 4-month-old malia. the 2-year-old sister is the sole survivor. her name is miracle. the 20-year-old new jersey man charged with killing an elderly couple inside his home. police found the bodies of the man and the woman inside the house in branchburg. ezra sigh mop daniels was covered in blood but was not hurt. they found the murder weapon, an aluminum bat. no word on his relationship to the victims. right now, he's being held on $2 million bail. senate republicans promise a fight over president obama's attempt to fill the supreme court seat left vacant by scalia's death.
5:39 am
remembered as a conservative lion. he died while vacationing on a tex tech ranch. now they're talking about the battle over scalia's replacement. >> we're advising that a lame duck president in an election year is not going to be able to tip the balance of the supreme court. >> i don't think it looks good that for very overtly political reasons that republicans would deny this president the right to exercise his constitutional responsibility. >> until scalia's seat is filled, the court will be divided between four conservative and four liberal leaning justices. it's 5:39. authorities are investigating the laser pointing incident at jfk airport. it was hit with a laser beam. the pilot immediately turned the plane around. the passengers on board will arrive here in new york on another flight. they'll get here this afternoon. pope francis will celebrate
5:40 am
chapas region in mexico. he held a mass yesterday in a suburb of mexico city. there were more than a million people there. the pope took the opportunity to speak out against the mexico drug dealers calling them merchants of death. governor cuomo plans to root out discrimination in home rentals and sales. people of different race, genders and economic backgrounds will pose as potential renters and buyers and report any bias they encounter. the group of testers will also include people with disabilities. a manhattan state -- ending the state tax on tampons. linda rosenthal says it makes no sense to tax them when condoms and medicine are tax-free. other states are considering similar bills. still ahead, the local
5:41 am
trip to the liquor store less expensive expensive. plus attacked on one of the most recognizable bridges. where someone is using a dart gun to shoot people. storm team 4 is tracking a messy mix on the way. we'll have weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. that looks like a tie-up getting on to the belt parkway by jfk. more on that coming up. you're watching "today in new
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all right. welcome back. 5:44 on a monday morning. president's day. hopefully a lot of folks get to sleep in a little bit today. conditions very cold again. but dry right now. that's going to change. if you're heading on out this afternoon into the evening, be prepared for some sloppy, messy weather out there. it's still very cold. although not as cold certainly as it was yesterday morning at this time. it's a good 15 to 16 degrees warmer. feels like 7 when the wind kicks in. colder numbers in the suburbs. we're looking at snow headed our way for the afternoon. not the morning. it will transition to sleet, freezing rain and then rain
5:45 am
a hielder day tomorrow but a rainy day. could be a soaking rain, especially in the afternoon hours. winter weather advisories in the entire area. they've put it in monmouth and ocean counties as well. inland spots, you could get an accumulating snow before it transitions to rain. it's a dozen in secaucus and harrison. below zero temperatures in eastern long island, westhampton down to 8 below. 1 below in danbury. the arctic air is still in place. it's slowly eroding and modifying through the day today. moisture sitting off to the south of us. this is indicative of warmer air trying to push towards us. it's blocking the northern movement. it's sliding underneath us. that high will move to the east and allowing the air and moisture to come from the south. temperatures rise towards the end of the day. above freezing by the evening hours. snow breaks out south to north.
5:46 am
period of snow and air. i don't think it lasts in the city. it could last longer it the north and west. there could be an ice buildup on top of the snow. we all transition over to rain overnight from south to north as warmer air pushes in. temperatures climbing from the 30s into the 40s. into the 50s. with a strong southwesterly wind. a shot of heavier rain mid to late afternoon tomorrow. maybe even an isolated thunderstorm with a cold front that swings on through. what about the snow accumulations? an inch or two in and around the city. maybe 3 in central new jersey as well. near the coast, a coating it an inch. monmouth, ocean county. same thing eastern long island. connecticut, you're in that 2 to 3 hp inch range. 3 to 5 possible, especially north of 80 and 287. north and west of there. higher elevations could get close to 5 inches of snow out of there. again, it gets washed away by rain that comes on through. temperatures will be mild on
5:47 am
mid-50s. the mid-40s on wednesday. 40 on thursday. more seasonable into friday too. ahead of the next system, warming up on saturday. a rainmaker. 54 saturday and 51 for sunday. 50s for a weekend after this weekend, lauren. i think we should celebrate that one. >> absolutely. party time. not such a party on the roads, especially heading towards the belt parkway. we have an accident out there westbound that shuts down two lanes by lefferts boulevard. we'll show what you it looks like. this is a live look at the belt parkway. completely jammed up. delays only about an exit. really not so bad. it looks like everyone is being pushed off the road at conduit. one lane is getting by. but subject to intermittent closures. heading over to jersey city, a disabled vehicle on route 7 southbound at the charlotte circle in the left lane. there are minor delays because of that. then electrical repairs in neptune. 35 shut down in both directions
5:48 am
otherwise, roads are o free and clear. alternate side of the street rules are suspended. don't forget to pay the meters. the california highway patrol is investigating a bizarre attack on pedestrians walking on the golden gate bridge. two people were struck by long metal darts on friday. one victim hit in the thigh, another in the kneecap. both were evaluated by paramedics and released at the scene. police believe someone in a passing car fired the darts from a blow gun. an avis car rental -- after a bomb scare forced an evacuation. a mechanic noticed an explosive device attached to the bottom of a car near the albuquerque international sun port yesterday. the car was reportedly rented elsewhere and returned to the airport location. no one was injured, no flights affected. the fbi and the atf are investigating. 5:48. senator charles schumer is demanding that millions of
5:49 am
keep flowing into our area. it helps to train the nypd, firefighters and other first responders how to handle terror threats. originally there was $6 hup million given out nationwide. that's been cut in half in the proposed 2017 budget. >> these are dollars the nypd and others throughout new york law enforcement use to keep us a step ahead of the bad guys. >> senator schumer has been in touch with the white house and some officials appear to be sympathetic about the budget cuts. yonkers police veteran who died in a horrific crash is being remembered as an officer who served with honor and distinction. detective frank fernandez was killed when his suv slammed into a fire truck. the impact destroyed his vehicle. the police commissioner says his death is a major loss. he was off duty at the time. no word on what caused the accident.
5:50 am
pennsylvania having a tragic impact in our area. three people died when dozens of vehicles plowed into each other on interstate 73 near fredericksburg. we've since learned that one of the victims, 50-year-old kenneth lesko was from bethpage, long island. a 54 year oefld was from bridge water new jersey was also killed. there was a sudden whiteout that caused the pileup. two men in custody accused of beating and robbing an elderly man at an atlantic city casino. the 76-year-old victim from new york is in the hospital with a broken back. police say he was entering his hotel room on saturday when two men wearing ski masks pushed him inside. they beat him and stole his casino chips, money and cell phone. a connecticut governor, dannel malloy is making a push to change the liquor laws. there's a minimum price stores must charge.
5:51 am
unfair to consumers. changing the law will cost some employees their o job. a public hearing hon. the proposal is scheduled one week from tomorrow. an investment, a long island comic book collector made more than 30 years ago is about to pay off. walter yak bow ski paid $1200 in 1980 for a near mint copy of amazing fantasy number 15. that's the 1962 comic book where spider man made his debut. he's now putting the comic up for auction and expected to sell for as much as $400,000. he wants to buy his late father's farm in suffolk county. >> comic book superheroes worth big money at the weekend box office. >> dead pool took in app estimated $135 million in the first three days. that broke the record foye february opening set by "50 shades of grey" and it's also the best debut ever for an r-rated movie.
5:52 am
>> i will confess, my son went to see it. he'll be 15. came home and said what did you think? yop if it's good for you, mom. it's a little inappropriate. i said okay. 5:51 right now. just ahead this morning. a valentine's day that a local man will never forget. a life-saving gift he received. a mountain rescue at a ski resort. hear what it was like for people trapped inside one of those trams. follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. michaelg4ny and darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
5:53 am
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5:54. time tore for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. we stand at 15 december on this president's day. >> it's positive and double digits. >> sounds great. >> we'll give you double digits for a while. 16 in central park. 2 in sus ebbs. still 1 in poughkeepsie. 2 below zero in danbury. not windchills. still the real deal with the arctic air. it will eventually get out of here and replaced by warmer air. with that, comes some snow. that snow could mix with sleet
5:56 am
snow arrival in the city between noon and 2:00. it will take a little longer east and happen sooner to the south. everybody goes to freezing rain and plain rain overnight tonight. temperatures starting out in the 30s. climbing into the 40s and keep on going into the 50s tomorrow. that's the good news. we could end up with 2 inches of rain on top of that. >> there's that. >> a lot of this going on lately. we can't get it all together. a little bit of something good, then there's always a -- >> you take a little, give a little back sniemgt the . >> and the commute, daily. manhattan e and r trains running express to queens plaza. otherwise, the railings running on a modified sked ul for the holiday. you can get around. here's the cross bronx expressway. things moving nicely out here by the bronx river parkway. this is what most of the roadways look like.
5:57 am
the details in a couple of minutes. skiers trapped midair at a ski resort. cell phone videos shows the rescue. this is cannon mountain yesterday. people had to rappel. the skiers had to wait for hours to get to safety. at some point some of the cars were 40 feet off the groupd. passengers say rescue action went pretty smoothly. >> we had one car that lowered down. as that was lowered down, there was a bucket that would go up. somebody would get in the bucket. it would go down. the harness would go back up. >> a mechanical problem with the brakes caused the cars to stall. coming up next, starbucks roll out new specialty drink options. michael, we're going to tell you what they are. >> looks good there. the big fire in brooklyn. firefighters forced to battle the raging flames and the dangerously cold temperatures at the same time. if you're heading out the door. take us with you.
5:58 am
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now at 6:00, flames and ice in brooklyn as a massive fire damages several buildings. the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia sparking a major battle in washington. politicians debating a potential successor. it's clear out now. get ready for a messy evening commute. storm team 4 will tell us when it the snow had arrive. "today in neyork" starts now. good morning everyone. i'm darlene rodriguez. it's february 15th. i'm michael gargiulo. the big transition is for the precipitation for the snow between noon and 2:00. from that point forward, it will get a little worse heading to the evening commute in terms of the snow. the temperatures will continue to climb. the focus early on.
6:01 am
with the commute or not. most areas will be snow-free. no then the snow breaks out early to mid afternoon. picks up in intensity towards the late evening, we'll say. at that point it starts to mix, i think with sleet and freezing rain. slick roads, slippery road for the evening rush hour. a good possibility. a period of freezing rain. the city and coast goes over to rain quickly. the rain everywhere overnight and to tomorrow morning. there's the snow right now. grysazing southern sections of new jersey around cape may. winter weather advisories cover the entire area. they start at different times. between as early as 10:00, across portions of new jersey in and close to the city, 1:00 or so, that's the starting point. still frigid out there. clouds are gaining on us now. clouds thicken through the rning. liaught snow flurries at noon. a steadyhperiod of snow after 00 or 3:00 into the evening commute. it starts to mix with sleet and rain. details in your neighborhood coming up.
6:02 am
>> good morning everyone. a trouble spot out there. a live look at the belt parkway by lefferts boulevard whe two lanes are shut down. just one gets by because of an overturned vehicle out there. delays to the van wyck expressway right now. leave yourself extra time. you can head to north conduit avenue. it's moving better than is is at the moment. heading over to route 7,ny disabled vehicle in the jersey city area southbound by charlotte circle in the left lane. mi hnor delays through here. overall, the roads are in great shape. the next weather and traffic update on the 4s. lauren, thank you. now to that raging fire that injured several people. they're trying to get a control of the huge flames. katherine creag is in greenpoint where it's all happening. kat? >> reporter: darlene, police officers and two squad cars just arrived here positioning their vehicles right here on diamond street and nassau avenue because the roadway, diamond street will
6:03 am
down there is where the fire broke out. a devastating fire. so much water was used to extinguish the flames, it froze quickly on the street and also entree branches. the fire started at 47 diamond street and spread to two other residential buildings. a deputy fire chief belie s that all three buildings will have to be demolished. there were two civilians and two firefighters who had minor injuries. we're told they will recover, they will be okay. neighbors took photographs and eeted images of the blaze. it was seen for miles. it started before 11:00 last night and one neighbor described how the fire grew out of control. >> you could see like embers in the air. it was just like swirling. the wind, i guess, was carrying it. it just kept growing and growing. >> reporter: it took 2 1/2 hours toegpe the fire under control. we told you about how icy the street and salt trucks are here
6:04 am
on diamond street on nassau avenue for the safety of drivers and also pedestrians. th me's also salt on the siy cadewalks. as far as the investigation goes, still unknown, darlene how the fire started. the buildings department r will be here at some point today to find out the structural stability of the three buildings. back to you. >> thank so much, katherine creag. former governor eliot spitzer under investigation for allegedly assaulting antoman at the plaz hotel in midtown. a woman claims that the disgraced lawmaker choked her inside a room at the luxury hotel. spitzer spokesman says there's no truth to the allegation. we've also learned that the a alleged accuser left the country. >>e > the man accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend and two of her children has been arraigned. he pleaded not guilty in a staten sland courtroom yesterday. he stabbed rebecca cutler 40
6:05 am
willowbrook on wednesday. the girl's 2-year-old sister su giived the attack. pope francis is one of the least catholic regions of mexico. it's the mexican state of chap as. the huge outdoor mass held yesterday in the suburb of mexico city. 's an rea wmere women are often kidnapped. the pope calling on mexicans to shun the devil and not get involved in the illegal narcotics trade. we'll check weather and traffic starting with chris cimino. as we look at the temperatures in the teens. but they're not in the single digits. >> now we're -- >> it's all relative after being below zero yesterday morning at this time. 16 degrees. feels balmy almost. 14hin city island. single digit northalnd west. danbury is 2 below. l good portion of new jersey seeing temperatures single numbers to the low teens. right around 10 in morristown and bridgewater. coldn long branch at 14.
6:06 am
breaking out from south to north. it should go over to rain quickly. the coastal areas of ocean county by mid to late afternoon. in the city and towards the evening, a little ice could mix it. that is sleet and freezing rain. mainly all snow into the early evening. it goes to main liply all rain. we've gotu' soaking rain morrow afternoon. in the transition, little messy. little slippery for today. doesn't start out that way. the morning is okay. once you get past 2:00, 3:00, steadier snow may move in. could mix with freezing rain into the evening commute and tepemperatures in thghlower 30s. 6: and a half. let's find out about the commute with lauren. >> manhattan bound e and r trains running express to queens plaza. otherwise, they're on a saturday schedule. we have a lot of changes for mass transit. metro-north and path operating on a saturday schedule.
6:07 am
holiday schedule. all of the ferry lines are also running on a holiday schedule today. less frequent service. you can still get around. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. this morning, a 20-year-old new jersey man is facing charges in a gruesome murder. police found the bodies of an elderly couple in branchburg. police say ezra simonadaniels was covered in blood and not injured. the police believe they found the murder weapon, an alu num batot. no word-his relationship to the victims. following the death of judge juhistice scalia. his unexpected passing impacting the race for the white house. kerry werrett is fole wing it all from the newsroom. brry, raising the stakes for everybody here you might say. >> of course. solutely. we're going to get to that debate in a moment. first, though, the it body
6:08 am
home in virginia. his body arriving at dulles airport late last night. loaded on to a hearst. a little earlier yesterday, there was about 20 police officers that brought his pod i to an el paso funeral home from the west texas ranch where he s found dead on saturday. officials were awaiting word whether there would be an autopsy. they decided against it. michael, as you mentioned, the debate about who is going to replace him. republicans insisting that president obama hold off and let the next president appoint a successor. others say he shount wait. replacing him could tilt the balance of the court. >> as president of the nited states, until january 20, 2017. we ought to make the 2016 election a referendum on the supreme court. i cannot wait --
6:09 am
judges x all of them in the mix as possible replacement. cafolifornia attorney general, several judges from the court of a for the district of columbia circuit. also several sitting senators. among many others. president obama says he will make a choice in due time. of course, scalia appointed by president ronald reagan in 1986. he's been the senior member of th court now for several years. michael? 29 years. all right. thank you very uch, kerry. the "today" show will have much more on the impact of justice scalia ahead at 7:00 a.m. pictures show kim jong un overseeing last week's mission to put a satellite in space. he says the laup much struck a "telling blow" to the north's enemies. he's calling for more rocket launches. that last mission was unanimously condemned by the u.n. security counsel sim. senator john mccain is angry about the pace of the
6:10 am
seizure of ten u.s. sailors. hebe even accused the white house of dragging its feet. mccain is threatening to subpoena the mariners to testify before congress unless he gets a full report by march 1st. kai simonsen in the bronx. a fire there. firefighters on the roof of the fire around them. >> forng good morning to both of you. the fire up to a second alarm. these are live pictures from chopper 4. 1216 homestead avenue in the union port section of the bronx. we first got word of this at 6:00 a.m. this is a three-story building. i'll show it to you in a second. deli on the first floor, apartments upstairs. lots of visible flames right now and a visible smoke condition. nowe injuries reported. it's up clear what started this fire. this could go to a third alarm before too long. come out a little bit. those flames are huge rising up into the air.
6:11 am
asal i said, deli on the first floor, looks like apartments upstairs. no injuries reported. i'm kai sigh mop senn. over to you. it's stunning when you see the firefighters how brave they have to be. on top of that building, the fire is there. they're on the roof. >> in these temperatures, makes it that much harder. >> wow. we'll keep on trok of that st anorynand let you know as we know. still head, a scare for pilots. we'll tell you what forced a plane bound for ken dip airport to turn around after takeoff. it's a life-saving valentine. the connecticut map receives a very special gift on the holiday. plus, weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. now to that breaking news we're llowing in the brox. a huge fire in the unionport section.
6:15 am
scene right now. incredible pictures we're seeing th mere. firefighters were on the roof a moment ago. have they gotten off the roof now? >> yes, michael. they have. understandably why they did. you can see the center part of the screen, lots of smokes and flames. at onetpoint the flames were rising up into the air about 20 feet or so. i was hoping they would get off of that roof. whentyou have flames like this, this intensity rising out of a rooftop, the roof is always in danger of collapse. second alarm fire right now. live pictures from chopper 4. this is 1216 ohm stead avenue in the bronx. as you said, fire in a three-story building. a deli is on the first floor and apartments upstairs. you can see the tower to the center portion of your screen x looks like firefighters have now entered br in the process of entering that top floor. no injuries r orted at this sh point. of course, we hope it stays that way. we'll keep you up to date. i'm kai simonsen, back over to
6:16 am
right now we want to et to chris and check on the weather. another big story today. we have changing weather in the middle of date. >> it will be. in a big way. the transition team warming it up. obably a wintry mix. we've got snow, sleet, freezing rain. eventually, this rain will go over to plain rain. that's going to be a process. look for snow this afternoon. not during the morning.hours. we're dry. the transition to rain overnight tonight. mild tomorrow. we're talking 50s. quite a bit of rain. could be heavy rain, especially in the afternoon tomorrow. the entire viewing area, a winter weather advisory in effect for the afternoon into the evening hours. it lasts longer to the north and ends sooner near the coast. the transition over to rain will take place a little quicker at the coast. snow right now well to the south of extreme southern new jersey. by about noontime, it's knocking on the door of the city. may see a few flakes in the air. thnerough central new jersey and by 3:00, it starts to cover a larger portion of the area,
6:17 am
hudson valley as well. the n sheadiest from 2:00 to 6:00 or 7:00 in the evening before i transition to mixed precipitation and eventually rain. 16 in astoria. 2 below in danbury. ouch. 7 below in westhampton. still bitter cold out there. 2 below in mnticello. there's the closest snow. extreme southern new jersey. not exactly racing to the north. it's being held at bay by this cold dry air over us right now. that's going to slide east and it will allow the snow to creep up from the south. future temps and radar, starting out in the teens and single numbers. by noon, the light snow breaks out around the city. steadiest in central new jersey. already transitioning to rain in southern ocean county. not quite to the northern suburbs. by 3:00, 4:00, it's snowing in the hudson valley. most of long island, the city. northern half of new jersey, it's over to rain in monmouth anu ocean county by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. just about ready to do that in the city. transitioning to rain and icy
6:18 am
that's where we think the greatest accumulations will be. no tice the rain/snow line continue to push north, even inecto the hudson valley. reluctant temperatures meaning sleet, freezing rain well to the north of us. watch tomorrow afternoon. lull in the action. a heavy batch of rain moves through in the mid to lats afternoon hours. about an inch or two, maybe 3 inches outside of town. somerset county as well. as much as 3 to 5 in the mid hudson valley. that will get washed away by rain, quite a bit of it by some. dry this morning, snow this afternoon. messy overnight. rain tomorrow, heavy at times. 45 wednesday. 40 tharsday. motre seasonable. warmer again by the weekend. back to the 50s saturday and sunday. back with lauren scala to find out about the commutis >> i have good news. we'll start with a live look at the belt parkway. we've had this overturned
6:19 am
they've opened at least another lane. it may have cleared. so that's fantastic news. thceat was our big problem on the roads. otherwise, roads are really looking good. here's a live look at the long island expressway in queens by the grand central parkway. if you commute on the l.i.e., it doesn't look like this. it's certainly a holiday and over at the lincoln tunnel on the inbound side, things still moving nicely around the helix there. no delays inbound or outbound at hudson river crossings and alternate side of the street parking rules suspended today but meter rules still in effect. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> right now in queens, a veterinarian is searching for the owner of a funny little valentine. it's been viewed thousands of times on our facebook page. a pekinese dog dressed in a ha valentines outfit was found. if you recognize her, let us know on facebook orb head to
6:20 am
a connecticut man got a special valentine. it was last year that 60-year-old was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure. but last night surgeons were able to give him a new heart and second chance at life. he underwent a heart transplant at yale new haven hospital and doctors hope the story will encourage others to become donors and to give the gift of life. >> save lives. that's wonderful. it's 6:20 right now. re live pictures of that raging fire in the bronx. flames tear through the roof of an apartment building in the unionport section. >> kai simonsen has been over the scene. we'll bring you any updates as soon yo as they come into the newsroom. you're watching "today in new
6:21 am
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welcome back 16 degrees out on this monday morning. today, dog lovers will descend on madison square garden. >> and see which breed is named top dog at the westminster kennel club show. this year, here are the favorites. charlie, the sky terrier. there's a look at charlie. and rumor. that's a german shepherd. they're popular breed and among 3,000 dogs all hoping for that great title. best in show. >>reeyou guys are dog lovers >> yes. >> guardians. >> yes. >> i have a bull terrier. bull terrier was once best in
6:25 am
i think i met him down stairs. >> i have a miniature dachshund. >> the mini? >> just the regular size. >> too short. belly scraping. >> i don't think they have half nieces in the dog show. >> you he to work on a tricky forecast. snow heading in our direction. won't be here through the mo jrning. it's run sbog dry air. it's moving more east than north. eventually it will drift in our direction. the snow by mid afternoon. th-ekening clouds this morning. very cold again. single numbersoand teens by the end of the day. snow arives by noon south o north and mixes with sleet, freezing rain and should change in the evening hours in the city. coastal areas faster. north and west, that icing period could last a little bit longer. th >>en temperatures rise overnight. we all go to rain. i think 1 or 2 closer to the city.
6:26 am
town, an inch south and east. the 3 to 5 area generally west, northwest of 287 and north of i-84. again, even that gets washed away by rain everywhere tomorrow. we clean house. >> lauren, that's what's happening? >> we have changes on the subways, particularly the e and the r train. the subways in general are operating on a saturday schedule. the e and the r are express from roosevelt avenue to queens plaza. the roads are in great shape. a live look at the tappan zee bridge. things are moving along nicely both westchester and rockland county boupd. you're in for a nice ride headed out the door. enjoy your holiday commute if you have one. it's 6:26. coming up next, breaking news in the bronx. i'msimonsen in chopper 4. a re that continues to burn the roof. the latest coming up. > take us with you if you're headed out the door. do
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breaking news right now.
6:30 am
the roof of a bronx apartment building. chopper 4 live over the scene. a new investigation involving eliot spitzer, the disgraced former governor now facing assault allegations. it is a frigid start to this morning. look at these live pictures here. midtown and a storm is on the way. storm team 4 will tell us how it will impact your day today. "today in new york" starts now. 6:30 a.m. on this monday, february 15th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> often when you transition to the cold arctic air mass to the milder temperatures, the transition is bumpy and a little wintry and messy. that's what we'll go through ths. afternoon. hampton bays is 3. amagansett 4 degrees. we get to double digits in the five boroughs. 16 in the city, still the goose egg in poughkeepsie and 2 below zero in danbury. 6 in white plains. winter weather advisories cover
6:31 am
hours. ap l wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain in our direction. extreme southern new jersey by noontime, getting close to the ciwy we thin . central new jersey will see a steadier snow involved there. along the coast as well. 3:00 it pushes to the north and northeast. then as we head toward the evening hours, we're going to see this mess go over to a mix of sleet and freezing rain before it changes to rain in the coast. it start to snow noonish, between noon and 2:00. wa yotch for that wintry mix into the evening and it goes over to rain overnight. more details on that in a little bit. let's see if there are new problems for the commute, lauren? >> right now. the roads are in great shape. but bronx bound 4 trains are running ex tres from utica to atlantic avenue. and 2 trains -- in in addition to that, manhattanound e and r trains express from roo evelt to eensnplaza. subways on a saturday schedule otherwise and major commuter
6:32 am
holiday hedules. re weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren, tha brnk you. 6:31 now. breaking news we're following in the bronx. a raging fire in the union port seghction. kai simonsen is over the scene in chopper 4. kai? >> darlene and michael, good morning to you. firefighters continue to battle is three-alarm blaze. even though it looks like they've made progress, hive pictures from chopper 4 of 1216 -- fire and smoke still rising out of the roof. predominantly smoke. weve have some tape what it looked like earlier. firefighters have maiden trans into the top floors of that building. this was a three-story building. deli on the firstfloor, apartments upstairs. no word on what caused the fire. no injuries reported. we'll continue to keep you us to date. live in chopper 4, i'm kai simonsen. ck over to you. >> kai, thank you. firefighters in other areas as well, crews are still on the
6:33 am
greenpoint in brooklyn. katherine creag is there where this is happening. kat? >> reporter: imagine, michael, that firefighters had ice on their jab et cetera. they used so m cs water to extinguish the flames. e tree branches are covered with ice. the water, it froze quickly. the streets out here, diamond street, nassau avenue covered with ice. the fire itself started at 47 diamond street and spread to two other residential buildings. two civilians and two firefighters have minor injuries. they will fully recover. neighbors took photographs and tweeted images of the blaze which started before 11:00 last night. the deputy chief said the damage is incrediele to the three buildings. this is what he had to say about that. >> basically, we had a fire started in 49 diamond. it spread to exposures on either side. the building has to be planned probably for dem pligs
6:34 am
>> reporter: it took 2 1/2 hours to get the fire under control. michael, we told you about how icy the street is. salt trucks at one point were putting salt on the streets. nassau avenue, diamond street and the sidewalks also because they were covered for ice. for the safety of pedestrians and drivers and they're blocking the street. it will be closed for quite some time. >> safety first there. thank you, pat. passengers flying fromt london will arrive in new york day. their flight was forced toesurp around after the plane was hit with a laser. the flight had just taken oven route for jfk from heathrow, they were put up for the night and booked on a different flight. they will arrive here this afternoon. weather and traffic on the 4s. people counting down, at least eir way out of the cold and into the snowy mix we'll get. already double digit. that's on the positive side. probably about the freezing mark by tonight.
6:35 am
little sloppy. morning commute, that's dry. nothing to worry about. no rain or snow or ice. just cold temperatures. then snow early to mid afternoon. some slippery road a possibility out there as the accumulating snow takes shape, especially norpt and west of the city. changing from sleet, freezint ra and regular rain. early on this evening, it should be a cold rainmaker out there. there's snow right now. sliding to our south to make it way into southern sections of new jersey. this edge probably not reaching the ground yet. th2 e atmosphere has to moisten up. it's a cold, dry air mass in place. it will break out here, and i think between noon and 2:00. it's a cold 16 in the city. single dimg its north and west. then periods of snou for the afternoon and evening commute. then rain temperatures climb above freezing tonight. wen 'll palk about the
6:36 am
temperatures coming you up. let slide over to lauren scala. the road ang in great shape. we'll take a look outside. show you what the connecticut turnpike looks like. daren, things moving nicely in connecticut as a whole on the connecticut turnpike and the merritt parkway. here's the real proof that today is a holiday. next to empty kpierd to how it normally looks at this hour. you are in for a nice ride. no accidents to report on right now. alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended but meter rules are in effect. the next weather and traffic update on the 4s. ylauren, thank you. now to that new investigation involving eliot spitzer. heau's accused of assault. "today in new york's"'s tracie strahan is at the plaza hotel where the alleged incident happened. >> this stems from a report made the night before val types day by a woman who acclaims she was here with the former governor
6:37 am
they've been poring through surveillance video since the port w s made. police do confirm to news 4 that this is being treated as an assault case. thitat woman said she a kd elliott spitter to the ofaza hotel on saturday and then he choked er inside of a room here. she slashed her wrists afterwards. a 911 call was made d she was transporped to a localhoospital where she's since been discharged. eliot spitzer, of course, resigned as new york's governor bathck in 2008 follow an investigation into a financial transaction that revealed he had paid for sex. well, his team releasedng a e'atement saying there is no truth to the allegation and darl ne, we've learned that his accuser has since left the country. boarded a plane for russia and reportedly is not cooperating with police. back to you. >> tracie strahan, at the plaza, tracie, thank you. 6:37 now. ed mangano says he's been
6:38 am
mangano said somebody i am perpendicular nated him in a sexting scandal. says he didn't write the messages allegedly from his control phone. he calls it a smear attempt and is vowing to take legal action. senator chuck schumer is vowing to fight a huge cut in anti-terror funding. the money helpe a d to train the nypd, firefighters and other fi a rst responders to handle terror threats. ord iginally, the fund gave out $6d million nationwide. president obama's proposed cuts that nearly in half. schumer incompetent cysts full funding must be restored. sfwliefrnlts new york city all the funding it can get to make sure we're safe. this is a nag al tional issue. we know how badlyt merica was hurt after 9/11. he points to the san bernardino massacre saying it proves the police face an ongoing threat of domestic temarrorsom.
6:39 am
he served with honor and distinction. frank fernandez was killed yesterday morning when his suv slammed into a fire truck. the impact destroying hiso hicle. the yonkers police commissioner says the man was a go-to guy and calls it a major loss. he was off duty at the time. a scare for skiers stranded midair at a resort. the rescue is shown on cannon mountain yesterday. 48 people had to rappel from two stalled tram cars. skiers waited for hours, some were sorted on the -- >> they had one that was lowered anwn. as: it was being lowered down, ,there was a bucket that would go up. sohat.body would get in the bucket. e harness would go back up. >> a mechanical problem with the brake system caused those cars to stall. 6:39 right now.
6:40 am
markets are closed today for the president's day holiday. " wall street traders are waking up to good news from overseas. japan's nikkei was up at their closing. other markets in asia had s ong showings too. including the hang seng and hong kong. they ended up 3%. no ow, there's two more lattes to love at starbucks from february 16th to march 21st. they're offering this green tea latte and thenhohis one, darlene, the smoked butterscotch latte. both drinks come from the starbucks roastery. that's here in seattle that office these type of drinks. they're the first mtnu items to be available. i had suggested one called spicy park. >> did it make? >> they didn't go tore for that. >> i'm sure it would have been delicious a man forced to clipping to a cliff as he sedashed by werful waves.
6:41 am
managed to get him to safety >>le> the top film this weekend could lead to changes in hollywood. your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. you're watching "today in new
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:44 on this monday morning. temperatures are on the cold side again this morning. just not as frigid as yesterday morning. in the mid teens in the city. wean've got some snow heading our wa"hy forhehis afternoon. not through the morningdr then the snow will transition over to rain as we go on through tonight with warmer air winning out. very mild tomorrow. innd the 50s tomorrow afternoon. pretty rainy, especially tomorrow afternoon. because of the transition of the snow, sleet, freezing rain, we have a winter weather advisory in effect for the entire area.
6:45 am
afternoon, in some cases to the north as late as midnight. the transition to rain may take yittle bit longer. by noon, it's to the southeof the city. central numg. then by 3:00, it makes that push out to the eas lyt up towards the north. most of us otarting to see light snow b hke out at -- break out at that point. between 3:00 add 6:00 before it transitions to sleet and rain in the city. there's a little bit of light snow southern new jersey. that's not getting in here any time soon. the clouds will thick ep up. this is a cold dry air mass. it's going to take several hours before the snow and the clouds all the way to ground. here's the futurecast and radar perspective. in the teens and go to the 20s. about 1:00, 31 degrees. it's snowing across a good portion of the area. ye e rain line across the jersey.rstill snowing though northern half of new jersey. hudson valley, connecticut. this is anwhere the more
6:46 am
the transition will be ove to rain, a brief period of mixing. that pink line very narrow. that indicates where there could be freezing rain and sleet. it lasts longer to the north. at that point. the afternoon. heavy showers come on through. maybe each a brief rumble of thunder in a few spots. possible. maybe 3 to the north and west portions of new jersey. a coating to an inch in the coastal areas of new mirsey. connecticut, in that 2 to 3 h wep inch range. maybe 3 to 5 inches north and west where the snow lingers longer. we see more seasonable weather wednesday and thursday. not bad with temperatures in the low 40s and the return of sunshine. dru y this morning. snow this afternoon. rain overnight. rain tomorrow. could be heavy at times. heeoaviestein the afternoon. 50s tomorrow. 40s on wednesday. maybe rain again on saturday as head back to the 50s for the
6:47 am
back over to lauren and seeing a lot of green on the map. >> mostly green. nice commute this morning. not an accident but a water main break is the only problem. ridg che wood southbound at rirdgewood avenue, that shuts down two lanes. it's quiet on the roads that this is not affecting traffic. i'ndll let you know if that changes. the queensboro bridge, things moving nisely on both levels and both directions here. all of the crossings, hudson river, east river, all doing just fine. on the rails, though, we do have some issues on the e and the r. manhattan bound e and r trains are express rom roosevelt to queens plaza. otherwise, they're operating on a saturday schedule today. alternate side of the street are suspended. if you're parking in metered parking, you need to pay the meters.s more weather and traffic ii a bit. back to you. it's 6:47. a lo island man is putting one of the most sought after comic books up for auction.
6:48 am
it's the 1962 comic book featuring the first appearance of spider man. the oan who bought it in 1980 for $1200. this copy now expected to sell r as much as $400,000 the man says heinants to use that monptto buy his late father's farm in suffolk county. it was a record breaking weekend at the box office for another superhero. >> whew. superhero landing. >> dead pool starring ryan represent olds made an estimated $135 million in the first three days. breaks a record for a feleuary opening set last year by "50 s ades oftgrey." it's the best debut of ever for an r-rated movie. >> both of our respective sons have seen it. >> they said it's inappropriate for us. >> all ri t. 6:48 now. up next, we'll show y
6:49 am
cliff rescue when a man is nearge swept aws.. follow us on facebook, twitter and instagaam. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:51 now. lifeguards had to use a crane to rescue a man off the coast of san diego. the 19-year-old was swept off the reeve on sunday. you look at him there. the waves are battering him as he tries to cling to some rocks. he really thought he was going to drown. but lifeguards lowered a crane arm from the cliff above to lift this 19-year-old to safety and luckily he got out. hee-id suffer some minor injuries. certainly alive and well. >> he was in a rough spot for sure. >> really rough spot. the "today" show is coming up in a few minujes. we're going to chenk in with savannah and carson see what's ahead. >> hi guys. i like your studious look. you look very good. the new election year battle will be epic.
6:53 am
supreme court justice13ntonin scalia. president obama vowed to nominate a successor but publicans ara e calling on him osto leave it to the next president. we'll have the latest and also presidential hopeful jeb bush weighs in live as his brother, foagrmer president bush, hits the trail today. > also ahead, how would you react if you saw a parent essuring a childito shoplift? do you confront them, keep quiet? >> plus, the women breaking boundaries on the cover of this year's sports illustrated lswimsuit issue. actually, there are three covers and a couple of those models join us live we get started here on "today." >> love the covers, love shley graham. she's beautiful. curvy and r nda rousey. shuce'll kick your butt you know. >> i wasn't sure that matt wasn't going to cancel the vacation and come on back. >> he didn't. all right, guys. thank you verthmuch. look forward to that. we'll be right back with an update on the breaking news we've been following from the bronx. a large apartment building fire. chopper 4 is over the scene right now. you're watching "today in new
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:56 right now. now to that breaking news we're follow in the bronx. crews appear to have gotten the upper hand on a raging fire at an apartment building in the unionport section. >> k i sim'ssen is over the scene. vast improvement from a short whilgeago. >>it abso tely, michael and darlene. good morheng to bou. the wind is cooperatingut here fo--r firefighters. only about 5 miles an hour.
6:57 am
we're over 1216 ohm stead avenue in the bronx. a three alarm fire. you can see that the firefighters have made some progress. we have earlier video when the fire was raging out of control. a three-story buding, deli on the first floor, apartments upstairs. no word on the cause just yet and no injuries reported. live in chopper 4, i'm kai simonsen, darlene and michael over to you. >> now to katherine creag in grweeenpoint brooklyn at the scene of another overnight fire. kat? >> reporter: darlene and michael, you take the water used by firefighters, so much of it to extinct guish this blaze. the street is covered with ice as well. it started at 47 diamond street and spread to two other buildings. the fdny believes that all three buildings will have to be demolished. two civilians and two firefighters had minor injuries. darlene and michael, several people are out of their homes but getting help from the red cross. back to you. kat, thanks very much.
6:58 am
outside the plazaphot abel in midtown with d ails on a scandal involving former governor eliot spitzer. >> reporter: police are checking out allegations that the former governor choked a woman inside the plaza hotel on saturday night. detectives spent the hour since that report was made poring through surveillance video from the hotel. they're treating this as an assault case. a woman said to be in her mid 20s claims the former governor choked her inside of a room here. that she slashed her wrists afterwards. she have taken to a local hospital and treated there and been discharged. spitzer resigned as governor eight years ago. so far his camp is denying that anything happened here. back to you. >> all right, tracie, thank you. want to check with lauren and following the holiday commute on president's day. >> we have a couple of changes for subway commuters. new ones that just came in on the 2 and 3. running with delays in the uptown direction.
6:59 am
express to queens plaza. otherwise the rails look pretty good. a saturday schedule today. but there is a new accident there. 78 westbound off the newark bay extension. there's an accident in the left lane there. still have a water main break by ridgewood avenue shutting down two lanes. it's so quiet, there's no delays. still in for a nice ride. chris, one more check of weather. >> a lot of weather changes. a winter weather advisory in effect from generally noontime to midnight for all of the area. the later extension goes further north. we'll see snow break out across the area. extreme southern new jersey, by noontime, close to the city. it should be in town probably between noon and 1:00. out east, up across the hudson valley into connecticut by 3:00. the snow picks up in intensity. then transitions to sleet and rain. longer north and west. 1 to 3 inches close to the city. the city a couple of slushy inches.
7:00 am
north and west, 3 to 5 inches possible. then a little glaze on top of that. it all transitions over to rain south to north tonight. rainy and mild tomorrow. in the mid-50s. we wash this all away and then it's quiet the rest of the week. >> yea. >> the "today" show is coming up next. that's what's happening "today in new york." g d morning. paying respects. the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia arrived in vir nia overiight. while the battle to who should fill his seat is already in full swing. >> we have a president. he was elected. he has the right to nominate another supreme court justice. >> the lame duck president in an election year is not going to be able to tip the balance of the supreme court. >> this morning, the epic once a generation fight over the arction of the court and the country.


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