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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this out of grand central terminal. several commuters ran into this. one of the busiest commuter areas almost completely in the dark. >> we just learned new information about what exactly caused this outage. we're there right now. what do we know so far? >> reporter: we're learning from the mta that it's a broken water pipe on the lower level responsible for this power outage. i want to show you the bizarre scene here. you can see not all the lights are out. if you're in the main concourse, the lights are pretty much on. but walk into one of the pedestrian tunnels which is where i'm standing here and it is completely in the dark. we've seen workers walking around with flashlights. pe -ople rolling their luggage looking where they need to go. this is the ticket booth. this completely shut down which caused a whole other problem for some commuters. the mta is telling me that it's
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bekyen shut down this afternoon and this morning. none of those stores are tracks are open at this point. all of the metro north trains that would normally board on the lower levels are now boarding on the upper levels. that said, train service has been unaffected. everything is running on schedule right now. it certainly helps that today is a holiday and trains are running on a holiday schedule so you don't have the same level of crowds that you might have had on a normal monday. one inconvenience for passengersifare those ticket booths we showed you. they are mostly shut down at this point. you have to buy your ticket on the train if you donet have a monthly pass. take a listen. >> well, it's actually better because they told us we could way on the train without paying an extra charge. so that is better, way better. >> reporter: he seems to like that system better. again, the cause of the power outage, we're told by the mta
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on the low level that is not accessible o the public. the crews are there now trying to fix the situation. i wasked when this will be resolved, and at this point, they don't know. tr ain service for the moment is unaffected. that is the latest from grand ntral terminal. back to you. >> it is president's day, so the city rather empty right now. taking a look outside right now, things are very calm. but just wait. we're about to get hit with waves of messy winter weather. storm team 4's dave price is here to time all of this out. >> rob, we had that first wave of snow flakes rolling through just a little while ago. the temperatures are going to be climbing up, but the precipitation is going to be coming doac. we have a winter advisoryin effect for the entiri area gthrough midnight tonight. we're going to watch through the overnight and tomorrow, things aren't going to be so great. you can see where most of the precipitation is right now and
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the jersey shore. we see snow stretching from holmdel and heavier down towards tom's river. keep in mind, most of the precipitation working its way up frndom the d.c. area in our direction right now. 1 to 3 inches broadly for the area. a little heavier to the north and west in higher elevations and just a coating to 1 inch right along the shoreline. keep in mind as we head through the evening hours and overnight, we could see icy precip followed by fog and heavy rain and warm temperatures into the 50s. we'll talk about it all in detail in just a little while. >> you can track the cold and the snow with the news4 new york ap p. tap the news4 logo in the corner and select the weather tab. these freezing temperatures overnight didn't hel firefighters in brooklyn. the water used to stop those flam turned into ice, everywhere. we're in greenpoint with new information. >> reporter: it is snowing right
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en you think about this fire, when you thi bnk about seconds counting, what irefighters were up against, i was like an ice rink out here. ere's still ice right there on the side of the street. all of the elements firefighters were dealing with it, made this a tough fire to extinguish. gutted and covered in ice, two ildings on diamond street in gr aeenpoint brooklyn likely will be torn down firefighters said. third building suffered smoke, figore, and water damage. >> it was a busy 24 hours with the cold. >> reporter: deputy fire chief says that nearly 200 firefighters who battled he blaze here were up against intense flames and smoke, also the bitter cold. they used so much water to extinguish the fire, water pooled onto the str t dnd ickly turned into ice. a resident told fire
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>> said he heard a pop. >> reporter: the fire broke out before 11:00 last night. >> we just came around the block and there was flames shooting out of every window and out of the top of the building. it n was the scariest thing i've ever seee >> reporter: ten people are out of their homes, including the owners of this building. the red cross is helping them and their neighborhoods. >> beefl people. very nice. tremendous devastation for everybody here. >> reporter: and you can see there is a police officer in that squad car right here blocking diamond street. it's still closed at nassau avenue. the houses that were damaged, they're down the street. at this moment, investigators are still taking a look at what sparked the fire. looks like it was accidental, probably electrical. >> tough to fight a fire when it's this cold outside. the frigim cold made it really hard for firefighters in
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you can see them trying hard to put that fire out in the union port section. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. right now,0police are investigating the credibility of the alleged victim after assault accusations wer made against former governor eliot spitzer. he's accused of attacking a woman in midtown. we're there and it sounds like the woman who made that claim has left town. >> reporter: that's true, rob. law enforcement sources tell me that the woman board add plane over the weekend and went back to russia where she is from. that is one fac here. but the police are definitely doing a full scale investigation into what may or may not have happened over the weekend. and this all eight years after former governor eliot spitzer he sined in scandal. here's the situation. the accusation is that former governor pitzer is accused of
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weekend, saturday night at 8:00, inside a $1,000 a night suite at the plaza hotel. according to law enforcement sources, the woman said that spitzer tried to strangle her after the couple initially had some kind of verbal argument that then turned physical. that's the allegation. police are looking into it. now, we spoke to folks who work and live around the plaza. at this point, they're trying to figure out what to believe. >> i think he gets away with lot of things he shouldn't be just because of the spitzer name. >> i think he can't help but get in trouble. his rep is really following him ound. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for e former governor said quote, there is no truth to the allegation. that is an assertion that the spokeswoman first gave to news4 last night and repeated it today, there is no truth to the allegation.
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continuing a pretty full-scale investigation into these allegations even though the woman is back in russia, there is still evidence to gather and a determination to be made. live outside of the plaza hotel, anrddrew siff, news4 new york. meanwhile, nassau county executive says he has been hacked. he says somebody impersonated him and now he's implicated in a sexting scandal. he said he didn't write the x-rated text messages, but they allegedly did come from his phone. right now, an epic election year bagts ttle is brewing over who will replace justice supreme court scalia. that could affect a number of controversial cases. >> reporter: as justice antonin scalia's flag draped casket arrived in the d.c. area overnight, the political fight over his replacement is under
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>> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities. >> reporter: the white house says that will not happen this week while congress is on break. we're already seeing possible candidates mentioned. >> we don't have to confirm them. >> if there's an up or down vote, it should be rejected based on the history of how president obama selects judges. if there's no vote, that's fine too. >> reporter: the court's in the middle of its term with more cases to hear and decide between now and july. without conservative scalia, key cases could end up in a tie. >> we will see unlimited abortion on demand throughout this country, taxpayer funding, no notification. >> reporter: democrats insist the country should not have to wait nearly a year for the next president to decide. >> we have a president, he was elected, he has the right to nominate another supreme cou justice. >> i don't think the public will
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actions to try to th lrt what he's supposed to be able to do. >> reporter: republicans are battling each other too. ted cruz had a new ad out running in south carolina arguing that donald trump if he wins also should not be selecting the next supreme court justice. he thinks trump's record is too liberal. nbc news, washington. all right. some other political news right now. former president george w. bush will rally supporters for his brother jeb. it will happe in south carolina. support for the bush family is considered pretty strong in that state. meanwhile, a live look at the crowd waiting to hear from donald trump. the republicanhe frontrunner about to speak at a town hall near charleston, south carolina. trump has been particularly critical of former president bush's decision to pursue the iraq war. republicans in south carolina head to the polls on saturday.
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for his first speech as a former presidential candidate. tomorrow, christie will lay out his s enth state budget. the issue of pension reform will likely take center stage with democrats. christie e ded his presidential campaign last week after finishing sixth place in new hampshire. all right. coming up next, kanye west's $53 million confession? who he's asking for help after admitting he is deep in debt. and a natural disaster that's caught on camera. at sen this cliff crashing into the sea. chicago, ferguson, colorado springs, sandy hook, new york, from urban cities to small towns, no one is safe from gun violence. our country is in a state of emergency and our children need your help. every single person in my audience today has been affected by gun violence. children lost, dreams
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yan you do to stop this epidemic? join the conversation this afternoon. day at 3:00. coming up next on "new york live" at 12:30, it's music's biggest night. plus, where to satisfy your cronaving with a d icious grilled cheese. coming up on
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problem for some cable tv subscribers this hour. there appears to be a pretty large number of comcast customers without service. the outages stretch all across the country. the company is aware and w gking to restore quickly as possible. happening now, authorities investigating the laser pointing incihent that force add virgin atlantic jet heading to jfk to turn around. it was his with a laser beam. the pilot immediately turned the plane around. the passengers on board will
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bit later this afternoon. now to a consumer alert. identity thieves may be ashing in o on your tax refund. the irs is sending letters warning taxpayers about fraudulent tax returns. the problem stems from data security breaches last year. those thieves are now using numbers to file fake returns and then steal refunds. >> in most cases, we're hearing that their e-filing. they're doing this in bulk. they know that a lot of these are going to get rejected or caught by the irs. >> the irs is urging taxpayers to file before the thiev do, ideally by the end of this week. doctors without borders say seven people are dead, eight missing missing, after an air strike. the facility hit by four rockets. in at least two attacks just minutes apart. they're condemning the attacks but did not say or suggest who
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pope francis is celebrating ma oss inmexico's most southern state chiapas. pope francis is the celebrating the indigenous people of that region by giving mass in the three native languages of chiapas. we're told the people actually started camping out overnight for their chance to see the pope. a powerful earthquake in new zealand. look at that. ax witness recorded the moments when a cliff collapsed right into the sea. the 5.7 magnitude quake stuck yesterday at a very shallow depth of just 9 miles down. they had more than 40 after shocks. the quake hit just a week before the anniversary of a 2011 earthquake there that caused $26 billion in damage. a 19-year-old man who was swept off a reef was saved by a crane right off the coast of san
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christian romo says he thought he was going to drown. look at this, video recorded yesterday shows powerful waves battering the man as he clipgs to rocks there. they lowered a crane cable from 19-year-old to safety. >> lucky. that's scary stuff. all right. mixed bag. >> kit and caboodle. >> it's not minus 1 degree outside. >>e do it's not. that's the good news. let's walk on over to the ather wall. we'll take a look outside. new washing airport in the background. we have airport delays to talk about. while we may not have a big rush hour tonight because of the holiday, lots of folks flying back into town or heading out after visiting. in the meantime, 23 degrees, cloudy skies at this hour. we have light snow scattered through the area.
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what we're seeing. we see that beginning to build from south to north. let's zoom in and take a look closer to the jersey shoreline. we see snow showers building from neptune down to brick. tom's river, stafford, down to flick city, ocean county, you're seeing snow too. it will begin to oversprea the area as the day progresses. all of this coming up from coast. at the same time, we see warmer air come into play. that'siwhy we'll see a transition later on this afternoon to freezing rain and then all over to rain. in the meantime, though, we talked about new washing newark. 102 minutes worth of delays at la guardia. all three major new york airports seeing delays. most likely they'll build as the afternoon progresses.
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before going out there. they don't report delays right now, but that koulgd could change. 23 degrees right now. we've seen the temperature climb and it's going to continue to from the southeast towards us. you can see still very, very cold in monticello and new berg, but warming up into and through the 20s out to the island and down to the jersey shore and into the city. steady snow through much of the area during the afternoon hours. then we switch over to rain. that slides on up. some snowy and icy roadways, so watch it. then we're going to see a snowed icy mix around 7:00. this could be a very quick transition over to rain. let's put the map into motion. 5:00 tonight, we're all seeing snow. but that rain/snow line pushes on through. 7:00, that's where we see it transition.
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forecast for the next seven days. it's going to be a sloppy day tonight, overnight into tomorrow too. the winds are going to be with us. as we head through to the midweek, temperatures cool down just a little bit after getting to 55 degrees tomorrow. we stay rather quiet into the weekend. well above normal conditions temperature-wise with a chance of showers friday into saturday. be careful out there. we'll see you in the 5:00 hour. >> you bet. >> still ahead on news4 new york at noon, the nerve wracking wait for skiers stuck dangling 40
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a dramatic rescue on t hhe slopes in new hampshire is caught on camera. cell phone vhdeo shows crews coming to the aid of stranded skiers on cannon mountain. 48 people had to repel from two stalled tram cars dangling 40
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officials say the skiers waited for hours to reach safety. member how cold it was this weekend. thankfully nobody was hurt. > so kanye west, he's known r doig and saythg shocking things. his latest antique is perhaps a little bit confusing. just moments before forming on "saturday night live" over the weekend, he tweeted this, i write this to you my brothers, wh ile still $53 million in personal debt, please pray we overcome. hours later, he began tweeting facebook ceo mark zuckerberg asking him for money and then he asked his fans to try to him money. he also released his new album saturday as well. he said it would be the coolest thing mark zuckerberg could do for him and humanity. you're not buying it. still ahead, the cat that probably has more facebook friends than you do and you're going to see why.
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you know, cats are not typically known for being outdoorsy. this is a skiing cat. he lives in norway. he acts a bit more like a sled dog. he loves skiing, hiking, taking along on all of her outside adventures.
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he's strong. >> he is strong. thogatss a cool cat. >> f inor real. >> they're not all that cool. tonight on news4 starting at 5:00, storm team 4 has you covered as we get nasty weather tonight. plus, we'll explain how man's 1 mile ride home with uber
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v[music] p sara gore: hi, everyone. welcome to "new york live." p now, whether you have the day off or you're just watching us r from work, then you have a good job, p and we h hi, everyone, welcome to "new york live." if you have the take off or watching us from work, good job. we hope you're having a happy president's day so far. we have such a fun show for you on the way. are you thinking about what's for lumpk today? how about a grilled cheese. we'll show you to find some of the city's tastiest and most original. >> he is one of the newest


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