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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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storm team 4's dave price is tracking the system minute by minute. >> we're going to see the heavy rain begin in the next 20 minutes or so. this entire system, these cells moving to the north-northeast at about 80 miles per hour. that gives you an idea how quickly this is heading towards us. i'm surprised we have no wind advisories at this point. this is the area we're looking at. we could see gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour as the day progresses. already seeing 31 miles per hour in white plap ins. this is bringing gusts upwards of 38 miles per hour there and 30 miles per hour as you head to brimg bridgewater. a line of heavy rain and storms between now and 4:00. wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour. one to 2 inches of rain in a very short period of time. and localized street flooding and airport delays.
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have winds going this strong, are going to be a concern this afternoon. watch it if you're out on the roads or walking in this weather. we'll detail it all coming up. meanwhile, breaking news to get to. two people taken to the hospital after glass fell on 7th avenue in midtown manhattan. it's really windy out there. the city of course warning people now to be aware of falling debris. we're on the scene. any indication at this point that wind may be to blame? >> reporter: it's something that they're looking into, they're investigating. at this point, they don't really know what is to blame. we're at 39th street and 7th avenue. yes, reports that glass came flying down from one of the buildings in the area. i'll show you some of the glass right here on the curb in the street. yes, again, emergency responders were called to the scene after hearing that two people were
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hit by that glass. they were taken to bell view medical center with nonlife threatening injuries. they are looking into the possibility that it is related to the high winds. and in fact, the city has put out a high wind alert advising pedestrians of wind gusts of 45 miles per hour and in those circumstances, they warn people about the dangers of flying debris. in this case, it's unclear whether or not this was wint-related. but they are certainly looking into that possibility. we have two people suffered injuries as a result and they were taken to the hospital. reporting live from midtown, news4 new york. >> messy day. thank you shttle . now to a horror story at one connecticut home. police now saying that the fair is dead. the mother and children are hurt. they're still working to figure
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we're in fairfield with the crime that police say was not a random attack. >> reporter: shock and disbelief across a tight knit community of fairfield as father and husband is dead after officers believe he may have attacked his own family. steve has known the family for years. >> it's shocking and it's going to affect the whole community. my son is good friends with one of the kids. it's -- doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: officers marked evidence outside the home where the shooting took place. inside the home, police say the man is being investigated for possibly cutting his wife who is in critical condition. their 12-year-old son also cut hospital. a 13-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy were also injured. one of the possible weapons recovered by police appears to be a baseball bat. >> one of our officers immediately was confronted with an individual who would not
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where he was. that individual made a lunge at our officer. our officer in self-defense fired. >> reporter: and police tell me this morning that they have never made a run to this house before. never had a 91 call from this house before. and they say this family has no history of domestic violence. live in fairfield, connecticut, news4 new york. subway rider meanwhile dragged to his death after getting stuck in the door of the train. the mta confirming it is investigating an accident that happened on a southbound f train last night. this man apparently got stuck in the doors as they were closing. released. also right now, police in brooklyn looking for three men suspected in a deadly shooting. a group of men got into a fight on east 56th street last night. gary walker was shot in the head and died and another man was
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officers responded quickly thanks to shot spotter technology. police found two parked cars left running at the scene. eliot spitzer's attorney is finally addressing the serious assault allegations made against the former governor. while spitzer was meeting an acquaintance at the plaza hotel, she suffered a breakdown. she was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. according to spitzer's attorney, she suggested that spitzer choked her because she did not want to remain in the hospital. the former governor's attorney also claims the woman recanted her story in an e-mail to the "new york times." the nypd is still investigating this. all right. moving onto the race for the white house. hillary clinton in new york today on a mission to court black voters. >> she's talking with the same leader that her opponent bernie sanders met with last week. news4's andrew siff was there
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>> reporter: yeah, rob, we talked about how windy it has been all across the tri-state today. the political winds are blowing here, too. kind of an ironic location for hillary clinton to meet with al sharpton. we're on wall street. this happens to be however, the new york headquarters of the national urban league. hmt hillary clinton walked in about 90 minutes ago. she sat down with sharpton and other civil rights leaders from across the country. this is a sensitive time for the clinton campaign coming off her loss in new hampshire. her meeting here comes one week after bernie sanders met with the reverend al sharpton in harlem. senator clinton making a clear point just 11 days before the south carolina primary. >> i'm not a single issue candidate. we don't live in a single issue country. and we have work to do. and that work can only be done
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to advance the cause of civil and human rights and to, as you said, live up to the ideals of our country. >> reporter: any moment now, we expect to see the reverend sharpton emerge from those doors behind me. he gave sort of a hint that it's possible he'll make an endorsement in this primary. after meeting with bernie sanders last week, he said he didn't know if he would. stay tuned. live in lower manhattan, news4 new york. trailing clinton in the polls, bernie sanders heading south to south carolina. the vermont senator started his day speaking to faith leaders at a prayer breakfast in columbia. later today, he'll try to court young voters at two historically black colleges. it's then onto georgia where
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>> republican ted cruz speaking to members of the military near charleston in speech aboard the uss yorktown. he says he'll pay for them by cutting federal spending and auditing the pentagon to find savings. republicans in south carolina head to the polls on saturday. meanwhile, donald trump is threatening to take ted cruz to court. he would like to challenge the senator's ability to serve as president because of course cruz was born in canada by an american mother. trump says he'll follow through on his threat if cruz doesn't stop airing campaign ads that trump claims lie about his record. 56% of republicans nationally now believe that trump will be their party's nominee. that number's actually up just 14 points in just the last week. trump holding onto first place with 38%. that is followed by cruz with 18. the same survey shows hillary clinton maintaining her national lead over bernie sanders 50 to
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governor christie outlines his budget to new jersey lawmakers. >> i will never stop coming into this chamber and telling the hard truths. the numbers do not lie. >> governor posted this video clip online. you can see it's like a trailer of sorts that hypes up today's speech at 2:00. pension reform is expected to be one of the big topics. we're also learning president obama will press forward to nominate a new supreme court justice. week. we're told the president is looking at several candidates calling lawmakers for input. some republicans say any attempt to fill justice antonin scalia's seat is a nonstarter. a warning for drivers. one auto maker recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles over a potentially deadly problem. and the protest over beyonce's super bowl performance that didn't exactly go as planned.
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too hard to solve on your own? these two ladies sure do. with advice from a grand jury of everyday experts and yours truly, they'll have a verdict in no time. plus, these resilient women are making their way back from public scandal and thanking courageous folks who stood by their sides.
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well, a lot of people remember this name.
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boutros boutros-ghali has died. he led the u.n. from 1992 until '96 through the collapse of the soviet union. he was the first u.n. leader from africa. some see his years there as very controversial blaming him for failing to prevent genocides in africa. beyonce supporters are outnumbering her critics who plan to protest the music super star's super bowl performance. they are an park avenue holding signs that say black lives matter. her singers wore black ber rays and pumped their fists in homage to the black power movement. >> i just feel that this is a sports game. this is a football game. you want to have something with politics, you don't have to do it on a football field.
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was not the appropriate platform, well when it is then. >> police have set up barricades along park avenue in anticipation of more crowds. if you were hoping to see one of beyonce's shows, you may already be out of luck. there were several presale events, though, for the june shows last week. >> power is back on at grand central terminal. a broken water pipe flooded a transformer causing an outage that left the entire lower level in the dark yesterday. crews worked around the clock to make repairs. passengers and the mta tell us today. fast track service repairs start tonight on the four, five, and six lines. there will be no service between grand central and barclays center every night through friday. this happens again next week.
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warning for gm drivers. >> yeah, bill griffith is joining us with that and a look at the markets. >> hi, guys. we got a pretty good rally under way on wall street right now. it started in part because of higher oil prices. oil prices have since turned lower, but stock prices continue higher. the dow up 156 points, back above 16,000 right now. this oil story, though, the rally began this morning after it was announced that four big oil producers around the world had announced an unlikely alliance including saudi arabia and russia. they announced this agreement to freeze oil production at january levels in order to stop the continued slide in cruise de prices. but the agreement is contingent same. this is why oil prices are going lower now because it is not likely that other oil producers will freeze their production at january levels.
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biggest producer in the world. they've said no dice. so an interesting global tug of war going on right now amongst some of the biggest world oil producers. general motors said this morning it is recalling 200,000 saab and saturn cars here in the u.s. and canada to replace their airbags, takata. this all part of that broader recall of more than 5 million vehicles announced last month by u.s. safety regularities. if you own one of the cars in question, you will receive a letter in the mail and dealers will replace the airbags for free. of course, this story has been going on for some years now. there have been all kinds of problems with these airbags and general motors was really in the hot seat to get this done. now, finally, slowly, the recall notices are going out and owners are getting those airbags replaced. >> been a long wait, though. >> it has been a long wait.
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>> all righty. thank you. >> see you tomorrow. have a good day. well, it's 53 degrees outside. i love that. of course it comes with a -- >> a price tag. >> 24 hours ago, we were talking about snow and ice. now we're talking about 53 degrees, gusty winds and thunderstorms that are like spring-like or at least thunder-like cells. let's take a look outside. i wanted to show you this shot of the l. i.e. just look at those winds rattle that camera. that is what's coming, everyone. we are going to take you minute by minute through this thing and tell you what to expect through the afternoon. heavy rain and strong winds are at our doorstep as we speak. if you're leaving the house in the city, do so in the next 651 -- 15 minutes or so. travel delays, widespread through the airport.
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by about 5:00 tonight. in three sweeps we have around the area showing i don't i the intensity of some of these storms rolling in from the south and west right now. let's go a little bit local. these are moving at about 80 miles per hour at this point. and all of this is going to roll in our direction. pushing eastward and it is going to cause problems. only 15 miles wide, but 121 miles north to south. as it slides up, some folks will get significantly more of this heavy rain and these strong winds. just because of the trajectory with which this long line is traveling. 40 to 50 miles per hour winds. this is going to be an intense rain event for us.
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newark airport, the strong line rolls over the city. this is going to be dangerous rain in some locations. a lot of precipitation in a very short amount of time. so areas like the fdr, the hutch, the bronx river parkway, the saw mill. you could see flooding in some of those locations. the last gust we saw, 41 miles per hour at 11:00. 43 in trenton. 33 in bridgewater. these high gusts are going to continue to overspread the area through the next several hours. airport delays, 200 minutes already at jfk. close to two hours at newark. 160 minutes at la guardia. the big story all day is going to be this rain event. and we're going to be watching it all afternoon. should there be something we need to interrupt for, we will do it. by 5:00 tonight, we change our story line to much calmer weather. still above average temperatures and a nice stretch all in all.
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four, five hours to go and we'll watch all of it in the storm team 4 weather center. back to both of you at the desk. meanwhile, "new york live" is next at 12:30. ahead. >> coming up, which stars ruled grammy's? we've got a full fashion recap. >> what's it like taking on some of broadway's most iconic roles? we're back stage with this week's "in the wings". >> see you then. thank you. still ahead, the incredible effort by neighbors to save a woman trapped when a tornado
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well, here is pope francis in mexico. this is an area known for dangerous gangs and drug violence. the pope just held mass there with priests, nuns. it just ended a couple minutes ago. later, he'll tour the city's cathedral and hold a second service for mexican youths. the pope's trip to mexico will end tomorrow. right now, a dramatic rescue. a woman pulled out of the rubble of her tornado ravaged home. >> hallelujah. >> you can hear the neighbors clapping and cheering. first responders actually formed a human chain to pull her free. her home, one of at least ten destroyed by storms that ripped through the florida panhandle on
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happening today, the westminster kennel club will crown this year's top dog. thousands of pooches in seven breed groups strutted their stuff. yesterday, the winners were picked in several groups. today, judges will choose the top come
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sporting, working and terrier groups. >> always fun to watch. tonight, 4 investigates how you can tell whether the people asking for charity donations outside of the super market are legit. >> that's right. a breakdown of the best new cars as well.
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hi, everybody. happy tuesday and welcome to "new york live." thank you for tuning in on this really nasty day. >> anyway you look at it -- >> there's no way to say it. it's warmer. we'll take that. we have a fun show on the way for you. it is one of the most raved about revivals on broadway. we're going back stage with the cast of fiddler on the roof. >> and which grammy fashion moments have everybody talking


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