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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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of pressure that will make it better in the sense that we can't snap our fingers and get it done. >> reporter: in project began in 2014. state officials believe the second half of the project can be done in just a year. some motorists say they can wait. >> i'll patiently wait until it's fixed all the way. >> reporter: you want to make sure the bridge is fixed. >> yep. i can't complain too much because safety is the most important thing right now. >> reporter: while predicting another year, the state d.o.t. is hedging its bets, saying that it wants to reevaluate that timetable after we get through this winter. breaking news now. an over turned car on the garden state parkway is causing delays in clifton. >> pretty serious looking
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this is exit 153. happening around 4:00 this afternoon. car traveling southbound somehow lost control, hitting the crash barrels here and ending up on its roofer. i understand the driver did escape the car on their own. injuries reporting with this accident although the injuries, don't know how serious they are at this point. you can see two left lanes are now closed and already six miles of bumper to bumper traffic here. definitely want to steer clear of the garden state parkway, at least in the southbound direction, until they clear it. more details about the violence in a fairfield home that left a father dead and his family in the hospital. what do we know tonight? >> several new developments as
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investigation into this attack. i just got off the phone minutes ago with police sources who tell news 4 chris andrews was the aggressor. he beat and stabbed his wife and three children. when officers arrived, police say they gave multiple commands for andrews to drop the knife, but he refused and lunged at the officer who shot and killed andrews. shawn fenton has been with the department for more than two decades. he was not injured. but the officer has been temporarily reassigned from his patrol activities. the family who was attacked, they are still recovering. at this time there's no word on a motive. a rage on the ski slopes. a new jersey doctor is charged with beating a 12-year-old boy who fell on him at the mountain creek ski resort in vernon township.
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and hit him with his ski pole on sunday. the child's condition is not clear, but he did suffer some injuries. just days after a violent attack on the tourist in lower manhattan, police have made two arrests. robert anderson and theresa thorson of brooklyn are now in custody accused of punching a father in the face in front of his terrified family after he refused to buy fake tickets to the statute of liberty from thor thorson. remember that historic powerball jackpot? two today more winners showed their faces. they live in florida but have roots in our area. >> if you have friends who moved from long island to melbourne beach, florida some 25 years ago, hope you kept those holiday cards going.
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they moved south from long island in 1991. their next move to probably to a private island because they are multimillionaires. she's a homemaker and he's a soon to be retired engineer. the couple's been playing the same numbers for 30 years. they don't play regularly but they played when it counted. the check will be 327 million because they are taking the lump maureen is 70. her husband is 55. she says her age definitely is a factor. even though they were not looking forward to coming forward today, they said it makes it all real for them. >> we didn't believe it. we just kept watching tv and going online and rechecking and rechecking. >> and then they announced the publix in melbourne beach.
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lost a lot of sleep. i lost over ten pounds too. it's a lot of pacing ate night. >> you worry what's going to happen, because we know that we're no longer in a quiet place. >> right. >> which i'm going to miss. >> she says she's afraid she's not going to be as able to be as friendly because she's a multimillionaire. people do take advantage of that. they managed to keep this a secret for the last month. only telling their family this past week. david says he's planning to buy a new truck and they're going to help family of course. catch terrorists or protect your privacy? that is debate between apple and the federal government tonight. a judge has ordered the fbi to
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the san bernardino terrorists. >> reporter: apple says it's not just about this one case involving the san bernardino terrorists. but what happens after that? how can they be certain it will be used appropriately. a password protected smart phone is nearly impossible to break into. but the government wants to in the name of fighting terrorism. police commission er er bratton today praised a federal ruling that forces apple to create technology to help the fbi. >> that right to privacy is not a total right in the sense that if it is being used for criminal purposes, that's where the court comes into play and that's where this particular court has come into play. >> reporter: in particular court ruling is on the phone of san bernardino terrorist syed farook.
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information on that phone could help explain what syed and his wife were doing after the shooting, crucial information. apple has refused the judge's order. >> i think apple is in the right here. it's like where is the limit? >> i think that the priority has to be protecting the citizens of the country. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook said in a statement they are cooperating with the fbi but he says the united states government has demanded that apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. we oppose this order which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. the tech giant says creating a skeleton key to get past phone passwords will make it vulnerable to hackers and cyber crime. >> the law enforcement could get access to anybody's device. the first thing the bad guys
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else that didn't have that weakness. >> if they put their desire to make profits ahead of the safety and security of the american people, there's something wrong. >> reporter: apple has said that it will not comply with the government's order but technically it has five days. we don't know what the judge will do if at the end of that still does not do what it's being told. serious allegations against two lapd officers. the veteran officers were charged today with sexual assaulting four women while they were on duty. they've also been charged with forcible rape and one is accused of pointing a gun at one of the victims. also, 28 people are dead after a terror attack in turkey's capital. a car filled with explosives debt tonated at a busy
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dozens were hurt. so far no one has claimed responsibility. in the race for the white house, south carolina governor nikki haley is set to endorse marco rubio tonight. haley's support is considered to be the most coveted among south carolina politicians. the new quinnipiac poll shows rubio is trailing donald trump by 20 points nationally. trump's rivals are trying hard to stop him. today ted cruz challenged trump to file a lawsuit over an attack ad calling it frivolous. >> to mr. trump, you have been threatening frivolous lawsuits for your entire adult life. even in the annals of frivolous lawsuits, this takes the cake. >> trump's lawyer gland demanded the cruz campaign stop playing an ad
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pro-choice. also a new cnn poll finds hillary clinton virtually tied with bernie sanders in n nv evada. americans are pretty much evenly split on whether or not president obama should nominate a replacement for supreme court justice antonin scalia. vice president joe biden is expected to attend justice scalia's funeral this saturday. president obama plans to pay his respects on friday when scalia hall. proof that a certain kind of therapy can improve a man's sex drive after the age of 65. and pope francis's trip to the border during his final day in mexico. and janice is here. >> with some good news about more 50 degree temperatures coming our way. i'll have the details in the
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we are following pope francis's final day in mexico and hundreds of thousands are getting a glimpse of him in person. >> it's being seem the pope knows the impact of his words and the reach of symbolic gestures. he's highlighting the plight of immigrants with this mass along the border . he knows the world is listening. throughout the six-day journey he has tried to uplift the mexican people with messages of faith and hope. pope francis brought a message of mercy and redemption to convicts at a juarez prison. a city once described as the murder capital of the world.
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highlights recovery. pope francis comes as close as he can to the u.s. security gates, praying with families who have lost loved ones trying to cross the border. >> sometimes they get the feeling they've kind of been left behind. they're not in the mainstream. >> republican candidate donald trump says pope francis is a very political person who doesn't understand the border issues. >> people need a moral voice to be reminded that we're talking about human beings. we're talking about the character of our country. >> it doesn't matter. religion reaches over walls, over mountains. >> for those attending the el paso service, there's hope the pope's voice can make a difference. >> peace is what we need. >> this final day for pope francis true to his style, from the open field mass in juarez. and for thousands who came to
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the connection as well. so the mass getting underway any minute now. then the pope heads back to rome. the airlines said today the plane carrying the pope to mexico last friday was hit by a laser light from the ground as it arrived. no one was hurt. there is encouraging news tonight for men over 65. for the first time that researchers have found that testosterone replacement therapy helps with desire and sexual function,also their walking ability and their mood. men's hormone therapy is not the only solution. >> always try to lose weight, exercise, get better sleep. and you have a higher chance of having normal testosterone naturally. >> the food and drug
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testosterone therapy may increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke. >> the latest report covers the first week of february and it shows that seven states including new york and connecticut are dealing with widespread outbreaks of the flu. experts say it is not too late to get vaccinated. a little more on the story we had last night on the story about the wild turkeys. a 911 call from the postmaster in new jersey, a call about an unusual emergency. >> you're not going to believe this but i've got a carrier being attacked by wild turkeys and they won't let him deliver the mail. >> a couple of police officers responded to yesterday's standoff and found the turkeys
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mailman hostage in his truck. the turkeys were shooed back into the woods and he was able to complete his rounds without any feathers flying. >> i think it's a thanksgiving ven vendetta. it's revenge. >> those jersey turkeys mean business. >> we did make the point that it was during the mating season. they get a little frisky and they will attack you. it's that time of the year for them. >> nice quiet day for us this afternoon. a lot of clouds still around but the temperatures were decent across the area, just slightly below to near average from the upper 30s in central park to right around 40 in most other locations. the clouds were in place but nothing to speak up in terms of nasty weather around the region. 50s return this weekend. right now, mainly in the 30s to near 40 although monticello is in the upper 20s.
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a windchill out there. no real arctic air to speak of. temperatures are in the 20s to near freezing around chicago, but nothing in terms of bitter cold coming our way for a while. a little bit of snow blowing across the great lakes and into buffalo. not too, too cold for the next several hours. but the temperatures will drop a bit more as we go to tonight. we'll end up in the 20s and maybe a few teens around monticello. be aware you'll need an extra layer or two for tomorrow and the morning as well. it will warm up a little bit in the afternoon. above freezing in the city, in asbury park. and we go into the evening, thursday night and friday morning we're back down to the teens and 20s. but believe me warmer air is coming.
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starting out at 27 at 7:00 a.m. just above freezing by noontime. for tonight generally lows are in the 20s across the region. smith smithtown at 26. high temperatures tomorrow from the low to upper 30s in some cases. long branch with a high of 36. it's a cool day with winds out of the north at five to 15. a slight chill in the air most of the day. by saturday we're back up into the 50 jgs. s. sunday looks great for everyone with a high of 51. we may see an icy mix with a storm tuesday night into wednesday. dave price is coming up to talk about that coastal storm next week. one long island family is
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they built this 14 foot snow man. this is annual tradition. every year they see how long this thing will last. it's recently turned into sort of a neighborhood affair with people bringing buckets of snow to help frosty stay frosty longer. >> i made a facebook page to have people see how long it will last. it kind of morphed into, well, a huge snow man and he's become a celebrity. >> earlier this week there was a bit of a crisis from all that rain. but the family covered the snow man with giant sheets of plastic. last year's snow man made it to april 20 th. some record. still to come, if you lived in new york in the '80s be ready
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barny ey's in new york in the '80s. >> attracting an a-list clientele and tourists from all around the world. >> the iconic store is back in the location that put it on the map. >> reporter: eve and crawford gordon remember the old downtown barneys and they made it a point to visit the new one that opened this week. the new store occupies some of the space the original store did when it opened in the 1920s. the store thrived over the decade because of its threads and its pulse, stretch into the disco days of the '70s and beyond.
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my professor told us to come check it out. >> reporter: the original closed in the '90s. downtown was not the place to be. how that has changed. it may be the old block, but it is certainly not the old neighborhood. a construction boom has been going on here since the '90s. new homes, new businesses. here in the meatpacking district, which is nearby the store, what used to be old and industrialized, is now home to tech giants like google. >> we thought it was a great opportunity for us to return to chelsea. it's a central location for the downtown clients. we're thrilled to be back. >> reporter: some traditions abound. >> i pay the bills, she does the shopping. >> reporter: back downtown where it all began. in an emergency, seconds can matter.
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are getting answered by dispap er -- dispatchers in a different state. plus, a man tried to pull a 14-year-old girl off the streets in this suburban neighborhood. what the el faro ship's owner didn't do before the
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. right now, targeted on her
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14-year-old brooklyn girl grabbed we by a strange man after she refused to go with him. >> neighbors are keeping their eyes peels ed so this does not happen to another child. >> reporter: it happened right here along kings highway. this is a very busy area, people walking up and down this sidewalk, usually all day long. this is a close community. people here know each other. one store employee told me he knows basically everyone who comes into his shop. >> this is a safe area. i'm very shocked. >> reporter: in the tight knit neighborhood of home crest just east of ocean parkway on kings highway, neighbors are on the lookout for this man. police say he tried to abduct a 14-year-old girl on a busy sidewalk. >> a guy come and hug her and


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