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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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ready to testify in court about what he says correction officers did to him at rikers island. according to a 53-count indictment against a group of guards, some of whom you can see here at their 2013 arraignment. lightfoot was beaten so badly he had to be rushed from jail to the hospital. >> he's doing all right. i just want justice for my son. >> reporter: lightfoot's mom today outside court said she's upset the correction officers have gotten their jobs back with pay after initially getng suspended. >> it's not fair. >> reporter: what is not fair? >> the way he got hurt on rikers island from the corrections officers. it's not fair. >> reporter: but the corrections union said did we advocate to get the same review process pending the outcome of the legal process when they've been accused of a crime? damn right we did. and the administration rightly agreed with us.
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light on alleged misconduct at the ierks -team uncovered abusive strip searches performed on visitors. this week the city council speaker proposed closing rikers. and today the governor again weighed in, arguing 85% of the jail's population hasn't been convicted of a crime. >> and they're in rikers island suffering dangerous conditions, zil civil rights abuses. and they haven't even been victimed. convicted. >> reporter: sources tell us that prosecutors plan to call lightfoot as a witness to testify against the correction officers. the trial could begin next week. and new at 6:00, monmouth
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have solved a 50-year-old murder. the victim was a high school senior discovered beaten to death and sexual assaultly assaulted in 1965. investigators say this man is linked to her murder by dna. he was tried and convicted of one new jersey killing and suspected of overs in the '60s. he died in prison in 2008. tonight 4 investigates uncovers exclusive details about a commuter mess in jersey city. the bridge has been undergoing a billion dollar repair since april of 2014. it was supposed to be finished now but the work is only half finished. construction crews found the damage was worse than they thought. plus last winter's bitter weather caused the project to fall behind even farther. the warmup this week after days of intense winter weather
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up across roads in the tri state. damages from potholes cost drivers across the u.s. $3 billion every year. and aaa has responded to 50,000 pothole related res chi cue calls in new jersey alone. >> reporter: it's officially pothole season. any time you have these rapid temperature changes in a short time, this happens. this street has been torn up over the last few days. this is happening everywhere. it's drivers who are paying the price. welcome to the pothole graveyard. >> this porche has a pothole issue. it messed up his bumper and suspension. this is probably a total loss. >> looks terrible. >> the bumper fell off. this is probably a couple of thousand. >> reporter: there is so many damaged cars at ziggy's auto
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>> it's good for us. but i tell all my customers i don't want to see them. >> reporter: we drove through some of the streets with the biggest pothole problems. from new jersey to manhattan the streets are pockmarked with holes like these on second street in jersey city. have you had problems with potholes here? >> yeah, quite a bit. >> reporter: in new york d.o.t. crews are repairing potholes as fast as they can. they say they've already fixed 36,000. their average response time is one and a half days. but the weather is causing more and more holes to pop up. the d.o.t. says the number of potholes is actually down compared to last winter. but there's still enough to cause chaos for drivers. aaa says potholes cost drivers $3 billion a year in repairs.
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file a claim with your town or with your state for pothole damage repairs. but getting the money isn't easy. a lot of times you have to go through a ton of red tape. we're live in jersey city. new york senators, the mayor and the city's top cop are slamming the federal government's plan to slash counter terrorism funding. >> the city got $180 billion in federal antiterror funds last year. the feds want to cut that in half this year to $90 million. commissioner bratton said that would force cuts. >> this antiterror funding fight is turning democrat against democrat. mayor de blasio and senator schumer saying president obama is dropping the ball which could put new york at risk. while the white house accuses the senator and city officials of just trying to grab headlines. with the terror threat growing, top new york officials blasted
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proposal to cut the city's federal security funding by nearly 50%. >> this is no time for that support to be cut back. shen . >> they made a big mistake. >> the white house fired back accusing new york politicians and security officials of misleading the public. >> the news conference they con seen convened today is part of an annual event. but in this case they didn't let the facts of the matter have an impact on the scheduling of this year's event. >> 600 million that it claims still has not intent. spent. and that new york will soon get 250 million more dollars on top of that.
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zeroed in senator schumer. >> most of his democrats disagreed with him in taking that position. and when people look at the facts here when it comes to funding for homeland security, they recognize that he's wrong this time too. >> but new york officials say the white house math is wrong. they say that 600 million is already budgeted for future years, for training 700 more cops who will soon join countrier counter terror controls. >> they've been very good, but not here. not here. >> we cannot let these cuts stand. it's that simple. >> some republican congressmen from our area jumping into this fight. congressman king on long island and donovan on staten island saying they will work in congress to get new york the antiterror dollars it needs. in decision 2016 a new
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trump has lost his lead among republicans in the race for president. the latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll taken after trump's controversial debate performance last weekend snows senator ted cruz is now in the lead with 28%. trump falls behind with 26%. marco rubio is in third place with 17. tonight we're learning about the death of a catholic priest snoen known as half of the god squad. hartman suffered from park parkinson's disease. on the show they addressed spirituality. exclusive. federal lawmakers are outraged after one young man told the i-team how he paid someone to help him take a shortcut to get a green card.
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getting a new tool to save lives on the ice. and is the forecast icy as well, janice? >> it may feel that way in the morning with winter's chill.
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it's the decent thing to do, those words from governor cuomo has he rallies support for paid family leave.
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up to 12 weeks of paid time off to care for sick relatives or a new baby. the governor used himself as an example saying the final weeks he spent with his father were important. >> i kick myself. i wish i had spent more time. because we knew we were losing him and i'm working, working, working. it's all bologna. what was important was to spend that time with him, have those conversations. >> the business council of new york opposes the plan, saying new yorkers are already burdened by numerous mandates and cost increases. police want you to have a look at a man who stabbed a man in a deli. the victim was stabbed in the torso and hand. he is out of the hospital. if you recognize this man, the police would like to hear from you. you saw it first on 4 last night.
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action to fix an immigration
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. we've got a busy day in politics including a new wall street journal poll numbers that show a remarkable shift with ted cruz leading donald trump. pretty tight race. >> this poll was taken right after that debate. >> that's one of the things that's being analyzed. trump still leads most polls in south carolina where they vote this weekend. but the governor there today endorsed senator marco rubio who places third in this poll. news 4's i-team has gotten the attention of lawmakers by asking the question are undocumented grants gaming the queens family court for
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>> tonight some federal lawmakers are outraged after one young man told the i-team how he paid someone to help him get in the door of the queens family court just so that he could apply for special immigration papers, papers reserved for vulnerable children who have been abused or abandoned. why did you come here? >> good life, good future. >> this young man who we are calling john asked us not to identify him as he described for us his game plan to get a green senator chum ck schumer is among the federal officials furious with what he found. >> this is proof positive. now you have someone saying there was a bribe. >> john telling the i-team he
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thousands of dollars to agents and members of the sikh community to help him get access to a queens family courtroom so he could then request special immigration papers. john says the plan involved paying this older man $33,000 to come to court and petition to become john's legal guardian. >> he said that i need money and need papers. >> john's story seems to confirm the suspicions of family court insiders who told us more than a year ago about an influx of young men by the hundreds telling a similar story of abuse as older men from the sikh community flocked to court to become their guardians in some cases multiple times. soon after our first reported the u.s. department of homeland
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investigation which found reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. but senator schumer says it's not moving fast enough. >> i called dhs after i saw your report. they said there's a pending investigation. i said, light a fire, baby, get this thing moving. this is outrageous. >> outrageous, the senator says that questionable requests for special papers, including john's, continue to be approved in family court. >> investigate it and shut it down. enough already. >> note the irony in john's case. the i-team watched in the courtroom as his guardian testified he was motivated by kindness to take john when john told us his guardian threw him into the street because he refused his demands for extra cash. that's why john decided to speak to the i-team because he was so upset about the way his guardian treated. just a few weeks later none of
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testified only about their close relationship and the abuse john said he had suffered by his father back in india. we do not know if john's story of abuse is true. the agency released a statement saying they are methodically investigating violations of the federal law. walking on frozen ponds in the city could mean literally you are walking on thin ice. >> today the nypd officers gathered at the lake near the boat house in central park for ice rescue training. the officers used ice ladders and rings to practice life saving techniques. they also tried out rope launchers, a tool they are adding to their arsenal. >> that gives you the furthest projection of a projectile available. we can project that longer than
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>> and dive teams also showed how to execute a helicopter rescue, rappelling to the water to pull victims to safety. >> we're going to see temperatures thawing things out by the weekend. in the meantime, there will be some colder temperatures coming up particularly at night. some icing over in a few spots. but it doesn't last long. outside right now, what a clear, beautiful view this is. it's another quiet night for us. but we do have some canadian air moving in. so we're expecting another chill in the air for tomorrow, tomorrow morning. 37 now in the park. feels like 30 because breezes up are slightly. it's going to be a sunny thursday and 50 degree temperatures return by this weekend. so we will see some thawing. these were the highs today. most areas above freezing with the exception far north and
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right now it's 36 in tompkins cove. we will see the temperatures drop off tonight as that cold front comes through the area. 37 in ice slip. slip. there's that front. the leading edge has a little bit of snow with it moving across the great lakes into interior new york. we'll see a few clouds here but we aren't expecting any snow. the clouds will start to clear out slowly but surely. bundle up in the morning long island and coastal connecticut. your temperatures start out in the upper 20s at 7:00 a.m. we're expecting it to be slightly cooler than today. jersey shore, 27 at 7:00, 33 by noon with breezes kicking in. it's a beautiful sunny day. and temperatures are slightly below average north and west as
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clear across the area. temperatures mainly in the teens and 20s. a sunny day but a bit colder but it stays dry. a shower possible on friday night but the temperatures will be up by then. then we go into the weekend and we'll see readings in the 50s. that's when we expect the warmup to come through and maybe a few light showers. we are tracking the possibility of a coastal storm next week but it looks like more rain than anything for now. but we'll keep you posted for that. here's the seven day forecast. up to 42 on friday. up to 54 on saturday with maybe a few sprinkles. not a complete washout. definitely mild though. we've been waiting for this moment since the end of the worm series. spring training starts. coming up meet the newest met. neil walker has a void to fill
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plus, a heavyweight battle at the garden. the rangers get a big boost
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it's about time for the mets, pitchers and catchers officially reported tomorrow. the work workout is friday. it's all relatively meaning less since the majority of the team is in port st. lucie. that includes neil walker who was imported from pittsburgh to offset the loss of postseason hero daniel murphy. walker spent his entire career with the pirates, which must have been nice since he was born in pittsburgh. but the biggest benefit to his new digs, not having to face the mets starting rotation. >> that's probably the top thing on my list of why i'm excited to
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this pitching staff. it's exciting to be on the other side of it. we know what we're capable of, we know what they're capable. i'm happy to be a part of it. rangers welcoming the black hawks to msg. there's good news for the blue shirts. ryan mc the home ice advantage will be put to the test as the black hawks are one of the better road teams in the nhl. >> this building for us this year has been very positive. there's no doubt our guys feel comfortable here and play a smart game. it's going to be a challenge tonight like it hasn't been challenged in a long time. the stanley cup championship, top scorer in the league. there are some western teams that we probably don't see very often.
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blackhawks. they're the defending champions. st. johns will host depaul tonight. they are still winless in big east play. this might be their best chance at a victory. finally, the academy awards are a week and a half away. is it -- here's a little love tap from andrew mcdonald. the rookie going down like a sack of potatoes. look at that. with the league cracking on embellishment, he was given a two minute minor from his terrible acting there. he apologized after the game last night saying he was just trying to get the referee's attention.
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coming up next on nbc food? a surprising warning from the fda about what's actually in the cheese that so many of us love to eat. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. good night. breaking news tonight. a stunning new poll. a shake-up in the race for president as ted cruz moves ahead of donald trump. plus, cruz dares trump to sue him in a big fight boils over. apple versus the fbi. the tech giant ordered to help the feds break into the san bernardino killer's iphone still locked months after the attack. why apple says your privacy is at stake. testosterone boost for minat a certain age. millions who take meds to help with libido, energy and body. a major study reveals how well they work.


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