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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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plus, an alert for parents. police want everyone to get a good look at this man wanted for a scary incident involving a 14-year-old girl. the announcement from the white house. president obama about to do something no sitting president has done in nearly 90 years. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. it's thursday morning. it is february 18th. i'm darlene rodriguez sghiefrmt i'm michael gargiulo. let's check on chris cimino. where are we today? i've lost track of where we're going. >> we need a scorecard to keep up. no snow or rain to worry about for today. except for getting choked up. >> don't cry. >> no strong winds. i don't know what happened. terry scrambling for water. water! i think i'm going to get it back. here's your feels-like temperatures. in the mid-20s. teens north and west. working through the weekend,
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we're heading back into the 50s again. i'm getting out here lauren. >> i am going to take over. >> i need a drink, of water that is. >> i'll head in here. i will do traffic for you. really no major problems on the roads. we have one. one accident with a closure on route 22. just westbound between springfield road and avenue. that's a spot to avoid. in addition to that, roadwork for the most part. the hugh l. carey tunnel, tormer the brooklyn battery tunnel. taking on two-way traffic. thanks, lauren. police are searching for the man who -- customers watched. katherine creag is in greenwich village with more. >> reporter: good morning, darlene. horrifying to learn that the victim received 120 stitches to his face. he was slashed across the face and he has been treated and released from a hospital.
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around 8:00 last night, this is the silver spurs restaurant. this is where police were called to after the victim was brutally slashed. the attracter got away. this happened at 8:00 last night. a man walked into this restaurant on laguardia place and houston street, close to the nyu campus. he was asking customers and workers for money. a manager asked him to leave, the suspect became angry and slashed a victim, a waiter in the face. numerous police officers were rushing to the scene. >> i saw a lot of undercover cops came in vans and trucks. 20 police and ambulances over here. i think they were looking for someone. they were checking the video cameras to see if they could see the guy who did it. >> reporter: the sergeant tells me when he walked into the restaurant asking for money, he was collecting money for a basketball team. what does that mean?
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the victim, a 25-year-old man, treated and released from the hospital. imagine that. 120 stitches across his face. back to you, darlene. >> it's horrible. absolutely horrible. the white house should announce that president obama is going to cuba. we're going to hear the president will make that president in a few weeks. he will be the first since calvin coolidge to visit the island nation. ted cruz is saddened by news of the president's trip. saying he shouldn't go while the castros are still in power there. there could be a shakeup in the presidential race. donald trump no longer leads the republican pack. a new "wall street journal" poll has senator cruz ahead of trump. it's close. 28, 26%. the top two candidates strong reactions to the survey. >> that was always the plan. that's how you win. you got to get to first place to win. >> i have never done well in the
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i think somebody doesn't like me there. >> trump remains out in front in polls taken of south carolina gop voters. that state's primary closely watched takes place in just two days. now to a consumer alert. toyota is recalling 3 million suvs over problems with seatbelts. the recall is for the rav4, ev and vanguard models. the problem is with the rear seatbelts. the belts could be cut by metal seat cushion frames in an accident. a fatal accident in canada and another crash injured a passenger in the u.s. prompted this recall. 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. he's gotten his water. are you okay there, boss? >> that's a first. i lost it there for a minute. take two. let's pretend that never happened. we'll edit that out. 31 degrees in a store why. everyone generally in the 30s. a little breeze makes it feel
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windchills in the feens teens and low 20s this morning. seasonably cold. nothing dramatically going on. a few flurries dying out. as the air sinks, it tends to dry out. we anticipate a good deal of sunshine headed our way today. patchy clouds early on, especially north and west. the day planner, it's coat-wearing weather again. you need the gloves. a chilly breeze remains. forecasting a high of only 37. a nice bounceback by the weekend. we'll detail that in a little bit. i can officially say good morning to lauren. >> good morning, thanks, chris. good morning to you. if you are getting on the subways right now, delays in both directions on the g train. fast track maintenance. the alternate options are the 2, n or r trains. overnight track work on the
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alternate side of the street are in effect today. thanks very much, lauren. police are searching for a man who witnesses say tried to grab a girl off the streets in brooklyn. new video of the suspect. the man walked up to a 14-year-old and put his arm around her. when she tried to get away, he held on to her arm. this all happened in broad daylight. fortunately, she escaped and the suspect ran off. surveillance video of a man who keeps robbing women throughout manhattan. this man follows victim into their apartment building, each into a store. in five cases, he used a gun or pretended to have a gun to rob them. it's a pretty clear picture here. nobody was hurt. but the suspect has stolen money, jewelry and metro cards. a woman was arrested in connection with an attack on a tourist in lower manhattan. now claims she was the victim. >> do you have anything to say about the assault? >> yeah.
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>> teresa thorson and robert anderson were arrested yesterday on assault charges. police say thorson approached the tourist on monday and tried to sell him fake tickets to the statue of liberty. when he tea cliend, anderson punched the man in the face. he was treated for a fractured skull. bill cosby has filed a lawsuit against accusers' lawyers in his sexual assault case. court records suggest cosby filed the suit against andrea constand constand's attorneys. he's repeatedly accused her lawyers of breaking a previous teal. he's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting constand in 2004. north korean leader kim jong un may be preparing limited attacks on south korea. there's troubling intelligence reports. the military may launch cyber
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nap or poison leaders in seoul. advanced u.s. fighter jets flew over south korea in a show of force. pope francis on his way back to rome from that whirlwind visit to mexico. he left juarez last night ending his trip in that border town. he said they're often enslaved or extorted while trying to enter the united states. nearby in el paso, texas, across the border, the faithful watched the pope celebrate mass and was simulcast in a hume stadium. now phase 3 of the rebuilding project is complete. that's beach to 173rd to beach 107th street. fully completed brand new boardwalk will be in place by memorial day.
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calling for a study on the light il project. staten island's three council members sent the mayor a letter wanting the city to invest in other mass transit options for a borough that relies more on cars. the light rail would carry staten islanders to the bayonne bridge and take them into manhattan. 4:39 right now. still ahead, see the skyscraper could transform the skyline of brooklyn. we told you about the teenager yesterday, remember he's accused of setting up that fake medical office and actually seeing patients. this morning, we'll tell you what he says about the charges. storm team 4 tracking a major warmup. weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. follow us on facebook and twitter. darlene4ny, michaelg4ny. on instagram as well. you're watching "today in new
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four things to know this morning. police are looking for this man. witnesses say he tried to grab a girl on the street. the 14-year-old victim says he walked up, put his arm around her. when she resisted he ran off. the white house expected to announce plans for an historic trip. president obama planning to visit cuba within weeks. the first trip to cuba by a sitting president since 1928. the city's free wi-fi program will launch. lake nyc. old pay phones with being converted into wi-fi hotspots.
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along third avenue. by 2016, more than 500 will be installed throughout the city. bad news for drivers in new jersey. the work on the crumbling pulaski skyway will last another year. it was only supposed to take two years, but construction crews found the skyway is more damaged than previously thought. surprise, surprise, surprise. almost 4:44 on this thursday morning. temperatures a little bit on the chilly side. a nice looking day is headed our way. a good deal of sunshine. a beautiful looking day but brisk throughout. you'll need to bundle up. clouds tomorrow. the clouds not producing much of anything late tomorrow night to early saturday. maybe a light shower. that's about it. the weekend, hinlts of spring in the air with temperatures back into the 50s. right now, a little chillier. rhinebeck at 25. lagrange 26. cornwall 24. the city at 31.
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jersey between 25 and 30. a bit of a breeze out there. it adds to the chill. not dramatic windchills. we're talking teens and low 20s in most locations. clouds up to the north and west. as they push in our direction, coastline. that's the anticipation here today. i think we'll see sunshine throughout the day. maybe patchy cloud early on. that's really about it. it's a bright looking day. you'll need the shade. but you'll need the coats and the gloves and the scar was too. future tracker shows things cleared out nicely at at that point. a clear sky tonight. we start out with sun tomorrow. this is 8:00 a.m. here come the clouds from the west. this is a warm front pushing in our direction. it will cloud over through tomorrow night. the bulk of the rain and snow showers will probably stay to the north. one or two could slip in late friday, early saturday morning. once the front moves to the north of us, the clouds break up for sunshine. what you can't see is a west to southwest wind sending temperatures into the 50s
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on sunday, another system will bring a few more clouds later in the day. the bulk of the weekend looking pretty good. 37 the expected high in the city today. that's a few notches below normal. 5, 6 degrees below normal. bethpage 32. chilly air throughout. upper 20s to low 30s north and west. at least with a good deal of sunshine. with a brisk wind out of the north, it will feel chilly. 53 on saturday, 50 on sunday. could be a spot shower early saturday morning. most folks probably not going to see that. maybe a shower later on sunday. more likely sunday night ahead of the next disturbance. the bigger disturbance is a coastal storm that impact us later tuesday night into wednesday. still a rainmaker for the most part. with the track of the storm being close to the coast, it allows more warm air to come in here. if it shifts a little further east, a different scenario. leaning toward a rainmaker. 37 today. 40 tomorrow. basically dry day.
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temperatures drop a bit. in thor 40s monday. rain on tuesday maybe. a mix north and west. a wet day on wednesday with temperatures in the low 40s. what does it look like early commutewise? here's lauren with that. >> thanks, chris. we have a trouble spot. delays southbound on the fdr. reports of an accident out there. flashing lights in distance. it's congested getting into this area. in addition to that accident, we also have a whole lot of roadwork out there on the fdr today. northbound from 71st to 79th you'll see. then from 61st to 63rd. the delays getting into 96th street. but that's likely because of that accident. we'll head over to road closures. route 22 shut down westbound between springfield road and springfield avenue with an investigation. randolph, sussex turnpike closed because of an accident.
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otherwise, the roads are in good shape. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. thanks, lauren. police are trying to find the driver. the assault was captured by the surveillance cameras. you can see the man lean over the driver's seat and punch the driver in the face. it happened around 6:00 tuesday night near the corner of southern boulevard and east fordham road. >> punched me all over. i was going with two hands at the same time. i could not move. i couldn't fight because he got one punch in my eye. that was it for me. i was like a dead duck. >> meanwhile, a brooklyn man accused in a jana tack on a bus driver in east flatbush was arrested police identified him as clark. he was arraigned on assault charges yesterday. manhattan district attorney is asking to be recused from a possible criminal investigation involving former governor eliot spitzer.
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have had close ties with his office and it would be a conflict of interest. spitzer's accuser flew to russia on sunday. spitzer has not been charged with a crime. google is backing apple in its refusal to help the fbi hack into the san bernardino's shooter's iphone. google ceo's said the order would -- syed farook and malik gunned down 14 people in december. apple says the security on iphones is so encrypted not even the company can access the information investigators want. there is a call now to reopen the investigation into the deaths of a prominent new jersey couple. john ond and joyce sheridan were found dead in their home in 2014. both had stab and slash wounds. prosecutors determined they were a murder-suicide.
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investigation should stay as undetermined. in the bronx. this man accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy. call crimestoppers if you have any information or recognize that possible suspect. charges dropped against a half dozen former employees of the online escort service rent the six were charged with promoting prostitution and money laundering after vechgt tors raided the offices last august. he pleaded not guilty last week and faces up to 20 years in prison in convicted. in news for your health, new york and connecticut among the search states deal with widespread flu outbreaks. the flu activity has increased across the united states. just last week, the reported new york hospital taking extra precautions. new york hospitals -- extra precautions to stop the spread of the virus. the flu season usually peaks
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experts say there's plenty of vaccine still available. a study suggests testosterone gels have modest benefits. millions of men suffer from low testosterone, also known as low t. many turn to testosterone gels hoping that they will boost their energy and improve their mood. libido and function. now for the first time, a study sponsored by the national institutes of health suggests it provides some bep fits for men 65 and older. >> it improved their sexual function, their mood and reduced the depressive symptoms and also improved walking. >> researchers insist it's too early to tell whether all men with low testosterone should use the gels. previous studies say it may lead to an increase in heart attacks and cancer. we're hearing from the florida teenager who is accused of posing as a doctor with his own office.
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malachi love robinson yesterday. prosecutors said he had a real office and a real medical building in west palm beach. but he's most certainly not a real doctor. >> i am deeply saddened and a little disrespected by some of the things that have comfort. working hard. they're working around the clock to make sure this issue gets possible. >> you see him there. malachi love robinson can face a charge of grand theft. an 86-year-old victim claims she was defrauded in a series of visits to her home. she accuses him of stealing and cashing in and forging personal checks. serious charges. but once again, young guy with his own office. >> extremely intelligent. doing the wrong thing. 4:51. just ahead, the airline stepping up its food game. >> there's food on airlines? >> some. not any we've been on. >> a couple, they're originally from long island. now they're taking on a share of
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lauren is on the phone with them right now. how serious they are about keeping the news under wraps, though. you're watching "today in new
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[engine revving] [crashing] [sirens] welcome back. 31 degrees. looking at the statue of liberty. has everyone had their water. i feel like everyone is choked up. >> i don't know what's going on. i think everybody is okay. we're all good? something is in the air. >> tonight. >> i think it was almond dust. i must confess. my pre-show almonds. >> dusted chocolate. not really chocolate.
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>> with the munchies. >> oh, here's some corn chips. pretty seasonable temperatures. no real big complaints. it's not going to be a toasty day, that's for sure. it will be a chilly one. upper 30s noon. 37 this afternoon with sunshine. a bit of the breeze out of the north keeping it chillier. you need to bundle up throughout the day. it dips into the 20s. that's in the city. low 23. the wind will taper down with that clear sky, though and the suburbs drop off to the teens. you've seen 30s today, 20s tonight. let's look at something optimistic, the weekend. when temperatures climb to the 50s. saturday 53, 50 on sunday. maybe an early shower on sunday, late on sunday. in the meantime, a lot of decent weather. good time to get out. the snow has melted. see what's out in the yard and the lawn. see what it looks like. >> all that kind of stuff. >> lauren, what's going on? >> subway delays and fastrack
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we have delays in both directions on the g train. the gargiulo train. >> maintenance on the 4, 5, 6. no service between grand central and atlantic avenue. you can pick up the 2, n or r to get around. blinding snowstorms or sinkholes did not mix and one dog learned that lesson the hard way. >> all the way up. >> all right. golden retriever back with his owners now in pennsylvania after spending two days in the sinkhole. >> oh, no. >> fire crews rescued the dog from a hole. telephone the size of a small car. sky's owner, that's the name of the little dog hadn't seen her since she vanished in the snowstorm mop. nday. you can bring your pets on amtrak trains. small togs and cats for a $25 fee.
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weigh 20 pounds or less. while they can ride most trains, they're not allowed on the express. service animals are allowed any time, of course, for free. with a possible strike looming, nine members of the new jersey congressional delegation are urging nj transit add the labor unions to work out a deal. they're urging quick resolution to the dispute. neutral arbitrators provided a proposal that might work. the workers could still walk off the job march 13th. governor cuomo plans to rally new yorkers to support his $15 an hour minimum wanl proposal. the governor will hold telephone town hall meetings. the daily news reports will first. cuomo will call on voters to contact state lawmakers and urge them to vote for the wage hike. new jersey lawmakers are redoing a bill that was touted once as a state takeover. lawmakers call for a new bill and intervention.
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and it would allow the state and atlantic city to work together to fix their financial troubles. the bill would still give the state vast authority over the finances. lawmakers are outlining another pill that would allow the casinos to make debt payments instead of paying property taxes. two developers are submitting a proposal for the tallest tower in brooklyn. the 73-story, 1,066 foot building would tower over anything surrounding it on dekalb avenue in prook lynn. it would be a rental apartment with 500 units. the city needs to approve construction plans. part of the tower would rest on the savings bank which is a new york city landmark. a couple of long island natives come forward with another winning ticket for the record breaking powerball jackpot. >> maureen smith and david couch smith were presented with a check for $530 million.
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been playing the same lottery numbers since living in central islip more than 20 years ago. this time it paid off. >> i checked the ticket. everything matched up. i said she's messing with me. >> we didn't believe it. we kept watching tv and going online. rechecking and rechecking. >> love it. maureen and david kept it a secret from everyone, even their kids. they chose the lump sum payment making their share of the prize $328 million. there were two other winners of well. >> seem like a nice couple. >> long island couple. love it. congratulations, enjoy. it's coming up on 5:00 a.m. take us with you if you're headed out the door. you can download the news 4 mobile app. the nypd on the hunt for a slasher. a vicious attack inside a restaurant. what happened just moments before.
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president obama about to do something that hasn't happened since the 1920s. breaking news just in. a raging fire in new jersey. crews on the scene right now. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, the 18th of february. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino is here with the forecast. hey, chris. >> good morning, guys. feels like a wiptry morning. not terribly cold. we've lost a degree in central park. down to 30 degrees north and west. a lot of 20s showing up. breeze from time to time stirring up, too. i think the breeze picks up in intensity through the day today. the windchills come down a little. the temperatures not a big bounceback. chilly air is in place. patchy clouds north and west are dissipating on their approach toward the city. we could see a few cloud early on. otherwise, bright sunshine for the mid afternoon hours. it's brisk and chilly.


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