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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now on "today in new york" breaking out of brooklyn two officers were injured in a shoot-out. you're looking at videos and photos that were sent in to our newsroom from witness os-on- es on the scene. >> let's go right to the scene with the latest for us.
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>> reporter: good morning, pat and gus. take a look behind me. you'll see a heavy police presence is here at the hospital and we expect the police commissioner to arrive at any moment. in fact, he may have gotten here with an suv and lots of detail behind it. they're keeping folks away from the emergency room. we know two officers were shot. one appears to have been shot in the back, the other in the torso. both expected to be okay. now you're looking at the scene. it happened around 3:30 this morning. you can see a large group of investigators and officers on the scene. several police cars there. what we know is that two officers were shot in a shoot-out, one in the back and one in a the torso. both are expected to be okay. the suspect has also been shot. he's at another hospital and he's in stable condition. as to what led to this shooting, we're still trying to figure out the details.
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here at kings county. you can see officers are keeping folks away from the emergency room as two officers are being treated at the hospital. we're told the police commissioner is either here or on his way and we'll be learning more details as to what led to the shoot-out and the officers and any information about the suspect. again, two officers have been shot in the bedford ford ford sigh bedford seconds. when we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. i'm i'm ray villeda here in new york. time to get a first look at our first weather forecast. oh, my goodness, a potpourri of weather, but a good potpourri.
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sometime later on today. we're not trouble-free. we do have some light rain, a little bit of a wintry mix. it's changed over to rain even in the hudson valley. maybe some drizzles. otherwise we're already mild. temperatures above freezing for almost everyone, even in monticello. 34 right now. 31 in poughkeepsie but you're going to warm up. 43 degrees outside. back to the 50s by lunchtime. you will want to get outside and stay stay outside through the afternoon. it stays mild and dry. 59 degrees. not a record in central park but still considering where we were last weekend, an amazing turnaround. 50s for february. we'll take a look at a seven-day forecast. there are two storms headed your way. what that could mean coming up to you. >> thank you.
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expected to hold a rally today in support or former police peter peter liang. rallies will also be held nationwide in 40 other cities. city leader margaret chin is calls for leniency. he's facing up to 1578 years in prison. the 88-year-old former mayer david dinkins is hospitalized for pneumonia. a funeral mass will be held today for the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. president obama and michelle obama among the many who honored him yesterday as he lay in repose at the supreme court's a great hall. today's mass held at 11:00 a.m. vice president joe biden and his
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that mass will be followed by a private burial. scalia believed to have died from natural causes last saturday in texas. he was 79 years old. now decision 2016. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are facing off. we have a look ahead. >> reporter: thanks and good morning from columbia as voters here from south carolina head to the polls for the first primary in the south. what should bewatch? who should we watch? donald trump, he had enjoyed a big lead in the polling in south carolina, but before trump tangled with the pope, before trump promised to clean up his language and did not, ted cruz closed their gap to five points in the nb news marist poll. marco rubio pulling in a strong
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he can't, at least he does so well he drives jeb bush and john kasich from the race and emerges tonight as the only mainstream republican candidate. in nevada where hillary clinton lost her lead to bernie sanders, even a win by a few points in tonight's caucuses would look like a clinton loss. with the democrats headed here for their primary next saturday. i'm steve handelsman, n b kr bc news, north carolina. in the meantime they're calling for. apple is calling the request an overreach by the government that could be set for other phones. we have new information, a man suspected in a rash of
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police say ron dell smith is the man in this video. during a lineup investigators linked him to three other rob riis. police say smith used a knife or gun to rob his victims. >> we're getting a better look at a man wanted for slashing in front of a crowd in soho. police say this is a man who stabbed a 21-year-old victim on thursday. it happened in full view with people waiting in line to get into a store on lafayette street. witnesses say he was trying to steal clothing from a victim. these are people of interest in a slashing in greenwich village. the man in the green jacket was asking for money and after he was kicked out, he allegedly returned and slashed the waiter across the face. a new jersey family lucky to be alive after a fire gutted their home.
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beckford has more on the family's desperate escape from the burning home. >> reporter: witnesses captured flames devouring a home minutes before an extended family had called home. this was the devastated owner being taken away on a stretcher overcome with losing her home but otherwise oklahoma thanks in part to the efforts of her nephew demarius herd. herd got all seven people inside including his godchildren, 3-year-old twins out of the burning house but his sister was still inside. >> i was yelling for my sister to come from the top floor. she was on the third floor. >> reporter: fortunately everyone made it out safely. herd clutched his godson in his chest and consoling his family. meanwhile 40 firefighters fought to get the fire under control
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up. >> it is the third fire in maybe a month and a half. >> reporter: the earlier fires happened just two blocks away but herd's family says the fire may have been started simply by something left on the stove and now the family has lost everything but each other. >> we're just thankful they're all out. and still to come on "today in new york." a near miss down under this may make one man think twice about taking that shortcut. and a windy city. how the city is coming from a blustery start. >> a little breezy but not like that. temperatures in the 60s today. we'll have a look at the
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back here a live look at an nypd hospital where two officers are after a shoot-out. they'll be okay. >> of course, wheel continue to follow that story. in the meantime raphael miranda is here with probably the best news of the day. >> fantastic day to get outside and do something, anything, chorus, goods, fun stuff. >> why do you start with chores? >> i feel like we've been locked inside so long there's probably a list of thing yos u want to take care of the if there the yard. not pointing fingers at you, pat. but the weather will be fantastic for everyone. even right now, it's 43 degrees outside. so we're already off to a mild start. that's above the average high temperature this time of year. so off to a great start there. partly cloudy and 43 in central park. it's all about these february 50s today.
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tomorrow but it's going to be a little bit cooler. we're talking high 50s and low 50s. still above average and we have showers as we're tracking. we're actually tracking two storms over the next few days. this is overnight sunday into monday morning and it should be low impact because the track of the storm is going to stay mainly to the south of new york city, so we're talking about mostly light showers, maybe some snow into monday morn bug that will also be light. low impact but there could be a few slippery spots especially north and west of town. a more powerful storm moves into town tuesday, when, maybe thursday. that's a moderate impact because we're talking a potential for heavy rain. it looks like this is going to be more wet than white. not a lot of cold air in place. get your umbrellas ready for then. here's a live look at storm tracker.
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in the clear. again, this storm will track to our south late tomorrow into monday morning and we're not going to feel the full effects from that one thankfully. wind are gusting to around 25 to 30 miles an hour. it's breezy. that will continue throughout the day today. here's a look at future tracker. you can see sunshine and mild temperatures. you can't see those, but trust me they're there. even around 6:00 looking good. mostly clear skies tonight. if you have dinner plans, no problems there. heading into tomorrow morning, keeping it dry. 6:00 a.m. sunday, no problems. there's our storm passing off to the south. that's where most of the rain stays. this is 7:00 tomorrow dinner time. maybe a few sprinkles from new york city to new jersey. a couple of snow showers develop and maybe a little bit of slush out there on monday morning but mainly well north and west of new york city.
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temperature trend. 59 today. wouldet that be a great to hit 60 in some spots. 44 overnight tonight. showers develop late sunday into monday and then it turns cooler next week. we're back down to reaction. tracking that chance for significant rain tuesday into wednesday. you want to stay up to date with this active weather pattern. scroll down and you can see the latest forecast. learn how to submit your own weather video. the app is available in the iphone store right now. hey, pat. >> look at this poor lady and the man who looked like he was trying to save her too. this is why they call it the windy city. strong gusts of wind knocked down power lines. the city shut down streets because of debris was blowing
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the willis building closed the elevator. those were sustained winds. the convenience store clerk turns the tables on a robber. it shows the clerk handing over money to a masked man. this is in spanaway, but when he looks away, the clerk whips out a gun. the two fire at each other. he took off without the money and gave himself up after police surrounded his car. right now we're getting our first listen this morning from the pilot of a tort chopper that went down over pearl harbor. >> the dramatic video. good samaritans jumped in the water and rescued the 15-year-old boy and two others
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they were able to pull the chopper away. now they'll investigate the crash. a man from australia came within inches of getting hit by a train. he decided to cross the platform. that was too close. he saw the uncoming train at the last minute. they released this video because theye t to make sure they warn other riders thattet is not a smart thing to do. >> we've seen people do that over the subway station to save five minutes. >> when it comes to today's medicine, it's more art than science but they're trying to change that. >> the new york city-based child mind institute is traveling to
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markers in the brain. thank you and welcome, cindy. it geesed to have you with us this morning. >> thank you. it's food to be here. >> let me ask you about this. there are about 10,000 kids participating in the study. how are researchering getting to them them. they made contact with the borough residents and contact with the clinicians in the area. many of the kids coming to them have been referred to by pediatricians. the family that i spoke to came to them through a social services agency. >> i got you. >> i would also add they have this mow van they're taking out to all of the different boroughs where they're trying to recruit families as well. >> certainly families that can't get in to see them, correct? >> right.
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i think they'll eventually make it to all the boroughs so people won't have to come to staten island. the mri machine will go to all the boroughs. >> that's fascinating. what is the ultimate goal? >> the ultimate goal is to improve diagnosis for children who have mental illness and the scientists want to get to one point where you can see a biomarker, this physical proof of mental illness disappear when a treatment is given so it would improve treatment. and i think a lot of families struggle with getting proper treatment for their children and knowing what to do. >> sure. and knowing what to look for as well. how long does this study last? >> it's going to taken five years to scan 10,000 brains and then it will take at least another five years if not longer to reach these ultimate goals if they are, in fact, reached. >> the kids that are involved in
6:20 am
from the outcome as well, or is it purely science in their case? >> i think it's purely science in their case. they're getting free mental health evaluations in their case. usually research projects give them that. this is giving free screenings and then referrals. the scientists say that that's really important in places where there are no mental health services or very few mental health services such as stan tin island. >> this helps with that, yes? >> yes. i think that's the idea behind it that they'll be able to get referrals and services they need. >> there's never been a study of this magnitude before, has it? 10,000 children is unprecedent. >> yes. that's my understanding. i talked to somebody from the national institute of mental health who said research-wise
6:21 am
sample that she knows of. >> and they're looking for these biomarkers in the brain that may indicate that the child has the potential to develop a mental illness down the road? >> that's another part of the goal of the study, which is to be able to predict risk. to be able to predict ifs and to be a able to look at it town the line. i did speak to a doctor about expressing caution for telling a family that your child is at risk for something because unless there's a lot of proof, you're really sure because that can change the trajectory. that can change how a person feels or a family trieds their child. >> hopefully a step in the right drekd when it comes to kids getting care, the care that they need. >> yes.
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you can listen to the entire report. we have a fax posted on our line. >> we're continuing to follow that breaking news. >> commissioner bratton expected to be with them shortly. >> we'll continue, of course, to follow this breaking story
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welcome back on saturday morning. they have set big goals and the knicks drop in on the nets. >> john chandler has sports. >> the only surprise from this year's team would be missing the playoffs. the amazins held their first official workout on friday amid all sorts of expectations. pitching is the strength of the
6:25 am
surprised everyone. zack wheeler will join them later in the summer. but veteran david wright stole the show. the mets captain reaching the world series again just won't cut it. >> i think my message would be don't let last year be a pinnacle of what this team is able to accomplish. let's take it one step further this year and then we can really celebrate it. >> i like it. meanwhile the yankees await word on chapman. chapman is not face nation prison charges. meanwhile ceecee sabathia. he said it's something he's glad
6:26 am
back out on the field. neither the knicks nor the nets made any moved a the trade deadline but frenette expected to sign. he left the comfort of the spurs for an ambitious rebuild in brooklyn and to be encouraged with what he saw against the knicks. brook lopez blowing past his brother. he's now third on the nets' all-time scoring list. they hand the knicks a seventh straight loss. 109-98 the final. knicks back at it tonight against the timberwolves. on the ice the rangers were off. captain ryan mcdonagh. but the leafs player suspended for an elbow to the head. meanwhile a big showdown between the isles and the devils.
6:27 am
the rebound off of casey cizikas and past cory schneider. it was the only goal of the game. the isles get the win. college hoop this afternoon, rutgers holding penn state in piscataway piscataway. enjoy the rest of your saturday,er. for "today in new york," i'm john chandler. and next at 6:30 on "today in new york," we continue to follow the breaking news out of brooklyn where two police officers have been shot. >> reporter: the mayor and commissioner at kings county hospital after two officers were shot. i'm rail villeda with the latest on this investigation. and we're tracking some very light showers on this saturday morning but it's all about the mild weather later on this afternoon.
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welcome back to "today in new york" on this saturday. it's gum rosendale. >> and i'm pat battle. we want to take you back to the hospital where two police officers are after being shot this morning. >> reporter: gus and pat, this morning the mayor and commissioner are here at kings county hospital after as you mentioned the two save officers were shot. you'll see a sizeable presence. we know the mayor and police commissioner have just arrived. let's show you the video of the mayor arriving. they're getting the details. now, let's go to the scene and we can tell you what we know. this happens on malcolm x and lexington in the bed study section around 3:00 this morning. what we know is that two
6:31 am
sources tell us one was shot in thatore back, one in the torso. both are expected to survive. the suspect involved in this also shot, he is at another hospital. we are told he is in stable condition. again, here at king county, two officers are being treated. both are expected to arrive. the latest update is the mayor has arrived as well as the police commissioner. more authorities arriving at the scene. you see an suv coming now. they're waiting to see what happened, what led to it. when we learn the details, we'll pass them along to you. >> thank you. we appreciate that update. you can also tap into our website but we will be following the story throughout the morning. >> remarkable temperatures
6:32 am
>> even more incredible considering where we were. we had the coldest day in over 20 years and now rebounding. the pendulum is swinging back into the 50s this afternoon. we do have a few light showers out there this morning and we were concerned about frozen precipitation. not worrying about that anymore. temperatures are above freezing. also clipping fairfield county but otherwise looking dry but mostly cloudy. it's 43, so a milder start than the past few mornings, you will definitely want to get outside. 52 by lunchtime and looking at the high temperature. flirting with 60 in some spots. you'll want to stay outside. temperatures coasting along under partly cloudy skies. it doesn't stay quiet for long. we have two storms we're tracking over the next few days. we'll have that coming up. pat and gus, over to you.
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we're awaiting an autopsy following the death of a suny suspect. the school sus spended the fraternity from campus as police investigate the hazing incident. >> he was like a son. he gave us what he was here and to keep that with us, those good things and that inspiration. >> there was a moment of silence before last night's game in honor of doyly. in a statement the fraternity said any individual found to have participate or knowingly allowed hazing activity or any ill leak act does not support
6:34 am
>> edward mangano says he never texted anyone. he said he filed a criminal complaint with police. the acting police commissioner said it was a verbal report and no documents have been generated. a tsa agent is in big trouble this morning. daniel ortiz jr. swiped a pricey watch from a passenger's bag. officers said they found the watch in ortiz's pocket on tuesday. they seized a whole lot of hover boards. they confiscated 1,400 of them. and early this week we told you about a tourist who was assaulted after refusing to buy fake tickets from the statue of lippert lippert liberty. >> four steps on what you need to know.
6:35 am
constantly harassing them. that's annoying. >> when you come out of the ferry and go to the right, they're right there. >> they're hard to miss. virginia hander grandkids often see vendors trying to make a sale. >> they say tickets, buy the tickets here. whatever, they usually go up to tourists because they can tell who the tourists are. >> on monday one encounter turned physical when this woman tried to sell fake tickets and when tourists refused this man punched him and knocked him out. this week i went looking for it. >> it can get fizz physical. >> reporter: news 4 investigates founds the patrol issues
6:36 am
illegal ticket vendoring from january 2015 to january 2016. compared to half that the same period the year before. a big part of the jump could be because of more officers assigned this summer. there will be 12 new ones this spring. the officers warn if you don't get tickets from castle clinton here on site, nothing is guaranteed. >> if you don't go to an official stand, you don't know what you're getting. >> reporter: right after our interview one vendor wanted to speak out. while john green wouldn't tell me what company he worked for, he assured me his company was leggett. although you don't get a foot on the island but you get a ride around it. >> no, no, no. it's not fake. we don't tell them you can get off the island. you want to get off the island, you to castle clinton.
6:37 am
ticket, they can't promise you a ride you didn't pay for. still to come on this saturday morning, we continue to follow that breaking news out of brooklyn. >> we're waiting for the mayor and police chief to speak. we know two accomplishes were shot this morning, a shoot-out in bed-sti. the latest in custody. our ray villeda is at the hospital.
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6:39 am
officers who were shot during a shoot jouchlt we get an update from jonathan dienst.
6:40 am
shot in the vest, the other below the vest. threatening. two housing police officers heard a goneshot and saw a car drive by with the suspect pointing a gun at them outside the window of that vehicle and that car sped off. the housing officers radioing for help and numerous police vehicles gave chase to that car for about five blocks. and at an intersection there, the suspect opened fire on two anti-crime officers who were responded and striking those officers and their vehicle. numerous police officers returned fire and the suspect was hit several times. we're told the suspect was in
6:41 am
recover and a photo of that gun released to nypd news which we should be showing you shortly. but, again, a suspect in critical condition after being shot by police after this suspect opened fire on officers, striking two of them. the bulletproof vest apparently saving the life of one, the second officer suffering nonlife-threatening injuries because the be up it struck him under the vest and both officers at an area hospital. as well, the investigationing, a press conference with the mayor and police commissioner in a short while. >> are officers still on the scene perhaps looking for other suspects? >> reporter: as of now, my best information is this is a lone actor, one gunman in the car, that the incident started again
6:42 am
gunshot out of the vehicle in the direction or near those housing officers. the housing officers radioed for help. again, officers from the 8-1 precinct responded and two of them assigned an anti-crime unit were hit, one in the vest, one below the vest. we're told the two officers who were hit are vest rans, one, approximately 1 8 years on the job that. is tentative. we should be getting more details and more clarity on that when the press conference starts in the next 10 or 15 minutes. >> we appreciate your time. we'll talk to you throughout the morning. of course, we'll be bringing you updates here and online throughout the day. >> thanks, rob. time now for a look at the weather forecast.
6:43 am
>> the record-setting cold. now we catch a break. warm, mild and plain old quiet throughout much of the wecht. we had sprinkles earlier on and it staid above freezing throughout the city. 43 degrees and we have mostly cloudy skies. let's take a look at the headlines. we're into the 50s on this february day. well above average. we should only be in the 30s. it gets a little cooler, but it's still well above average. near 60 today. probably in the low 50s tomorrow and we have showers to close out the weekend. it's not perfect and then an unsettled pattern developed over the next few days. the showers are now pulling away, now for nassau and suffolk counties, you may see drizzles lingering.
6:44 am
it's goim to team up with it. now it will track to our south so we're not going to see major impacts from this one. it's sunday night into monday. it looks like some areas you could see the most rain out of this one. i say rain because it's going to be plain old rain down the jersey shore. your first forecast shows 43 degrees. we are expecting sunshine to build in throughout the day. in fact, you can see by 1:00 1 2:00, sunshine, cloud, 52 degrees and 52 degrees. look at this. this is the best time of day after lunchtime. lots of sunshine there and it stays mild right into the evening hours. 54 degrees. now we're dealing with a partly cloudy sky. winds are gusting around 25 miles an hour. it feels good. you'll notice the change. you can see on future tracker it stays quiet. high pressure in control for today right through 6:00 p.m. no rain and certainly no snow with these temperatures.
6:45 am
morn, 6:00 a.m. another dry start to the second half of your weekend. we are keeping it dry. we have rain but none till after sundown tomorrow night. this is 7:00 and we start to see our storm moving in and that's light rain off to the south. light rain from new york city south. by monday morning's commute it should be mostly dry. 59 for your high. it's breezy but a mild breechlz winds out of the southwest around 15 miles an hour. it's still mild for sunday but a little cooler, 53. tracking the cooler temperatures monday with a lit billion it of snow possible in the morning and heavier rain tuesday night into wednesday. temperatures look to stay above freezing so this time it will be rain and not snow. you want to stay up to date. tap the news 4 logo in the corner. scroll down. you u can see the latest forecast.
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learn how to support your own video. pat and gus, over to you. >> thank you, raphael. we'll be coming back with information from bed-stuy where two officers were shot. we'll be right back. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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welcome back. he's bringing sexy batch to the area. >> this is a public. he's a self-taught baker who's been baking half of his life. it's called sexy batch. i love this name. delicious cookies. tell me first of all about the name. sexy batch. >> funny story.
6:49 am
nickname that's kept with ge me ri throughout the years and it's just a play on that. >> you've twisted it. >> talk about the cookies and your philosophy. >> the philosophy is less sugar. >> love that. more taste, right? >> well, yeah. you have the same amount of test. we as americans we're so inundated with sugar and our palette has become so bogged down with sugar. less sugar is actually better. we work about the sugar. everything is organic. >> love that. tell us about that. >> that is my yoet meal cranberry cookie. a good amount of oats and a lot of cranberry. >> looks good. this looks like a traditional chocolate chip. >> a little play on that. nutella chocolate chip. that's the number one seller. >> i can imagine.
6:50 am
what about here this kind of a twist? >> this would be on the menu coming this week. this one is my orange chocolate chunk. >> little bits of orange in there? >> orange zest, 70% chocolate, very tasty. >> how long have you been doing this? >> i've been incorporated for two years but i've been baking for more than half my lives since 14. >> always a passion of yours. >> i love it because you get instant gratification from people. i grew up not having a lot of food and a lot of times having to eat at a friend's house or on welfare and i never want people around me to feel that way so i always try to feed them and bring them together. >> i love that. that's wonderful. what about this cookie right here? >> this is my second bestseller.
6:51 am
chip with himalayan pink salt. >> nice. this is kind of your signature cookie. >> i'm working on here. i cross-fit. i try to work to get better options for sweets that i'm not losing knell taste. >> you've got the menu on your screen. these macaroons contain -- >> my paleo chocolate date macaroons. >> you fall a little bit of the paleo diet. i'm in my bulking season. >> aren't we all. that's wonderful. >> it's the holidays. >> where can people get the recipes? >> they can go online and order at
6:52 am
>> it's wonderful. from thank you so much for being here.
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and we want to update you now on that breaking news out of brooklyn where two police officers were shot this morning. the situation unfolded about 3:to this morning when two housing officers thought they heard a gunshot and moments later a car drove by, a man pointing a gun out the window at those housing officers. they called for backup. of course, two units responded including two units. that car took off, they gave chase, and a shoot-out ensued. several shots fired. two of those bullets hit two anti-crime officers who were among the responders. they are reported to be in okay condition. both were wearing their bulletproof vests.
6:55 am
oterr, the bullet hit the vest and that officer is okay. he's in custody and also hospitalized. in the meantime we want to turn things over to gus rosendale who's got our pet segment. gus? >> thank you. we're here to be introduced to two animals a lap dog and a rabbit. >> that's right. this is star, a little shih tzu mix. has a little matting, needs to be cleaned up. but he's available. >> and over in david's arms we have a rabbit. we have rabbit because the cat that was going to come has been adopted. >> we have lots of cats. >> this is a cutler. this is a rabbit named blondie. two years old. real easy to bond with.
6:56 am
available today on 110 street from 11:00 to 7:00. >> a lot more. the address on your screen. hope they find homes today. thanks iffer your time.
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6:58 am
i know you say the highs are going to be 59 but somewhere it's got to be 60. >> it may be. get out and enjoy it. lots of sunshine as well. there's the seven-day forecast. you can see tomorrow is a little bit cooler. 53 for your sunday. a couple of showers late sunday into monday. we could have a few flurries. light snow possible monday morning. not a big impact there. more arrives tuesday night that. could start out with a wintry
6:59 am
wednesday is a wet one. hie high, 44 degrees. we'll keep an eye on that over the next couple of days. >> we're keeping an eye on a breaking news story. we'll have a brief in about 15 minutes. here's what we know. those officers, part of a pursuit encountered that suspect. gunfire began. those two officers, one hit in the vest, the other below the vest they're recovering now at kings county hospital. they're expected to be okay. the suspect who was shot we're told is in critical condition at an area hospital. the gun has been recovered. again, the mayor and police commissioner expected to update us in just a little bit. this started this morning in a housing precinct in bed-stuy when two officers thought they heard a gunshot and called for backup. the suspect waved the gun in their direction and two of the responding officers hit by gunfire. again, they are expected to be
7:00 am
there you see the mayor going inside to check on their condition. they're both from the 8-1 precinct. veterans. they're expect odd to be okay and the suspect in custody. >> throughout our morning we'll bring you updates throughout the "today" show. >> in the meantime, stay tuned for "today." we'll keep you informed. good morning. super saturday. high stakes presidential contests in south carolina and nevada today. donald trump poised to win south carolina while making yet another con row version statement at a rally. >> he took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pi blood. >> ted cruz slamming the frontrunner. >> easy to say let's make america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap.


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