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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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plus, this morning, there has been another mass shooting. a man goes on a rampage in his workplace in kansas. what we're learning about the suspect. i'm relaxed. >> you're the basket case. >> go ahead. >> don't get nervous. >> go ahead. >> tension in texas. the republican candidates go blow for blow in a critical debate. "today in new york" starts now. relax. >> relax. >> just relax. good morning everyone. friday morning, february 26th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino here with our friday forecast. chris, will it be a relaxed forecast. >> did i hear basket case. >> there was more. >> i can't wait. i'll be looking. temperatures have cooled down a little bit in and around the city to the mid-30s. right around the freezing mark outside of town. most folks between 30 and 35. bit of a breeze that's going to kick up through the day today.
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on top of that, the temperatures aren't going much higher. flurries up in the poconos and catskills as well. i don't think they make it in here. could be a brief flurry northwest sections of new jersey. a brighter afternoon. but brisk and cold. forecasting a high today of 37 degrees. changes over the weekend, good ones. i think you'll like them. first check on the frooit morning commute. good morning, lauren scala. >> good morning chris cimino. good morning everyone. there is a disabled tractor-trailer before the kosciuszko bridge that blocks the right lane. 95 or southbound by gun hill road, there's a pothole in the road there. more weather and traffic on the 4s. thanks, lauren. 4:31 right now. sources tell news 4 the former top cop in suffolk county is expected to plead guilty. james burke resigned last year in a federal investigation amid a federal investigation.
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creag is in central islip with what we know. >> reporter: good morning darlene. from the federal court, that guilty plea would avoid a trial. as you know, this is an incredible fall from the top of the top of the suffolk county police department. the former suffolk police chief, he is expected to arrive here. we want to show you his video. james burke. this is video of him when he was arrested a couple of months ago on two charges, obstruction of justice and civil rights violations. he had resigned from the pai department while under investigation by federal agents. he's schedule to be here this morning. he has been behind bars without bail since his arrest. the judge saying he was a danger to the community and could influence other law enforcement officers to ac on his behalf. the charges accuse burke in december of 2012 of beating a man named christopher lobe who was arrested after stealing several items from burke's home, including a duffel bag, the
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chief's department issued suv that was parked in front of burke's home. burke enlisted nearly a dozen officers and detectives in the obstruction of justice by covering up the alleged crime. it was burke who beat up on that man, as you saw in that video of that man christopher lobe darlene while that man was handcuffed in a prison lockup while being questioned. burke is supposed to arrive here in federal court later this morning, darlene >> back to you. kat, thank you very much. crews are work to go repair a sinkhole that trapped a public of works truck in an emergency. a crew was checking on a sewer line break on woodside avenue in midland park when the road collapsed. the crew got out of the truck safely but sewage poured out into the street. the sinkhole is 20 feet long and 30 feet wide. fortunately traffic was not affected because it's a dead end street. a limited state of emergency.
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workers to help restore power to thousands of people. they cleared trees from road and streets are still closed. not much left of the car set on fire by downed power lines in massapequa. across our area, cars and homes were damaged. yesterday we told you about wind likely ripped the panel from the side of a verizon building at broadway. that was wednesday night. debris landed on parked cars and all over the street. crews say the sidewalk shed will protect people if more pieces fall off. 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, we're seeing it all. we were warm, cold and i guess we're getting to be warm again at some point >> a brief setback and back to milder temperatures for the weekend to the start of next week.
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generally the low and mid-30s. 35 in poughkeepsie. not a big spread from place to place across the area. there will be gusty breezes from time to time. windchills in the 20s across long island and the boroughs. 20 in newburgh. we'll see the windchills come down as the wind cranks up earlier on this morning into the afternoon hours. first forecast looking at a mostly cloudy sky right now. i think the clouds will break up through time, too. we'll get a fair amount of sunshine. by noon, kind of windy. gusts could be approaching 25 and 30 miles an hour in a few spots. forecasting a high of 37. that promised warmup and how warm it will get, i'll tell you about it on the 4s. lauren has the latest on the train situation. >> fastrack maintenance was out there on the 4, 5 and 6. this is the last half hour of it. no trains between grand central and atlantic avenue. overnight track work on eight subway lines.
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on the buses, a couple of detours. the bx 26, m 66 and 79 and the q 60 and qm 6. and alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. more weather and traffic on the 4s. lauren, thanks very much. new this morning, two people in the hospital after a wild brawl in a club in brooklyn. this happened about 1:45 this morning on broadway. a fight started inside the club. it spilled out into the street. a 20-year-old woman was shot in the leg. another man was stabbed. kansas will lower flags in honor of the victims in a deadly shooting spree. the terror fwan at the end of the workday yesterday outside of wichita. the gunman was driving and shot at another driver, then he drove further and carjacked a different driver, shooting that person in the leg. finally, police say he drove to the plant where he worked and shot his co-workers.
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he had no specific target. he just shooting anyone that got in his way. >> everybody said there was gunshots and a shooter. >> a responding officer killed the lone gunman. three people died, 14 hurt. they're not releasing the shooter's name or a motive. the final republican debate before super tuesday. the candidates faced off in texas and as it has been in the past, donald trump was the main target. "today in new york's" tracie strahan has memorable moments with cruz and rubio and trump in the middle. >> reporter: so many people are talking about this. if you consider that debate the final fight before super tuesday, well, donald trump's leading competitors certainly came out swinging with voters finally seeing more aggressive attacks from ted cruz and marco rubio. of course, all five gop candidates were on stage at the
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the questions topped on topics including health care, religious freedom and appointing a supreme court justice to replace apartment justice scalia. >> you acknowledge that for example you're the only person on this stage who has been fined to work on your projects illegally. >> i find it amazing that donald believes he's the one that discovered theish uf illegal immigration. >> the other two candidates, john kasich and ben carson were there, but certainly stayed out of the fray for most of the debate. ben carson even asked at one point, can somebody please attack me. there was a lot of bickering as well. michael, a lot of people are saying this morning as they play armchair political quarterback that woke up the republican field. all eyes will be see how this
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>> it's unusual that somebody says please attack me so i get attention. >> reporter: a little attention was needed on stage apparently. democrats will battle it out in south carolina's primary. >> i believe that there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> we can't go back and throw our country into a contentious debate, which is what my esteemed opponent, senator sanders has. >> hillary clinton blasting bernie sanders on his plan on health care. she attended the south carolina -- sanders was in chicago last night. he touched on a long list of issues where he says hillary clinton took the wrong position. new this morning, a memorial service to remember an nooichd officer gunned down 28 years ago execution-style. it was held where officer edward byrne was shot to death in his patrol car. he was guarding home of a
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commissioner bratton was at the service along with the murdered officer's brother. the attack on the world trade center will be remembered. a special memorial service is planned where the north tower once stood. that's where a powerful bomb was set off in the parking garage. six people killed, more than a thousand hurt. president obama says he remains confident that the isis terror group will be defeated. he admits the fight is tough. several allies are hitting isis with air strikes. this weekend a cease-fire that's supposed to include russia will take effect in syria. russia's intervention in that country's civil war made a catastrophe even worse. friends and family will begin saying goodbye for the father and daughter killed in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. timothy o'donnell's van was rear ended monday causing a chain reaction crash on the turnpike. the 48-year-old jersey city teacher and his 5-year-old
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the wake is 4:00 to 9:00 p.m. at sweeney funeral home in bayonne. scott hahn has been charged in the crash. meanwhile, three people in critical condition in south brunswick. a commuter bus slammed into nearly a dozen cars during rush hour. a total of seven people were injured. he insisted he was not on his cell phone. no word on whether he's been charged. ahead this morning, police say a crime that outraged a college community is not what it appears. plus, if you take the train to num, you will want to hear about this. what's happening today to try to prevent a commuter nightmare. throw out the calendar. the temperatures are about to take off. we're going to take off. weather and traffic on the 4s coming up as we look at the hamilton bridge there. follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram, michaelg4ny. darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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. it's 4:44. four things to know this morning. sources tell news 4, form r suffolk county police chief is expected to plead guilty today in federal court on long island. he could face up to four years in prison. republican presidential candidates faced off in their final debate before super tuesday. senators ted cruz and marco rubio took turns attacking the front-runner, donald trump. chicken salad made in mt. vernon could contain bacteria. full details posted on crews are working to repair a sinkhole that trapped a department of public works truck in new jersey. this happened on woodside avenue
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4:44. we have made it to a friday after a stormy week. getting chillier for the next 24 hours or so, though. still brisk. a colder wind today will keep temperatures generally in the 30s. windchills during the course of the day probably in the 20s. weekend warmup, yes. especially by the time we get to sunday and a mild finish to the month of february. meantime, we still have a flood warning in effect in somerset county. this is more the millstone river. also the rockaway river is expected to crest at 9:00 a.m. there could be flood out of the flood stage, minor flood and then everything should recede after that. upper 20s hopatcong. sparta and mine hill as well. freezing mark in califon. new jersey the chillier numbers. same case for the mid and upper hudson valley. mid-30s down the jersey shore as well. monticello the coldest spot at
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an indication of the flow of the air is coming out of canada. that means chillier temperatures are heading our way. we have some clouds right now. they'll break up through the morning and into the afternoon. as we look ahead to what's going on, we expect to see wind, on the average of 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusting close to 30 at times. clouds giving way to sunshine. gusty winds through the first half of tonight. these temperatures, as they slip into the 20s overnight, will create windchills into the teens. you need to bundle up. back to the gloves and the scarves for a while. sunday, we're back into the 50s. the mild southwesterly flow of air. could be an early sprinkle on monday. the southwesterly flow continues tuesday into wednesday, keeping the temperatures in the 50s. next steady rain, rain, not snow comes on wednesday. no snow in the seven-day forecast. you can see the coldest day is
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then the warming trepd. upper 50s for sunday and monday. wednesday. wet day is wednesday. drying out come thursday. it's almost 4:47. let's find out if there are any early issues on a friday morning. >> very few issues this morning. there are a few, though. we'll head over to route 46. eastbound out at neck ong road, down to one lane. eastbound by exit 28 in the roxbury area, you have emergency repairs blocking the right lane. further east on 80, the ramp closed from 80 to exit 60. an overturned tractor-trailer out there. goethals bridge, a traffic hold for a little longer. that reminneapolis closed. head over to the outer bridge crossing or over to the bayonne bridge in the meantime. the alexander hamilton bridge, delays eased out. they were clearing upper level construction at the george washington bridge. you're in for a much better ride there.
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marking rules are in effect today. 4:47. another attempt will be made to avert a strike by nj transit workers. of the union are sked uld to hold another round of contract negotiations. they're threatening to walk off the job if a new deal isn't reached by march 13th. they're working on alternate service plans in the event of a strike. 4:48 now. happening today, fans of the pop singer singer kesh a -- a judge said she couldn't end her album deal with the company despite allegations that her producer drugged and sexually assaulted her. he denied the claims. they cannot legally terminate that deal between luke and kesha.
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victims who -- they're facing charges themselves. they told police they were jumped by a group of men shouting racial slurs on a city bus last month. but investigators say surveillance video shows the three women were the ones who started the fight. authorities now plan to charge them with assault and falsely reporting an incident. the man charged in the deadly home invasion on staten island will spend the rest of his life behind bars. 21-year-old sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. he broke into a home in 2014, he then fatally stabbed the homeowner and wounded his wife. his attorney argues that he had a documented history of mental illness. what started off as a parking lot fight ended with two people shot in harlem. several men were arguing inside a garage on 126th street and lenox avenue about 7:00 p.m. yesterday. someone started shooting.
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a bullet grazed another man in the head. police say nobody is cooperating with the investigation. nassau county executive ed mangano is off the hook in the sexting scandal. the detective handling the skas says there's no evidence that mangano exchanged sexually explicit messages. the detective called the whole thing a hoax and slammed critics who claimed the nassau county police department helped cover for mangano. 4:50 now. today is apple's shareholder meeting. there will be a lot to go over. they filed a formal motion to dismiss a court order ordering them to create software to help the fbi crack an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. google is planning to file an amicus broef. a friend of the court brief on apple's behalf. they're citing customer security as a reason to fight the court order.
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defamation case against a super model for now. beverly johnson accused cosby of drugging her in the '80s. he said he dropped the case to focus on his case in pennsylvania. cosby says he was never alone with johnson and plans to refile case against her in the future. the reverend al sharpton will lead a rally in los angeles on sunday near the theater where the academy awards will be taking place. sharpton's protesting the lack of diversity in the oscar nominees and in the move i have business in general. demonstrations planned sunday night here in new york city at lincoln square. in addition to running the national action network, sharpton is a talk show host on msnbc owned by nbcuniversal. a u.s. airways flight crew is being cited for two errors that led to a scary crash on philadelphia's runway. passengers were seen sliding down emergency chutes two years ago after the landing gear collapsed. the ntsb reports as the pilot wrongly aborted takeoff.
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information in the jet's computer. 4:51 now. two health scares to tell you about, one at a hospital, one at a school. you're watching "today in
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we got two feet of snow. we've hardly gotten any snow this winter outside of that. it's taken a toll at winter parks here. orange county and winter snow parks has given up. they closed for the season. normally snow covered hills. they've turned mostly muddy. >> wow. >> been up in vermont a couple times. not a lot of snow up there at all >> it's strange.
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they look at it down the road and say above normal snow. but it was that one particular storm and haas year we had it on the ground for a long time. >> julg null 4th. >> this is good news. not for snow lovers. it will be colder today. you'll notice that. windy in the upper 30s with clouds giving way to sunshine. picks up in the afternoon to the point where at times the windchill slips into the teens. on a friday night, you'll need to bundle up. low in the city 23. the air temperatures in the teens. tomorrow, sun, in the low 40s. a few high clouds. look at that jump in temperature. 57 degrees by 1:00, 2:00 sunday afternoon. i think outdoors is where you want to be. >> wow. >> look forward to that. going to be a nice weekend. lauren, what's happening? >> not too much on the roads. we like that for a friday commute. we'll start with new reports of
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the van wyck expressway before the l.i.e. you can see minor delays out there. then let's take a look at the george washington prij where there's no delays. this is what most of the roadways look like. the lincoln and holland tunnels, the same experience. not a bad friday morning commute so far. in queens, you can swing by a drive through to order a latte or iced coffee. the first drive-through starbucks in queens at the cimino shopping center. it's going to be part of a new retail complex on queens boulevard in rego park. the ohm other two thrive throughs in coney island off the belt parkway and on staten island. stamford police in connecticut are asking strangers for money online and have a life-saving reason why. the go fund me page is asking for donations toward an armored truck known as a bearcat.
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weather-related disasters. they've raised almost $2,000. the goal is $200,000. governor malloy announced plans yesterday to remove the he is a portion of what's known as the smarter balanced assessment consortium exam. it's given to students in the third through the 8th grade. essay writing is covered in class. removing it will save students two hours of test taking time. parents in stamford are warned about a suspected case of tuberculosis tuberculosis. west hill high school says the department happens identified several students and teachers who may have been exposed to this airborne disease. the exact number not made public. anybody at risk will be notified and required to undergo testing. a new jersey hospital put hubs of -- they visited shore medical center between june 1st of 2013 and september 17th of 2014. one of the hospital's former workers is charged with
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somehow the incident may have exposed patients to his blood and diseases like hiv and hepatitis at the hospital. in a statement shore medical said it takes patient care very seriously and is providing free testing and support. paterson, new jersey, a possible government shutdown. the mayor says he's preparing for that to happen after the city council voted to reject a proposed 2016 budget. if a budget isn't approved by tuesday, nonessential municipal employees will be told to stay home p. a quick thinking officer in texas rescued a man from a burning suv in time and we have the incredible video to prove it. >> the driver lost control and hit a wall before the car caught far. app officer used a baton to break the window. minutes after they got him out, fire consumed the car.
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it's good to see there are good people stopping and rushing to help. >> it was a dangerous situation and they still stepped up. coming up at 5:00 a.m., take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. today, a former top cop is expected to plead guilty. the man who once led suffolk county police heading to court in just a few hours. this morning, another mass shooting. kansas workplace. >> it's a somber night on the murder. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 5:00 a.m. on this friday, february 26th. i'm michael gargiulo. i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. >> good morning, guys. little chillier out there. lost another degree last hour. probably will shave off a couple on.
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but a brighter afternoon. it stays brisk and cold. windchills in the 20s most of the day. at times gusting 25 to 30 miles an hour. you need to bundle up again today. the temperatures uniform. 30-ish north and west to the who are and mid-30s on the coast. the chill will increase. at least it gets brighter. 34 at noontime, a high of 37 degrees. we'll detail the weekend forecast in a bit. what's the commute looking like so far? >> a couple of things going on. delays not so bad. on the bqe, a disabled tractor-trailer before the kosciuszko bridge. that blocks the right lane. then over to 95. southbound out by gun hill road. you have a pothole out there in the center lane. now, that's not causing a delay just yet. as the commute goes on, i'm sure it will be a problem. i'll keep you posted. more weather and traffic on the 4s. >> lauren, thanks very much. the former top cop in suffolk


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