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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  February 28, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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now on "today in new york," the ongoing search fosh the driver in a hit-and-run crash that killed a man in the bronx. plus, clinton cleans up in columbia. a big win with south carolina voters, what that means for super tuesday. why donald trump shifted his insults from his political opponents to the new york
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good morning, welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale. let's get to raphael miranda with a look at how today is shaping up and it looks beautiful out there. >> yes, temperatures on the rise already. no february feel out there on this second to last day of february. lots of sunshine. it has been breezy. a little cool start out there. you can see quiet conditions around the area. umbrella-free today. temperatures on the rise back to the mid-40s. 45 staten island. mid-40s from city island towards jfk and 45 degrees in floral park. earlier this morning, we had 20s. 39 is one of the coldest spots now in monticello. closing in on 50 degrees down the jersey shore and getting warmer hour by hour. here's your day planner. go for a jog today. great day for that. 45 now. 52 by lunchtime. today's high temperature a very warm seasonably warm, above
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is the high. it even feels nice around 6:00 this afternoon. definitely want to get outside today. there's rain in the forecast as well. we'll talk about that coming up in the seven-day in a few. pat and gus, over to you. >> raphael, thank you. happening now, police in the bronx trying to track down a driver of an suv who struck and killed a man and took off. >> "today in new york's" lori bordonaro joins us from mount hope with what we're learning about the investigation. lori? >> reporter: gus and pat, the family of jose contreras is gathered at his home now. they tell me they're devastated over the sudden loss. the 63-year-old was crossing the street here on the ep trans ramp to the cross bronx expressway at webster avenue when he was struck and killed. it happened at 1:30 this morning. police say they're looking for a black suv. it's not clear ha model. they say the driver hit contreras, then took off. he later died at the hospital. there are two signs here on the entrance ramp warning drivers to
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one woman we spoke with earlier who lives nearby tells us that this is a very dangerous area to cross. >> it is -- i stop over there, i point-blank, i told you it wasn't light. it was coming real fast. each though it was my light. >> reporter: this is just one of five hit and run accidents in the city overnight. two of them deadly and police are asking anyone who may have seen anything or been in the area to come forward. pat and gus, back to you. >> lori bordonaro. thank you, reporting from the bronx. in new jersey, the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a store owner from front of his own business. friends and family members left flowers and balloons outside the east coast sneaker boutique in rahway. he was shot to death outside the store at 9:00 friday night.
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in fact, roughriders rapper verbz recently filmed a music video in his store. >> he was one of the best people you could know. not any kind of gang banger or street guy. he was a clown. he would always make you laugh. >> if you have any information on this shooting, please give rahway police a call. the mantoloking fire chief is recovering from a heart attack he suffered while battling a fire along the jersey shore. he was helping to put out a house fire on channel drive when it happened. it was a large 2 1/2 story home. mantoloking spokesperson says gillman collapsed while fighting the fire. he's been awake and talking to family now. the cause of the fire still unknown. now to decision 2016. the results are in for the south carolina democratic primary. >> it was hillary clinton by a landslide.
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pretty much by a 3 to 1 margin. it puts her in the driver's seat heading into super tuesday. she's leading in every state except vermont. sanders is confident he can take his campaign to the white house still. >> tuesday over 800 delegates are at stake. we intend to win many, many of them. >> >> we're going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. ziernlts on the republican side, those candidates hit the super tuesday states yesterday in their push for delegates. marco rubio continued his assault on donald trump in alabama and georgia while trump campaigned with governor christie in arkansas and texas. the big showdown will be in texas where many polls suggest ted cruz is still the favorite. >> speaking of trump, he took a brief break from slamming his
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this coming astrum is under fire from other candidates for his online real estate school, trump university. some students said they paid tens of thousands of dollars for a substandard education. trump university is facing three lawsuits, including one brought by schneiderman who called the school a scam. trump fired back at a rally in arkansas yesterday saying schneiderman is not respect in new york and doing a terrible job, end quote. he also criticized a judge in one of the cases accusing him of being hostile and biased. >> i believe he happens to be spanish, which is fine. he's hispanic, which is fine. and we haven't asked for a recusal. which we may do. we have a judge who is very hostile. schneiderman responding accusing him of racial demagoguery. super tuesday, all topics today on "meet the press" coming up on nbc 4 at 10:30.
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the loss of a rookie officer who was killed on her very first day on the job. fellow officers and firefighters lined the streets to salute officer ashley guindon. she was shot and killed responding to a domestic violence call in prince william county. two other officers were wounded. the suspect, a military serviceman, killed his wife and ambushed police as they approached the home. he has been taken into custody. tensions are high in salt lake city after an officer-involved shooting there. two officers fired their service weapons while responding to a call for an assault. police haven't released many victims. victim is a 16-year-old boy. counter protesters attacked klansman at a demonstration yesterday. one klansman is in custody for
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police arrested three others who were seen stopping a klansman. there will be a special church service tonight for a kansas community where a gunman went on a shooting spree. police killed cedric hall after he shot and killed three co-workers on thursday. the city is using the phrase hesston strong as they try to heal from the tragedy. his girlfriend is charged with giving him the weapons used in the attack. the streets were relatively calm in syria. they remain that way today. there were reports of violations and sporadic fighting despite attacks by isis, which is not part of the cease-fire. reformists continue to make dramatic gains in iran's election. friday's votes could strengthen president hasan rouhani's efforts to expand foreign trade and investment.
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struggling with the migrant crisis to share the burden fairly. the pope prayed for the refugees in st. peter's square this morning. in particular, the crisis in greece and other countries offering help to those in need. he said the european countries must come together in a united response. coming up on "today in new york," the i-team's exclusive interview, how a top cop is responding. spring fling later on this afternoon. sunshine and temperatures near 60 degrees. but there's also a chance for snow? the seven-day forecast. stay tuned for the details
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glitz and glamour. here's mark barger with more. >> the anticipation for tonight is not just about the awards. >> i'm looking forward to chris rock's monologue. i can't think of a better host at this time. >> rock will have the diversity issue squarely in his sights but keep it from dominating the event. >> you want it to be celebratory. you want it feel historic. >> it could be for alejandra inreteu. his film, the revenant has 11 nominations, including best picture. >> if the revenant wins, it will be the first time ever that one director directed back-to-back best picture winners. >> how do you say no to god? >> the competition includes newspaper drama spotlight and housing bubble dramedy. the big short. >> i don't know how overwhelming the love is for the revenant. there are a lot of people that love the movie. but i don't know if everybody in
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>> more certain is the love for the revenant star, leonardo dicaprio dicaprio. >> best actor would be his first oscar. >> i think he's writing his speech right now. he should be. i can't imagine anyone else winning >> the feeling similar about room's brie larson. >> she's dominated the best actress field. >> there's no other performance in that category this year that goes through the wringer like her character does. she portrayed it beautifully. >> supporting actress, kate winslet and -- steve jobs in a tight race. >> it could go either way. supporting actor is a lock it seems for sylvester stallone. he revisited his rocky persona. >> a lot of people in the academy, particularly older voters think he should have won 30 years ago for playing rocky. >> winning this time could be a knockout moment on a golden night. mark barger, nbc news.
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to brag about. it won the razzie award for worst film tying with superhero flap flop fantastic four. 50 shades took home five razzies. they're known to spoof the awards season. there's a climb for a good cause. more than a thousand people scaling the 66 flights of stairs here at rockefeller center to support research foremultiple sclerosis. the climb to the top event started at 6:00 this morning. they raced to the top of of the rock in the 8th annual event that benefits the national m.s. society. >> we saw some of them when we went down for coffee in between newscasts. >> better them than me. >> beautiful view. >> might be freezing this time of year. >> this is a beautiful view and beautiful day, lots of sunshine. not that cold. even up there, temperatures in the 40s. a little breezy.
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some were dressed in more running gear. you can lose the layers and head outside in a t-shirt and shorts if you're going tore a jog. it's going to be that kind of afternoon. temperatures well into the 50s. 60 degrees not out of the question it afternoon in many spots. traffic building there. it does feel like spring this afternoon. quick shower possible tomorrow morning and then we stay mild for days. so really shaking this winter chill for the next few days. you can see on s urm tracker, not much in the tri-state. high pressure in control for another day. let's take a look out west in the midwest, this is our next system moving in. a cold front slicing through the midwest. this is going to track towards the east over the next day-to-day and a half. then it moves into our area tomorrow morning. we'll time-out for you in a minute. right now tracking these temperatures and they're up. mid-40s in stamford, fairfield county. up to 42 in shelton.
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this will be a nice day if these were the highs. we're going to add on another 15 degrees. it's going to feel much warmer throughout the rest of the day. 39 in monticello. closing in on 50 in long branch. winds gusting between 15 to 20 miles per hour. with temperatures in the 40s, it's a chilly breeze. temperatures move into the 50s. not so much. more of a mild breeze for you heading into the afternoon. the evening stays mild as well. look at that. by 7:00, still in the 50s out there. breezy and mild. light jackets needed around 9:00 making your way around town. 50 degrees and later tonight if you're heading home from a night out. not too bad. 48 degrees and on the breezy side. nothing going on through 4:00 p.m. quiet conditions through the afternoon, evening. this is tomorrow morning. you'll notice rain moving in. this is your monday morning commute. dry in the city. dry for long island.
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north and west suburbs. if you live in orange county, rockland county, you may see showers during your commute. by 9:00, rain moving in on new york city. showers continue up until lunchtime. then they're gone. if you're heading into the city from areas south and east, you probably won't need the umbrella tomorrow because the rainfalls once you're at work. dry for the evening commute also. it's a little shot of light showers. nothing more than that. temperatures the big story though today and tomorrow. near 60 both days. tuesday we cool down a little bit. chance for rain on wednesday with a high of 50. then we are tracking a chance for some snow and definitely some colder weather towards the end of the week. check out friday's high temperature. maybe back down below average in the 30s. you want to stay up to date with these ups and downs with the news 4 app. tap the logo in the corner and scroll down and select the weather tab. use our interactive radar and learn how to submit your own weather video. it's available in the app store right now.
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>> raphael, thank you. an nypd cop and the police commissioner are going at each other. over tickets. the officer and nearly a dozen other current and former minority police officers say otherwise. they're suing. here's news 4's sara wallace with an i-team exclusive. >> for the past two years, nypd officer edwin raymond says he has kept a second weapon in his pocket to record what he says are conversations with superiors. >> they're breaking the law. so the same way the nypd records others who are breaking the law and uses that as evidence, it's the same thing. i basically conducted my own investigation. >> he says he taped dozens of conversations. >> it's a numbers game. >> raymond now the lead plaintiff in a federal class action lawsuit filed by a dozen current and former minority officers claims the city has violated a 2010 ban against quotas for arrests and summons.
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numbers for often minor infractions. >> if it was guys with guns regularly arrested, then we wouldn't be in this room. we wouldn't be having this conversation. people are getting caught in a fishnet for innocuous behavior. >> they say there isn't a quota. >> because it's illegal and immoral. they can never admit to it. it's very real. >> it's predominantly affecting minorities? >> absolutely. it doesn't occur in other neighborhoods. those neighborhoods are actually policed. black and hispanic neighborhoods are hunted. >> this is what happened when andrew siff tried to ask the police commissioner a question about the claims highlighted in "the new york times" magazine. >> what is your response to his claim and are you concerned at all that any of the -- >> what's that? >> [ bleep ] is my response to that. >> the commissioner insists the department doesn't focus on numbers but rather on how to reduce crime.
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denial or has no issue lying through his teeth. >> raymond was recently passed over for a promotion but denies it's personal. >> i'm employed by the nypd but i work for the people. it's just unfortunate to watch the people continuously be lied to and officers under duress to meet these numbers. >> the city has asked a federal judge to throw out the portion of the lawsuit that deals with the alleged quotas. a decision is expected within the next couple of months. sara wallace, "news 4 new york." and if you have a story you'd like the i-team to check out, call the news 4 i-team tip line at 866-news-244. up next on this sunday morning, an update on the health of artist and activist yoko ono one day after a hospital scare.
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a monumental world trade center transportation hub is set to open to the public. >> but the grand opening ain't going to be so grand. the long awaited $4 billion transportation center scheduled to officially open on thursday. what's really opening is a portal to a mostly vacant space. don't eggs pekt ribbon-cutting or speeches. it's a decade behind schedule and plagued by financial issues. >> just hoping that this becomes a source of revenue, a source of life, a source of revitalization of this part of the city. >> well, it's going to look pretty empty until the retail shops start coming in about six months from now. for now the rail station will provide service only to a path train line. a royal caribbean cruise ship is on the way back to new jersey. the company ended the voyage
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the anthem of the seas ship is returning to cape liberty. it was caught in a wild storm weeks ago. the trip was ended early. mayor din kins is starting his secretary week in the ago due to new -- second week in the hospital due to pneumonia. the good news is that he is sounding better every day. dinkins was the first black mayor from 1990 to 1993. yoko ono is back home this morning after being treated in the hospital for flu-like symptoms. her son tweeted about her release last night and thanked everyone for their concern. the artist and singer went to the hospital on the advice of her doctor last week. we're coming right back with a fabulous check of the forecast. you're watching "today in new
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might see 60 and beyond today? >> it wouldn't surprise me in newark, jersey city heading away from the water. >> all right. >> you may see 60 degrees in northeast new jersey. otherwise, upper 50s here in town. you can see in the seven-day forecast. very mild weather. 58 for a high today. breezy. tomorrow more of the same, breezy and mild. few showers early on. you can time it without the umbrellas tomorrow as long as you don't live deep north and west of town in the hudson valley. that's where you can see showers in the morning commute. dry in the evening commute. tuesday is dry and cooler there. wednesday some showers, especially early on. thursday it gets much cooler back to where we should be in the low 40s. friday, a high of 35 degrees and a chance for some snow. right now it's way too early to talk about how much or how strong that storm could be. keep in mind, the end of the week may be colder and more wintry so enjoy the spring fling while it lasts. >> all the more reason to enjoy
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dog park will be crowded today. >> yeah. >> thanks. raphael, thank you. >> tomorrow marks leap day. if monday is your birthday, you might feel shorted. >> they do. since february 29th only comes once every four years, one pizza franchise is offering leapers a slice of something extra. pizza hut posted on the its facebook page, leap day babies can come in on monday for free personal pan pizza. >> a whole pizza. >> whole personal pan pizza. they said it's metropolitan to make up for the lost birthdays. to claim it, you have to bring a photo issued i.d. >> erica terron tell, now in possible and tracie strahan's little boy dylan. >> and jake. >> tracie get us a pizza. dylan doesn't want it. thanks for spending your sunday morning with us. the next newscast at 6:00 p.m.
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