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tv   Today in New York  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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weaking news overnight. a large investigation in a quiet long island neighborhood. what police a saying. plus a department in mourning. an nypd officer killed in a hit and run. the suspect is in custody this morning. it happened again overnight. a pedestrian hit in the city following a deadly weekend on the roads. "today in new york" starts now. good morning everyone. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here. >> beautiful weekend. 60 degrees yesterday. not that mild today. but well into the 50s. in the upper 40s in and around the city. subfreezing northwest sections of new jersey.
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a line of showers that will come on through about the midday hours. the morning commute, i think, is dry. may get early sunshine. then the clouds take over. we will see a passing shower about 11:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. then clearing followed by a cooling trepd. changes coming up in the workweek. we'll talk about that in a little bit. let's go to lauren scala on a monday morning. good morning, lauren. >> good morning. we have a couple of problems out there. we'll head over to the new york state thruway. heading southbound. watch out for an accident there. then you have a ramp closure. it closes it from northbound 208. things are rolling along pretty nicely. more on the 4s. a deadly hit and run on the new jersey turnpike, the suspect in custody. lori bordonaro is outside the 100th precinct in rockaway beach where that officer was stationed.
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>> reporter: michael, the police have the driver in the custody but have not released his name. a very sad day outside the is 00 precinct where the officer worked. he was just 25 years old. he was killed while off duty sunday morning by a hit and run driver. harrison was headed southbound on the new jersey turnpike when he got in a minor collision with another car. he pulled over to the shoulder and when he got out, he was run down by an infiniti. that driver took off and harrison died a short time later. he joined the nypd a year and a half ago following the footsteps of his older brother. his heartbroken mother said her son always wanted to be a police officer and right now, it's not clear where police found the driver again. he is in custody. michael and darlene, we're waiting for more information as to what charges he'll face. that's the latest from here. back to youment. >> lori, thank you. new this morning,
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through a home in mamaroneck. smoke and flames engulfed the house after 11:30. it took hours for crew toss put that fire out. we're told everyone inside nad it out safely. firefighters say the cause of the fire is unclear. a good samaritan who rushed into a burning build to go save a stranger in newark. it happened on west runion street last night. and quickly spread to two nearby homes. a woman asked a passerby for help. >> when i ran inside, the whole kitchen was on fire. he was standing in the kitchen. he didn't want to leave out of the kitchen. so when i was pulling him out of kitchen. he said no, my wife. but your wife is already downstairs. she's the one that told me you was upstairs. i dragged him -- put him over my shoulder and brought him out of the house. >> a firefighter to do let alone a civilian.
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no one was hurt, luckily. the cause of that fire under investigation. certainly a very brave move by that gentleman. >> absolutely. you hear from the fire chief, they really know they mean it. 4:34 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. we have to check in with chris cimino. we get spoiled and we want it. >> i want it. >> sorry. well, we have a couple of degrees shy of that 60-degree mark. it is a mild day. the tradeoff. a mild seco start in the city. coastal areas. but chilly in the suburbs. especially in northwest sections of new jersey. we're looking for that passing midday shower from 11:00 in the morning until 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. a brief shower will come on through. we'll have sun after that. sun, then a shower and sun at the end. day. temperatures mild. well into the 50s for another day. mild enough in the city at 50 degrees right now.
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the clouds will roll in and the y then the showers move in. a high temperature upper 50s. lot of changes this week. a little more rain. maybe a few flakes of snow before we're through. let's talk to lauren. >> another update on the roads. on the garden state parkway, local lanes shut down northbound after 117. between 117 and 120 nothing is getting by through here. you'll need to head to the express lanes. a spot to avoid there. on the rails, we have track work out there. the ones listed here are affected. expect delays and service changes. you need to move your cars today. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect. 4:35 now. we learned a man was hit by a car and killed in the bronx. the 33-year-old victim was struck around 11:30 last night near union port road and mcgraw avenue. the driver stayed on the scene. the victim was taken to jacoby medical center where he was
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this capped off a deadly weekend for pedestrians in the city. we have surveillance video where one person was hit and killed by a hit and run driver. in each case, the drivers took off. the incidents were scattered across the city. manhattan, brooklyn, queens and the bronx. and one city lawmaker has had this message for the drivers involved. >> we are letting the drivers know that it is not too late to be responsible here. >> some people are questioning the effectiveness of mayor de blasio's vision zero campaign. it's 4:36. a community mourning the loss of a high school senior killed in a car crash. edmond conklin died after he was taken to the hospital early sunday morning. they found him outside his car, which rolled over on bridgeport avenue near long hill crossroad. the high school will have
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isis is claiming responsibility for a pair of strategically timed suicide bombings in iraq. more than 70 people were killed in baghdad. the attacks happened in a largely shiite muslim neighborhood. new this morning, we're seeing for the first time the american student held in north korea. he's otto long beer. he was presented to reporters in pyongyang. that's where he's being held for a hostile act against the country. often, they're forced to confess publicly. he did the same saying he was duped into stealing a political banner. >> but i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. and i am praying to the heavens so that i may be returned home to my family. >> a statement then turned tearful. the university of virginia
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airport on january 2nd. tomorrow is super tuesday and the republican presidential candidates are duking it out for votes. donald trump found himself under intense scrutiny this weekend. at first he refuse today disavow himself from david duke's words of support. then he was tricked by the gawker website to retweet a quote for tweeting -- >> you want to be associated with a fascist. >> no. i want to be associated with interesting quotes. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuse toss condemn white supremacists. >> ted cruz hinted that trump won't release taxes because they may show ties to organized crime through his construction business. turning to the democrats. hillary clinton will try to build on her landslide win in south carolina. bernie sanders got decimated in primary. he trails clinton in a number of
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but yesterday, both candidates seem to be more focused on donald trump. >> we do not agree with donald trump that climate change is a hoax. >> i believe that america is great right now. >> hillary clinton campaigns in massachusetts and in virginia. bernie sanders plans to be massachusetts as well. that's an important super tuesday battleground. it's 4:39. just ahead, chris rock tackles the oscars diversity debate with a blistering monologue. plus, new troubles for the cruise ship that hit rough seas earlier. we'll tell you why it's turning around once again. showers. coming up. follow us on facebook and twitter and instagram. darlene4ny, michaelg4ny, you're
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it's 4:41. four things to know this morning. a car hit and killed a man in the bronx. the 33-year-old victim was struck around 11:30 in parkchester. it was the latest in a string of accidents this weekend. a 25-year-old nypd officer was killed in a hit and run on the new jersey turnpike. officer harrison worked out of the 100th precinct in rockaway beach. they've located the driver who hit him. they haven't released a name or charges. a good samaritan is credited newark. three buildings burned overnight on west runion street. if it's your birthday, it's
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pizza hut among chains making an offer for leap year birthdays. bring your i.d. and you get a free personal pizza. not bad. it is leap day. beautiful weather over the weekend. 60 degrees yesterday with sunshine. today has changes. may start out with a little bit of sun. a quick round of showers in the middle of the day. just a touch cooler tomorrow and more rain for the middle of the week. again, pretty active pattern this week. as it stands now, leaning towards everything being liquid. 48 in astoria, 37 in larchmont. the low to mid-30s. northern half of new jersey is where you're finding the coldest temperatures. from the city on east, along coastal communities, it's in the 40s to near 50. here are the showers we're talking about. making a beeline in our direction. pretty steady.
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there's a cold front that lies in here. as it sweeps on out ahead of it there could be showers. we're starting out in the clear. got clouds gradually picking up through the morning hours. i think the bulk of the morning commute is pretty much free of rain, except northwestern suburbs could see a shower earlier. this is 10:00 a.m. and the areas of showers sweeps by and then east of the city and then clear out by 3:00, 4:00. start with sun, then showers, then clearing. i think the clouds will build in towards the evening hours. then we've got nasty weather coming through overnight through early wednesday. they've sped up the computer models on the approach. we'll keep an eye on that for the timing. it may be out of here sooner on wednesday actually and see clearing by wednesday afternoon. then it turns colder for the latter half of the weekend. back to reality. 57 expected high today. 60 in ramsey.
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long branch, around 60. just that midday shower the only interruption. little chillier tonight. not bad for this time of year. 36 the overnight low. a few 20s well north and west with a clear sky. now, on wednesday it looks like a storm system, again, looks like it's coming through faster late tuesday, early wednesday morning. probably by wednesday afternoon, that's offshore. a break on thursday as it turns colder. then a clipper system moves on through on friday. that could bring us a little bit of light snow flurry activity. no big deal. nothing to shovel as it stands now. here's the seven-day forecast. midday shower. mild at 57. upper 40s. tomorrow is cooler. rain moves in tomorrow night. could be a gusty shower or thunderstorm. still mild, 54. there's the trend colder. still in the 30s on saturday. a light mix of rain or snow on saturday back to the mid 40s on sunday. let's check in with lauren
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>> we have an accident involving multiple vehicles. the garden state parkway. this is northbound after exit 117. the local lanes are shut down. you can see express lanes moving fine through here but the local lanes jammed. you can see delays building. we'll look at the maps and see how far the delays go. they go back to exit 117. the accident is just past there. head out to the local lanes if you commute in this direction and you need to head out right now. we have a ramp closure 208 northbound at plaza road. something to note. a live look at better news. the long island expressway in queens by the grand central parkway. this is what most of the major roadways look like right now. garden state parkway is the biggest problem. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. the next update on the 4s. thanks, lauren. 4:46 right now. at the 88th academy awards,
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best is screen play. brie larson won. alicia vie kander won best supporting actor. the man who won best actor, it was a long time coming. >> the oscar goes to. leonardo dicaprio. >> that's right. leonardo dicaprio won his first oscar. he won for his role in the revenant. he used part of the speech to talk about the environment. the southern tip of this planet just to be able to find snow. climate change is real. it is happening right now. >> alejandro inreteu won for the revenant. mad max fury road was the big winner of the night. it took home six oscars out of the ten nominations.
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rock came out firing in his monologue. he immediately addressed the lack of diversity at the oscars. >> hollywood is sorority racist. we like you, rhonda, but you're not -- >> rock used -- the girls made more than $65,000. so look at that. selling cookies to the crowd. that's the way to do it, huh? >> nice. > happening now, the royal caribbean cruise ship battered by a storm turned around and is heading back to port again. the company tweeted it's canceling another cruise on the anthem of the seas. the ship is returning to new jersey early because of a possible norovirus outbreak and to avoid yet another storm. just a few weeks ago, this same vessel was caught in a powerful storm that forced it to turn around. passengers tell us they
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>> we'd rather be home safe than have to worry about going through a crazy storm or something. >> the ship is expected to arrive in bayonne wednesday morning. it will be disinfected before it sails again. 4:40 right now. police are looking for the suspects who opened fire on a subway platform if brooklyn. a man was shot in the stomach in crown heights. police say the victim was standing on the southbound platform just after midnight sunday when the two men in their late teens approached him, pulled out a gun and fired, hitting him in the stomach. they don't know if he was targeted or if it was a random attack. police are investigating a gruesome discovery in a park in washington heights. a woman walking through high bridge park noticed a sealed corona box. decided to open it. she discovered fresh fruit, a can of soda and a cooked horse's head. no word on how it got there. the aspca is also looking into
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the man accused of killing a rookie police officer on her first day on the job -- this is outside of d.c. to honor officer ashley guindon. she was responding to a domestic disturbance call. this happened one day after being sworn in as a police officer. sergeant ronald hamill ton hamilton, an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon, he's accused of killing her and he killed his wife. police in ohio say a pastor was gunned down inside his church during a sunday service. dayton, ohio, police say william schooler had walked back to the pulpit inside to the church when the shooter got out of the pew and followed him. heard shots. he was arrested at the scene.
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highest honor for combat bravely. edward buyers, believed to be part of the secret e seal team 6. he held off two taliban fighters while shielding an american hostage. another seal was killed in that 2013 raid. we have dramatic video from southern india. an elephant went on a rampage during a religious festival. it broke the leash and started flinging cars and there's a pickup truck. it took several hours to bring the animal under control. fortunately, no one was hurt. still to come, concerns about drinking water from a local reservoir. this morning, what's being done about it. one lawmaker wants to take action to make your flying experience -- we've all experienced that lack of room. they want to make it a little better. it's not every day you can
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the most respected investors in the world. why warren buffett is taking questions today. you're watching "today in new york." we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it' s the people. american workers. they build world-class products.
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starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take pbefore your appointment starts. a live look at the belt parkway. it's 4:53. let's check the weather and traffic now. weather and traffic on the 4s. >> now it makes sense. >> there we go. >> that's all right. >> i'm sorry. >> i went too early. >> everyone have a terrific weekend? >> beautiful. >> this is the last day of february. but it will be another mild day. tettmperatures in the upper 50s. only an interruption of a scattered shower from late morning to early afternoon. the sun returns again by the end of the day.
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get chillier. could see 20s again in the suburbs. mild in the middle of the week. it gets chillier towards the end of the week to remind us it's not quite done, winter. storms on the horizon. >> lauren, is it best supporting commute for monday? >> actually, not really. we have a problem out there. a live look at the garden state parkway. you'll see lots of taillights out there. pretty serious accident northbound after exit 117. right now, they said three lanes are blocked. a few moments ago all lanes are closed. avoid the area. you don't have to sit in the delays. i'll keep you updated. heading over to the belt parkway by jfk airport. this is what most of the roadways are like. garden state parkway is our only trouble spot right now. >> it's 4:55. spacex has canceled a launch of the latest mission. it was supposed to deliver a satellite into space. it was scrubbed again yesterday.
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was aborted because of a low thrust alarm. it uses a fuel mixture that must be chilled to several hundred degrees below zero. rising liquid oxygen materials hampered launch attempts. it was a frequent complaint, especially for frequent flyers. shrinking leg room on airplanes. new york senator charles schumer wants the government to get involved. he's introducing an amendment to faas reauthorization bill. standards. the senator says leg room needs to be 35 inches. the average now, 31 inches. >> nothing bothers people more than the fact that there's almost no leg room. the average passenger feels like they're being treated as a sardine, squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. >> the faa reauthorization bill comes up for a vote next month.
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government's role is to determine whether the seat size is safe. but that's it. happening today, california judge will decide whether a defamation lawsuit against bill cosby will move forward. model janice dickinson sued cosby in may. she claims he drugged and raped her. cosby denies the claims. his lawyers say the case should be dismissed because her account of what happened has changed over the years. in new jersey, the operator of a reservoir wants to make sure the drinking water is not contaminated. it's just about a mile away from a toxic waste site in lynwood. the bergen record, north of jersey district water supply commission wants it tested for -- next time the reservoir is federally mandated to be tested is not until 2018. happening today, billionaire warren buffett will answer questions on the economy for three hours on cnbc. he will appear on "squawk box."
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promising news to shareholders. he says any baby born today will live better than their parents each with the current slow economic growth. in portland, oregon, they're thanking a crime fighting shopper. they were chasing a man spotted jaywalking through heavy traffic. he was almost getting away when a man rolled a shopping cart into the path causing him to crash to the floor. police were able to take him into custody. they wanted to thank the shopper. it's gone viral. 4:58 right now. >> coming up on 5:00 a.m., take us with you if you're heading out the door. >> download the "news 4 new york" app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. breaking news overnight. a large investigation in a quiet long island neighborhood. we'll tell you what police are saying. plus a department in mourning.
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the suspect is in custody. >> a wild crash. how a paramedic's car ended up off the ground. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this monday. last day of february. the shorter month. leap year this year. >> that's right. those of us who have friends with children get to celebrate that birthday. i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. >> good morning. it's a shorter month but a longer month. never mind. normally the shortest month and this time is has 29. >> 48 right now in astoria. we're seeing temperatures north and west of the city. chilly and below freezing. down the shore to the mid-40s too. right around 50. holding on to some of that warmth. yesterday's 60-degree temperature.
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a liep of showers across central pennsylvania making progress. >> once you get past 10:00, 11:00 in the morning. take a light umbrella with you. temperatures in afternoon in the upper 50s. we'll talk about the further changes in the seven-day in a bit. lauren, we'll find out if there's changes on the commute. >> this one on 80 eastbound. a vehicle fire by exit 56. that's in the right lane. not causing a delay yet. i'll let you know. we have an accident northbound after exit 117 on the guard arden state parkway. delays have eased. you can head to the local or express lanes. you should be fine. more weather and traffic on the 4s. 5:00 a.m. right now. the driver in a deadly hit and run on the new jersey turnpike is in custody. the victim, a young nypd


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