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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. right now, tears in the courtroom as sportscaster erin andrews testifies in the $75 million civil trial over the secret recording of her. >> about 20 minutes ago andrews was asked about the peephole recordings and she broke down in
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>> story is still happening right now. sportscaster erin andrews is testifying in the civil trial over that secret video recording of her nude inside her hotel room. she is seeking $75 million in the lawsuit that names the man convicted of stalking her, along with a nashville hotel and its management company. >> for like three months everybody thought it was a publicity stunt. on the front page of the new york post the espn scandal. fox news and cbs, everybody put up that i was doing it for publicity and attention. and that rips me apart. >> earlier today, jurors watched a tape deposition of michael david barrett the man convicted of stalking the popular
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secretly recording nude videos. >> why did you decide to do that? >> it's a great question. >> i'd like to hear the answer. >> so would i too. i don't have the answer. i've thought about it over and over. the financial bind i was in. it was a huge mistake in judgment. >> attorneys for the nashville marriott say they were duped as well. they claim barrett manipulated the reservation system to get the room next door to andrews which allowed him to make the video. barrett said he targeted andrews because she was trending on loan. . opening statements in the trial of a brooklyn man accused of trying to join isis. he flew to turkey in 2015 with plans to travel to syria and join the islamic state.
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flash drives when he realized he was being -- the nypd renewing the search for a man suspected in a stabbing earlier this month. the reward has increased to 12, $12,500. he approached a 25-year-old man who was wearing hasidic clothing. three college students accused in a violent attack, then trying to spin it as a hate crime. the women who all go to suny albany attacked a 19-year-old bus passenger last month. prosecutors say this surveillance video clearly shows they lied. we heard from the judge. >> in this case, if proven,
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impact on our community. in fact, if proven, they're shame full. >> the third suspect is from western new york. all the women are due back in court next month. attorneys have concluded appeal arguments in the corruption case of new jersey senator robert menendez. he has denied he used his office to help a florida eye doctor gain millions. prosecutors say that clause does not protect corruption. a three-judge panel expected to issue a decision in a few weeks. grief counsellors met with students. eddie eddie was driving early sunday morning hen his g ing when he carolled over. he was an honor student and a member of the school's basketball team which is
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tournament. >> everyone that knew him well says he was just a great young man, getting ready to go to college. just a real friend to a lot of kids. it reminds everyone and it shocks everyone into the realizization that we are all fragile. in westchester county firefighters arrived to find flames shooting from the home in mamaroneck. it took crews more than go two hours to put the flames out. no one was hurt. they want new york's public pension fund to drop oil companies. they would require the fund to divest holdings in some of the largest publicly traded fossil
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if you have a child born in 2012, this friday is the deadline to register them for prek. all applications received by this friday march 4th are treated the same. the application process is not first come first serve. all families must submit an application to receive a prek offer. also a bus drive busted. how long police say his eyes were off the road. dave price will have his forecast. >> 60 degrees as we head through the weekend. we begin the week with warm temperatures. how long will they last and is
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. sad news about an abused abandon dog you may remember us tells you about. sweet sally passed away yesterday while yet getting treatment at an emergency veterinary hospital. the pit bull mix was found in orange county, emaciated, unable to move. the humane society offering an award for any information leading to the arrest of the person responsible. and the driver behind the wheel of this bus crash in new jersey is facing assault by auto and reckless driving charges
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into ten vehicles in south brunswick. the driver was distracted as he went 50 miles per hour not looking at the road for at least ten seconds before the crash. police say he hit the first car going full speed, then plowed into other vehicles as they slowed down to stop for a red light. word of a home invasion in the bronx. the nypd telling us it happened in the gun hill section. checkey beckford is there with new details. >> reporter: neighbors telling us this family was held prisoner inside their home inside this building here on magenta street. exactly how long that lasted is unclear. law enforcement sources say this was a home invasion. neighbors telling us they could hear the crying of that small child inside that apartment as early as last night. the child was crying throughout the night. take a look at some of this video here of the family members that were walking out of the building just about 30 minutes ago.
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police say they responded to this address here on magenta street around 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. you could see one person holding a young girl. a woman who was crying walked to a waiting ambulance. the family did not speak english and couldn't tell us exactly what happened but they were visibly shaken. police had swarmed the street in front of the building earlier in the afternoon leaving neighbors on edge. >> i'm shocked. i'm really shocked. for somebody to break into somebody's home, that's really bad. >> reporter: police say at this point there have been no arrests in this case. it's unclear exactly how many suspects they're looking for. coming up next, the effort to regulate drones takes a new turn in connecticut. >> which add-on for the flying gadgets could you get prison time for the lawmakers get their way? >> reporter: a startling
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why locals think the placement of
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. the same royal caribbean cruise ship battered by a storm earlier this month is headed back to port again. the company says the anthem of the seas will return to new jersey because of an impending storm. the company says it's not turning around because of the norovirus outbreak as originally suspected. an upstate prison guard who helped two inmates escape last year. gene palmer will serve six monthed month
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s for helping richard matt and david sweat break out of prison. let's shift to the weather which was absolutely beautiful today and yesterday too. >> it is gorgeous outside right now. we're going to begin with some up to date pictures. this is the very latest. there are weather underground cameras all over the region right now. it allows us to show you conditions all over literally up to the minute. now we'll go to north merck her merrick long island. 58 degrees there. a mild day it was. chilly and dry tonight as the temperature drops and the winds
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p a little bit. let's go to the maps take a look at temperatures throughout the area. this is what we love to see. 55 in poughkeepsie. 49 in montauk. islip at 48 degrees. we saw 60 degrees as we headed through sunday. 61 today. and now watch this. we dive down tomorrow to 47. then into the 30s we go, thursday, friday and saturday. could we see some snowflakes this week? it's a possibility. now, the temperatures are comfortable but the winds are picking up tonight so there's going to be a little bit of a chill in the air, gusts upwards of 25 miles per hour or more in places like newburgh. storm tracker show this is storm system, if you will, this quick moving moving moving rainstorm moved through.
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heading into tomorrow, great, 47 degrees. the trouble starts late tomorrow night and pushes into the rush hour on wednesday. here's a look at the forecast. we've gone through the temperatures. you know wednesday we're going to see a little bit of rain, i think about a quarter inch or less. just keep it in mind as you make your plans on your way to work wednesday morning. thursday dry. and we could see a flake or two friday night as we start off the weekend. it's going to be a cool one. in connecticut lawmakers want to keep drones from becoming flying weapons. it was this video reported by a connecticut college student that sparked concern over the aircrafts. at a hearing today the student told a panel that it's no different from a standard firearm but lawmakers think otherwise. another hearing will be held tomorrow. we have a consumer alert. a blue cheese recall being expanded.
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of its blue cheese because of listeria concerns. listeria can call serious infections especially in young children, the elderly and pregnant women. what would you say if you brought a fur coat to be stored and then the business tells you they lost it? a new jersey woman said better get baquero. here's linda baquero to explain your consumer rights if something like this happens to you. >> pretty scary right. well, whether we're talking about a mink coat or a t-shirt, whenever you bring an article of clothing to be cleaned or stored, you should know what the limits of liability are if something goes wrong. sharon proudly showed us some of the fur coats she owns and which she add stored with the business.
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season to store them. she dropped off several coats about three years ago. >> i went to pick them up. dropped off six. got five items back. >> the one item she's missing? >> a mahogany mink coat. >> sharon says she's to dana reed -- >> he says he's still looking. he promises he's not lost it. he just can't find it. >> when we checked her receipt, it clearly states our liability for loss or damage is limited to the declared valuation. >> around $3,000. >> yet when you look at your receipt, usually there's some indication of what their responsibility is, correct? >> it says $100. >> that's right.
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cleaner receipt, this fur storage receipt puts the maximum liability at $100 per item. >> i just am so frustrated. i know you're wonderful with helping people. and i'm hoping maybe with your resources i can get some sort of compensation. >> so we reached out to dana reed in ridgewood. although their receipt makes it clear they're only responsible to pay up to $100. they tell us they're willing to offer more in this case. there's a little problem. and that's determining the value of the coat. sharon doesn't have a receipt for the purchase. because it was more than 12 years ago that store doesn't have a record either. more now dana reed tells us it is offering for they have to. they're willing to pay $600 for the loss. they'll not quite the 3,000. but again she didn't have a receipt. >> what are the lessons for us here?
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this applies to dry cleaners as well. keep receipts for high ticket purchases like a fur coat for example. also, you should know the maximum liability when cleaning or storing these items. and consider adding a rider to your homeowner's insurance if you don't have one already. at that point you might be able to file a claim if the item is lost or stolen. >> to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to better get baquero or call us. from now on, everyone who reaches out will get a response from the team at our new consumer investigative center. a disturbing discovery inside a local park where a woman found the severed head of a horse and where some neighbors think it may have come from. we'll tell you why the
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largest city are going to be significantly dirtier tomorrow. plus a former apprentice who was fired goes on the stump with trump. and we've been following the plight of the transcare ambulance workers who have lost
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a day after a severed horse head was found in a washington heights park, stunned neighbors are still talking about it,
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who put it there. others we spoke to weren't surprised to hear about the bizarre discovery. >> reporter: highbridge park today, serene, peaceful, a stark difference from yesterday when police say a woman strolling the park made a startling discovery. a box meant to hold beer, but inside was a cooked horse's head. >> oh my god. a horse head? yes, that is very shocking. >> reporter: police say the horse's head was surrounded by bones and other items. where it came from, why someone left it here in the park is not clear. but julio navarro told me he's seen this thing before. dead chickens for example. >> sometimes i saw the head for the hen. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> crazy, crazy people. >> reporter: in fact, we ran into multiple people who told us
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remains. most of them appear to be left here as some sort of spiritual ritual or voodoo. before. >> yeah. >> reporter: police couldn't say here. it was cooked but it could have been meant as a meat. police say there was no criminality in this case. a horse's head was discovered in miami two years ago. at the time experts thought it might be related to a sacrifice in the religion of sanity ree taria. that will do it for us. stay with us as the news continues at 6:00. live from studio 3c in rockefeller center, this is news
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4 investigators looks at the legal loophole that may be contributing to the increase of hit-and-runs in new york city. an emergency for first responders out of work and looking for answers. and why a tax fight in patterson lead to threats of dirty streets, unsafe cross walks and huge piles of garbage. we begin tonight with the startling increase in hit-and-run deaths in new york city. news 4 investigates the loophole drivers are using to avoid punishment. >> last year in the first two months five people lost their lives in traffic accidents. this year that number doubled to ten. andrew, what did you find out today? >> reporter: well, about that legal loophole, it boyle ils down to this.
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there isn't physical evidence, it's possible it's only a misdemeanor. more on that in just a minute. but behind me you can see there's a digital sign as police look for yet another hit-and-run driver after a deadly weekend. nypd detectives taped posters on light poles late today. telling new yorkers to be on the look out for hit-and-run drivers. three of them killed pedestrians and cyclists this weekend. >> that's not right. they're not supposed to do that. they're supposed to be, you know, human to accept what they did wrong. >> reporter: 4 investigates dug into why the number of hit-and-runs is on the rise, even though other fatal crashes like this one today on madison avenue and 36th street, when an suv killed a 77-year-old woman are on the decline. first, i asked the mayor. is there something that you


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