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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 30, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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see you next time, folks. it's wednesday, march 30th. coming up on "early today." turning the heat up on donald trump's campaign manager but the donald is not backing down. >> she was running up and grak and asking questions and she wasn't supposed to be doing that and i told him you should never settle this case. i think they've really hurt a very good person. the clock is click is ticking on the remaining gop
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and could apple force them to -- the fbi to show them how they broke into the iphone. "early today" starts right now. thankss for joining us today. stand by your man. that is the tone from donald trump after his campaign manager was arrested yesterday. charged with one count of misdemeaner battery. this appears to show him grabbing now exreporter michelle field's arm as she tried to ask trump a question during a rally. he turned himself into police and was issued a notice to appear in court. his attorney says he's innocent. >> reporter: police say the crime was caught on tape. this closed circuit video shows donald trump's campaign manager
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news conference this month. he's facing a criminal charge for unwanted battery. "i can't believe he just did that" fields said "that was so hard. was that cory?" me was released his lawyers insist he's absolutely innocent. >> she was running up and grabbing and asking questions and wasn't supposed to be doing that. i said you should go all the way. i think they've really hurt a very good person. >> reporter: fields tweeted i guess these magically appeared on me. so weird. he called her totally delusional. adding, i never tufrped ouched you. and trump asking why aren't people looking at this
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and aboard his jet, trump mocked fields and stood by his manager. >> i'm not going to let a person's life be destroyed. >> reporter: they had a series of run ins with protesters. threatening to confuskate a media members credentials. and multiple female media members describe him as suggestive and belittling. the campaign calling it baseless. in 1999 he was arrested after entering a congressional office building with a loaded weapon. and the supreme court denied his efforts to get the gun back but . and there is a different tone from the other republican
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>> it is not complicated that assaulting a reporter is an offense in any campaign maintaining a standard integrity. >> it would depend what it is and what the evidence was. buwot when we see things that we think all are inappropriate, we take action. >> and last night trump back tracked his original pledge saying i've been treated very unfairly, we'll see who it is. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is working hard in wisconsin ahead of next weekend's big primary. he went after wisconsin governor scott walker. >> and in other words, you can get a pretty good understanding of what i'll do as president by looking at scott walker and seeing i'll do exactly the opposite. [ applause ] i am sure there are areas we
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them yet. >> the sanders campaign is declaring victory after hillary clinton says she welcomes adding a debate ahead of the primary. be sure to watch msnbc tonight for exclusive candidate town halls. kasich with todd at 7:00. followed by trump at 8:00. and at 9:00 clinton and sanders one on one. and as more republican senators break with party leadership in meeting with supreme court nomination, merrick garland. they're seeing the reverberations of antonin scalia's death. the court split its decision, 4-4. this is the second tie since scalia's death. it leaves the lower court's ruling in place. they can continue to collect fees from those who choose not
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benefits of contract negotiations. and justice scalia was expected to rule against allowing unions to charge nonmembers. and the man has been identified as 58-year-old mustafa, an egyptian national with a criminal record. he passed through airport security in alexandria with personal items he used to imply he was wearing a an explosive belt and demanded the plane be diverted to cyprus, where it's believed his ex-wife lives and after passengers were released, he surrendered to authorities, but not before posing for this selfie. we're also getting new details on how the fbi was able to hack the iphone of syed
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it now appears investigators turned overseas for assistance. here with more. >> reporter: four months after the san bernardino stair terror attack, they finally have access to the cell phone of gunman, syed farook. they've been getting help from this israel company, experts in mobile forenzices. the justice department now dropping its court case against apple. sglirts >> it's about everyone's phones. >> reporter: daniel gill more, a text expert says many knowledgeable hackers could have gained access. >> if someone has physical access and an unlimited amount of time and money, they will get to the data on the device. >> reporter: he says fbi was trying to set precedent by going public.
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enforcement has hundreds of cases where investigators desperately want access inside locked smart phones. apple says the company will continue to work with investigators but people around the world deserve data protection, security and privacy. david bowdich says i am satisfied that we have access to more answers than we had before. it's unclear what information, if any, will come from syed farook's iphone and whether the fbi will now tell apple how it hacked it, so the tech giant can make the rest of their devices more secure. miguel, nbc news, los angeles. >> well, this may not feel very secure for some 18 million people at risk for severe weather today. looks like a stormy one.
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and here's the area at risk. it goes all the way from iowa back to areas of louisiana and texas. and now you noticed we've added the enhanced and we'll have to wait and see if they update this to a moderate but this is a large area of the country. multiple rounds of storms but from shreveport to dallas, north included. the greatest threat of tornados is from tyler, texas and southern arkansas and that will be later on this evening. they will begin over the top of the dallas area down to waco. this will be at 11:00 a.m. through the afternoon, the storms intense ify as they move through northeast texas at 9:00. and the tornado threat is greatest this evening. and tomorrow a lot of bands of heavy rain in the south.
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and now a closer look at your day ahead. so the showers and storms will be starting from oklahoma city to dallas to waco down to austin, to san antonio and heading east and northeast as we go throughout the day. as far east as southern minnesota as we go throughout the day. and my friends in casper, wyoming who are going to be shoveling 16 inches of snow by the end of the day. a bazar 911 call from someone who got the wrong toppings on a pizza? plus a pilotless robot bringing food right to your door. door. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is?
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last week's terror attack. officials lowered the death toll from 32 from earlier reports of 35. they say 90 remain hospitalized 30 in specialized burn units. in vermont, a drug dog reacted to a man and later during a cavity search, the equivalent of over 1400 bags of body. north carolina governor recently signed a law and now his democratic challenger, atorny general is calling the law a national embarrassment and says his office will not defend it in court. a woman upset with her pizza order actually called 911 in
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oh, my goodness. the dispatcher explained the caatll wasn't a police matter but sent an officer to the confrontation. this little guy right there could be delivering packages to folks in the nation's capital. a new company called starship technology is working with washington d.c.'s city counsel to get approval for delivery robots. they could cost between 1 and $3 per trip and controlled by a smart phone app. let's get down to business. consumer reports is out with its list of the 10 lowest rated cars on the market. subcompact. and the muraidies cla 250 is
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poor gas mileage for the chrysler town and country. and for the worst suvs. the dodge journey and cadillac esclaid. and burger king's newest edition may have you reaching for heat relief. the ang reest whopper promising serious kick and it's going to cost you over 5 bucks. coming up, president obama epidemic.
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what pain?
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this morning on "today," the house with a chilling story. six bedrooms, four bathrooms and one stocker. go inside the new jersey home for sale that receives creepy messages. now to sports. team u.s.a. in a win scenario after a humiliating loss from this same team from guatemala. the clinton dempsey opening the scoring. and u.s.a. went on to win 4-0. and king james gets the night off but the lebronless cavs blow a 20 point lead against the visiting rockets. also getting a break, kevin
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too well for oklahoma city. an 88-82 win in auburn hills. now two time master champion, bubba watson's half-court shot at an orlando magic game got wedged between the rim and back board. what are the odds of that? the pro golfer took it in stride and him and puff the magic dragon celebrated with bubba. look at the life and career of the late patty duke. and an indorance competition
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welcome back. severe weather later today. from iowa down to the gulf coast. severe weather, chance of flooding and then we have to watch an arctic blast. the polar vortex didn't split earlier this month and a big release of air is heading down to the south. by monday morning, areas 70 degrees will be down to 9 degrees with wind chills in the negative numbers great lakes and new england. maind morning tributes are pouring in after the news of the death of patty duke. she's the child star who went on to a legendary career on stage
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a very personal battle helping so many others. here looking back. meet catty patty identitial cousins >> reporter: she said not long ago that people still approach her in airports and sing the whole thing. her first starring role came at the age of 12, dazzling broadway as helen keller in the "miracle worker" and four years later won an academy award for her portrayal of the blind girl. at the time the youngest person to ever win. it is the story that defined her career. in her 30s she took on the role of keller's teacher, any sullivan, for television, this
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she married four times, most famously to john asten who played gomez on "the adams factory" they raised two sons, both actors. and she said the love of her life was michael pierce, they adopted a son. she wrote an autobiography about her battles of bipolar disease. >> i can now look back from the grandma chair and say it's a good life. >> reporter: playing many starring roles in one lifetime. nbc news new york. >> she will be missed. i'm betty nguyen and this is
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sfloets leading the news on, a flint official, state over ruled water treatment plan. an official claimed he was overruled when he planned to treat the drinking water after the city began drawing from the flint river. and in the associated press, haley agrees to remove pluton plutonium. six metric tons of plutonium will be relocated to a facility in new mexico by the end of the
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haley has been out spoken against the storage of plutonium for years. and president obama at the national prescription drug abuse summit announced new initiatives aimed at curving the growing number of opiates in the u.s. >> it's important to recognize that today we are seeing more people killed because of opiod over dose than traffic accident. >> they'll form a task force and expand the use of drugs that can help ad ikts get clean. and look at this, it spread to an adjoining residential tower sending chunks of burning material to the ground. five people were injured.
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can sharks? here's your chance. six lucky people can spend the night in a shark tank. i'm going to pass this one. but the contest closes this sunday and winners will be chosen by april 9th. they're called coal humpers. that's what they are. they're contestants in britain's quirkiest competition. it's a coal carrying championships, vowing to be king and queen of all coal humpers. a man at a local english pub challenged to prove strength. >> and only start with two sober people in a bar. there's a great idea. >> that's when you cut them off. we're done.
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birthday to celine dion who turns 48, erick clapton is 71 and warren beatty. thanks for watching "early today." we hope you have a terrific wednesday. . right now, assessing the damage from a fire that ripped
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several people rushed to the hospital. new information coming in overnight. this morning, donald trump backing off his gop pledge while he's standing by his campaign manager. now faces a criminal charng. the vote today that could change the future of times square. good morning everyone. it's wednesday, more 350th. i'm darlene rodriguez. i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino is here. i was held upcoming home from vacation by the winds yesterday. >> that was a big issue. welcome back, michael. >> the winds could not keep me from coming back. the temperatures in the 20s right now. northwest new jersey in particular. the cold spot 21 degrees in walpack, 26 in franklin. in poughkeepsie in the 20s city in the upper 30s. at least the wind is subsiding now.


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