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tv   Today  NBC  April 19, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda ghty, everybody. what a day w york city.
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traynor, we adore her. >> we sure do. we have a great show today. rebecca romijn is here. she has a reality show called "skin wars" and all day long there's somebody getting their body painted. it is crazy. people will reveal their live masterpieces and it's a surprise you won't want to miss but it's been somet ng to behold. >> that's because we're leading up to earth day, of course, and lilliana will take us on a tour of one of the greatest greenest houses in america. almost completely self-sustaining. and it's pretty, wow. >> and if the kedchen isn't the place you want to spend your day, we have a time. [ laughter ] >> what do you mean "save you time"? who doesn't want that? [ laughter ] by the way, i'm also going to point out -- >> to get to poughkeepsie, that's right, jerry. >> you have to stick around to
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have an app that you're going to want on your phone after today and you're going to say "i saw it on the "today" show, it's amazing." >> really? maybe i'll finally get one. >> maybe you'll buy an app. well, everybody is talking about this, johnny depp and his wife amber herd issued a strange and awkward apology. >> if you saw it -- and i know you did -- you coujdn't stop laughing. it was something that seemed so disingenuous and weird, right? >> they did it via video, obviously they were found guilty of something that -- we're going into the weeds. >> well, they were accused of taking their dogs into australia -- >> on their private jet. >> on their private plane without registering them. >> getting them the proper -- >> paperwork and all that stuff you had to do. so what they had to do -- because in australia they worried the dogs may spread disease. >> you're supposed to q rantine an animal any time you take it into a foreign country. >> so we know there was a possibility of fines or jail
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but actually their penance came yesterday. they had to record a video of them -- >> taking pistol and boo into australia. >> oy., saying they basically were sorry. so we're going to watch this, because once you've seen the video once - it's not meant to be comical. >> no, it's not. >> so don't laugh even if you want to. >> australia is a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants, animals, and people. >> it has to be protected. >> australia is free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world. that is why australia has to have such strong biosecurity law. and australians are just as unique, both warm and direct. when you disrespect australian law, they will tell you firmly. >> i am truly sorry that pistol and boo were not declared. protecting australia is important. >> declare everything when you
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so we're going to see if we can recreate this. >> first of all, you have to have the camera in the worst possible angle in the world. here, down here, look kath. >> oh, wait a minute! >> we are going to see some of hoda's stuff. >> okay, you're good. okay, ready? [ laughter ] australia's a wonderful island with a treasure trove of unique plants -- >> you're amber! you're supposed to be amber, you're doing johnny! >> i'm doing amber! you're doing johnny! go, your turn. >> it has to be protected. [ laughter ] >> australia is free of many pests and diseases that are commonplace around the world. that's why australia has to have such strong biosecurity laws. >> australians are unique, both warm and direct. when you disrespect australian
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ing australia's important. >> declare everything when you enter australia. thanks. >> bye. [ laughter ] >> that was so bad. >> you were speaking with johnny depp's voice. >> no, that's my voice! >> you were supposed to do it with amber's voice. >> what do you mean? oh, hi! australia -- that's my voice. >> i should have asked for a backup. >> rebecca, what did you think? >> i thought that was amazing! you guys really committed, you went for the worst angle possible and i really admire that. >> well, we're both actresses. >> we are, as you'll learn in your segment. >> you're a very brave woman, rebecca, we're looking forward to seeing that. now "the voice" is down to the last 12, right? >> this is big. you guys no curly sue? >> allison porter.
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she performed last night demi lovato's song "stone cold" and knocked everybody out. take a look. i wish i could stand it i'm happy for you, i am >> yeah! >> curly sue!
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>> standing o. >> you might be looking at the winner. you might be looking at the winner eventually. >> okay, that was amazing. >> good for her. >> we're going to find out if she made it to the next round with the answer -- yeah -- after this. okay, and we want to say good-bye to a good friend of our's, doris roberts passed away this week. she died sunday night in her sleep -- which is the way everybody would like to go if they had a choice. she was 90 years old. i had a great joy of being with my dear friend sam haskell on his 50th birthday, we all went to scotland for three days and went all over the place together so i had -- we had some laughs, doris and i, and all the gang. she was with us here just pack in march of 2014. but she's been a part of all of our lives for such a long time. she was just a joy. >> she was one of those people
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te she opped up as the overbearing mom -- >> you knew you were going to laugh. >> this is one scene from her. shs where this is where marie is give an fruit of the onth club membership from her son and she don't likey. >> another box is coming next month. >> what? more ears? o o, it's a different fruit ery month. >> every month? >> yes! yes, that's why they call it fruit of the month club. >> it's a clubot? whatm i going to do with all thfs fruit? >> most people like it, ma, you share it. share it with your friends. >> which friends? >> i don't know. lee and stan. >> lee and stan buy their own fruit. >> give it away. >> why did you do this to me? >> oh, my god! >> i can't have too much fruit in the house. [ laughter ] she earned four emmy awards for that and was nominated seven times. what a woman. the beckham family has more talent in the young kids.
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>> son, i thin >> son of victoria and david. he has a great singing voice. this s an oldie but a goody. check it out. i got my ticket for the long way round two bottles of whiskre for the way and i sure would like some sweet company and i'm leaving tomorrow what do you say when i'm gone, when i'm gone you're gonna miss me when i'm gone me when i'm gone. >> looks and talent. >> i just got something sent to me by my sister just the other day of my 14-year-old grand ece and she was just in a performance ol "shrek." listen to this. >> okay. >> playing fee
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ing knee ing ing fiona. do i love him, last night i was uncertain but this morning, this morning, this mornie? >> that wasn't the part i wanted but it was darn good. okay. >> the klg genes are spreading around. >> i'm so happy for tyler and stein. >> how sweet is that? >> you know, if your kid has a ta nt, encourage it. th 's what they lo . it's what they're m nto do, don't you think? >> you're absolutely right. do you feel lucky, hoda? >> maybe. >> find out if today is your day when we give it away. and get ready to see a lot of skin. rebecca romijn reveals a body of art lek no other. >> she should know. after this.
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>> rebecca is the host of "skin wars," a body painting competition with 12 contestants facing elimination each week. >> and she brought along an artist and model -- ooh! >> have you seen this? >> no. >> you guys are about to get your minds blown. >> this guy was -- the monitors on the plaza were all on him and the audience was watching this guy being covered in paint. >> it's riveting. >> you can't take your eyes off it. >> no. they've been here since 5:00 in the morning. natalie fletcher, our season 1 model. natalie fletcher has painted me for our season 2 promo as a >> how does that feel to have that on you? >> um, it's remarkably -- you don't feel naked. you can see in the the body language of the models once they're painted. you feel completely covered up. you don't feel nude. >> you would feel vulnerable at >> yes.
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show because people think it's about nudity, that's fine. but it's not what the show is about. the artistry is beautiful. so gorgeous. and you know -- >> oh, it's that old it's art. [ laughter ] >> oh, please, rebecca! you think this is our first rodeo? >> if you like watching naked bodies, watch our show. we deal with standards and practices so everybody has pasties, but here's the weird thing. the women wear little thongs, men are not allowed to show their buns. >> oh, please! >> the men have tushes covered! >> that's weird. who's into this? >> shockingly we have a lot of families that watch it together. >> because it's art! yeah, we got. >> it my kids love coming down and seeing in the person and i have a lot of frien.rds whose kids watch it together and are getting inspired by it and working on special effects makeup now and painting each other's faces.
10:16 am
it's amazing. >> were you children alive when you played the blew ue character mystique? >> no, they're seven and i was mystique before thats . >> heve they seen that movie? >> they've seen the first one. they weren't quite okay y that i played a villain but they're on board now. now they think it's bad ass, they're seven and sassy. >> we have to see this. this person has been being painted all day long since 5:00 a.m. and i think it's time to check out the finished product. so robbie is the human canvas. all right, robbie, come on out and see us. >> strus your stuff, t your stuff, but not your buns. >> there he is! >> oh, my gosh! that's paint? that is not paint. >> that's paint. it's all paint. >> are you sure? >> even the sneakers, everything? >> wait, what's that? stop moving around so we can check you out. is that your real skin?
10:17 am
careful, hoda! that is crazy. >> there's something even nicer, right? i know there's some bumps in the road. >> let's see. >> we're not allowed to see your buns but let me check them out. oh uh-uh. care for a drink? >> where's the wine? >> on his biceps. >> hey, you're not allowed to show america your bunsh >> his buns are covered. >> they are? >> yeah, they are. >> oh! >> really? [ laughter ] i don't think so. >> turn around, let's look at the back. >> this is family friendly, erybody. >> look how they're not soming out. they're scared. >> where's your wine. where's your wine? your wine is right here. >> oh, well part of the cup. >> part of it.
10:18 am
by the way, it is unbelievable. >> you did a fantastic job. what happens when you have to go to the bathroom? >> i coun't for five hours and i'm about to run out of here. >> go, please do not leave a mess. ah! >> you don't want paint on you? >> no, we wore the wrong color today. >> can we give a hat's off to the painter. >> yeah, that is dorable. awesome job, you worked on this all day. >> she did a great job. >> thank you, and you, too, robbie. thank you. >> thank you rebecca. i thank you kathie lee nd hoda. >> you can't take your eyes off of him. >> isn't it amazing? >> "skin wars" premiering this wednesday on gsn. >> where you going? lilliana takes a tour on the greenest house in america. wouldn't you love to follow him in there with a camera? [ laughter ] you know what we're doing? we're going from this to how to fold alfitted sheet.
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all right,hfol, ng laund wrry isn't exactly fun. folding sheets even less fun. if you're like me, no matter how many times you've been taught to fold a fitted sheet you roll it in a ball and shove it in the closet. >> well, these days are over because -- maybe not for ndu. but at home there's a trick toi folding yournsheets the right way as well as those difficult duvet covers. here to show us how it's done is "good houskeeping's" megan rphy. >> i've got to the ultimate "good houskeeping" hack. you want to fold hot out of the dryer. so we'll start with the sheet inside out so that it winds up right side out. so salute the corners and it's a bit of an arm workout, too, vwhich doesn'f.hurt. so loop this, then i switch hands, then we fold -- like we follow the line of the elastic
10:23 am
takes a little shushing. folding the bottom corners -- >> basically do the same thing on the other end. >> so you wind up with the same thing. >> okay, got. >> it now you loop again. >> you just keep looping! loop and shush. now we'll flatten it out so you can do this on your bed. you will get a "c" curve with the a elastic. if you're feeling neurotic you can flip it, flip it, flip it, one, two -- >> wow! >> that's)a little sloppy but -- i'm rushing for television. but i brought sheets for you two ladies. >> oh, no, i won't be able to do it. >> you practice. >> here, here. only we o y have one? >> well, i have wa basket for each of you. so you inside it out. you want to be on the long side r.hands in the corners. >> is this the long side? >> there's two long sides. so hands in the corners.
10:24 am
ok at that magic happening. switch hands. u're going to follow the line of the elastic. >> okay, got it. >> we're going to put this online so you can watch it again and again. i have to say it's one of those things once it clicks -- >> i have it! i've got it! you did it, hoda. >> again you flatten it out. sort of like that. >> all right, we're going to the next. kathie lee will get it done. >> come on! come on, kath, we have to fill the duvet cover. >> so i sped up the process a little it. you lay your duvet down -- >> we have to fix the duvet cover, type a. >> you can't miss this. so you let your duvet down, put your duvet cover on top inside out. bottom on the head board side. these little duvet doughnuts, couple bucks at -- >> oh, that's the secret! clips or pins work, too. so pop them on all four corngrs.
10:25 am
>> i'll somehow you, look, like th s. to do itte >> so then i'm going to take my shoes off for this. cleaning is a workout. >> yes, do it. >> so you'll inside tut the whole thing. >> help her. >> reach in for the corner. >> get her the doughnut! reach for the corners. my kids are not allowed to jump on the bed but i am. >> oh, my gosh. ab d you just get it? >> she did. >> now we just have to finish it. >> we got it! >> we did it. >> there's pillows up there! that's pretty they said it wasn't possible... to make a sunscreen you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one teek. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it. no wonder dermatologists recommend neutrogena 2 times more than any other brand. we're always re-thinking what's possible in skincare.
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>>. >> a live look at the new york airport. i'm kerry barrett. we have a commuter alert for trains on the northeast corridor, between newark and trenton because of some amtrak signal problems. in other news, politics, donald trump has just cast his vote in today's new york primary. new video showing him at a polling center in midtown a coup'e af minutth awh. polling centers in our area will be open until 9:00 tonight. weather, breezy but mild, high of 71. mostly clear tonight, a little chilly. 46 degrees. tomorrow, it is a beautiful day. a lot of sunshine. high of 68. thursday, sunucnd some clouds. high of 75. friday, scattered showers. 76 degrees. up next on the "today" show. how to make a steakhouse quality meal in less than 30 minutes.
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it's boozeday tuesday. gorgeous spring day. the last thing you want to do is spend all your time in the kitchen cooking dinner. >> our "today" food team searched for ways to make it easy for you and they found the co-host of food network's "the ki'ttchen" marcella. >> yes! >> that was not good. say i again. >> marcella via dolid. >> that's pe.fect. >> the
10:31 am
could in 20 minutes. this is super easy. so we're broiling sirloin stakes. see that beautiful maherbleization, you'll get fat and flavor. >> the more the tastier, right? >> the more marbling the better. so we'll start off with the marinade we put on that stake eak so i'll take my scallions. >> let hoda do that. >> you want to chop? >> no! shmee's had a couple of accidents. anyway, go ahead, marcella. >> i only like to use the white and pale green part of the onions so i'm going to chop it up, just kind of mince tt. but your beautiful team has some that's already chopped. they're ready for me. and i like to add fresh basil. you can see it on the board, a little bit of fresh cilanavtrond garlic, of course and then you'll make a nice marinade. thveis is not only going to work for the steaks it will also work for the green oni s so you add it to the green onions and toss those around.
10:32 am
you're using everything. so i have the steak right here and what i'm going do is season this marinade, a little more kossher salt. i hate iodized salt. you can taste the chemicals. so we mix those up, more oil. >> got to have the oil. >> and then i'm going to take these beautiful steak wes talked about. beautiful marbleization, nice and thick. about an inch thick. >> okay. >> then we'll add the marinade top and bottom. and it's like just a really fresh marinade tha t will add a ton of flavor. s we'll broil these and when you broil them you'll smell the basil and garlic and ev foerything. so what's so great about this is you can make the salsa in the same an at the same time you broil theacsteak. >> all together? >> all torither. i flew in from san diego to show you how to make simple salsa. so you take those tomatoes and
10:33 am
you take the jalepeno i. just grab them. a ttle bit offer oregano, then green onions, salt, that looks beautiful. >> the pepper. >> this is nowhere near 20 minutes. >> if you're a quick chopper. >> sous chef stuff. >> then pop this in the oven for about 10 minutes. >> so that's half the time allotted. okay. >> so we have steaks right here. >> she knows what she's doing. >> we have these beautiful sty eaks, this can hand it will heat right here. w it's nice and broiled you have to take the salsa off and flip it so you cook the meat on
10:34 am
make sure you broil both si ts, you get that nicerearamelization on n the top. >> >> did everybody understand that? the recipe is on >> this is t? >> this is it. yoe'te basically got the meat, the salsa, the onions then you can assemble tacos and everybody can make their own tacos at a taco bar. >> this looks so yummy. >> thank you very much. feed your appetite for news and current events with the skim. >> oh, my gosh! >> good? >> it's not easy being green but wait until you see one couple's incredible california home after this. very good. today' s the day! oh loo creepy gloves for my feet. see when i was a kid there was a handle. and a face. this is nice. and does it come in a california king? getting roid rage. hemorrhoid. these are the worst, right? i' m gonna buy them. boom. i' ll take them. impulse buy. ommmmmmmmmmm. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. it s' s all happening. cash back on purchases.
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green living has come a long way in recent years. to prove it, we sent our contributor lynn ian illiana vazquez to tour one of the coolist houses ever build. this is a 6700 square foot home in san francisco that i is almost entirely self-sustaining. >> i visited the home of paul holland and linda yates and gotten a up close look at what it would be like to live completely green. i have to say, it's not too shabby. >> wow. >> when i picture living green, i think a tent at the base of a mountain. but i definitely don't think of this. hi! >> welcome to the greenest home in america. glad to see you guys today. come on in. >> this is spectacular. thank you. so we have four main materials in the house -- wood, metal, glass and stone.
10:40 am
>> this house is 100% powered bypassive power. what this allows us to do is power all of our house, all of our cars, all the usage of the property all in one place and, in fact, we create so much energy we actually sell it back to the utility company. >> yes, it's great that you generate your own energy, but is it more expensive initially to install these solar panels versus just paying for regular electricity? >> it's zero dollars down. you order it like you order your cable tv or any other utility, it gets installed and you pay for it over time. >> i had this concept that solar panels would make my house look kind of ugly. your house looks gorgeous. >> one of the things that was important to us, we wanted a greener pool. there's no chlorine associated with the pool. >> salt water? >> it's not. the walter ter from the pool comes from the cistern, the rainwater. >> the first thing i noticed is how clean it is. there's no wires but i also notice there's no television. how do you watch kathie lee and hoda? >> it's a surprise.
10:41 am
and it pivots around so that it's accessible. >> that's amazing. >> one of the things that we wanted to do is be able to have organic food. we have a lot of garlic in here now, onions, strawberries -- >> wait, show me the strawberries. >> right here. right off the vine. it will be a little bit warm, but that's what happens when you pick them in full sun. >> that tastes amazing. you don't want to leave me out here with these strawberries for too long. we may not have any when we come back in. >> we're in wha wo callinhe iry houses. we wanted a sense of playfulness and livability. these are just built into the ouad made of sticks and as you can see, they're alive. they begin to sproud some t some of the willow. this is the local willow made into these. >> this is the coolest backyard ever. now i've seen some impressive pieces on this property but this shower has to be one of my favorites. >> everybody wants to spend all their time in the shower when we take the tour.
10:42 am
demonstrate that you can have incredible beauty using recycled or reclaimed materials. all of the stone you see in this building comes out of what they call a bone pile. bone pile means it wasn't good enough for anybody else's job. >> so the stones in here somebody decided weren't good enough for their project and thfrey threw them away? >> exactly. >> and you took them and made it into this? >> right. >> the two of you are taking green living to a whole new level. this is beautiful. who knew green living could be so fun? wi m out tahir. >> that's amazing. how many years did it take for them to build? >> two years of research and planning and three years to build the house. what i took away from them is that living green is fun. they have these fun modern day conveniences in the home. they have dishwashers and all the normal ectricity, they have internet, hey'kn not giving anything or sacrificing anything. if anything they're adding to the environment by having such a greed home.
10:43 am
ke something out of "lord of the rings." >> it's so cool. my biggest takeaway from thisy.s that you can make little changes in your life to live green. he talked about lightbulbs. for me, l.e.d. lightbulbs, i change mid-bathroom light, i haven't changed one one ilme. someonehtold me they uldguast for ten years. before i was change mig lightbulb almost everything single month. >> lilliana, thank you. >> and thank you for that lovely couple to visit their home. how your mattress could tell you if a your partner is cheating. >> the ladies of the skim deliver the news you need to know. >> we likey them. >> next. >> after this. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm at is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
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th 're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven mbelion t of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. they quit their day jobs to start a daily e-mail service called the skim. today they have three and a half million subscribers. >> and we were there in the beginning. >> yes, we were. >> so now they are looking to the future and they're here to
10:49 am
venture here are the co-founders of, danielle and carly. >> we're so proud of you. you're like our little sisters who done good. >> can you believe what's happened? >> yue helped us. >> you owe us. >> thank you guys so much. we were working here, we launched it from our couch. >> a lot of people get the skim into their mailbox everyday and you get to see it and you guys are launching something brand new today. >> we launched something brand new called skim ahead. so a lot of people read the e-mail everything morning, it tells you everything you need to know that happened yesterday and today. skim tells you about the future. it can integrate directly into your calendar so go to the app store and download it from the skimm. >> click clack, as we say. >> hoda will do it for me. >> is there any news we need to know? >> that's today.
10:50 am
>> so now if you look on your phone and go, oh, what happened, today is primary. that will be in there? >> it will. >> with a skimm emoji. >> it's primary day. if you don't live in new york, you should go vote. >> i do, but i haven't yet, i will. >> she will. >> she just got her taxes done. >> the primary actually matters today, unlike the past.ears and years and years, new york tters. >> it was settled before. >> so you have to go out there you have to vote because it can make a difference and also bewipius three of the five candidates say they're from new york. >> you're right. so there are 125b9 more primaries in 12 other states plus d.c. until the convention and really i think each one is going to count.'s getting down --w i tell you what's great about these two, they're newsies. you come from a news background,ground, it's not like, oh, let's do this. they were researchers, they
10:51 am
didn't coordinate their outfits we have been teasing this all day, knowing your spouse is cheating. >> this is my favorite thing in the world. it's called smartress. it's a smart mattress that can tell you through an app if your mattress has impact, how long that impact lasts, the duration of the impact. >> impacts per minute. so they're taking a cheating angle but that could be like -- >> basically it will tell you if your mattress is cheating on you. >> but how long it will last. >> i can't believe there's an app for that. >> there's an app for. >> that there's an app for everything. >> all right, let's move down because amy schumer has a big gig coming up. >> thursday, date with comedy central "inside amy schumer" comes back for the fourth season. >> are you fans? >> yes, of course. >> you just want to be friends with her. she's like your much funnier friend. >> and she skimms.
10:52 am
you freak? >> yeah. yeah. >> it's online. i have that one. we're moving on down. passover. >> so skimm will tell you when things are coming up that people around here are care iing about so whether or not you're jewish and observing passover, there's a holiday coming up and you should be able to say happy passover. >> people are afraid t,ey're not sus.pposed to say happy passover. >> you say happy passover, it's the one with the matzo and the wine. >> matzo and wine. >> lastly, look what else is coming up. the nfl draft. >> nfl draft going down in any hometown of chicago. i am very excited. ho , who dat? >> your neighbors are going to be green with envy if you win. >> do we want to say good-bye. >> i'm saying you might want to stick around and do spanky tuesday with us. >> i don't know if you'll want that. rable. >> it's a group spanky tuesday.
10:53 am
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10:56 am
before we get our spanky on, time to turn five lucky viewers nainto w ners when we g e it away. hoda,rhat is this week's prize? >> a craftsman spring lawn and garden prize package from sears worth $329. >> you'll get a craftsman 24 volt 10-inch chain saw, hard surface sweeper and a 22-inch hammer trimmer to help get your lawn in shape. they're battery run plus they pr ovide the conve ence of cordless power without sacrificing performance. >> all right, let's find out who won. >> okay. you ready? you get the first one. >> it is rita suserini from abington, massachusetts. >> congratulations, rita. i have steven poirier from ledgewood, new jersey. >> terrific, i've got carl
10:57 am
>> hold on. >> hoda,nwe need spanky time. hurry up. >> i heard a rumor. judith kelleher -- inside joke. not on that person. wher bare they from? is it san francisco? anyway, i've got mlry sattler from gainesville, florida. where is she from? oh, good, abington -- i don't know, massachusetts, i think. we've got it here. that's five, isn't it? no, one more. no, we have five, we have five. >> all right. >> oh, god. >> congratulations all of you. make sure to enter again for next week's prize. for complete rules go to get going, ladies. >> all right, prank. tomorrow -- we can't hear it. >> wait, where's our conga line? >> alice cooper stops by morrow. >> alice cooper? >> he'll tell us a bedtime story an jill mar
10:58 am
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11:00 am
hillary and bill, out bright and early this morning in new york's primary. welcome to "access ollywogd live." >> you knew the papers were going to have fun with this. start with the cover of the post. i love the picture of hillary they put up. that's not fair. >> feeling the bern. hillary sweats into new york primary.


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