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tv   WNCN Today at 430AM  CBS  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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watching "early today." search enters the third day to find 12 u.s. marines after two helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii plus this. we won the football game but there are some things that we need to huddle up and be better with. >> from a 31-0 lead to barely a 31-24 win. where the can pers go from here. thank you for watching wncn on this monday. i'm mike gonzalez. justin quesinberry has more on the hit and run that left the two young kids dead and the driver still on the loose this morning. we had some frost on the windshield this morning.
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an extra minute or two. skies are clear and nothing popping up on the radar this morning. and the rain and snow that we had move through yesterday it gone. and we have 28 in raleigh, 33 in durham and 31 in fayetteville and lots of temperatures in the 30s and 40s. and west coldest air of the season overhead for today and home and the high temperature as we kick off the week here, not getting out of the 30s. and a frosty start to the morning will lead to sunny and cold condition and 30 by lunchtime and 35 the high temperature and 3:00 this afternoon, a little breeze too that will make things feel colder today. and the temperatures falling quickly. and we're in the teens tonight and in the 20s tomorrow. i'll have your full forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check on the morning drive. this is 540 and u.s. 64.
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as of this early morning ear -- here, we have no major issues to recover and the major thoroughfares still clear. u.s. 64, a 17 minipulate drive. and 40 to 264, ten minutes. the highway patrol is trying to track down a driver that hit three teenagers and kept going. two them or dead and another one is in critical condition n justin quesinberry joins us live. >> reporter: troopers say that the driver was in a white truck when the kids were hit and harnett county late saturday night. jessica shark took this picture not long before going to this convenience store with friends saturday night. and it will be among the last photos they ever took.
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candy from the kangaroo. the truck ran down three of my friends and kept going and never stopped and just stomped on the gas and kept going. >> reporter: jennifer and a 16- year-old, exile -- kyle straight were killed. kyle's mother had a heart attack on saturday when she learned of his death. >> it is a shame that the family is having to go through this and that the other families that lost their daughter are going through this and 16-year-old steven daniels is in critical condition. >> turn yourself n there are a lot of people upset. >> anyone with information, please call the highway patrol. a man is dead in fayetteville this morning after
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riding on a motorcycle. it happened on gillaspie street was killed. andrew dunlap was killed. and lynn rattily of hope mills died in the crash. and dunlap is being held on a $100,000 bond in jail. the search continues for 12 marines whose helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. and search conditions are improving in the area. high surf warning has expired. and the coast guard said they have no intention of suspending the search and ey do, they will notify families in advantage. malitias have kidnapped three mornings in baghdad. and they are working with the local government to find the three americans. we were on the way to baghdad taken.
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five americans are free released from a prison in iran. the five including a report, a minister, and a foreman marine were released as part of a prisoner exchange. in texas, a group of iranians walked free one day after iran nuclear deal took effect. yesterday the united nations nuclear agency have determined that iran met out their part of the nuclear deal. the pope met with rome's jewish community as a sign of interfaith friendship at this time of interfaith attacks around the globe.
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services for martin luther king, jr. day. attorney general lynch will speak at the annual king daybreak fast and jennifer pinky will receive and award in honor of her house who was killed in the church in charleston, north carolina. time is 4:36. blastoff. a space-ex rocket successfully launched a satellite in orbit. landing. what may have caused this explosion. if you think it is cold here, head to the midwest. or maybe you will not want to
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the temperatures are dropping as we head into our morning tomorrow. and we're talking about the
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only mucinex dm relieves bothwet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. . welcome back. we were talking about scraping the windows during the break. and she said that she sprays this stuff on it melts off t is worth to not be cold in the morning. >> that is for sure. >> and we're off to a chilly start. >> yes. it is really chilly this morning. if you have not stepped out the door yesterday, you'll want to leave yourself an extra minute or two a lot of frost on the windshield. we have some rain and puddles
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spots of ice even along the sides of the shoulders in some locations. so be careful of that. and the satellite showing the all clear and we're dry and quiet as we start off the week here and it is 28 in raleigh, 33 in durham and 32 in louisburg and 31 in fayetteville. and these temperatures, they're going to feel really warm compared to what is heading our way tomorrow. and the coldest air of the season continuing to filter in overhead and we have an area of high pressure building to the west. and that will lead to sunshine today and tomorrow. and the overnight allows dropping into the teens behind this cold front that we had move through yesterday. so really cold air pushing in today and we got the temperatures at about 26 degrees at 8:00 a.m. so we'll cool off a few more degrees before the sunrises today and 30 at lunchtime and clear skies tonight and the temperatures falling fast to 31 degrees at 6:00 p.m., falling
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morning. and single digits wind chills possibly for tomorrow morning. hundreds of local college student stayed inside and take a look. about a thousand students if a dozen colleges in north and south carolina gathered nc state this weekend for the clash of the carolinas. organizers call at the time largest college video gaming competition on the east coast. and it was pulled together by the carolina collegiate sports committee and they deliver game and consoles to based around the world. >> you can meet other gamers in your area and network and also it breeds competitiveness. you can see what you're competing against in the area and hopefully step up your game. >> veterans that just got out of the military, one of their first stops is college. so this is a great way to collect with the veterans and say hello and meet and greet.
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this was the first year for the free event and they hope to make it an annual competition. a bride shares a special moment with her service dog.
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just befor . troopers are searching for the driver that hit and killed two teens in harnett county. year-old and 16-year-old died and a 14-year-old is in critical condition. and we're keeping you updated through the morning.
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and there will be a wreath laying ceremony in washington d.c. this afternoon. and attorney general lynch will speak at a martin luther king, jr. breakfast. receive an award. he was killed in the church shooting at emanuel a.m.e. church in south carolina. two officers doug barney and -- ritchie responded to a traffic crash and the man shot and killed officer barney and the man got into a gun fight with other officers. he died in the shootout. and officer ritchie was hit three times but he is expected to survive. police in upstate new york are trying to figure out how
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near community college. they found two men and one woman dead. two of the victims were student athletes at the school. and no firearm was used. but a knife was recovered at the scene. they are not ruling this a double murder-suicide or saying when of the deceased could be the suspect. two people are dead after tornadoes touchdown in florida's west coast in sarasota and manatee counties. they had 18 minutes of warning before the ef-2 tornado tore across 17 miles yesterday at 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> i saw him coming and he covered in blood and all he kept saying was i can't find my dad. and he jumped on the back of the truck and we had the flash truck and we pulled up here. >> and the two people that died are from the same family. and four kids were also hurt from the family.
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be to blame for a deadly crash in southwest michigan. one person died and 44 vehicles involved in total. and another 12 vehicle pileup happened because of the frosty roads. in indianapolis, indiana, windchill of nearly 30-degree below zero hit there. and great bear ski resort in south dakota that was forced because of unseasonably warm weather and this time they had to close down because the temperatures dipped to negative 20. carolina panthers found the half. and the second half was not nearly as fruitful for the cats, it was enough to help the super bowl. >> reporter: 31-0 panthers
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hang on for dear life in the second half. jonathan stewart back from injury rushed for two touchdowns and 100 yards on the day. and this interception gave the panther fans a jolt. what a start for carolina and greg olson makes and amazing touchdown catch. and everything is going the cat's way. >> what more can you say you're up 31-0. >> reporter: former nc state russell wilson leads them in a frantic come back but it is not enough 31-24. the panthers are one step away from super bowl 50. >> we're not worried about the super bowl. right now we're focused on the cardinals. >> reporter: and the panthers won 12 straight home games the winner heads off to the super
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what a great many it was yesterday. i was like this is going to be a blowout and seattle came back in the second half. and the weather is still rolling. and it is cold. it is cold out this morning. and before the rain started, we had a rain and snow mix. but it cleared out in time for the game. and that was nice. we did see the wintry mix in the morning. >> is it too early what the weather will be like this coming weekend? >> a little too early right now but we may see a little rain coming our way towards end of the week. our satellite dry and quiet. so we're off to a calm start. but it is a cold start. 28 degrees in raleigh, clayton and rocky mount right now. 32 in louisburg and 33 in durham and 31 in little ton and fayetteville. and 25 in sanford. the temperatures only warming up into the mid-30s. so a cold day for us today. and the high only topping out at 35 degrees. but a big change between today
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we're not dealing with wintry weather. we're sunny and clear. but with the cold air overahead, it is -- overhead, it is not going to feel that nice this morning. the cold air building in the area today and tomorrow and a system of high pressure up to the northwest is pushing in the chilly air out of the north. eventually as we head to wednesday and thursday, the high gets more overhead and that will lead to more of the sunny skies. but the high flies out of the picture for friday. and he have the next disturbance friday and maybe some wet snowflakes late thursday night and friday morning before the precipitation changes over to all rain. so we'll keep you updated on that as we head into friday. today, definitely a chilly one. 35 in raleigh, 34 in durham. 39 in fayetteville. but sunny skies, really nice after a cold start.
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and you'll need the layers tomorrow. and we're talking single digits windchills. 16 degrees for the overnight low temperature. in raleigh, tomorrow morning, hovering around 20 degrees. so with the windchill it will be barely out of the single digits. after that cold start, the temperatures only get up to 32 and we're into the teen again wednesday morning and 42 wednesday afternoon with mostly sunny skies and continuing. so we gradually warm things up as we head through the middle and the end of this week. 37 on thursday and a chance of a few rain showers on friday. as the precipitation wraps up and colder air builds in late friday night into saturday and we have a few flakes early on saturday morning. but we clear out quickly and 42 saturday afternoon. sunday looking nice with the high temperature around 47 degrees. so a chilly week ahead and you need to bundle up in the morning hours.
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no major issues to report to you on our area thoroughfares this is a live look at i30 and miami boulevard where the traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. take a look at your traffic maps here, all green on your area roadways and as far as the drive times go, coming from the north into ravel, expect a 16 minute drive on capital boulevard from highway 55 to downtown. >> expect the traffic to be light on this martin luther king, jr. day. here's today's cute pet of meet sugar. for a life. simpson. here's what is coming up on the today show. the best evidence of the democratic race is getting tighter and tighter going into iowa. what happened in this debate.
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other on guns and wall street reform and finance reform,
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ed . today the san diego charges and the former st. louis rams will meet about a joint venture. they moved from st. louis to los angeles. space-ex rocket successfully launched and ocean monitoring satellite into orbit. and the weather was foggy the vanderbilt airport. and it may have been caused by heavy ice buildup caused by fog. the data collected from the satellite can detect el nino and la nina weather. when you travel this year, changes. and you can thank millennials for the changes. one change hotel rooms without a desk.
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than their room. >> this is the business traveler who taxes on leash travel to the trip, hence leisure travel. >> the airline industry taking notice, offering more plug-ins for electric devices. in sue fall, south dakota a woman was prepping for one of the biggest things in her life. she has a 3-year-old service dog that keeps her calm on the verge of a panic attack. and she needed some time with her service dog before walk don't aisle. >> she was putting the finishing touches on what she was wearing and putting the anxious. and her mom said are you okay. and she asked for a minute
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>> now an internet sensation, the picture perfect moment captures the service that the great photo. coming up in the n half hour, the back and forth battle the three democratic party has
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stay with us for wncn today. good morning. thank you for watching wncn today. i'm mike gonzalez.
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