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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  February 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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the coal ash site they discovered a baseline in case the site lead. people are being told not to drink or clean with the water. but residents say they can't use bottled water for ever . >> when will be resolve this? when will they give us water lines? how much will it cost us. >> there is naturally occurring chromium in certain areas of the state that we were not aware of from county perspective. >> reporter: county officials are hoping the state deq will make recommendations in the next few weeks about what to be done, but one resident told us it's not high on their priority list but on her priority list on a scale of one on their priority list but on her priority list on a scale of 1 to 10 it is a 15. >> this has to be frustrating for them, why is the county
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before they can act? >> reporter: the county needs to know where this contamination has come from. they need to know if the water will be safe to drink certain levels and i have to figure all this stuff out. will water lines be put in? they have to wait for the state who has better resources than the county and are more adept at dealing with situations like this to come up with recommendations. once the state and environmental people do that, then they can move forward to help these folks . >> so a lengthy process ahead. investigators uncovering new information tonight about a north carolina teenager charged with trying to provide support to the terror group isis . newly released court documents outline the teams land. >> they arrested the 19-year- old back in june after being tipped off about his disturbing behavior by his own father.
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nojan sullivan , he is accused of murdering his 74-year-old neighbors with a stolen gun. the team had an elaborate plan to kill hundreds of people to show support for isis. the indictment said he started talking online to an undercover agent and later asked the agent to kill his parents for getting in the way of his plans. investigators say he planned to carry out a mass shooting with automatic rifles and hollowpoint bullets. he wanted the attack to be as big as possible and he said he would perform minor assassinations as practice. he has been indicted on seven charges and could face up to 77 years in prison. duke university has listed all sanctions against the sorority a week after a student went to the hospital after drinking too much. they handed down the punishment less than 24 hours after the student was admitted to the hospital. the student has not identified
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in california, where the broncos team bus was involved in a minor crash tonight in santa clara. linebacker tweeted out this picture of the accident, it came with the caption, to keep the day interesting we had a small wreck the team returned to the hotel. tonight the seeker outbreak is being called an emergency. the illness is rapidly spreading in central and south america. it has been linked to birth defects. >> we agree on the need to coordinate international efforts to investigate and understand this relationship better. >> who officials predict up to 4 million people could be infected with 1025 over the next -- zika over the next year, and they are recommending pregnant women not travel to
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sunshine and 70s will not be back tomorrow, here is our chief meteorologist with what is headed our way on tuesday. >> we have clouds, rain and no more temperatures in the 70s. will not have a day as nice as what we had today the rest of this week. a couple of showers, orange and durham county, all ahead of a cold front. in the cold front will knock these temperatures down. so after high of 72 today, 74 in fayetteville, many of us are in the 60s but this cold front will drop that temperature tomorrow. this area of high pressure will not move in. we will have clouds tomorrow and tonight, there's clouds and a few showers begin at 8 pm tonight, the rain will depart shortly after midnight as the cold front moves through and we
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but cloudy with temperatures in the upper 40s. a roller coaster ride every single day this week will be drastically different. including storms possible on wednesday. last month saw a spike in car thefts in raleigh and today we spoke with a woman who found her stolen car but not before the crime spree happened. >> it is heartbreaking that there are that bad of people in the world. >> this was not how mary catherine jones expected to find her, two weeks after it was stolen. >> you hear about this on dateline or on tv. >> she says she locked into the night before and had both sets of keys with her. police later found it at a nearby apartment with expert tips written on the hood and the windshield shattered. >> you open it up, my son's car seat is supposed to be there
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paraphernalia, used condoms, clothing. just vile things. >> her car was one of the 99 reported stolen in raleigh in january. police say it is rare for thieves to steal locked cars. most thefts occur when the door is unlocked and the keys are inside. >> if your car is unlocked there are a couple of places they will check to find the keys and take whatever valuables are left in it. >> they said they see a spike in winter months when cause i left running in cold weather is. luckily jones was able to find the car but not the way she left it . >> it is sad because these individuals are clearly smart i don't know how to get into a locked, i locked myself out all the time and if they are able to do something so smart, put it to good use. >> the two virginia tech students accused of killing a 13-year-old girl appeared in
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18-year-old eisenhower was accused of the murder of nicole madison lovell . it is still unclear how he knew her. and natalie keepers is charged as being an accessory. shawn lee legrand will spend his life behind bars, he killed three people back in 2011. he paced the death penalty before today's guilty plea and today we spoke with the victim's sister about the decision. >> i never wanted the death penalty so today hearing that he called life makes me feel so much better. even though he took the life of my brother i am not a fan of the death penalty. to me that is too easy. >> today family members cried in the courtroom as witnesses made their statements. two other people were also hurt in the 2011. months of campaigning in
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>> at 7 pm we will take a look at the iowa caucuses and large ditch effort to win over voters. >> and north carolina's primary in march, we will look at the closing arguments. at first a live look at
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heading out one week ago we were still cleaning up snow and ice and
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the tonight we wait in less than an hour people in the hawkeye state will gather to caucus, and the candidates who emerged tonight could reshape the 2016 race . >> and after months of tough talking from gop and run a donald trump may turn into votes. >> and looking at the money put up for ted cruz, it's a credible the people there and he will destroy your ethanol business 100%. >> he continued on his verbal assault on ted cruz today, and the crews campaign is touting its sophisticated ground game
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>> we are completing the very last stop of the stops. we have been to 99 counties in the great state of iowa. >> the latest des moines register poll has him ahead of crews but it is shaping up to be a nailbiter on the democratic side. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton virtually tied heading into tonight's caucuses. both candidates hit the campaign trail hard trying to win support . >> i am feeling so energized because of all of you . >> we will win tonight if the vote turnout is high. >> senator. sanders rallied as morning while the secretary of state brought doughnuts to energize the staff. saunders is relying on college and first-time voters to make an impact. today sanders worked to downplay expectations that iowa is a make or break state
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>> of course we want to win but if we end up getting to delegates less than hillary clinton has, why is that the end of the world? >> much more tonight on news at 11 pm and you can look for the latest results on . while i'm maybe dominating the political headlines tonight there are plenty of people across the country who are keeping a close eye on north carolina. >> they are interested in the trial happening in federal court over how states new federal id law. we were in winston salem today for closing arguments. >> reporter: inside federal court lawyers established both sides for this case. one is that the law approved in 2013 by the republican led general. assembly will help prevent voter fraud. the other is that the law only serves to disenfranchise certain minority voters. >> this is about racial discrimination . >> cameras aren't allowed
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the message the plaintiffs, including the state, took inside. concerned that the state you photo id requirement at the polls puts a disproportionate burden on african-american and latino voters . >> is going to have a discriminatory impact. this is un-american. >> the law went into effect this year and first come into practice next month during the march the law went into effect this year and first come into practice next month during the march 20 the law went into effect this year and first come into practice next month during election. it requires voters to show photo id before costing a ballot. in court attorneys representing state leaders said the law is fraud. one argued in closing statements the plaintiff's case is based upon rhetoric and not on evidence. there is no evidence the state of north carolina intended to discriminate against anyone. >> if anyone didn't come forth this week with evidence they think it was the state. >> so as of right now that photo id requirement is still in effect for the march 15 primary and there is no
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will make his ruling. and we also got this response today from gop chairman, north carolina's photo id law is a commonsense safeguards to uphold the integrity of our elections. the gop says the volunteers to help anyone who needs assistance to get a photo id regardless of their party. today marks 56 years since the greensboro protest on first 1960, a group of friends set at the whites only counter at molesworth in greensburg.. after ordering copy -- coffee they were denied and forced to leave. it helped pave the way for desegregation the following year. a business boom at local car washes, with temperatures reaching the 70s people came out in large numbers to get their cars detailed. this was the scene at american
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in long lines to get all that sold off and february 1, it doesn't feel like it at all. >> today, not february, not march but april is what felt like today. >> what is the average for now? >> 53. either way we are not going to be able to give you that time off you are asking for. >> [laughter]. >> 72 today the record of 79, averages 53, it will not feel like this again all week and i would feel comfortable saying this, but today we're not going to duplicate how nice it was, sunshine and warmth the rest of the month. we are in the middle of winter. so much colder tomorrow and we were warming up wednesday that we have rain and storms and gets cold again on thursday so i hope you enjoyed today.
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fayetteville, and a cold front coming to tonight. a bit of rain in northern orange county, north of i 85. and a little bit of rain in parts of granville country -- county which will fall while we are asleep tonight. then tomorrow it will be dry and not as warm. 63 in raleigh, and in the 50s up in the mountains and that is one for them. so far as we wait on the cold front tonight, sunlight scattered showers through the evening hours temperatures slowly fall from the low 60s to the upper 50s. then a friend comes through. but then we still have clouds, dryer but still cloudy. your morning commute will be dry and cloudy with temperatures in the 40s which is about where we were this morning but it will warm up that much tomorrow. this cold front comes through
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pressure behind it the front doesn't come through or clear us out or anything, it hangs around and another cold front comes to . a busy weather week. so there is cold front tonight at 10 pm, and after midnight the front is all the way through and the rain is out of here. tomorrow a generally dry day, maybe sprinkle but a cloudy day with a small chance of a few pics of some in halifax and northampton county. otherwise cloudy and cool as hell tomorrow is going to shape up. then a warm front that will come to wednesday morning, but it will be quite ahead of our next cold front and those showers and storms that you see will move through mainly in the evening hours and late afternoon and evening. the front comes through and pushes a lot of them out by
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line comes through it could spark some heavy rain, damaging wind and a marginal risk of severe weather. this is not a slam dunk but heavy rain and a few thunderstorms is something to watch out for on wednesday. tomorrow you will need coats, highs will be in the 50s almost 20 degrees cooler than today, and clouds will rule with a small chance of rain. back close to 70 on wednesday and we cool off again thursday and cold friday. but at least the sun will be back out this weekend. tomorrow is groundhog day so i don't know if there will be a lot of shadow scene with the clouds.
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>> absolutely it is one of the reasons we live here. >> february 1, 72 degrees. >> completed. >> the stage is set for this sunday's super bowl. >> next we will show you the
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>> and duke we are now six days a week from super bowl l in santa clara california. >> and half an hour from now players from the pancoast panthers and the broncos will talk to the press. >> you can see the cam newton outfit, all eyes will be on him on sunday. as for the broncos many analysts say sunday's game could be it for the back pain manning. >> meanwhile we are getting a special sneak peek of some of the commercials we will see this sunday . the nfl released this video today called super bowl babies. it showcases kids on its conceived on super bowl sunday's throughout the years . >> interesting. meanwhile senator. mccain took to the floor to congratulate the panthers .
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crushed the arizona cardinals in the nfc championship game. >> it is with all sincerity that i wish the carolina panthers luck as they play the denver broncos in super bowl l. the 15-1 nfc champion season has been nothing short of remarkable. >> and you can hear much more about the panthers road to the super bowl right now at one, click on the sports and scroll down to panthers. for the first time in eight years the dukes of out of the top 25. >> coach has spent 267 consecutive weeks in the top 25. duke fell out of the rankings after monday's loss to miami. kansas now has the longest streak at hundred and 36 weeks. a public health emergency involving pregnant mothers and unborn children what the declaration means and the race
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how people are responding. a woman turning the tables on a police officer, why she pulled him over in the name of
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>> while we may not have another day in the 70s in north carolina, they will in the california. here's a look at the super bowl forecast, kickoff out there
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will kickoff here at 6:30 pm. >> announcer: reporting her landlord comes back to bite her. >> judge judy: the first thing that they noted in their report was unregistered vehicles that had to be moved. >> mr. patel had my vehicle towed october the 23rd. >> announcer: now she's driving a hard bargain. >> judge judy: you weren't current in your rent, you had an abandoned car that hadn't been
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