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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> yeah, they are today but yesterday 72 for a high, today the clouds going to stay around all morning long and into the afternoon and that's what's going to pave the way for a cooler afternoon for us. our radar not showing a whole lot this morning, 51 in durham and raleigh. 54 in clayton. we've been watching that temperature in littleton is back to 55. fayetteville right around 54 degrees. so here's a look at your fast forecast we could see a little bit of fog out of door at 8 a.m. 53 at lunchtime, a high today of 54, nowhere near as warm but keep in mind these 50s actually a lot closer to where we should be for this time of year. the cloudy skies hang around for 6 p.m. this evening. so you'll need a light jacket not that winter jacket that we've needed over the past few weeks.
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conditions. i'll start you off with i-440 and western boulevard, not a lot going on in this direction this morning. so that's some good news. i'm looking out over 440 this morning if you're heading westbound you're moving at about 65 miles per hour this morning. if you're heading east it looks like very similar speeds on our live drive conditions. we'll have another check on traffic and weather in about ten minutes. >> sound great. breaking news out of the iowa caucuses this morning. hillary clinton edged out bernie sanders by just five delegates in what the national convention is calling a historically close can caucus. sanders says with the tough fight the people of iowa had a strong message. >> to this beautiful state we had no political organization, we had no money, we had no name
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on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. >> senator sanders was set to fly to new hampshire yesterday but due to the close race he's going to fly there some time today. >> clinton reiterated her vision for america. >> i will keep doing what i have done my entire life, i will keep standing up for you, i will keep fighting for you, i will always work to achieve the america that i believe in. >> senator ted cruz won the republican side. the senator is heavying campaigning in the state including visits to all 99 counties. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next
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will not be chosen by the media. . >> will not be chosen by the washington establishment, will not be chosen by the lobbyists but will be chosen by the most incredible powerful force where all sovereignty resides in our nation by we, the people, the american people. >> cruz appealed to voters in the upcoming voting states of new hampshire, south carolina and nevada to support him as a conservative to delivers in office. well even though ted cruz consistently trailed donald trump in apology, the developer
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experts say it was still a pretty good night or trump who skipped the final debate. >> finished second and i want to tell you something i'm just honored. i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted. >> marco rubio may have been the biggest winner he finished a point behind donald trump. senator rubio says the results show his campaign is for real. >> so this is the moment they said would never happen. >> the large field of contestants and commercials as well as candidate crisscrossing iowa boosted turnout for the caucuses, more than 180,000 voters showed up that's up from 121,000 in 2012. today president obama and house speaker paul ryan set to meet one on one for the very
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speaker last october. they will also meet with mcconnell. they're expected to discuss the 2017 budget request. today opening statements expected to begin in the murder trial of a raleigh mother. jones was found dead in her apartment in may of 2013. emma wright joins us with more. >> it took about a month for both sides to agree on 12 jurors that are willing to consider the death penalty. opening arguments start in just a few hours. nearly three years after she was found murdered in her apartment the man accused of killing jones will be before a jury. police say 23-year old smith murdered the mom of who in her own bed. police say jones had recently moved to raleigh with her daughter from tennessee. on the morning of may 14th, 2013, police say the
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apartment approached a construction crew, they followed her back and found jones's body laying in bed covered with blood. neighbors told us what happened was shocking. >> it was really surprising. i mean -- you don't hear about crime so close to home. >> police say smith had help from two people. one pleaded guilty to first degree murder in 2015 and may testify against smith. redden is also charged in the case and prosecutors say she served as the get away driver. she has not been offered a plea deal and is also expected to testify. the trial starts this morning at 9:30. thanks for waking up with us this morning. bill cosby is set to appear pains courtroom today accused of sexual assault. still to come why his attorneys
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plus part of downtown raleigh could soon get a face lift we'll a take a look at the plans slated for moore square. 53 right now, chapel hill
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i'll h welcome back. a good tuesday morning to you. just about 5:40 right now and current temperatures in the low 50s and that's where we're going to hang throughout the majority of the morning. 50 our coldest temperature this morning and we'll start to slowly rebound
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51 at 8 and 9:00 this morning. also watch out for a little bit of fog especially if you're south and west of the triangle this morning. here's a live picture out at the airport and as you can see there's no fog here in the triangle this morning not yet any ways. we'll keep an eye on the visibility numbers but i want to check in with temperatures around the area currently uppepe 40s henderson, 47 in south hill and clayton you're waking up to a temperature of 54 loyal at 55. so our satellite radar composite showing no rain. cloudy skies for and you the clouds going to hang around for the majority of growing day. we'll see if punxsutawney phil pre take it shorter winter or a longer -- shorter winter or longer winter i should say.
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wednesday, a good chance for rain and storms back into the 50s on our thursday. more in just a little bit. mike. >> all right thanks. want a self guided tour of mars from your computer or smart phone nasa and facebook making possible, nasa post add video of mars on its facebook page. the photos come from the mars rover. they were stitched together for the video. a day care director facing charges for child abuse after the break that abuse was caught on tape. you'll get to see it.
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breaking news from overnight democratic hopeful clinton is declaring victory. she captured 22 delegates to the party and sanders captured 21 but still one left to be decided on the other side ted cruz won meaning he'll collect 8 delegates. ohms statements begin today in the trial of a man accused in the 2013 beating death of a raleigh woman. smith is charged with the murder of jones of investigators said that the woman was killed as 3 suspects tried to burglarize her north raleigh apartment. today president obama and house speaker paul ryan set to meet one on one for the very first time since he became house speaker. the men expected to discuss the 2017 budget request. the abc commission will
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this comes on the heels of a fatal wreck last july. the barses that served the 20-year old facing penalties this month he's not here had will lose its alcohol license for 21 days and another bar will lose its license for 14 days. a court hearing today in the case against bill cosby charged with three felony counts of for allegely drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. his lawyers have denied the allegings and vow today fight them all. >> reporter: bill boss bee be back in court later today a little more than a month after he was arrested on sexual assault charges. his defense team is asking can for the case to be dismissed because of a deal they say the former da made ten years ago not to prosecute are in exchange for his deposition in a civil case
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>> they say that's game over, the current da says there's no evidence of that written agreement from the time. >> in the deposition cosby admitted to obtaining drugs to give to women he wanted to have sex with. at the time the da didn't charge cosby with a crime. >> i remember thinking that he probably did do something inappropriate but thinking that and being able to prove it two different things >> since then dozens of other women have come forward accusing him of drugging and assaulting them. >> it doesn't get any better than having the da at the time say i made this deal and it should be honored. that's as powerful as it gets. >> now, a judge will decide whether cosby deserves immunity from criminal prosecution in the case. >> of the dozens of accusers who have come forward her
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have led to criminal charges. a day care center direct other florida is face ago child abuse charge can accused of hitting and dropping a child on a mat. police say cell phone video shows her striking the boy multiple times. the video then shows her holding the child three feet up in the a air before dropping him facedown on a mat. the child was not hurt. a north carolina teen is facing multiple federal charges related to trying to provide support to the terror group isis. a 7 count indictment unsealed in federal court shows that he had elaborate plans to kill hundreds of people. investigators believe he also murdered his 74-year old neighbor and tried to hire an undercover agent to kill his parents. the teen could spend more than 70 years in federal prison. later this month two people
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deputies say possession charges. they say the pair were operating two meth drive. a powerful wind gust sent a palm tree crashing through the roof of a california restaurant and the whole thing was caught on camera. the tree missed four people, fortunately no one was hurt. but could imagine being in the restaurant and the tree comes through? >> no, that's some scary stuff for sure. let's talk about this morning's bus stop forecast sunrise is right around 7:15 this morning, a little bit of fog but overall mild temperatures this morning so kids will need a light jacket. 54 our afternoon high and, yeah, we've been talking about it all morning long nowhere near as warm as where we were yesterday. right now here in the triangle
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cars out on the belt line. temperatures elsewhere in the upper 40s around henderson, also south hill you're at 47 then we check with in sanford at 52 littleton at 55 right now. our 8:00 temperature will be close to 51. 53 at lunchtime temperatures barely climb, 54 our afternoon high we drop back into the low 50s by 6 p.m. so we're are not going to see much moment as far as the temperatures concerned and we that. they're going to stay put as we head into the afternoon very limited sunshine for our day today. now, as we head towards tomorrow even less sunshine. i'm really expecting cloudy skies and really to be honest with you a wet day. we should start dry tomorrow morning. we're tracking a cold front that doesn't approach the area until late in the afternoon
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we'll start to see the rain move in but it's the afternoon hours that could bring uss some rocky weather. where withthat being said our severe weather outlook has all of central north carolina under a marginal risk. they'll be isolated in nature and short-lived however some damaging wind gusts and heavy rain will still be possible tomorrow afternoon and evening. right now we're talking about today and we have been talking about those cloudy skies cooler temperatures 54 our high today in raleigh, 53 in durham, close to 60 down around the sand hills and overnight we'll keep with the trend of temperatures not moving a whole lot cloudy and mild right around 50. temperatures will spike 69 our afternoon high chance for showers or storms. and download or weather app it pushes weather alerts straight to your phone so if we see severe storms tomorrow that will be very beneficial. most of the rain is wrapping up
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friday the sunshine is back but so the chilly temperatures high of 47 on friday and on the cool side over the weekend ahead but right now the weekend does look dry. it's 5:51 on this tuesday morning. let's check in with traffic. if you're getting ready to head out the door we're looking at u.s. 70, and business split this morning. so if this is along your commute buckle up and make it a safe drive. i do want to check in with some speeds we are seeing some slowing on i-40 westbound moving at about 11 miles per hour, no word on any accidents in that direction so just stay a alert but on i-40 westbound if you're heading out towards the airport moving at about 70 miles per hour this morning. here are is our pet of the morning, meet kramer the three
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the governor will head to nc central university in durham. he'll sign a proclamation. he'll discuss the c bond the state's economy and the school's internship program. a milestone in the state of north carolina history and the civil rights moment as well. students refused to leave a white's only lunch counter. the group known as the greensboro four were honored with a march
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old store is now the international civil rights center and museum. a historic site in downtown raleigh is set to get a moved den make over. a meeting was held about the future of moore square. now, with the city council's approval officials will work with state officials on an he isment to allow an addition of a building. the park is an important part of downtown and needs some attention. >> it's a little tired and we've had some great consultants look at it, and the plan that they've come up with really does activate that space. it really does pull people from the outside into that space, and utilizes it in a much better way. >> the city is still working on construction documents and permitting for the project but construction is expected to start this summer and finish up in the summer of 2017.
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last night. both teams showed up for questions from reporters. panthers players talked about a broad range of products. >> manning will always be an all-time great, and for him to be on the other side of the field is just -- it's a pleasure, and hopefully i get the better end of the stick on sunday. >> with a guy like manning because he's a coach on the field, he picks you up on stuff so fast, i got to be just much faster than him, you know face their wide receivers. >> tonight the players get a chance to relax a little bit at a party. in the next half an hour we'll hear from more panthers players including why cam choose those viral pants.
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12-foot snow man with manning's numbers on the front. he's helped lead the broncos to their second super bowl game in three years. it took the family more than 6 hours to create this. i think they did a pretty good job. coming up how local health providers work to go protect us against the spread of the zika virus. here's a live look over the cop at all city this morning. a legal cooler temperatures. we've got your full forecast
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the results in and the winsers not exactly who we expected. plus opening statements
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man accused of killing a raleigh
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