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tv   WNCN Today at 11AM  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> as early as tomorrow afternoon, 24 hours from now we could be talking about rain and stormy weather. in the meantime clouds have moved in and they're setting up shop to stay around for quite some time. i'm showing you the big picture on you our sat right radar composite because, yeah, we're quiet, cloudy but there's a system back to our west and it's expected to cause a a lot of diseruption as we head into the afternoon. you make your way down across the gulf states and the showers coming together could strengthen and could be severe storms later today. they're looking for the potential for strong storms and tornados around the gulf states later today. here locally no storms today but 24 hours from now we could be talking about
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now, as far as your temperatures concerned we're at 55 in raleigh, 57 in littleton, the low 50s around roxboro and south hill. i've bumped up the average high to 56 degrees. of course i'll have more on that weather coming our way in your complete forecast. right now i'll send it back to you. well, after nearly a month of selecting a jury a 23-year old raleigh man is standing jones. emma wright is covering the story for us and join us live. . >> the state is seeking the death penalty in this case. several of her family members were in the courtroom this morning including her mother who is expected to testify later in
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smith is accused of killing 30-year old jones in her apartment in 2013. investigators say smith and two other people anthony and r decks dden were breaking into the apartments before the murder happened. >> smith conceded that he and anthony he and redden had been in the area and breaking into cars. prosecutors say smith brutally beat and stabbed jones while her daughter was asleep next door. smith and anthony both were responsible for killing jones. >> you're going to hear that they were together after the murder and the state is going to prove to you that they were together during the murder of you're going to hear that after she was killed that
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ways they still went together to a hotel room. >> now, the defense they just wrapped up their opening arguments just a few minutes ago. they're placed the blame in this case on anthony and say they manipulated smith into the killing. he has taken a plea deal in this case and is expected to testify later in the trial. we'll continue to follow this story. we'll have updates on the news at 6 and 7 as well as on a fayetteville man avoids the death penalty by pleading guilty to three separate murders, will he grand admitted to killing his cousins and two others during a home invasion. a 19-year old has been charged with supporting the terror group isis. sullivan faces several counts including
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support to isis making false statements to the fbi. the charges come after his arrest last summer. meanwhile a couple accused of possessinging a weapon of mass destruction. deputies say they busted the two last week for operating two meth labs from a home. one is being held on a $25,000 bond and the other is set at $10,000. the deputies have not specified what that weapon of mass destruction actually was. well, the results in from iowa and we had an unexpected can republican winner. . >> reporter: so as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of
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>> hillary clinton was declared the apparent winner. >> iowa thank you. >> less than half a percentage point separate clinton and sanders. >> here's sanders reaction earlier this morning right after he landed in new hampshire. >> we look forward to doing well in new hampshire and then we're off to nevada and south carolina. >> ted cruz quoting the bible claiming the biggest victory ever in caucus history. >> tonight iowa has proclaimed to the world morning is coming, morning is coming. >> donald trump landed in second place barely ahead of marco rubio. >> we will go onto easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever they throw up there. >> rubio a close number 3 was the first to declare a victory here.
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would never happen. >> all the candidates pledging to battle it out in new hampshire and beyond. >> north carolina political tragedy gists is weighing in. he spent 18 years on capital hill. it was an especially great night for senator marco rubio. >> i think rubio will ultimately be the republican nominee and you ultimately the president of the united states. this narrative that he isn't conservative enough or as bogus. it's not true. >> he says he's not surprised it was such a close race, he thinks ultimately clinton will be the democratic nominee as far as
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need to run a tighter campaign and play by the rules much more. charges pending after a deadly 3 car accident monday night. a 3 is 1 year old was killed after being hit head on. investigators say that lawyer lost control of his vehicle and sideswiped another car and slammed into write's car. >> as college students settle in their spring semester the commission is trying to educate people who serve alcohol in the college town of chapel hill. we're live in chapel hill with how the state is tackling the issue. >> reporter: he was 20 years old when trooper say he drove drunk after being served at two bars. today servers at bars in
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training trying to make sure a that something like that doesn't happen again. he drove the wrong way on i-85 crashing and killing a 49-year old. 46-year old and a 6-year old. both bars that served the 20-year old facing penalties, he's not here will lose its alcohol license for 21 days. the bar agreed to pay a five thousand dollars fine to avoid a 30-day suspension. another bar was given a 50-day suspension or a 14-day suspension and five thousand dollars fine which the bar's attorney says the business will pay. we found the bar has been cited four times. today the abc commission is among the agencies and groups giving free training to restaurants and bars that serve alcohol. there's a focus on penalties, checking ids properly and how to recognize when someone has had too much to drink.
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and bars in downtown chapel hill and our guests tend to come from other restaurants or bars. so usually by the time they come to us it later in the evening. >> there have been several lawsuits filed some of them against the bars a that served him. he was indicted on 13 charges in september 6, '79 his next court date is about a month away march 8th. >> the assistant da told me the vast majority of these cases resolved by a plea agreement and that's certainly a possibility in this case. still ahead with dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct weighing against him entertainer bill cosby preparing to fight the only criminal charges against him and with the zika virus now considered a world health emergencies some
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welcome back. auto couple remains behind bars accused of abusing their three month old twin sons. they were arrested after paramedics were called to their home. investigators say the first responders had to perform cpr on one of the babies. they weres transported to the hospital where one is listed in critical condition at this point while the other is in stable condition. neighbors say they are in disbelief. >> it seems crazy about those kids, you never know, it's a
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>> and deputies say both children suffered traumatic brain injuries. an alert from the fayetteville police department officers looking for this man christopher davis in connection with a shooting. detectives say he wounded a person after firing into a home on monday. in pennsylvania a courting hearing in the case against bill cosby. the he be tabler is charged with three felony counts of ago evaluate assault. the criminal cases comes after dozens of other women accused him of sexual misconduct. former district attorney is expected to testify at the hearing about accusations that he made a deal with cosby not to prosecute ten years ago. >> it doesn't get any better than having the district attorney at the time say i made this deal and it should be honored. >> in the meantime cosby's attorneys trying to get the case thrown out of court.
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countries taking steps to probing their citizens from the zika virus. the disease has been declared a world health emergency. now, the u.s. military is going to evacuate any military families in the hot zones from brazil throughout latin america. officials handing out tens of thousands of condemns as part of a public health campaign. there are more than 20,000 confirmed cases in the country among them is more than 2,000 pregnant women. here in the triangle health care providers already taking efforts to prevent the virus. doctors encourage women trying to become pregnant to consult with their health care providers before traveling to an affected here. we talked to some expect tan moms. >> it's easy to hear about it
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america but the reality is whatever is happening in the world affects all of us. >> it's always something new. so i think you try and be as healthy as you can. >> and there haven't been any cases reported in north carolina. the state's department of health and human services plans to release more details this morning about steps its taking in response to the virus. all right, how much do you spend on coffee trips to your favorite spot tend to add up pretty fast but there's some good news with the price of coffee beans dipping to a two year low. >> the types of beans that starbucks bias and delivers to its hearse is cheaper. it's a 33% drop and only e eected to get cheaper. officials expect coffee farmers to have a big harvest this season creating an oversupply in beans but don't expect to save any money.
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company like starbucks beans only make up about 20% of its overall cost other factors how much employees make, take home play is going up especially with more places across the country increasing the minimum wage and starbucks is also paying tuition for 4,000 employees, but you can trim your coffee budget without cutting the caffeine buzz the most obvious brew at home. whole beans tends to be cheaper are and an inexpensive coffee grinder can pay for itself fairly quickly. also buy that coffee in bulk for bigger savings. if you can't give up the daily coffee shop rate wall look for gift cards and loyalty programs like those from a smart phone app can come with perks like a free drink plus don't forget to bring your own cup. many places offer a small
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it may make that cup of coffee that much better. >> that is great news for us here on the morning show. all right dutch police may have found something more effective than special good gets to combat economy drones. officers training eagles to attack drones. the group's guard from above says using the bird's animal instinct offer an effective resolution to a threat. birds can be a useful asset for handling suspicious drones. ikea might have the perfect solution for getting people to drop their phones at the dinner table. they've come up with a hot plate table poured by smart phones. everyone has to place their devices below the pot. it looks like a pretty good way to
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around the dinner table, right. >> i like the idea. we do have an exciting day, it is ground hog day and this is some video from punxsutawney pennsylvania and god old punxsutawney phil did not see his shadow this morning. yeah, that means he is predicting the next six weeks to be milder or in some cases an earlier spring, a little fun fact ground hog day started back in the 18 hundreds the first track happened in 1887 and of course the inner circle of those guys in the top hats say he's never wrong. hey i'm that you feel for punxsutawney phil saying that the next six weeks could be milder. and we'll start off with some mild conditions today but the temperature is not going to climb a lot over the next few hours. 55 right now, a high of only 56 this afternoon and then
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by 6, 7, 8:00 this evening. you'll notice pretty cloudy skies for the remaineder of today and into the overnight hours and that's what we're seeing right now, a little bit of blue sky here and there. now, this is the big picture ahead of our next system. wait until the temperatures really start to climb and instability starts to fire around about a and back to our west and that means that we could deal with some rocky storms back across the gulf states, they're even looking at the positive tech for some tornados later today. this is that cold front. ahead of it not a lot going on in our area. cloudy and cooler air as a result. now, that system you may have guessed it is heading in our direction. what does this mean for us? well, thomas the cold front approaches i do think there's a good chance for widespread rain also the a threat for isolated storms. i
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widespread as what they're dealing with in the mid-west so the. i'm stopping you at 10 p.m. this evening because not a lot is expected to happen today. cloudy skies, as we head towards lunchtime on wednesday highly the -- while the rain is moving into our area. the afternoon is when the threat for some storms will also move three. 6:00 could be looking at a broken line of storms moving through. i would expect gusty winds and some of them on the damaging side. we're at a marginal risk for severe weather. so if you haven't done so already download or weather app it will be a great tool tomorrow to make sure you get those weather alerts pushed to your phone. the mid-50s in raleigh and 54 in sanford. high this afternoon a couple degrees
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now. overnight tonight cloudy and mild, remember those clouds kind of act as a blanket keeping us on the mild side and the coming days a good chance for rain on our wednesday, we have a few storm embedded as well with some linger rain on thursday we'll drop back into the 50s, that's close to seasonal for this time of year but friday the chill will be here 47 and sunshine as we head into the upcoming weekend. i now think it will be dry that's a change from yesterday but the temperatures had in the low 50s normal for this time of year right around 53 degrees. >> so not too far off from what we normally have. >> yesterday though, 72. >> it was nice. i'm excited about the news from punxsutawney phil. he did not see his shadow. >> he better be right. >> that's right. we got to check in i know sir walter wally.
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super bowl media day, the panthers were introduced to the crowd like rock stars. cam newton left the crazy pants to the hotel. however when it came to talking about the big match up with denver newton was all business. >> it's all in preparation. my father always taught me the proper ps of success. and that's the words that i live by especially in big moments. >> and cornerer back norman also known for his personality got in on the fun by wearing a wrestling mask. super bowl 50 kicks off this sunday night at 6:30. >> second ranked tar heels suffered their first loss last
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they upset unc 71 to 65. also wolf pack lost a close one. they slipped to 12 and 1 1 on the season. they played duke this saturday the.
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with us we'll be
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ask your doctor about xarelto . it's my carolina today with valonda calloway and alex butter. >> we've got a lot coming up in today's show for you. we're
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