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tv   WNCN Today at 430AM  CBS  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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winds toppled power lines. we'll have much more on that. thanks for watching wncn i'm mike gonzalez. >> and i'm stephan chase. hopefully the wind won't be as severe as those folks had it in alabama. let's go straight to our meteorologist with what we can expect today. >> good morning to you at home. we're hoping to not see that widespread severe weather. we could see some storms come through later this afternoon. right now all of this weather is back to the west and it's approaching interstate 40 in eastern portions of tennessee and into kentucky. that's going to head in our direction a few showers this morning, but i think the real showers and storms will start to move in say after 3:00 this afternoon. as far as your current temperature are concerned, 52 in raleigh, 52 in clayton, and upper 40s around lewisburg and henderson. typically we're saying hey temperatures are going to drop over the next few hours. that's not the case.
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will be climbing until they reach a temperature of 70. but 53 at 8 a.m. a little bit of fog. 66 at noon and a few showers and there we are at three clock. warmer showers and storms, a high of 70 this afternoon -- 3:00, and we'll continue with the threat of showers and storms through the evening drive home at 6:00. i'll have more on when these storms will move out of the area coming up but a check will show i-440 and wake forest road on this wednesday morning. the good news is all around 440 south of downtown that means traffic is moving at or near the posted speed limits. i'll keep you dated on weather and traffic every ten minutes. off to a good start. testimony at the continues in the wake county courthouse at the case of a woman killed in north hills.
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killed during a botched burglary attempt. witnesses tested her 8-year-old found her body covered in blood and ran to a nearby construction worker for her. >> she had blood all over her face and blood was everywhere. i put two fingers on her wrist and there was no pulse and she was cold as a block of ice. >> smith is one of three charged in this case. ronald anthony has already pled guilty to murder. the three suspects said they never intended to kill huggins-jones but the crime quickly elevated to murder. a man accused of trying to
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cumberland county courtroom. kevin powell junior is charged with attempted murder after shooting his mother in the head in fayetteville. it happened last month at the spa that she owned. last check was in critical condition at the hospital in chapel hill. today, two people who starved a dog to death will be back in court today. they charged with felony cruelty to animals. animal cruelty told wncn officers found one dog dead, the other locked inside a crate with no food and water that dog is recovering. today, a prayer vigil will honor a man near central florida university. last month police arrested christopher wiggins. today's vigil starts at 6 on concord street.
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be getting different results. 19 people were searched with ties of crimes, eight of those people have been arrested and the number of shootings has been cut in half since the initiative started. the big question, it will have a lasting impact? >> we've seen an increase in violent crime. we've made some pretty significant arrests and we continue to work this special operation and trying to keep the pressure at the right places with the right people. >> last night, the new officers took the oath and begin monday. both sides will meet to discuss the future of school growth and how it's going to be paid for. we're joined by the campus of north carolina university where today's meeting is taking place, emma? >> reporter: these meetings between the two boards. today they're talk future money, construction, and renovations.
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a hot spot to live and work, wake county schools are feeling the population boom first. the number of students is growing, and growing, but where to put them. new school construction hasn't happen fast enough. >> the frustration for all of usa we've got two increasing curbs, the other is construction and we can't close that gap. >> that was wake county superintendent jim meryl last year. wncn spoke with at a similar meeting 29 him and the board of education and county commissioners. 365 days pass but largely remain the same. >> i would not want to pay for other kids to go to school, but it's a very important reason for money to go to. >> in 2013, voters passed an $800 million bond that allowed for the construction of can't
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upset their kids will have to switch schools. >> wake county cools will work with the board of commissioners on the future. >> reporter: today's meeting is happening this afternoon at 5:30 time at the mckemmons center on nc state. em-- wright, nbc news. and a hearing expected. still to come, what his attorneys are trying to accomplish.
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siuxoux city. they were really worried about that, so that went off -- sioux city, that could affect us. >> it's all the same storm system which puts it into perfective how big it is. it caused blizzard conditions around iowa, very severe weather. we're tracking the potential for storm this is afternoon. let's get to the hourly forecast. temperatures from here on out are expected to be climbing. 63 at 10 a.m., 66 at lunchtime, just an isolated shower or two at lunchtime. the bulk comes into the afternoon, say after 2:00. 70 though our high around 2:00. 68 at 4:00 this afternoon, and back into the mid-60s by 6 p.m.. you'll notice that storm threat also picks up as we head into the afternoon. so that's something that we'll be watching closely as we head into the afternoon, but we were
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system is and you can see even up towards toronto, and it turns more severe towards the gulf states. that severe threat is going to make it into our area this afternoon, just talking about a marginal risk, which means the storms would be isolated in nature. we are seeing a few showers around the mountains. it will be into the afternoon that we start to see the steady rain move in for us. 52, raleigh, and clayton, and lewisburg and henderson in the 40s. and roanoke rapids you'll be climbing into the 40s in the next hour or so. i mention we're in the marginal category, a chance of afternoon
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can't rule out an isolated torn. it will be crucial to have weather apps. a great app and can do that for you this afternoon because these storms could be hitting around the drive home, which could make it crucial. 70 the high today, lingering rain towards thursday. 56. and then as the dry weather returns on friday, the chill sets in, 49 as we wrap up the work week. i'll have a closer look at the weekend forecast in just a little bit. mike. >> all right. thank you so much. when denver and carolina square on the field, there will be another battle off the field to help those in need. the goal is simple collected most canned food, cereal and other nonperishable items through sunday. 4:42. be honest. do you watch the super bowl just for commercials? we'll tell you how this year is
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where one convenience . announcer: wncn what you need to know right now. here's our top stories this morning, a severe weather system that spawned a tornado in alabama is headed our way now. >> the twister hit 45 wests of tuscaloosa, and parts of mississippi. it's expected to bring wind and rain to the area sometime this afternoon. >> and testimony continues in the case of a woman beat to death in her apartment in north hills. melissa huggins' body was found, and tri-von smith was accused of murder in a botched burglary. her 8-year-old found her body. a 24-year-old accused of
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expected back in a cumberland county courtroom today. police say kevin powell junior, shot his mother in the head at a salon she owned in fayetteville. at last check, burch was in critical condition. fort bragg's investigating the death of a paratrooper. private first class jacob buckmaster was found unresponsive in his barracks on monday. he joined the army in september of 2014. buckmaster, an oklahoma native are survived by his parents. three teenagers are charged with throwing backs off an interstate overpass. deputies say several 911 calls led them to mile marker 65. they found the teenagers inside of a white bmw. investigators say they threw
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freight liner trucks in jail with -- freight liner trucks in jail. and 72-year-old robert durst has been in jail since being arrested last year, the day before the final episode of a crime documentary about his life and is facing first-degree murder in california. and today, in a pennsylvania case involving bill cosby, a former da who opted not to charge him took the stand. he said he did not have enough evidence to consist him at the time. >> i remember thinking he probably did do something inappropriate, but thinking that and being able to prove it are two different things. >> cosby was rearrested in december for the same exact case and his lawyers want the felony charges dismissed. a convenience store clerk taking matters into his own hands in florida. this is from the brevard county store. you can see the suspect walk
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corner and show a gun and demand money. the clerk, a military veteran, walks to the register, as well, opens up and then jumped right into action wrestling the weapon away. the suspect ran from the store, no one was injured. today, a house oversight commit sescheduled to hold a hear nothing washington d.c. about the safe drinking water act in flint, michigan. flint's tap water was contaminated with lead, after the source switched from detroit to the flint river. it was made while the state was under financial management and caused lead to seep into the drinking water. residents started complaining about the appearance, smell and taste of the water shortly after the switch but no one would listen to them in state government. we're days away from the
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morning you're getting an early peak of some of the commercials. this year, commercials are expected to be much funnier. it's a broad audience the super bowl attracts. >> comedy is a safe haven for car and beer companies. when it works it could be really effective, but when it falls flat, not so much. there is some risk, but in general, funny is a crowd pleaser for sure. >> and listen to, this the ads cost in upwards of $5 million for just a 30 second spot. wow. you can watch the super bowl on cbs. and speaking of cbs we want to remind you february 29th, wncn will be the new home for cbs programming delivering "the big bang theory," "nciis."
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and go panthers, right? >> i guess so. why not. >> come on, alyssa, jump on the bandwagon. yesterday, was somewhat decent. we had a lot of clouds and today more of the same? >> more of the same, but temperatures are going to be really warm ahead of the cold front. that could bring simultaneous strong to severe storms. here's what you need to know as you're planning wednesday. 8:00 should be a dry morning commute. 66, and the majority is starting to see the rain move in. it's 3:00 and i'm really going to be watching for the threat for showers and potentially some storms. high today of 70 degrees. now, it's not all uncommon to see those temperatures spike out ahead of a cold front. behind this front temperatures are going to drop quickly. we'll talk about that in a moment. let's talk about what's going on right now, 52 degrees and normally when we're talking at this time of the morning, we're talking about temperatures continuing to drop until sunrise. not the case today. from here on out, those temperatures are going to be
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55 in pine hurst, 57 in raeford, raleigh, clienton clinton, 42, and 45 in south hill. so not a lot going on locally. we don't have to travel very far to see that rain, moving into asheville, and boone, as well. picture. this system is enormous, extending up into canada, responsible for tornados across the gulf states and blizzard-like conditions back to the west. as this system approaches the east coast, most of us are too warm. not thinking snow, i'm thinking more spring-like storms. so 6:00 this morning we're going to be on the dry side, a few sprinkles throughout the morning. i mentioned during the lunch hour, scattered showers start to
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pretty distinct line that we'll be watching very closely in the wncn weather center. this is 5:00 so a lot of you getting ready to hit the roadways and this could bring us showers and strong thunderstorms. i've talked about the wncn weather app, most of us moving east boy midnight. we'll continue to see a few showers thursday morning and more rain by the afternoon. you can see it should be a much quieter start to the thursday morning. here's our severe weather outlook for today. we're all in the marginal category. we were talking about this yesterday, it is holding steady from the storm prediction center damaging wind gusts, isolated tornado all possible this afternoon. high of 70 in raleigh, 69 in durham, and 73 in fayetteville. then, overnight tonight, we're going to drop into the low 50s. mostly cloudy the majority of that rain, tracking off to the east.
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we'll be cooler toward, 56 and look at the chill that sets in on friday. 49, increasing sunshine. we'll stay in the 50s over the weekend and a tricky system is going to start to work its way up the east coast sunday into early next week, that could bring us the chance for a few showers sunday into monday. it is 4:52. let's go ahead and check in with traffic f. you're getting ready to hit the roadways on this wednesday, here's i-40 and barbie road. just a few cars in either direction this morning, not a lot that is going to slow you down. i have some live driveway conditions keyed up here and this is checking in with some speeds and look at that, up 70 into 98. slowing down as you proven durham, moving at 16 miles an hour if you're coming in on i-85 southbound, moving at 69 miles-per-hour. we'll have another check on traffic and weather, but here's what's going on today. >> reporter: coming up on today and it's on to new hampshire, secretary clinton and bernie
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granite state making the all important push before the next primary. senator sanders has a lead, and we'll show you the strategy for catching up and her husband
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and how raleigh city council's taking a look at a massive plan to take over 6 forks road. the plan took two years to develop after taking input from the community. it would create six travel lanes, as well as make it more pedestrian and bike-friendly. those who use the road often say changes are needed. with all the new buildings around, that area's gotten bad so i've been wanting wider lanes and more lanes on six forks for quite a while. >> the next step would be designing the new roadway and that would cost about $2 million, which would be paid for in part by a transportation bond. raleigh city council approving an application for a $40 million grant. competition among several cities
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use more en innovation and technology. and today at pnc arena, the ringling bros. barnum & bailey circus is here, and the elephant will move to their permanent home at a conservation center in florida. tickets are between 20 and $65. the montana grizzly bear made his super bowl pick. ozzy sniffed the carolina and denver broncos cakes for a while, but couldn't make up his mind. after taking it up with bruno, they ended up losing to the seahawks. the rest of his predictions have been spot on for the past several years. we'll see what happens this time. today people will lace up their running shoes and head to new york city for the 39th
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>> this looks like so much. it is the world's famous tour race. they race up 1,576 steps. the distance climbed during the race is one fifth of a mile. the men -- 1/5th. women's record 11 minutes 23 seconds. i'm the type i want to be out front and get trampled. >> maybe that's not so much fun. all right. coming up we're going to talk
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. announcer: on air, online, wncn starts now. good morning, happy hump day. i'm stephan chase. >> some severe weather that pounded parts. southeast is headed our way. >> unfortunately, a large tornado touched down in alabama. the national weather service,
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