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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  February 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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they're struggling to get answers about what's going on to get resolution to their problems. we talked to peter, he recently got health insurance for his wife. for the last few months, he hasn't been getting billed for the coverage. he's called blue cross blue shield over and over. on the phone with the company for hours at a time. he hasn't gotten any resolution and is worried he could have to pay for months of coverage at one time. 1500 to $1,600 if this doesn't get fixed. >> all the frustration is huge. and i can imagine that for hundreds of other customers. >> blue cross blue shield sent a statement to wncn apologizing for the problem. the state insurance commissioner says it appears it's an it issue with the company. the office may be able to help people like peter to avoid getting a massive bill. what exactly can they do? coming up tonight at 11:00.
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we learned about a meth lab bust in wake county. the call came in before 3:00 this afternoon at a home on olive chapel road in apex. deputies found a toddler inside the residence. amy cutler is live on the scene with the latest. amy? >> reporter: sean, in the last half hour, we've learned that there are four people who are now arrested and charged in connection with this possible meth lab. i also have a chance to speak with neighbor who lives next door. he says he called authorities several times. that he saw people coming and going from the home. and knew there was some sort of drug activity going on. this is the home at 2632 olive chapel road in apex. authorities telling me seven people were found in the home. perhaps most disturbing, an 18- month-old girl. the sheriff says they arrived before 3:00 this afternoon. they were executing a search warrant and found evidence of a meth lab. there wasn't an active cook the
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say it was clear it had happened in the past. the sheriff says his deputies are working with the fbi and with apex police along with raleigh police. >> to me that's just disgusting, and it really irritates me. it's bad enough for the adults to use the drugs, number one, but to put that child in the danger that making meth does is just amazing to me. i just -- i don't understand it. >> reporter: i think it's really shocking to a lot of people. now those four people who have been arrested are being charged with possession of meth, possession of drug paraphernalia. we're going to continue to be out here and have more on the four who were arrested at 11:00. live in apex, amy cutler, wncn news now.
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the state looked into more than 2,000 meth labs. they report 467 last year alone. the most in johnston county with 40 busts. state law requires property owners who have has meth labs in their home contact their local health department. compelling testimony in the murder trial of a north hills mother. today the jury heard from the woman who admitted to being the get away driver the night melissa huggins jones was killed. steve has the story. >> he asked ron what just happened? >> testifying about what smith said several hours after the trio had gone to a north hills neighborhood to break into automobiles. at one point during the night she says the two men left to check something out.
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melissa huggins jones was murdered. >> he was wiping off the rails. >> how was he wiping off the rails. >> using his shirt. >> later that night ronald anthony displayed a knife. >> how long was the knife? >> like that. >> a short knife. >> yes. >> and what did you notice on that knife. >> blood. >> she testified that smith now had blood on him. >> he was looking down at the bottom of his shirt. and when i looked over, it looked to be specks of blood on his shirt. >> he says that smith rebuffed her when she tried to get answers. i asked him, you know, what's going on? and he tells me to let it go. don't ask questions. just forget about it. >> like smith, she's facing first-degree murder charges in this case. she testified she would not like to face those charges but she also says she's not receiving any deal for the testimony she gave today.
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the fbi is now offering up to $5,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of a missing robinson county teen. authorities canvassed the area in fairmont looking for details in the sara graham case. one year ago today authorities say the 19-year-old left her home to go to work but never arrived. graham's white van was found abandoned along east mcdonald road later that day. >> we have witness accounts that around that time period, 6:30, folks that typically drive that route did not see the van there. it apparently was visible from going by the road there and did not see it. and then folks who passed just 15 minutes later did see it. did remember seeing it on the road. so we know that there was kind of that time period where it wasn't there. and then it was. >> authorities say they don't believe graham disappeared on her own. there's been no activity on her cell phone or social media accounts in the last year. tonight crews are working to
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raleigh parking lot in half. it happened on over land road. no buildings were evacuated. raleigh city engineers are working to determine if weather is to blame. >> while rain continued to fall today, so did temperatures. to find out how cold and wet it will be by morning, here's wes hohenstein with the latest. >> it was in the 70s yesterday with the wet weather. the showers weren't that heavy or severe. that's okay. we can handle that. i think we're ready for some sunshine. the showers stick around over night and even for tomorrow morning's commute. it wasn't in the 70s today. and the seven-day forecast is going to stay chilly. through. temperatures are colder. an area of low pressure left clouds and rain around. but those clear out right after the morning commute tomorrow. so some light rain with upper hoes 40s through 8:00.
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scattered rain showers and much colder. deal is. the fact that we're in the 30s or that the few wet snow flakes could mix in with the light rain. more on that and your weekend forecast in a few minutes. a new organization is setting its sites on retail crime in the carolinas. >> today law enforcement and business leaders announced the formation of the carolinas organized retail crime alliance. the goal to streamline communication between retailers and law enforcement to help stop theft from retail stores. police are seeing multiple items being sold and resold to other retailers. >> battery, and razor blades and over the counter drugs, those are items we are frequently seeing stolen. if you see those items as a consumer. we want to educate consumers, if they're too good to be true, the price at a flea market,
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>> some products could expire or turn bad. the state ncaacp plans to hold a mass march. the rally will focus on efforts to get out the vote ahead of north carolina's primary in march. speakers of the events will be north carolinians effected by voter id laws and the governor's decision not to expand medication. >> we are fighting in the legislative halls. we are fighting in the courtrooms. but we are also determined to fight and organize in the street. >> ncaacp leaders hope to capitalize on their success with moral monday protests to boost turn out for the march on raleigh. the budget director is sharing his two cents about the proposal. >> we sit down with lee roberts about the bond and his decision to leave state government. the greatest show on earth is coming to an end.
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talk about the retirement of wringling brothers elephants. >> traffic is moving but slowly
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stay with us. for the second day in a row, rain dominated our plans. there's still some green out there tonight. coming up, we'll talk about how
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white tomorrow m on air, online, wherever 7:00. supporter of the connect nc campaign video tonight. north carolina voters will decide on the 2 billion-dollar bond proposal in march. wncn political reporter bo minnick sat down with the budget director to get his take on the bond. >> i'd encourage everyone to support the bond initiative on march 15th. >> those are words lee roberts couldn't say publicly when he was state budget director. now that he's in the private sector, that's changed. >> it's a question of when we make these investments. not if we make them. we're helping train the work force of the future. >> more than half of the 2 billion-dollar connect nc bond would go to infrastructure improvements at universities and community colleges. supporter released a new video for the bond. >> it's a great investment in north carolina's future with no new tacks.
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bond on our state's debt. >> it should be brought before the representatives. >> roberts tells us there shouldn't be a tax increase because of the rate north carolina is paying off its existing debt. >> our over all debt service doesn't change much at all. even with the addition of this new debt. we'll still have less debt five years from now than we do this year. even with issuing the 2 billion- dollar connect mc bonds. roberts left the state budget office joining sharp view capital. a raleigh investment management firm. >> it was a hard decision to leave. >> we asked him to reflect on his time as budget director. in november state lawmakers questioned roberts and public safety expert perry about prison maintenance contracts. roberts looks back on it
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>> we found there was a savings that's outsourcing. something that's not true gets out faster before the truth has a chance to catch up. >> bo pin nick, wncn news now. >> the state of north carolina's economy is strong. but he says there's work to be done. in particular, for less populated areas. there's concerns tonight that significant changes could be on the way to state employee's health coverage. today the north carolina association of educators and a public service workers union held a press conference voicing those concerns. the board of trustees will meet and vote on changes tomorrow. there's talk of eliminating the coverage of spouses. now they don't have the authority to remove spouses and will not address changes this year but workers are still concerned. >> just because there may be a short reprieve on the phase out of the 80/20 plan this issue isn't going away. >> they plan to voice concerns tomorrow.
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delivery service is available in the triangle from 8:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night o'clock seven days a week. deliveries are made by car, bike, and public transit. you need to place an order through an app. two-hour delivery is free. the one-hour delivery fee is 7.19. the greatest show on earth is making a stop in raleigh. it's one of the last times you'll be able to see its biggest act. >> carlie griffith got to talk to trainers to talk about the retirement of wringling brothers em infants. >> her name is asia. she's one of five beautiful asian elephants on the show traveling with us. >> asia is 48 years old and has been in the circus business more than half of her life. now she will be retiring to a conservation facility in florida. >> it's a tough transition, it's bittersweet. but it comes down to conservation. >> by the end of may, the
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40 asian elephants. not only is the move aimed to keep the species alive, the elephants will be part of pediatric cancer research. >> we're trying to find a key link between elephants and a treatment for cancer. >> the transition was also influenced by dollars and cents. taking care of the gentle giants on tour is costly. around $65,000 a year. the elephants retirement has been met with mixed reaction. peta says it's a step in the right direction but is still calling for the end of all circus animal acts saying they're abusive. ryan, an elephant handler of twelve years disagrees. >> we have some of the best individuals from around the world providing all our animal family members with the highest standards of care 24/7. >> one thing is for sure, saying goodbye will not be easy. >> they are like our family members.
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griffith, wncn news now. they'll be in town through sunday. find ticket and show time information at another wet and cloudy day in central north carolina. here's video of rain coming down on main street. it's a mess tonight. but you're telling me that tomorrow the sun may come back. >> i'm saying there's a chance. so it's kind of an ugly night. it's colder. and the rain's not as heavy. there's some good and bad. here's a look at 440. 48 degrees. so that's not pretty. but this shot kind of is. we take you live across the country to one of our neighborhood network weather bug cameras in san francisco where we have learned that there's a football game this sunday. that's the bay bridge by the way. and town the road in santa clara is where they're playing the super bowl. there's levy stadium. there are sunny skies when they kickoff. the broncos and panthers. at 6:30 our time. that's the middle of the afternoon out there. it's going to be warm. 71 degrees.
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probably going to be, and i looked back at all 50 of them. probably going to be the warmest super bowl in 13 years. so that's something to talk about. of course back here, we are not going to be in the 70s for quite sometime. we still got some rain. nothing severe. nothing all that heavy. we've seen one to two inches in the past 48 hours. and while there's a back edge to the rain, so it might be misting or drizzling, down in pinehurst or chatham county. maybe in durham. there's going to be more rain redevelop to the west and sneak in here for tomorrow morning's commute. but the cold front worked. 70s yesterday. 50s this afternoon. i mean it's 16 degrees colder right now in franklin county than it was last night at 7:00. 11 degrees colder in durham than it was 24 hours ago. so you're right, it's colder outside, and it's wet. and it's going to stay that way. can't do anything about the clouds through tomorrow morning's commute. nor can we do anything about the scattered rain showers.
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go hour by hour, fall from 48 at 8:00. to 46 at 10:00. we've got 30s for the first time all week long for a morning commute. but what's interesting about tomorrow, 36, that's cold. 30% chance of rain. with maybe a couple wet snow flakes mixing in. more on that in just a second. there's our front. our area of low pressure and all that rain. that's going to start to pull out of here as we head into tomorrow morning. let's pick up the weather map tonight at 10:00. we've still got some of that light rain around. keep an eye to the west. that's where that little batch will develop. it's going to sneak in here tomorrow morning. main batch heading out at 3:00 a.m. here comes the second one with mainly light rain. and then a little bit of wet snow as that cold air chases the rain out of here. not going to accumulate. not going to mess up the commute. but always exciting. then as we get toward 8:00 and 9:00 a.m., we clear out in a hurry, and we end up with a nice day. just the early part of the commute tomorrow is not going to be so nice. and then watch this as we get into friday afternoon.
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we've got clear skies. saturday morning. so this mess is going to lift tomorrow. saturday looks to be a decent day. a few clouds. still with chilly temperatures. but we've still got that area of low pressure that will be close to the coast on sunday bringing us a few rain showers. yesterday we talked about maybe something else mixing in. now. we're not that worried about that. warm. night. long. we have chilly temperatures during the day. it's going to feel like february for the next week. tuesday. and look at wednesday, we've been talking about this, another shot of cold air, most of us not out of the 30s next wednesday. so i guess that 50 on sunday looks pretty good. >> yes, it does. >> we'll take that. >> so does 71 in santa clara. $3,500 we can get to the game. speaking of that, the
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be spot on to beat the tough denver defense. >> cam newton talks about the team's game plan. plus looking to take part
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board but you don't want we're now just three days away from super bowl 50 in santa clara. >> the panthers are putting the
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plan for the denver broncos. the panthers focused on how to move the ball against the top ranked broncos defense. for cam newton it's about limiting mistakes. >> we know what they're doing pretty much. they have a long range of guys that are capable of creating turn overs by stripping the ball or intercepting it. for us, we have to be on our pes and qs and run precise and throw precisely in the secondary to be effective. >> the panthers are a touchdown favorite in sunday's game. with the super bowl comes super bowl parties. a person can consume as many as 2,000-calories on game day. yikes. they say one of the biggest culprits is the chicken wing. 3 to 5 can have as many as 300- calories. dietitians say to swap out the wings with chicken tenders and stick to light beer. >> the higher the alcohol
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the calorie content of the beer. >> so people here in the studio are shaking their heads no. super bowl sunday is considered the second largest day for food consumption in the country. another healthy tip. fill up the plate once and then turn your back on the buffet table. i think that's easier said than done. >> i'm waiting for all that food. read much more about the panthers and super bowl 50 on look in the sports section. we have breaking news that just came in to wncn bmx legend dave mira died. around 4:00 this afternoon, police responded to an apparent suicide. they found 41-year-old mira sitting in a truck with an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound.
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friends fear by earlier in the we're back with breaking news out of chatham county
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