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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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breaking news. two police officers shot while on patrol in new york city. both are expected to survive. it happened in the bronx at a public housing complex.
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people in the stairwell. they shot one officer in the face and the other in the abdomen. the gunman ran off and was found dead of a possible self- inflicted gunshot wound. dave mirra was found dead in a truck this afternoon from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. he earned 24 career metals in bmx racing. he leaves behind a wife and two children. drastic drop in temperatures and rain still falling. >> it could be more than rain falling for the morning commute. chief meteorologist wes hohenstein is here . two times we have had 70s. anything that happens it will not be significant. it is still raining outside right now. it's possible that tomorrow
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could also mix in with a little bit of snow. it's another soggy day. we will watch more rain developing back to our west. that will move through for the morning commute as temperatures continue to drop. remember, we had a cold front comes through. as temperatures continue to drop and as precipitation hangs around, snow could mix and. right now we're in the 40s. for the first time all week, we will have to deal with 30s. temperatures will be in the mid- 30s tomorrow morning. breezy so wind chills could get to upper 20s. light rain will fall and some wet snow could mix and. i do not anticipate any problems on the roads just some excitement with the few flakes of snow. we have a weekend with some sun
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national weather service is out checking damage from a storm in davidson county. trees were toppled. city engineers of trying to figure out if weather caused this crack in a parking lot in raleigh. no buildings were evacuated. whether it storm, snow or ice, you can take those conditions with you on the go if you download our new wncn app. authorities arrested -- removed a toddler from an apparent meth lab. in the color is live at the scene to explain. neighbors in this community call it safe and quiet. they say they knew something was amiss in that house but
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like this. crime scene tape surrounding 2632 olive chapel road in apex as authorities executed a search warrant. inside they tell us they found evidence of a meth lab but perhaps more disturbing an 18- month-old girl. >> it was a shocker >> reporter: tammy and her husband lived two doors down. they say their aunt and uncle used to live there that is, until it was sold the new owner has been renting it out they noticed a lot of people coming and going, family members alerted the sheriff's office. >> we said there was something suspicious. >> reporter: investigators say suspicious activity doesn't appear to be an active lab but they did have the materials. authorities arrived just before 3 pm this afternoon. seven adults were there at the
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matthew gault pulled justin lee were charged. a woman and that one-year-old were taken to a local medical facility to be checked out. >> it's bad enough for the adults to use the drugs but to put that child in the danger of making meth is amazing to me. i don't understand it. >> reporter: certainly hard for a lot of us to understand. those four people who have been charged are facing manufacturing method, possessing and distributing meth precursors and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling. live in apex, amy color wncn use. this is the third meth lab bust in wake county. three kids were in his home at the arrest.
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of making meth. that was on gender 14 and two children were in the home. compelling testimony from the woman who admitted to being the getaway driver in the north hills murder case. she spent hours on the stand placing travion smith on the scene. she saw smith on the second floor balcony of the apartment wiping the rail of the balcony with a short. later smith poled out what appeared to be a bloody knife. >> i ask him what's going on and he tells me to let it go. told us questions. >> sarah testified and she says she's not getting any deals but wants to tell the truth. the fbi is offering a $5000 award for the information
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the sarah graham case has been going on for a year. investigators found her white van later that day and are focusing around a window around 6:30 am. parking lot parole caught on video in east durham at the village shopping center. wncn samari upload learns a disturbing video has customers fearing for their safety. >> reporter: the fight broke out in this parking lot. earlier i showed some of the video and they told me they are rethinking coming here at night. customers arriving here thursday could not believe their eyes. >> oh my god. >> reporter: when i showed them the latest video going viral. >> they don't have respect for themselves. >> reporter: it shows two women battling on monday in the
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step theaters cheered them on. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: some even recorded the fight. four days later i met at the bill in the same spot where the fight erupted. >> i am disturbed. my kids come out here. >> reporter: are you safe out here? >> we're not safe. >> reporter: other customers had the same concerns. >> there should be more security. >> reporter: wncn spent about six hours at the village and saw one police officer but no private security. i checked with the police department and was told officers did received a 911 call but the crowd was gone when they arrive. >> this community needs help with young people. >> reporter: we reached out to property matters -- managers but my phone calls have not been returned.
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the nc bonds released a new video explaining why they think north carolina voters should approve it. >> it's a great investment in north carolina's future. >> more than half of the bond would go to infrastructure improvement. opponents are concerned the state to take on new debt. today we sat down with lee roberts. he says the bond should not mean a tax increase because of the rate north carolina is paying off its existing debt. >> our overall debt service cost doesn't change much at all even with the addition of this new debt. we will still have less debt five years from now than we do this year even with issuing the $2 billion connect nc bonds. >> roberts left the state budget office earlier this week to take a job with an investment management firm. there are concerned significant changes could be on the way to state employee health coverage. the north carolina association
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held a press conference voicing their concerns pick the state health plan board of trustees will meet and vote on changes to market there is talk the board could eliminate the 80, 20 coverage plan. deport said he doesn't have authority to remove spouses. workers are concerned. >> just because there may be a short reprise -- repeat, it's not going away. >> state workers plan on voicing their concerns to marquette still ahead, problems for
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thousands of going to customer service nightmare. tonight the state is getting bombarded with lanes. customers a blue cross blue shield of north carolina are having a variety of billing problems. >> mike hyland is here with what's being done. >> reporter: the state cut insurance commissioner says this is unprecedented. he is 20 people working on this issue and says it won't be resolved soon. peter cousin has a simple request. >> all i want to do is pay my bill and make sure we both have coverage. >> reporter: he recently added health coverage for his wife through the cross blue shield of north carolina. his paperwork says the countess
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bill. >> into my cough last thursday, i tried four times anywhere from an hour to two hours without getting a live person pick >> reporter: is not alone. blue cross blue shield acknowledges thousands are dealing with billing problems. >> north carolina's department of insurance how can i help you pick >> reporter: last month, the state received more than 850 complaints, quadrupled the normal amount. >> this has caused us to become stretched them. >> reporter: he says it stems from an id problem at blue cross blue shield back goodwin was to hold the company accountable but it's not clear yet how. >> if we look into any laws were broken or if there were violations. we look at how a problem can't be prevented from occurring. there is a wide range of potential activity beyond that. it will be speculation pick >> reporter: as for peter, he
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>> if he doesn't get resolved to, i will have to wait three months i will have to pay by the time i do get a bill. >> reporter: commissioner goodwin says his office can help to try to avoid customers getting one massive bill. these encouraging anyone having issues to give his office a call. >> blue cross blue shield said a statement saying impart, we are working diligently to resolve these issues as quickly as possible in collaboration with the department. we are sorry for the difficulties. the numbers are end. more than 12.5 million people have signed up for obama that falls in the middle of projection >> expectations were low when it will started because of rising premiums and skepticism. an issue tonight involving the irs and tax returns. agency says hardware failure cause several tax processing systems to shut down. including e-filing. is working but, where is my refund, and other
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says most taxpayers will still get the refund within three weeks. the gloves came off in new hampshire. bernie sanders and hillary clinton when after each other in their first one-on-one debate days before the primary correct steve handelsman's reports. >> reporter: to democrat, to shut it just. >> sanders and i share a very big progressive goldbeck >> reporter: hillary clinton emphasized her similarities to bernie sanders. >> millions of americans are giving up on the political process. >> reporter: sanders is pushing huge changes. >> and a red economy. >> reporter: and the influence of big money and get universal healthcare back clinton says sanders knows he can't do that. >> i am fighting for people who cannot wait for those changes and i'm not making promises that i cannot keep.
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>> i am very proud to be the candidate appear who does not have a super pack who is not raising -- >> reporter: on my clinton, sanders said. >> being part of the establishment is coming in the last quarter having a super pack that raised $15 million from wall street. >> if you've got something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a few or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> reporter: democratic insider versus the democratic rebel pick clearing complained only bernie sanders would say a woman running for president exemplifies the establishment. . vice president joe biden is making history that he is the first vice president to have a facebook page that he posted pictures including the day he was sworn in as vice president.
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world cancer day. good news for the thousands of people in flint michigan water sample show lead levels are starting to fall. epa made the announcement they say sample show water working. testing will continue weekly. agents are asking families to have children tested for lead poisoning by april 1. the greatest show on earth is making a stop in raleigh. ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus will be retiring all asian elephants this may. they will be traveling to a conservation center in florida where caretakers will be focused on reviving the endangered species. the elephants are considered part of their family. >> it's a tough transition. it comes down to conservation and ensuring these guys will be
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>> animal-rights groups say the retirement of elephants is a step in the right direction. did anyone notice the elephant was eating an entire loaf of bread for a snack? they are big animals. they are wet tonight just like everyone else. scattered showers continue. heaviest rain tonight has moved along the coast. we will continue to see this light brain overnight and through tomorrow morning. we're ready for some drier weather. the coast got drenched. they got 2-5 inches of rain. in central north carolina, dry to the west wet to the east. we had half an inch up to 2.5 inches. we're still in the 40s and 50s. these 30s in the mountains will
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that will make things interesting of what is coming from the scott burk i don't expect problems on the roads outside what we had this morning which is wet roadways. it will be cloudy for the morning and have scattered rain showers. north of 85 will have a little bit of snow. no accumulation but outside of that comment it will be cold. we start in the 30s and after about 9 am, the sun is back out and it will be cold. temperatures up to 40 at 9 am. 44 at noon. 47 will be our high. it gets colder friday night and we will have 20s by saturday morning. the cold front moved through last night and it's moving out
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through the morning. it's looking more likely. we saw hints of this. the trend continued tonight. not likely we will see a lot of snow but a little bit could mix end. 3:00 a.m. the bulk of precipitation mixes end. for us, you can see rain and snow mixing and. the wet snowflakes will melt when it hits the ground. if you sleep too late, precipitation is out of here. we've got sunshine for the rest of your friday and most of saturday. when you for clear skies, after a cold front in the winter, it gets cold. that's when we start in the 20s. weather tomorrow pushes of these
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saturday looks good also. still expecting high pressure to move out on sunday and low pressure approaches from the southeast. that will bring us rain showers sunday and monday. it does look to be rain and nothing more. tomorrow, a little bit of snow mixed with rain. number two, it will be called with 30s in the morning and 47 for a sunny, friday afternoon. 27, saturday. 32, sunday. we bring in rain sunday into monday. high on sunday will be 50 degrees. super bowl kicks off sunday at 6:30 local time. it will be 71 degrees at kickoff on the west coast.
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in 13 years. no 70s on our seven day. we have another shot of cold air come in by the middle of next week. we're still looking at highs of only 40 degrees on wednesday. notice your overnight lows in the 20s and 30s. >> sleep in on saturday. a warning to my 400 drivers back automakers are recalling honda and acura models over faulty takata airbags pick >> the recall includes newer and older models and replacement parts will be available until summer. fiat chrysler recalling more than half $1 million chargers covering 2011 through 2060 models. the cars can slip off of a check when tires are being changed. several minor injuries have been reported. the automaker is working on the problem.
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people in the triangle. >> what amazon launched today
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and just hours. the party has started in san francisco. three days away from super bowl 50. >> more than 1 million fans are expected to visit levi's stadium. much of the fanfare has little to do with sunday's matchup. >> i didn't know what teens were playing into my husband told me.
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known for his right here. >> musical acts like dave matthews band and katy perry will take lead leading up to the game. >> you probably recognize this video of senator john mccain praising the panthers on the senate floor. senators are placing a friendly wager with colorado senators. senators from the losing state will have to congratulate the winners and where the winning colors. headline at this year's halftime show will be coldplay. members of the band talk about the big display and who they will be pulling for her. >> i go with the panthers. they have a scottish kicker as well. our bass player is scottish. we feel a certain infinity with the scots. i think we will go panthers.
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>> also performing beyonci and bruno mars. you can find a much more of panthers coverage at our homepage >> starting this month on the 29th, wncn will be the new home for cbs programming. we will be delivering hit shows
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amazon deliveries get faster in a triangle. the company is doing one hour deliveries for prime members 8 am to 10 pm seven days a week. >> deliveries are made to cars, bikes were transit you need to place deliveries through an active amazon chose the triangle due to its large volume of users. >> i use it all the time. >> it's too late now. we've got a little rain. those showers will be around for the early morning commute. it will be a lot colder than it has all week long. we have had 40s and 50s all week. tomorrow we have 30s in addition to rain and wet snowflakes.
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then they will be wet.
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