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tv   WNCN Today at 430AM  CBS  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today." good morning. right now today we expect to learn more information about the apparent suicide of bmx riders and star. and police investigating an early morning crash that sent to people to the hospital. four people accused in a recent meth lab bust. we've got details. happy friday. good morning to you a home as well. we are looking at most of moisture finely wrapping up this morning but we are looking
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we've seen some brief periods of light snow. into durham you're looking at mostly rain. so let's talk temperaturesemember yesterday we were in the 60s at the this point in the morning. big drop 39 in raleigh, 37 in lewisburg, 36 in roxboro. 44 in fayetteville. so here's your forecast for today, that light snow and rain mixed through about 8 a.m., then we're dry and quickly seeing some sunshine return, 44 at noon today, 47 our high, back to 42 by 6 p.m.. clear are and cold will be the theme for tonight. we're paving the way for a milder weekend. traffic right now just a few cars out towards i-40. maybe your heading out to the airport for an early morning flight no delays right now on roadways. i do want to show you your live
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we look at the conditions that are coming down with our weather and right now some snowy conditions across portions of orange county. it's not going to impact the roads a whole lot but we will watch this. not expecting any delays as far as the weather is concerned. breaking news, two people in the hospital after a crash in raleigh. >> investigators say a driver in a van ran a red light around midnight. the van hit a car. the impact of the crash ejected the driver of that vehicle. the person is expected to survive. crews also took a passenger to the hospital. the crash reconstruction unit is is currently investigating. we executive to learn more information this morning about the the apparent suicide of x games super star dave mira.
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the bmx star dead inside of a truck of an an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. he was a legend in our state and around world. he earned 24 career medicine deals, 14 of them gold. he leaves behind a wife and two young children. he was 41 years old. we continue to follow breaking news in new york city where two police officers were shot on patrol in the bronx. both expected to survive. the officers came across two people. officers say they showing one officer in the face the other in the stomach. the gunman took off and was found dead. four people suspected of running a meth lab. >> they busted lab thursday afternoon. >> reporter: the sheriffs office says not only did they find the ingredients inside that house
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old baby lived there as well. the sheriffs office says neighbors tipped them off after they saw too many cars coming and going from this house in apex. >> deputies said that night that there was something suspicious going on. >> deputies say they were correct. inside they found ingredients to make meth. even though lab wasn't active an 18-month old girl was living there, and he says that makes it a serious crime. >> it's bad enough for the adults to use drugs, number one, but to the put that child in the danger that making meth does is just amazing to me. i don't understand it. >> the sheriffs office arrested 32 kevin williams, a 30-year old, a 23-year old and a 28-year
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all expected to appear in court later today. >> as for baby she and another woman in the house were taken to hospital to be checked out. >> this is third meth labor bust in less than a month o authorities arrested five adults after a bust a this home on january 7th. three children were inside at the time and police arrested two adults at this home in raleigh. they face charges of making meth. the incident happened january 14th. two children were inside the home when officers arrived on that scene. testimony continues in a raleigh murder trial. compelling testimony yesterday from the woman who admitted to being the get away driver in the case. she spent hours on the stand placing smith at the murder seen. she says she saw him on the second floor of the apartment wiping rail with his shirt. later she said anthony
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>> i asked him, you know, what's going on and he tells me to let it go, don't ask questions just forget about it. >> she testified as she's charged with first degree murder in this case and says she's not the getting any offers or deals, she says she just wants to tell the truth. the fbi is offering a reward for information on the disappearance of a deputy's teenage daughter. officers stopped drivers looking for details in the case and it's been a year since she left her home for work and never arrived. they're now focussing on a 15-minute window around 6:30 in the morning. expect closures this morning
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and training began with physical fitness test. the final obstacle is today and it's a 12-mile march to be completed in less than 3 hours, an afternoon of just ten % pass the event. those that do succeed receive the badge. super bowl 50 is on the way and the party has already gun. more than a million tans expected to visit super bowl city. musical act going to take the stage just outside of the stadium leading up to the big game. you can watch our carolina panthers take on the broncos. it's going to be sunday night on cbs. >> one of these days i'm going to go to the super bowl. coming up thousands of blue cross blue shield customers
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hear from the insurance commissioner about the problems. amazon prime members can order it all and have it all delivered within just hours. later why the company choose can our area now for service. and temperatures this morning much colder than the 60s we woke up to yesterday, right
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hill but welcome back. a good friday morning to you. it's just about 4:40 this morning and we're starting off with degree pre conditions again. much colder. we're seeing some very light
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county. vance near henderson seeing a mix of some rain, light snow even some sleet. as we travel off to the east it's cold enough that we're seeing some light flurries. i'm not expecting it to stick to the roadways. this is the back end of this system that we've been dealing with for the past really two days. this is going to move up the east coast today so this rain is light snow showers will taper off by about 8:00 this morning. right now raleigh is at 39, durham, sanford at the 37. so your drive time conditions looking at the that light rain and snow mix throughout the morning commute will be in the upper 30ses through about 8 a.m., back to 40 by 9:00 this morning. today the durham county health department will host it's annual give kids a smile days. it helps families in the
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to afford proper dental care. this the is the year or the event. it runs at the durham county department of public health. coming up next a look at the changes that could be coming to the state employees health coverage and why many aren't too happy about it >> plus the circus is in t when it's your time to shine. you want to feel good from head to toe. including your nails. introducing the amop\ electronic nail care system. the fast way to file. buff and shine. for effortless shiny
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so you can step out with that amop\ confidence and shine on! e electronic nail care system om amop\.
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here's our top stories this morning. this morning the greenville police department will hold a news conference about the x game super star dave mirra. >> he was found dead inside of a
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also two people in the hospital after a crash in raleigh, investigators say a driver ran a red light around midnight of the van hit a are car. the impact of the crash ejected the driver of the vehicle. the person is expected to survive. crews also took a passenger in the van to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. four people expected in a wade county courtroom today after a meth lab bust. they found four adults and a one year child. investigators say it does not appear to be an active lab but they had seen the materials inside the home. today the state health plan board of trustees will meet and vote on possible changes to state employees health coverage. the north carolina association of educators and a public service workers union held a news conference yesterday voicing concerns. there's talk the board could eliminate the 80/20 coverage plan. the board
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authority to remove spouseses and will not address the changes this year. still workers concerned. >> just because there may be a short re previous this issue is not going away. >> workers plan on voicing their concerns today. long wait times, frustrated customers and a struggle to get answers. state officials say they are swammed with complaints of customers from blue cross blue shield. some people have been overbilled others can't verify the status of their coverage or not even to pay their bills. the office has received more than 850 complaints in just the last month. blue cross blue shield says about 25,000 people have had enrollment issues. the insurance misser says the situation is unprecedented. >> we have people calling us very stressed and upset because
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they cannot schedule mris, they can't get the prescription drug medication. >> that would be really difficult. well blue cross blue acknowledges the problem. the company sent a statement to us saying in part we are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. we are truly sorry for the difficulties that our customers experiencing. you'll find the contact information for the insurance commissioner's office on our website just go to well, the numbers in and more than 12 and a half million people have signed up for obama care. expectations initially were low when enrollment started because of rising premiums. presidential hopefuls went head to head in a debate one last time before the new hampshire primary february 9th.
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this is the first time clinton and sanders had debated without former candidate omalley. he suspended his campaign after the iowa caucuses. some good news for people in flint michigan. samples final starting to dissipate a bit. the epa says water filters working. testing will continue weekly for time being. agents asking families to have their children tested for led poisoning by april 1st. a transportation project in mexico is finally complete after breaking ground in 2011. officials hope the new port of entry will enhance international trade. mexican president says that the u.s. mexico border is by far the busiest in the world with more than a million people crossing legally every single day. phase 11 complete, phase 2 should be completed next year. the greatest show on earth
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the last time you'll be able to see their biggest act. ringling bros. and barnum & bailey they will be retiring all of their elephants this may. they will be traveling to a center in florida where caretakers will focus on reviving them. researchers will be working with the animals on pediatric cancer. they are considered part of their family. >> it tough, you know, it's a tough transition. it's bitter sweet but it comes down to conservation and ensuring they will be around for many, many generations. >> animal rights group says the retirement of the animals is a step in the right direction but not off. they're calling for them to get rid of all animal acts. and a good morning to you and a happy friday. we'll switch gears and talk about your forecast. now, this morning not necessarily starting off in the best way. we're looking at the chance for a few showers around the area even a few flurries.
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picture from our wcnc studios 39 degrees as we look out over a very sleepy belt line this morning. here around raleigh we're dealing with mainly cold rain but look at that out towards the airport they could be dealing with a few flurries mixing in there right now. the majority of the county warm enough that it's just rain. then we make our way over towards warn county, a little bit of flurries mixing in there along the eastern portions of the county it looks like more of a light snow mix, and the western portions a little bit more of a light rain. it's all very light in nature. it's on the back end of this system we've been watching over the past few days so i'm really not expecting any accumulations. if you see a light snow shower maybe a quick dusting, the roads should remain clear on this friday morning. for today we'll start off in the upper 30s at 8 a.m., climbing to 41 by 10 a.m. 44 at noon, most of us
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however, even though we'll see sunshine not going to bring us warmer temperatures. high today of only 47, we're back to 42 by 6 p.m. this evening. so here's your future forecast, again that light mix here at 6 a.m. through about 8 a.m., by 9:00 most of is out of our area quickly and then here comes the sunshine, sunshine at lunchtime today continuing right on through the afternoon hours, the clear skies at sun set will pave the way for a pretty cold night tonight. temperatures for many of us could be in the 20s. now, this morning we're in the 30s and 40s. so again, tomorrow will be a big change for us. 36 in roxboro, 36 in south hill, 37 in henderson while raleigh is sitting at 39. heading into the afternoon 47 in raleigh, 46 in durham and close to 50 around overnight tonight
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even colder. i know -- an overnight low in the triangle 47 degrees. the weekend the low 50s back. we should be dry on saturday, could see a shower or two on sunday but of course we're not really worried about our forecast on sunday we're worried about the super bowl forecast really looking nice in santa clara california mostly sunny conditions warm and dry. now, kick off eastern time 6:30 and of course we will be a bit cooler by that point in the day. and as we head into early next week chance for a few showers on monday. we'll get to traffic right now i-440 and ridge road and you can see cars cruising along just fine on this friday morning no slow downs. this is your live drive conditions 64 miles per hour if you're going fool durham on i-85 southbound and if you're on nc 147 maybe coming up from raleigh 63 miles per hour and highway 15 you're moving at about 34 miles per hour.
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later on today. >> we are here at the nfl experience taking in all things super bowl from the trophy that
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game on super bowl sunday and today a 6-year old boy from charlotte will appear on the ellen show. he's a huge panthers fan. he's already been an coach for the team. ellen will surprise him and his family with tickets to the super bowl. he will be her special reporter for the big game. and earlier this week senator john mccain praised the panthers on the senate floor now, our two senators placing a friendly wager. senators from the losing state will have to congratulate the winners and also wear the winning team's colors. >> head lining for the half time show cold play. >> members of the band talked
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will be pulling for for the game. >> i'm going with the panthers and plus they have a scottish kicker as well, and our bass player is scottish as well. i think we'll go panthers. >> amazing, and lastly -- >> speaking of, that's the denver panthers. >> yeah, they want to sell records in both markets. >> and also bruno mars and beyonce. super bowl this year on cbs, we want to remind you one more time that's starting this month on february 29th, we'll be the new home for cbs programming. >> we'll start delivering hit shows. you can find out more about the big change on also this morning amazon deliveries just got a lot faster
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>> the company is doing one hour deliveries for prime members from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week. they're made by car, bike and public transit. you need to place the order through an app. two hour delivery is free, one hour is 799. amazon choose the triangle due to its large volume of prime users. i'll tell you what they're taking over the world. vice president joe biden made history as the first vice president to have a facebook page. he posted pictures. his first post comes on the world cancer day which is close to his heart because of his son's recent death from brain cancer. >> i'm still catching up with the white house on snap chat. >> go figure. as the carolina panthers get ready to face the broncos in super bowl 50 final preparations underway in california for the big game.
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i do and get a sneak peek.
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