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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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capitol $0.00 good morning. you made it to the end of the week, yes, it's finally friday. thanks for watching. >> so glad that you're with us. emma wright is talking about a big meth lab bust but first let's check in with meteorologist ask we've got a mix. yeah, we certainly do and we're starting off with the mix this morning. but let's talk about what's going on here and now some very light rain for the most part around wade county. maybe a few flurries makesing in. all in all the flurries you
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roads should stay clear but they're wet right now, 37 in raleigh, 37 in sanford. then we travel north towards the border south hill you're at 35, mid-30s for henderson and louisburg as well. so here's your fast forecast for this friday, chance for a light rain and snow mix this morning and then we're quickly looking at sunshine by lunchtime it is going to be chilly 47 an afternoon high and the evening drive home temperature around 42. more in just a little bit but let's get to traffic. if you're getting ready to head out look at this i-40 showing a wet camera the moisture collecting on the lens there. i do want to show you our live drive conditions this morning because we're looking at your road index that takes into consideration the weather that's falling in that area and you can see through person and also portions of orange county seeing some white that's an indicator that we've seen some light snow in that area.
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still on the clear side. more in about ten minutes. well, we are just a few days away from super bowl 50. >> yeah, about two days. >> yeah, i was going to say a day but i would have been ahead of myself. >> fans flocking into san francisco for a once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: good morning. and look, this is it. we're now in the early friday morning which means super bowl weekend has officially started here. hundreds of thousands still pouring into the area and most of those headed here without a ticket to the big game. >> everybody welcome the -- to san francisco the host of super bowl 50. >> it is literally the goad he be ticket and as we get closer to kick off a tuck ticket for those who want to be a part of football history by the bay
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ever going to get the opportunity to go. >> for dennis and judy lifelong bronco fans super sunday will be personal. >> the day of the super bowl. >> and they'll celebrate inside the stadium at their first super bowl ever with a dinner. >> i'll buy her a beer and a hot dog >> but for those who don't have a seat yet time and the ticket supply running short. >> so it is a situation where this is an expensive ticket. >> five thousand dollars or more and climbing. >> and that's also a supply and demand issue, there is less supply that we're seeing right now so the prices actually higher. >> and if you're paying a price you'll want to make sure it's the real deal. >> the nfl has done a great job on building out a ticket that has great security features. >> some you can see and others obvious. >> you don't need a light to see that and then the heat sensitive
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>> on a ticket to a memory that will last a lifetime. >> yeah, again you know the going rate for a ticket right now $5,000 and climbing, what did it cost to go to super bowl i, 50 years ago the face value $10, but mike sent us your credit card number and we want to thank you for buying tickets for the entire crew this weekend. >> it went through, really. i was kind of surprised. >> we're buying the beer, you pay for the tickets. i like how you think. >> all right. thanks a lot. we'll see you in a little bit. all right. well the national weather service was out surveying damage from wednesday night's storms. winds blue through toppling trees and also power lines also damaging homes.
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to figure out if weather caused this crack in a parking lot. thankfully no buildings had to be evacuated. whether it's storm, snow, ice, you can get the latest conditions if you've down loadeded the new news app. it's free. today for people suspected of running a meth labor in wade county will make their first court appearance. >> the sheriffs office busted the lab on thursday. emma wright joins us live from the justice center with an update. >> the sheriffs office says they found ingredients to make meth inside the house but even worse an 18-month old baby lived there as well. >> the wade county sheriffs office says neighbors tipped them off after they saw too many cars coming and going from this house in apex. >> deputies said that night that there was something suspicious going on. >> deputies say they were correct.
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ingredients to make meth. the sheriff says even though the lab wasn't active an 18-month old girl was living there and he says that makes it a serious crime. >> it's bad enough for the adults to use the drugs, number one, but to put that child in the danger that making meth does is just amazing to me. i don't understand it. >> the sheriffs office arrested 32-year old kevin williams, 30-year old godbolt and a 28 and 30-year old. all expected to appear in court later today. >> as for that baby the sheriffs office says she and another woman were taken to the hospital to get checked out. time right now 5:06 crazy video out of durham this morning, a brawl all caught on tape. coming up why police say
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happy friday. i'm in the weather center along with alyssa corfont. in case you missed me i was the one with the sweater
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>> it was not pretty in the afternoon. yeah, you had to run from your car and back quickly but yeah we saw a lot of rain yesterday. now, the good news is for today most of that will wrap up early. the bad news is it's cold enough in some spots that that's falling as a rain and snow mix. we've seen some rain out at the airport current temperature 37 degrees. right now that band of rain moving right across the central portions of wade county. so downtown seeing some light rain down towards say towards the wake forest area as well but i want to slide you off to our south and west and that's where we're seeing some light snow. this is very light in nature. if you're going to see any accumulation at all i'm expect ago dusting in grassy surfaces. showing you the big picture this is the back end we've been tracking for a few days now. so
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return this afternoon. 42 in littleton, 43 in fayetteville and throughout the morning temperatures going to stay in the mid to upper 30s. 37 at 7 a.m., 38 at 8 a.m. back to 40 by 9:00. i'll track that sunshine into your neighborhood coming up. state and law enforcement asking panthers fans out there to keep pounding but don't drink and drive. last year highway principal reported 42 alcohol related crashes following the super bowl iii of them resulted in deaths, and 21 injuries. the national highway traffic safety administration has launched a new saver ride mobile app to help people find safe rides home. well once again airbags being recalled. after the break we'll tell you what cars being affected. a newly released video
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sides of the argument for the the greenville police department will mode a news conference about the apparent suicide of x games super star dave mirra. he was found dead
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also new this morning two people in the hospital after a crash in raleigh. investigators say a driver in a van ran a red light around midnight. the van hit a car. the impact of the crash ejected the driver of the vehicle. that person is expected to survive fortunately. crews also took a passenger in the van to the hospital. today the durham county health departments will host its 12th annual give kids a smile event today. cell phone video posted on facebook on tuesday showed a violent street brawl in durham at a strip mall parking lot. it captured two women beating each other up. one woman is seen getting knocked to the ground. police told us they got a disturbance call about the fight on monday. when they arrived the crowd as dispersed. a representative from the village
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for comment. no arrests were made. all right supporters of the connect nc bond released a new video explaining why they think voters should approve it. >> it's a great investment in our future with no new taxes. >> more than half of the bond would go to improvements at universities and community colleges. opponents concerned the state would be taking on new debt. we talked with the former state budget director and he says the bond should not mean a tax increase because the rate north carolina is pacing off its existing debts at. >> our overall cost doesn't change much at all even with the addition of this new debt we'll still have less five years from now than we do this year. >> and roberts left the state budget office earlier this week to take a new job. today you any way see a
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the american heart association has declared today national wear red day. now, research has shown that women with far more likely to call for help when they believe someone else is having a heart attack then themselves. our expert will have more on heart health for women coming up at 6:00 this morning. fire and burn hazards have prompteded dollar general to recall about 27,000 remote control truck control toys. take a look at these. the company has received five reports of the toy remote just overheating. no injuries have been reported though. so as a precautionary measure if you've got that get rid of it. >> honda is recalling more than 2.2 million models over faulty airbags. it includes newer and
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parts won't be available until late this summer. another recall to tell you about fiat is recalling more than a half a million dodge chargers, the problem the cars can slip off of a jack. several minor injuries have been reported. the automaker says it is work to go fix the problem. today is one of our favorite holidays it's nation a appeal weather person's day. that's right, it's actually my favorite of all time. we are honoring them. >> a little background it come policemen rates the birthday of dawn jeffreys. he took his first balloon observation in 1874. >> i like to hear that, guys. now, i will bring you sunshine
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let's take a live picture from our crew in downtown raleigh. there's a reporting it's really coming down in downtown raleigh. let's go ahead and check in with our radar as we're scanning the skies this morning this is why it's good to have viewer reports. so if you're seeing the snow go ahead and email us but a lot of this showing up as rain through downtown, again many of you though will see he that rain morning. that's what we're seeing right now towards syler city, also down towards the pine hearst area. this system is winding down as we speak. so there's not the a lot of moisture left. so anything that does fall it could accumulate in the grassy surfaces maybe a dusting there but other than that the roadways should stay clear on this friday morning. of course we'll keep you up to date and let you know when the system moves out.
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41 at 10 a.m. so quickly seeing the sunshine, 44, 46 at 2:00, be 47 our afternoon high back to 42 by 6 p.m. this evening. so yes, you may be waking up to that light win story weather right now but it's not going to last long. i don't expect many problems on the roadways. 9 a.m. most of this system off to our east and look at all that sunshine clear skies at lunchtime today. we'll continue will the clear skies as we head towards 7 p.m. and right on through the overnight hours tonight and that means tomorrow morning is going to start off colder than where we are this morning and this morning we are much colder than where we were remember yesterday we woke up to temperatures in 40s. break out those winder jackets once again. 37 in raleigh, 37 in sanford, mid-30s in durham and henderson while so
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afternoon we'll be dry by about lunchtime 47 in raleigh, 46 in durham, and near 50 in fayetteville. overnight tonight i was talking about colder temperatures moving in, a low tonight of 27 degrees. now, tomorrow will be pretty close to where we should be for this time of year really all weekend we'll be close to form. so 51 saturday and dry, 52 on sunday, could see a shower or two, again that super bowl sunday here not so bad but in santa clara 70s for kick a off so really nice forecast for the game. as we head into early next week the chance for rain possibly another round of some wind tree weather monday night into tuesday as well. right now it's 5:21 and we'll have to get to traffic. right now a live picture outside, just a few cars out there this morning. just take it easy because there is is still some light rain in that mix start to go fall. we do
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this is on i-40 east bound at exit 295. so if you're driving in this direction i-40 east bound watch out for that accident make sure you're giving it plenty of space this morning. back to you. the panthers putting in extra work before the big game this week ends. we're going to hear from cam newton and what it will take to beat the broncos.
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is found got to work yesterday. >> both teams held practices in the bay area. the panthers worked out at san jose state university before that the players talked to the media for the last time before the game. newton says the team has to put a lot of focus into how to handle the top defense. >> we know what we have to do to get prepared for this game. you know, we know what they're doing pretty much, you know, they having long ranging guys that are capable of creating turn overs by either stripping the ball or intercepting it. for us we just have to be on our ps and qs.
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his dad says the three ps. preparation prevents poor performance. odds makers have the panthers as a five and a half point favorite to beat the broncos on sunday in santa clara. he's just a great player that's for sure. you can find much more coverage right now on we've got a special link on our home page. saturday is the second round of tobacco road show down. >> the blue devils won the first match up. saturday the wolf pack heads to cameron indoor or a 2 p.m. kick off. by the way the coach is expected to be back on the side line after missing tuesday's game because of an illness. >> the tar heels head to south bend on saturday. they are coming off their first acc lost earlier this week. they have
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place but did manage to knock off duke last month. coming up in the next half hour. >> the wade county she reviews office arrest four people with the ingredients to make meth, coming up what else investigators found in the house. and we've got a mix of all sort of weather out there today some wetness possibility of some, i don't know if you want to call them snowflakes but alyssa is going to break it down
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break. today we expect to learn more information about the apparent suicide of bmx star dave mirra. raleigh police investigating
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