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tv   WNCN Today at 11AM  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> happy super bowl. right now you know the bad guys have to get lucky once we had to get lucky every day. >> security is now at an all time high in the bay area. women often put themselves last. >> ladies put yourself first health. we breakdown the numbers as part of national wear red day. and the latest of a shocking carolina. we begin with a developing
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people to a meth lab, even more disturbing an 18-month old toddler was found in that home. emma wright covering the store for us. emma. >> the four arrest warrants and they say they were making and selling meth out of that home. in addition to finding meth and ingredients to make meth they say the four were also in possession of three different kinds of drugs, they say this was all happening while a toddler was in the home as well. the sheriffs office says a neighbor tipped them off to the activity after they saw cars leaving their home at all hours of the night. according to the arrest warrants the four were making and selling meth out of the house in apex. inside deputies say they found needles, scales, pipes and ingredients which is used to make meth. 32-year old kevin williams was
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more facing several felony charges. the four expected to appear here in court at 2:00 this afternoon. we will be there of course, and will bring you updates on as for that 18-month old baby the sheriffs office says she was taken to the hospital to be checked out. we have learned that craig hicks has a new court date. he's accused of murdering three people nearly a year ago. he face 6 counts of first degree murder. his wife and her sister. the fbi is also investigating the case as a possible hate crime. a north carolina couple has been arrested in connection with a murder investigation. the bodies of donna gore and another were found in a storage building back in 2014. deputies have charged the son and his girlfriend with the murders.
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charges. deputies arrested her without incident at her home. funeral services were held this week for a 13-year old girl who was dumped easy i in the state of north carolina. two virginia tech students charged. thursday bond was denied of the 19-year old. they both remain behind bars. keepers is charged with being an accessory to kidnaping and murder. the other is being charged with kidnaping and first degree murder as well. meanwhile the manhunt for a couple connected to a multi state crime ends in a deadly shoot out. his girlfriend was wounded. she's in the hospital at this hours. investigators believe the couple is responsible for a series of robberies and abductions. the democrats in new hampshire again today after
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with clinton being behind in the policy she came out swinging against sanders. tracie potts has more. >> and enough is enough. if you've got something to say say it directly. >> hillary clinton pushing back on the idea that she can't be tough on wall street because she's taken so much money from them. >> you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. >> what we need to do is to stand up to the big money interests. i'm very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a super packet, who is not raising money. >> i do not accept the belief that the united states of america can't do that. >> the numbers just don't add up from what the senator has been proposing.
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democrats disagree on how quickly to normalize relations with iran. >> you adopt open the door and a deal. >> united and principal drew things done. and wncn has learned vice president joe biden is coming to he's visiting durham next wednesday and he'll participate in a discussion about the white houses billion dollar funding request for cancer research. well, talk about an interesting morning so far we saw a little bit of snow in some parts of the triangle. perhaps it's a sign of what's to come this weekend. good morning. well, i don't want to think about that but let's go ahead and talk about the sunshine because that's what here as we head into the afternoon hours. today i do think a dry start to our weekend is expected. 44 degrees with increasing sunshine at lunchtime.
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3:00 and then back into the low 40s as we head towards 6:00 this evening. your drive home for the first time in several days is actually expected to be a dry one, and speaking of dry, look at this, just a you few clouds hanging over downtown raleigh, really a beauty offul time frame for us right now. just a little chilly. make sure you still take that jacket with us. now, the showers and the light snow showers we were tracking earlier this morning have moved up the east coast now towards new york and boston is where they're seeing some snow showers. they're talking about several inches accumulating. so if you have travel plans for the weekend pay attention to that forecast. here locally 30s and 40s. 42 in durham, 41 in roxboro, 41 in sanford. we'll get to more on your forecast and what you can expect for the week ends ahead coming up in just a little bit. this morning crews responding to a horrific
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crane collapsed killing a pedestrian there. several nearby buildings also suffered some damage. right now we don't know what caused the crane to collapse but we'll continue to update you on that story. and the general assembly top ranking republicans announced they would defend a religious freedom law. senate leader phil berger says he will defend it. officials scrambling around the bay area beefing up security. authorities have maintained a visible presence and insist there is is strong unseen presence as well. the stadium in santa clara authorities have been busy in the air and on the ground as well. helicopters patrolling the area while all vehicles big and small being scanned for any sign of dangerous and the coast guard has a fleet off the coast patrolling you up to 200 miles.
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our training and experience to notice when things may not be 100 % what they should be. >> head of security expressed confidence for safety. right now we get more from nbc's jay gray. >> everybody welcome to san francisco, the host of super bowl 50. >> it is literally the golden ticket. and as we get closer to kick off a tuck ticket for those who want to be a part of football history by the bay. >> you just wonder if you're ever going to get the opportunity to go. >> for this couple lifelong bronco fans super sunday will be personal. >> it's our anniversary on february 7th. >> and they'll celebrate inside the stadium at their first super bowl ever with a romantic dinner. >> i'll buy her a beer and a hot dog. >> for those who don't have a
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>> this is a very expensive ticket. >> $5,000 or more and climbing. >> and that's also a supply and demand issue. so there is less supply that we're seeing right now in the secondary markets so the prices higher. >> and if you're paying a price you'll want to make sure it's the real deal. >> the nfl has down a great job on building out a ticket that has great security features. >> some you can't see and others that are obvious. >> you don't need a light to see that's correct and then there's the heat sensitive ink. >> on a ticket to a memory that will last a lifetime. . >> all right. go panthers, right? well, listen to this apparently there's only one, only one copy of the first super bowl on the planet and as it turns out a north carolina family claims to have it. she says one of the last gifts given
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canisters that contained the complete 1967 game between green bay and kansas city, and unfortunately we may never get to see it because there is not a dispute between them and the nfl. >> the nfl has been really really nasty about it. and there's like, you know, we have the copyright there's nothing you can do, we'll sue you, you're in violation, nobody -- nobody can have it. >> and just like she said the nfl says it owns the copyright to the game. it it says the films has ever play from the game and doesn't necessarily need the actual film. still ahead wear red, today's big focus on women's heart health awareness. plus more cases of the zika
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welcome back. a bit of craziness caught on camera outside an iowa shopping center. guys lost control of their atv and it went speeding off on its own. it crashed and starteded doing doughnuts. fortunately no one was hurt. meanwhile close call after a crash at wake forest university. a car caught on fire. police investigating and no one hurt in that one either. also authorities speaking out about the shocking death of david mirra an icon in the world of extreme sports. his body was discovered thursday afternoon in greenville. the 41-year old killed him snowfall his pickup truck. town leaders say they are focussing on helping his family and friends and hope his
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>> yesterday's news highlights the need for vigilance and intervention against the tragedy of suicide. if anything good comes out of this we hope someone who is watching today will reach out to a friend in need. we hope someone who is watching today realizes that they are not alone. >> certainly help out there including on wncn. he moved to north carolina more than a decade ago. he's credited with bringing the sport of pro bmx racing to the city of greenville. got to love that tune right there. more sad news from the world of entertainment. maurice white a music genius. his brother says he died in his sleep wednesday night. he was 74 years old. concern is mounting over growing reports of the zika virus inside the united states.
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confirmed cases including warm weather states like florida, california and hawaii. florida officials have expanded to five counties. we're going to get ahead of this, we always say to ourselves is we're going to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> the primary carrier of zika is the mosquito known as a really aggressive biter. >> brazil is also trying to contain the disease. despite the threat of the virus more than one million tourists expected. in fact the city is expecting more people to travel there than last year. it's much cheaper for tourist to say come to brazil. so you know party on. >> all right. make sure you've got your deet. well, it's not value less
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people wearing red it is a matter from the heart. >> the national heart association declaring today national wear red day. >> reporter: women so good at running businesses and households that sometimes they neglect to do the things they need to do to keep their own bodies running. that's why the american heart association is targeting women in its over raise awareness about heart disease. >> women often put themselves last and when we look at the is a twice stick that is heart disease is is the number one killer of all women women need to put themselves first. >> research has shown women far more likely to call for help when they believe someone else is having a heart attack then themselves. and recently a study from the cleveland clinic found women more likely than men to let obligations disrupt their exercise routine.
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to family history smoking and diabetes, a women's risk for heart disease increases with high blood pressure. >> we also though he that women suffer from depression two fold as often as men and it increases the risk of heart disease as much as 50%. >> signs of a heart attack can be subtle and don't always involve chest pain. other is symptoms include shortness of breath, pain in the jaw and back. >> remember a women's intuition is powerful. if you ever feel something is just off and not right don't hesitate to call 911. . >> well this morning even the tiny east hearts going red, medical center, and the babies volunteers. their mothers receiving information about women's heart health and how to
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families as well as for those little cuties. also another great thing it is weather person appreciation day and we appreciate you for all you do. >> thank you and because that have i wanted to give something back to you guys. sunshine outside >> yes. >> you know, i can control these things on days like today, right? blue skies, here's a live picture in downtown raleigh, man, i can't remember the last time we saw the sun because the past few days have been bloom me and even soggy for many of us. now, we saw a little bit of rain even a few flurries this morning that has moved out and sunshine has moved in. so 44 our temperature right around lunchtime today. 46 at 2:00, our high right around 47 and temperatures will drop fast. back into the low 40s by 6 p.m., upper 30s at 8:00 this evening and you know when we're already in the 30s that it is going to be a cold night. we're watching that cold front yesterday that's
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to the open atlantic and high pressure building in for the week ends. that's going to bring us a nice mix of sun and clouds for tomorrow. now, normal for this time of year is right around 53. so we'll take what we can get as we head into the weekend. for today plenty of sunshine but cooler than normal. you can see this clear skies continue through 5 p.m., they're going to hang around throughout the overnight tomorrow morning know now that it's going to be even colder than what we woke up to this morning and this morning we woke you up to the 30s, i think tomorrow the to say. let's check in with those temperatures right now if you're getting ready to head out for your lunch break 39 in louisburg, 41 in henderson and roxboro. 44 in littleton, compare these temperatures to where we were 24 hours ago and this does not bring a smile to my face, we're 12 degrees colder than where we
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raleigh, almost 20 degrees colder through fayetteville and littleton. so again a big shock. 47 this afternoon in raleigh, 46 in durham, close to 50 in fayetteville. we'll fast forward to tonight, clear skies even colder, a light breeze temperatures going to drop into the upper to say and look at the rest of the weekend for us not so bad. again it is february after all. 51 on saturday, 52 sunday, there will be the chance for a few showers as we head towards sunday afternoon but there's a big important forecast we need to talk about for sunday, the super bowl, our time it starts right around 6:30. on the west coast that's the peek of the afternoon which means warm temperatures, 71 at kick off, 62 boot last play. now, as we head into early next week the chance for a few insurance on monday i'm watching closely monday night into tuesday morning we could see some cold
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talking about a wintry mix as we head towards tuesday. that forecast still several days away so we'll have to fine tune that. next wednesday and thursday, chilly, 44 wednesday, 46 on thursday and already rubbing my hands together. >> well, we'll get our jackets ready. >> and living well your immune system works hard to keep you top of your game. you can support it by eating healthy, drinking fluids, and getting some rest. and you can combine these simple remedies with airborne. no other leading immunity brand gives you more vitamin c. plus it has a specially crafted blend of 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs. so when you want to support your immune system, take airborne,
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so an estimate 189 million people will be tuning into the big game this weekend. turns out it is one of the best times to score a really good deal on getting a new set of the something to consider ultra hd offers more detail than regular hd tv but tougher to notice on smaller than 60 inches. i don't have one so i wouldn't know anything about that. >> like, really, it's a big tv.
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panthers as the team continues preparations for super bowl. >> that's right carolina and denver holding practices all this week. they worked out at san jose state university. cam newton says his teammates putting a lot of focuses on handling the defense. >> we know what we have to do to get prepared for this game. you know, we know what they're doing pretty much. they have long ranging guys that are capable of creating turnovers, stripping the ball or intercepting it. for us we have to be on our ps and qs. >> got to get the ground game going. the panthers a five and a half point favorite to beat the broncos on sunday. all right new off the field troubles for former trophy winner zap . >> his ex girlfriend is accusing
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most stelara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . the super bowl is almost here and we're getting your parties ready. we'll tell you
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. extreme fashion for super bowl 50, yes, check out the footballs that will not make it onto the field. >> these pieces were dreamed abuse the council for fashion designers of america for a more glamourous take. >> they'll be auctioned off next week with proceeds going to the nfl foundation >> i'm sorry, did you say tiffany? >> this is a way to get women to like football. >> there you go. >> you bring in diamonds and you'll have a whole new crowd.
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