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tv   WNCN News at 6  CBS  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on air, online, wherever you are, this is wncn news now at 6:00. a man dies while taking part in the krispy kreme challenge, what we're learning about what happened. plus a major ruling on congressional voting districts in the area, what it means ahead of the upcoming primaries. and just about 24 hours away from kickoff, the latest from san francisco as the panthers put their final touches together ahead of the super bowl. good evening, i'm maggie newland, thanks for joining us. it's a popular race for a good cause. but today organizers of the krispy kreme challenge say a man is dead after apparently having a heart attack during the race this morning in raleigh. wncn's amy cutler is live with details. sad situation here. >> reporter: it really is, you can see some of those tents still up. thousands gathering here this morning to take part in the challenge.
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year-old man was the victim in this. they tell us he complained of chest pains during the first mile of the race. they say he was rushed to rex hospital where he died. the idea of the challenge is to run 2.5 miles to the krispy kreme, eat a dozen donuts and run back. and it's all for a good cause. the race raises money for north carolina children's hospital. it's student-run. in a statement they said their deepest sympathies go out to the family. those we spoke with around campus call it surprising. >> it's kind of a shock to me. i've done a lot of races and never heard of anything like that happening. that's a little scary. >> it's the first we're hearing about it. but it makes you think about when you're running these races how people are involved with it and what they're getting into. but it's sad to hear about. >> now, authorities are not identifying the victim. we're also waiting for a police
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the exact incident. for now live in raleigh, amy cutler, wncn news now. a federal ruling could change voting districts across the state. a panel of judges determined race did play a role in drawing two congressional districts including one here in the area. wncn's lauren is in the studio to explain. >> the naacp is calling this ruling a win. but with the primaries a little more than a month away, and absentee ballots all ready being turned in, some lawmakers worry this will cause chaos in our upcoming election. >> this is simply one victory in a huge war. >> reporter: in 2011, state lawmakers created these 13 districts, five years later, a panel of federal judges is striking down two congressional districts saying
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>> it's an an affirmation of the claims that we've made. north carolina has created a apartaide districts. >> attorneys for the state argue guys race wasn't the predominant mow tye. in a joint statement republican senator bob and republican representative david louis say quote, this decision could do far more to disinfranchise north carolina voters than anything alleged in this case. because the districts have been ruled unconstitutional, the judges say the districts must be redrawn. >> the naacp does not think the general assembly should be the responsible party. >> this is what the ncaacp would like to see.
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legislature with people who have rea expect for the constitution. >> the judges ordered lawmakers to come up with new boundaries by february 19th. the state could seek a delay with an appeals court. north carolina primaries are set for march 15th. back to you. folks across the area are coming together to help collect water for people in lee county. that's where 15 wells were contaminated. the county health department discovered elevated levels of chromium in the county's wells. the department of environmental quality was notified of the issue and is working with the county on what to do next. residents in the area are being told they can do laundry and bathe in the water. but they should not drink or cook with it. >> this is the heart of carolina. north carolina's heart and the people have big hearts. they want to give. they want to express love. they want to share. all they need to know is what's
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and once they know, they'll start working. and this is evident today. >> the county health department says it does not know at this point where the contamination is coming from. a cumberland county man is charged with second-degree murder in the death of his wife. deputies say marilu weise mora was found dead in her home. her husband is charged. he's been held at the cumberland county jail until his first court appearance on monday. three teens accused of throwing rocks at cars are now facing more charges after two more drivers came forward to report damage to their vehicles. 17-year-old bobby stone, 18- year-old javier jr., and 18- year-old alex, are each facing seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill among other charges. police say they caught the teens after several 911 calls reported rocks being thrown at cars on i-95 near mile marker 65 last monday. all three are due in court next week.
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could be doing much worse after flipping his car along church street in mooresville. police say he went off the side of the road, hit a ditch, and flipped the car. no other cars were involved in the accident. no word whether speed or alcohol were factors. and thankfully no injuries after a garage fire in carey. the call came in after 1:30 this afternoon. no word at this point on what caused the fire. well turning to weather now, a nice start to the weekend after some rain this week. meteorologist bill ray is here with a first look at your forecast. it isn't like last weekend, remember last weekend? boy was it nice. it's 42 degrees. and look at this. we had a lot of clear skies. there's some clouds. this camera is looking south to the south. because there's a low pressure system that's starting to develop and move off the coast of florida. and it's going to play with us tomorrow and give some parts of the viewing area some rain and maybe even a little wet snow. it won't accumulate but we'll talk about that coming up.
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will stay dry. everybody dry now. temperatures are in the 40s with it all ready slipping to 37 where it's still clear in roxboro, 37 in south hill virginia. and as we pull out. the low pressure system is sitting right about there. and it's going to continue to move. and then it all depends on the path. if it follows the projected path and goes right here, the edge of that precipitation field will be any where southeast of raleigh. obviously if it moves further, everybody will stay dry. this is the way it looks now. we'll see a little rain possibly mixed with snow southeast of the triangle. nothing this evening, just increasing clouds into the 30s. and then over night, there could be a flake or a little bit of rain especially southeast. the other thing to note is where there will be precipitation, all these temperatures will stay above freezing. we'll time out what to expect and who will get what tomorrow and give you the rest of the week's forecast and it's going to be a cold one. stick around for that.
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in less than 24 hours, the hype of super bowl 50 will give way to a shot at history for the denver broncos and the carolina panthers. more than a million fans are in the bay area this weekend and millions around the world will be watching jay gray is at levy stadium with a closer look. >> reporter: it's the day before the day and the energy, excitement. [ cheering and applause ] and team spirit. are about to boil over here. >> broncos. >> more than a million fans pouring into the bay area to be part of the championship game. and what many see as a changing of the guard in the nfl. the legendary peyton manning, a future hall of famer and what could be his last game leading the broncos. and cam newton who danced across the league this season unbridled and unstoppable, the leader of the panthers and many believe the new face of the nfl. they are the marquis players in this super matchup. and this week, newton's been
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the gold standard for quarterbacks. any time you get compared to peyton manning, you must be doing something right. so i take it for what it's worth. >> and manning's take on the panthers qb. >> he's been awesome. he's been awesome. and that's the best word i can think of. >> awesome. a word you hear a lot around here. less than 24 hours before the big game. both manning and newton are quick to point out this is a game between the broncos and the panthers not the two quarterbacks but you can bet they'll be sneaking peeks from the sidelines during the game to see what the other guy is doing. jay gray, nbc news, santa clara. should be a good game, will be streaming the matchup online for free. this will be the fourth consecutive year cbs provides the service. and they've expanded the devices you can stream the super bowl using the cbs sports app to apple tv, and roku players.
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cbs programming. we'll deliver hit shows like the big bang theory, ncis and march madness. you can find much more about the change on well duke coach mike krzyzewski, highlights from the game at nc state next. jeb bush has spent $112 million, and nobody shows up. >> trump still leading in new hampshire. but marco rubio is rising and sanders still has a big lead as well. we'll check in on the campaign trail, coming up next. checking in with the weather as we look at raleigh as the sun has gone down. temperatures will get chilly tonight. kind of chilly tomorrow. there will be areas tomorrow
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(vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. in new hampshire tonight, it's the republican is looking for his first win. steve handelsman is at the debate site near manchester. >> after losing iowa, donald trump tries to reassert his national front runner status from center stage tonight. but despite poling first in new hampshire, trump has not campaigned much. in this snowy new england state. he was in south carolina last night. >> my total focus now is on new hampshire. and next week my total focus will be right here in south carolina. >> evangelical conservative
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boost in new hampshire poles from his iowa caucus win. but florida senator marco rubio's support is surging. he's poling second here. and rubio figures he will be targeted tonight by the governors. christie, kasich, and bush, only one of whom might have a shot after new hampshire. jeb bush was high energy today at a big town hall, but his poles are trending down. >> who has the record of not cutting and running but solving problems ? you're looking at him. his name is jeb bush. >> john kasich worked a restaurant in manchester before what could be his most critical debate. kasich's poles are rising fast. he's tied for third here with cruz. and the debate could be critical for trump who lost iowa soon after he ducked the iowa debate. winning in this state on tuesday could help erase that and showcase trump as the strong gop front runner. aids say he figures this debate
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i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, manchester new hampshire. it's been named one of the 20 best events many the southeast. today people lined the streets of durham for the 14th annual north carolina mlk black history month parade. the parade is a way to give thanks to dr. martin luther king jr. and recognize the achievements of other great african americans. >> durham has a lot of historic history as well as i'm an employee of the university. i want to bring my family out. it's a day of peace, a day of out. >> the theme of the parade was give us ballots. a way to shine light on voting rights for african americans. the signs of summer maybe months away but it's never too early to think about it. hundreds came out for a job fair hosted by durham parks and recreation. it was held at the holton career and resource center. public works positions are available.
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student who worked at a city camp last year and is hoping to get a job this summer. >> i think it's a great event. it informs you about different areas that you probably would have not known existed before. and i think it's a great opportunity to meet people you could be working with. and people that could be interviewing you. >> some jobs will open as early as next month. we linked you to job listings on >> not quite a nice day to be thinking about life guarding or pools today. but it was a nice day for february, right? >> not bad. tomorrow's not going to be the nicest super bowl sunday. we have precipitation in the forecast in areas. i want you to see this, the tower cam looks south. you're looking from the north to the south. there's the city of raleigh. you see the clouds on the southern horizon. and that's key. that's where the system is coming from. some areas will stay dry. but the further south you go, the better chance you have rain. there's no rain now. none expected this evening. if you're heading out. grab a coat.
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especially where the skies are clear. 30s from roxboro, roanoke rapids, 42 in raleigh and durham, 45 in fayetteville. and 45 in goldsboro. nothing on the radar until you get to the south. there's that low pressure system developing off the coast of jacksonville and florida. and it's going to move to the northeast as we showed you earlier in the news cast. it just depends on how far away it's going to be from us. but it'll throw precipitation in areas southeast of the triangle. that looks somewhat likely. here's what you need to know. sunday, precipitation, it's mainly in the morning. it doesn't mean we won't see some in the afternoon, especially east of i-95. but the best chances are southeast of the triangle. if you're watching roxboro to the north and west, you might stay dry all day. rain is possible. but it may mix or change to snow. here's, yeah, that's a possibility, but the key here is it's going to be rain right along the coast. this is the area that could see the precipitation, i'm going to triangle southward. if you're watching southern
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gold borrow, smithfield, rocky mount, you have the best chance to see rain that could be mixed with snow in a little bit. and areas north and south, i don't have precipitation there because it's a slight risk some of that could sneak your way. i won't rule it out but i want to give you a feel of the lay of the land. if it goes further out to sea, you shove this all down, if it comes closer, everybody sees a chance of rain or snow. but the key to that too is all the surface temperatures will stay above freezing. so little or no accumulation might be confined to grass. a little excitement tomorrow morning but that's about it. we have 30s tonight. i'll put a chance of rain or snow mix in there after 3:00 tonight. especially into tomorrow morning. the key here is you see 30% chance. by the afternoon it should dry out. it'll stay mostly cloudy. but here's what's different. we're kind of flip-flopped. durham is further north. raleigh, a degree cooler with more clouds, 46, and where the
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fayetteville, and you have the best chance of seeing that precipitation, which could be mixed in with a little bit -- nothing at midnight. with a little bit of that mixed precipitation. you see that trying to show up there in the pink. and what will happen as we head toward lunch time in the afternoon hours, there's that low. it'll move away. and then by 6:00, see how clear it's going to be in charlotte and boone, all those clear skies will roll in. and we'll start monday dry. but then this cold front comes our way. and we're going to see some showers on monday evening. rain showers. and then behind the front, dry air comes in. but it could squeeze out an the snow showers will stay in the mountains on tuesday. but we could see that. too. tomorrow, in the sand hills, rain, maybe some snow, winds out of the north and northeast 8 to 12. temperatures in the low to mid 40s. the best chance of precipitation, clinton, goldsboro, wilson, you can see rain mixed with snow. mainly dry north of i-85. just a mostly cloudy day. kind of on the edge in the triangle.
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that monday, 40% is for the rain showers late in the day. and then tuesday, just maybe an isolated shower, look how cold it's going to be. and then thursday is sunny and 38. it's going to be 40 -- 40 on thursday. 38 on wednesday. i decided to put lincoln's birthday up there for you to show you that february is progressing quickly. 48 on friday. and then another system could give us something on saturday. 40 degrees. american heart association, great cause. $50. $100. 50 from al and kelly and 50 from us. the high was 48. we forecasted 50. >> no snow sticking now. >> no. it'll be exciting. >> it could be pretty. >> the atmosphere above is cold. but at the ground, it should melt. >> news cast the kind of snow we like. stay with us. still to come, nc state is getting another chance at duke. this time in durham.
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in durham today, duke and nc state squared off for the second time this year. a few weeks ago devils pulled away for an 88-78 win. today as todd gibson shows us, things would go differently in the beginning but much of the same in the end. >> after a one-game hiatus due to illness, coach k returns with the blessing of his team. >> i asked him, i said is it all right to be here? and they said yeah. and i said well that's smart of you because i still control playing time. >> krzyzewski giving luke kinard. he hit three three's in the first half on his way to a 26 point outing. grayson allen would top that. he had had a game high 28 points. duke appeared to pull away in the second half. up by 13. then the pack makes a run. a double double, 16 points, and
6:24 pm
cat explodes for 17 of his team high 26 after the break. >> every time we got a lead, they'd hit a big shot and get back into the game. i know nc state is a dangerous team. they have dangerous scorers. and you know, they're really totoh. >> but duke was tough as well down the stretch taking the pack's best punch and not flinching the devils able to stave off nc states outstanding second half. >> we're getting closer and closer closing out these games and turning them into -- we have a lot of work to do. >> they fall to 2 and 9 after their loss to the devils. todd gibson, wncn sports. stay with us. we'll be right back with another look at your forecast.
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and you're back. we have kind of a chilly week ahead. >> it's going to be very cold. we'll start with tomorrow. one of the days parts of the viewing area will stay dry. in fayetteville, some rain will mix with wet snow flakes tomorrow morning but no accumulation, 46, showers late monday. and then very cold the rest of the week. grab the coats and scarves. thanks for joining us. we your buddy ron once said he could install your ceiling fan. he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. your heart loves omega-3s.
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