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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  February 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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joining us tonight, it was not the outcome most of the folks across the carolinas were hoping for. defense was the name of the game, the number one -ranked defense was just too good. the denver broncos held on to beat the panthers 24-10 tonight. and to win super bowl 50. todd gibson joins us in the studio with a look at how it all unfolded. >>reporter:one of the greatest seasons in the history of the nfl, only the undefeated 1972 miami dolphins could claim to have had a better year. cam newton won a national title at auburn, what a season he had. going head to head with peyton manning, five time mvp peyton manning. already up three-zero, von miller sax him, stripped him, jackson recovers in the end zone for a touchdown. denver is out to a 10-zero lead. newton leads the panthers on a 73-yard drive, twice running
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jonathan stewart up and over for the touchdown. this would cut them virtually 10-seven, the panthers are right back in the game. carolina just made too many mistakes, check this out on the punt return, jordan grabs her, the panthers call for a fair catch, but he did not, norwood takes off, 61 yards on the return that sets up another denver field goal, 13-seven at the intermission. more panthers lows, tolbert breaks off a nice run, but at the end of the play he is hit and fumbles, carolina was in field-goal range, 13-seven broncos as they had to the break. the panthers get the ball back, and drive into broncos territory, but newton will be picked off i ward, carolina is thwarted once again as a third turnover of the game, the panthers are self-destructing. it will continue, the panthers cannot protect a newton, von
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newton once more, tj ward will recover to the 4-yard line, the broncos are in business. a couple of plays later, cj anderson will get into the end zone to seal it for denver, the broncos and peyton manning knock off the panthers 24-10 to claim super bowl 50, carolinas dream season comes to the and of a vicious denver defense. the panthers close out the season with an unbelievable 18- to record. on of the biggest plays of the game was made not on the field by the review officials upstairs. it came in the first quarter, cam noons past, is a bobbled, it looks like he recovers the, looks like he holds onto it, but fumbles it, it is ruled incomplete, and that was big, because just a couple of plays later, they recover, they would
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was sacked, they recover for the touchdown and that would set the game off, super bowl 5024-10 the broncos would go on for the win. peyton manning went out a winner, if he does retire, the five-time most valuable player does not have to win a game like he did when he was younger, that he did just enough to get his team into the end zone on occasion. manning playing second field to the monster game of the broncos von miller who was drafted one spot below cam newton in the 2011 draft. brett favre -- manning passes brett favre for preseason and postseason victories. manning presumably goes out with two super bowl titles in his last game. not the results we had hoped for here in the triangle. >> it was a tough one to watch for panthers fans for sure. disappointment is all that's left of most of the bars and restaurants across the carolinas who were jampacked
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wncn's carly griffith watched with fans at the brick house and she joins us live. >>reporter: absolutely, it's very deceiving and here. it is so empty. just 30 minutes ago it was packed full of panthers fans, they were on the edge of their seats for the most of this game, the losses disappointing, but during the game they did have a very good time, that is because of a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes. fox and hound is used to panthers fans piling up for big games. would have to go above and beyond. >> we have a full staff as if it was a saturday night, probably about 14 servers, our kitchen is double staffed. [cheers and applause] >>reporter:they were not just packed inside, they had carryout orders totaling more than 5000 chicken wings. at brickhouse, servers were
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no matter why they are a fan. their attitude, the personality, the way they play. it's just fantastic. >> my entire family is panthers fans. have been a fan >>reporter: -- >> i was there when they drive to with jimmy claussen and i been there for the long haul. >>reporter:they all have once again common, >> this is not something i thought was going to happen at the beginning of this year. i was not expecting to see them go to the super bowl and sitting here now at 17-one, i am ecstatic. >> they did so while the season. it is awesome. >> i think the proof is in the pudding. they showed it all year. fantastic receivers, great defense, great running game. >> i am so proud of them. >>reporter:they show that pride, not just by screaming and hollering. everywhere you look there was someone dabbing.
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there, a little dab almost everywhere. but all of that dabbing did not help the panthers pull out a win over the broncos, sending prideful fans home a little down but looking ahead for next season. again, even though it was a pretty tough loss for the they were pretty proud of their teams work during the season. they are really looking forward to next year. live in raleigh, carleigh griffith, wncn news now. >> we will all look ahead to next year. people who do not make it to the bay area for the big game packed living rooms, bars and restaurants all across the area, one of the most popular places in fayetteville to watch the game was fat daddy's. we caught up with the folks there as they got ready for the big game. the local sports bar has 45 high definition high- definition televisions, several
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drinks. >> one, it's the super bowl, to its fat daddies, three as the carolina panthers. you put all three of them together you put that in the mix is going to get crazy up in here. >> most people know fat daddies for their chicken wings and there was no shortage for super bowl sunday, or than for thousand wings were on hand tonight. lots of people enjoying their food for the big game. it was a beautiful night in the bay area, but it looks like it's going to be a little cold and messy tomorrow morning here, it sure was this morning anyway. johnston, wayne and wilson county schools are operating onto our delays tomorrow. meteorologist, bill reh is up now with a look at the forecast. >> what happened this morning as we forecast a last night that we had a little bit of sleet and snow in those counties that are delayed. to produce a little/and they are worried if temperatures get below freezing tonight, 40 degrees right now, it could cause a little concerned, 41
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goldsboro, if there is any/left, temperatures will get a little colder tonight in the precipitation is out to the east of us, and continuing to move away. all in all, things are looking good. we have the cloudy skies today, and you can see those clouds, the end of them right here, right to the west of us. what's actually going to happen while you sleep overnight is skies will clear out, we will clear out, temperatures will get to around freezing in rocky mount, smithfield and goldsboro. with maybe that's flush around. it will be around freezing in the triangle, 29 in f ayetteville. your drivetime forecast temperatures will be a little bit below freezing. by 9 o'clock 39 degrees, fair and dry, a coldstart, light breezes and a very nice start to your monday. you are saying hey, it's going to be a nice sunshiny day, the morning will be but we have a cold front coming. you see a few of those clouds right there we have a chance of
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afternoon and night we will talk about that and timing out with your forecast coming up in a few minutes. new information tonight about a deadly hit and run a gardener. the woman who was killed was identified as 22-year-old kayla higgins. a passing driver found her along us 70 this morning. it was believed she was walking along the road sometime last night when she was hit. >> these types of incidents are all too tragic. especially someone to hit someone and leave the scene. that is really tragic. so, we are going to need some help solving this. we obviously have folks working as hard as they can, we need some help from the public, too. >> police tell wncn they are looking for a minivan that may have a right front end damage. anyone with information is urged to call police. a 12-year-old boy is recovering after being shot in the leg it happened saturday night about 7 o'clock in downtown durham near roxborough and holloway street that's near the public library.
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time. goldsboro police continue their investigation into a deadly shooting. investigators say they responded to reports of a shooting just before 3 o'clock this morning on south john street and -- and found a wayne county man dead. we spoke to neighbors who say the violence in their neighborhood has to stop. >> this is not the criminals neighborhood this is our neighborhood. >>reporter:witnesses say around 2:45 a.m. they heard as many as 10 gunshots. >> it was unsettling, as a homeowner, you know, i feel that i have to say something >>reporter:when police arrived, they found the victim here about a block away from the goldsboro police department. >> i don't know who these people are or why they feel that , you know, there's not going to be repercussions. >>reporter:the victim was identified as 27-year-old julius bryant >> i am concerned, but not to the point where -- where i will not move here
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are renovating homes implanted -- plan to move into this neighborhood. >> i am not going to let my plans for my future, my family's future or even contributing to what we're doing and goldsboro affect that. >> if they come on my block, i am calling. i will not sit idly by and allow them to destroy the neighborhood i'm going to call my home >>reporter:they say they have spoken to their local councilman about putting cameras up in the neighborhood. lauren, wncn news now. >> there's a lot of -- at stake in the new -- there is a lot at stake -- at stake in new hampshire. candidates are investing a lot of time to win over the voters. we will let you know why all chipotles across the country are shutting down for a couple of hours tomorrow. cloudy skies during the
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>> enough is enough. we need to unite and work together, if we are all going to get through this. >> it sounds like socialism to me. [laughter] >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference? >> huge difference did you happen to catch
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e rnie sanders performed in a skit with his doppelgdnger comedian larry david who was last nights host. by 3 a.m. sanders was back in new hampshire. meanwhile marco rubio is playing defense. the florida senator who had a may still have a good shot had a whole pile -- hope -- high profile second-place finish to donald trump. >>reporter:marco rubio made light of it today. at last night's debate, under fire, he did repeat. >> let's dispel with this fiction that barack obama does >> 's >> is memorized 252nd speech. there it is everybody >>reporter:rubio had risen to second and some polls here, front run -- front runner donald trump today he vowed to make deals with democrats. >> you have to get people in, ramp them, hug them, kiss them and get the deal done, but it has to be the deal that you want way i asked him?
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room, work it and get deals done. >>reporter:when conservatives say oh, he would work with democrats. >> they don't say that at all, conservatives let me. what the candidates at last night about what they said, and about what the other candidate said, does not matter anywhere nearly as much as what voters are saying about them today in this beautiful state of new hampshire. at the lobster tail in windham, two republicans, john castle and rubio. trump making deals with democrats. >> i'm concerned about it, but i also understand that we must be cooperative. republicans ted cruz and jeb bush have a shot at a strong finish, john kasich has rising polls here. on the democratic side, hillary clinton went to flint, michigan today leaving bernie sanders back here to campaign with a big lead in new hampshire democratic polling.
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manchester. today crews remove pieces of a grade that collapsed friday in new york that killed a person. the 5625-foot long boom was cut into 35 pieces and hauled away. an investigation is underway in the cause of the crash, it has not been determined. the crew working on the toppled crane he announced new restrictions to announce crane safety including a stricter window policy. >> until further notice, cranes must cease operation and going to safety mode when ever study winds our forecast. to exceed 20 miles per hour, or guests are forecast to exceed 30 miles per hour. >> a new policy for sidewalk safety will also be put into place to protect pedestrians. after poli is your usual go to lunch destination get ready to try something new tomorrow. apparently says it will close
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four hours for food safety meetings. the move comes after an e. coli outbreak at a mexican restaurant last year. the meeting employees will go to will explain an updated food safety program implemented by the chain in january. all chipotle restaurants will be closed from 11 a.m. until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. asked prices are down .08 cents over the last two weeks now averaging $1.80 a gallon for regular. analysts say prices could continue to fall if crude oil costs keep dropping. los angeles clocks the highest average at two dollars and 62 cents per gallon and tulsa, oklahoma has the lowest
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-- $1.44. our weather -- i don't know if we would call it incredible. >> if you are in the triangle, there were little spritzers. nothing in durham where i was but down to the southeast if you are in johnston county, wayne county, wilson today there was slush, kind of an exciting day, otherwise cloudy and that is all clearing off, believe it or not. 40degrees right now, everybody above freezing, at this time. let's go with the rays of sunshine for tomorrow, here is the deal -- it is a five, but let me tell you, in the morning it is a nine, by afternoon it i split the difference we are going to have a tale of two days tomorrow. of the precipitation we have done that, so that to the east of us. 40 raleigh, 41 done, 41 rocky mount, wilson, goldsboro 51. this little area, from johnson, wayne, wilson, parts of nash, they do have a few of those school delays tomorrow because there could be some/still on the if it does not evaporate before gets on a freezing, it is going
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mark by tomorrow morning. there you see the precipitation, little bits of wintry precipitation in their near north of belhaven between elizabeth city. a big low low-pressure system you can see it on the satellite right there clearing out and moving toward the northeast and moving away. and the clouds are also starting to move away, clear in charlotte, clear in the mountains, clear in columbia. however, it's going to be cloudy by the afternoon we have a cold front coming monday afternoon, and i think anywhere from t hree-11 we could see scattered rainfall but generally less than a quarter of an inch, and the behind the front, so the w eekend, but all the way through next weekend and wait until you see the seven day. as we go hourly, midnight we still have clouds 39 degrees, 30 for at 3 a.m., clear skies at 6 a.m. and lots of sunshine in the morning, 39, partly cloudy skies at lunchtime 48 and the
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mentioned 3 o'clock could see showers a good chance heading home tomorrow there will be showers around. it will be 51 degrees, warmer than today's 44. if a value only had 40. here is that front, you see the scattering of rain showers and then we clear out, tuesday morning should be dry to start but a secondary front will come through in the afternoon and i will put a 20% chance of rain or even a brief snow shower in there. best chances are to the north and no accumulation, if anything. and then that front comes through, here comes old man winter lolling in the cold air, dry air, but cold air right into the weekend. your forecast for tomorrow, enjoy this, the warmest day of the week. sunny in the morning, mostly cloudy in the afternoon 52 sanford, 54 fayetteville, 53 roanoke rapids, 53 wilson at smithfield, 52 raleigh, 51
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50 and henderson with a breeze out of the south-southwest. tomorrow 52 degrees, a 40% chance of precipitation but it will be dry on your way to work or school, some sun, not his call tomorrow as today, 46, a couple of showers around by dinnertime. and then on tuesday, 42 degrees , i think it will be dry in the morning, but as a secondary front comes through, one of those blustery days, the breeze will pick up. it will be cold and we will have a stray rain or cold shower in the afternoon. look at wednesday, 38 degrees for high after lower 24 degrees. thursday 36, after a low of 20 and that we warm up to 40 -- 41 on friday, saturday 42, and look at valentine's day 37 degrees, i have a snuggle alert for next sunday, for your valentine, at noon there will be some warm hearts, but of course it will be cold weather so you have to keep
11:23 pm
70 will be the low there. a couple of showers tomorrow night, may be maybe a stray shower on tuesday, otherwise how cold is one to be a week after tomorrow. >> i guess if you're going to have a snuggle alert it's a good day. >> it is going to be cold. [ laughter] check out this video, a film crew blew up a double-decker bus on a central london bridge today at the stanford upcoming movie. fire brigade was on standby just in case anything went wrong. the controlled explosion was foreseen in the foreigner which will star jackie chan, the movie is directed by martin campbell who is behind the james bond films casino royale how about this heart stopping video, firefighters and israel rescued a boy who was left hanging from a bridge support after the truck his dad was driving overturned. fire department official described the boy as hanging between heaven and earth. it took two cranes, several
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bell is back with a look at what's going to be a chilly week i had. >> it is going to be cool this week. at the bus stop tomorrow morning skies will be clear, it will be cold. it's going to be around freezing 30-32 degrees. we have clouds in the afternoon with some showers. 52. a cold front comes through and a secondary front to punch us in the face on tuesday with a slight chance of a shower. 30s and low 40s and for valentine's day, you know what, at least the chocolate will not melt. the roses my freeze, but the chocolate will not melt. 37 next sunday.
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