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tv   WNCN Today at 11AM  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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breaking news, a taxi driver was killed early this morning on hodges creek drive. know? >> reporter: well, we're told the victim is a taxi driver. i've been talking with some folks from the taxi company. they've been out here this morning and say this is very upsetting. a dispatcher says he was called here around 1:30 this morning to pick somebody up and that's when he was shot and killed. police have been out here since 1:30 this morning. they've got the whole area roped off. they've got a tent up and crime scene tape, detectives going in and out talking to folks who live here. they say right now they don't know much. this is still very much an active investigation. i did talk with another taxi driver who works for the company. he says him and the driver have been driving here for a couple
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they say they both work the overnight shifts, the driver i spoke with says he feels safe driving in raleigh. he says he's been to this complex several times and has never heard of any trouble until now. >> i never heard nothing on this apartments. and i didn't hear many times, you know, incidents at all. >> reporter: and those folks with the taxi company say he's from new york city, he has family there, he'd been in raleigh for about two years. police say they don't have any suspect descriptions right movement they say they do think they're looking for four people who may have gotten away from this area in a white car. they're asking anyone who may have information about what
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morning to call crime stoppers. >> hopefully they catch who's responsible. durham police investigating a deadly crash at this hour. one person was killed and a shut down a section of nc 54 has been shut down. drivers charged with dwi after crashing his vehicle into a school bus this morning. it happened at 7 a.m. no kids were on the bus at the time, however, the driver was treated for minor injuries. >> sadness, disappointment, a little bit of disgust amongst the emotions around the panthers's performance yesterday. when the clock hit zero it it was the broncos who emerged as champions. >> the broncos have defeated the panthers. >> super bowl 50 was a close
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serving up a victory for the broncos, and bitter defeat for the panthers. >> it's really sad. >> i hope you're happy. that's what i have to say >> and for manning now the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history it may have delivered a perfect ending >> thank you very much go broncos. >> he was coy when asked about his future. >> i'm not making a decision one way or the other, i'm going to enjoy the night and take it one step at a time. >> as always the game was about much more than just tackles and touchdowns. half time was a musical blow out, cold play plus beyonce, another veteran bruno mars, and ending with highlights from 50 years worth of half time shows and of course there were the high concept high dollar
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particular raised eyebrows. >> he's eating doritos. >> it was the winner of the add contest. another big winner cbs charging the highest amount for commercial time in super bowl 30 seconds. >> hurts though. >> fans say they're already looking forward to next year. many upset with the loss but still upbeat by this season we just had. for the panthers not a lot of happy faces walking out of their locker room. >> it's going to hurt everybody for a while and hopefully after a few days or whatever it is we'll get over it and move forward. >> they made better plays than us and that's what it come down to. i mean, we had opportunities, there had wasn't
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we dropped balls, turned them over, gave up sacks, that's it. they scored more points. >> and obviously frustrated to see cam newton he wound up walking out of that press conference. here in the triangle we spoke to folks at several watch parties. despite the loss they're keeping their heads high and sticking with their team. >> i was there when they drafted clausen and i was screaming my head off. >> 95 the whole nine >> fans also say they hope this season will silence some critics as they head into next year. it was a great year for them. shortly after leaving the stadium someone rear end the vehicle that governor pat mccrory was traveling in. he suffered just minor injuries and refused treatment at the scene. the vehicle was totalled and it looks like he's going to be
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temperatures affecting the triangle this week but the immediate issue is the rain heading our way. good morning. >> good morning. we're actually off to dry start to our day seeing some sunshine in parts of the area but it's not going to last very long. so enjoy the sunshine that we have outside right now. we are seeing some showers popping up in spots back to our west currently, and eventually some of the rain is going to make it this far to the east. but as for now we are dry, this is thanks to a next cold front that will push through the area today and will bring the chance for a few showers and cold air as we head into the end of this week. 48 degrees in durham, 50 in fayetteville. we are going to see the temperatures rising a bit but the next cold front arrives tonight and it's going to stealth the -- set the stage for a much colder pattern ahead. a few showers likely after the
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temperature around 52 and more showers for the evening drive. i'll let you know when you can expect to see a few flakes flying coming up in a few minutes. a man accused of killing his wife is set to make his first court appearance are this afternoon. he is charged with second degree murder. deputies say that he killed his wife, his wife was found dead inside their home. he remains behind bars this morning. he'll appear in court for a bond hearing. three teens accused of throwing rocks at cars on interstate 95 face some new charges this morning. the three due in a courtroom this afternoon. they were arrested last week. all three facing 7 counts of assault with a deadly weapon and intent to kill. 22-year old woman killed in a deadly hit and run in garner has been identified. higgins
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investigators believe someone night. >> these types of incidents all too tragic especially someone to hit someone and leave the scene that's really tragic, and swole just going to need some help, we obviously got our folks working as hard as they can. we're going to do what we can but we need some help from the public too. >> police tell wncn they're looking for a minivan of some sort. they say it should have some is front end damage. anyone with any information is urged to call police right away. well, we are now about 24 hours away from the results of the next big test in the 2016 race for the oval office. there may be some key differences between what we're seeing in the policy and what we're hearing from the voters on the ground. >> reporter: going through snow, wet alleys, upstairs and literally pounding the pavement
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clinton's team trying to make up her deficit here. >> people here they really haven't made up their minds. republicans. >> we have to win this election, we have to. and we will if you vote for me if you nominate me we will win this election. >> more than four in ten republicans told the university of massachusetts they could still change their minds. >> people looking for people to make decisions, and they're trying to analyze who is the best person to make those decisions >> the most solid republicans here trump voters. >> i don't need your money, i need your vote. >> i feel like he's real. >> ted cruz now apology third here slammed other republicans to saying yes for women registering for selective services. >> bernie sanders is pointing out differences.
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hillary clinton was wrong. >> tomorrow the voters decide. tracie potts nbc news. >> thanks a lot. still ahead goldsboro neighbors and detectives baffled by a homicide that happened just blocks away from the police department. >> plus you've got a week to get the job done fellas, we're talking about valentine's day this weekend. >> and it's going to be a cold weekend.
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warmer than we are right now but . welcome back. homicide detectives hope to mike an arrest soon in a deadly weekend shooting that happened near the goldsboro police department. investigators
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sunday morning after reports of shots fired. they found a 27-year old man dead at the scene. he was shot just a block away from the police department. some neighbors now worried that crime is taking over their community. >> if i see something i'm telling someone. if they come on my block i'm calling. i will not sit by and allow them to destroy the neighborhood that i'm going to call my home. >> neighbors say they have spoken to their local council man about putting cameras up in the neighborhood. shooting that injured a 12-year old child. she was shot in the okay. we're learning more information about the death that happened during the run sunday morning in raleigh. organizers say a 58-year old man participating in the event he the first mile.
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to the hospital where he later died. >> it's the first time hearing of that, i didn't realize that happened but it's kind of a shock to me. i've done a lost races and never heard of anything like that happening. >> in a statement organizers say their deepest sympathies go out to the family of the runner. people coming together to help collect water in lee county after elevated levels were discovered. the department of environmental quality was notified of the issue and is currently working with the county on what to do next. people being told that they can do laundry and bathe in the water but they should avoid drinking or cooking with it. >> this is the heart of carolina, north carolina's heart, and the people have big hearts. they want to give, they want to express love and share. all they need to know is what's
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they'll start working and this is evidence today. >> the health department says they do not know where the contamination came from. crews scrambling to save survivors. more than 20 people were killed and at least 1,100 people still missing at this hour after a collapsed highrise apartment building. rescuers did manage to pull a 6-month old girl out after she spent 30 hours buried. she's recovering at an area hospital. well, we've got an important weekend coming up. this sunday marks valentine's day and as you can imagine spending and shopping is expected to spike throughout the weekend. . >> sweet hearts worldwide have their special day this sunday. celebrated simply most places around the globe americans expected to easily spend in excess of $20 billion on that special someone, a third of that online.
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we'll probably just go out to a dinner. >> that's what a third said thief be doing, over half said they'll buy candy. the giving flowers is the preferred gift by one in four making it the busiest day of the year for the fresh flower business. even pets will get the love come sunday >> did you ever purchase anything for your pet for >> toy. >> one in five will buy a present for their pet. >> would you like to have candy, flowers, jewelry, dinner or all of the above? >> i would love to have all of the above. i'm going to be honest. it would be great. >> but probably greater than american will spend on valentine's this year. >> and i would think you would want to spend more than less,
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you don't want to be that cheap. >> i don't know, you know, to me, you know, if you want to express your love express it 365 days a year. >> there you go. all right let's talk a little weather now. it sounds like there could be some rain coming. yeah, a little bit of rain in the forecast today. a cold front that will cool us off over the next several days. right now not too bad. you can see this is a few planes there had, things looking okay. we've got some sunshine out there but clouds increasing and they're increasing ahead of a cold front which will bring us a little bit of wet weather as we head into this afternoon and evening. right now our are radar picking up a few light rain showers just to the west. we will eventually see some rain showers making their way into the picture here but a lot of what you see is
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is reaching the ground. we'll keep an eye out and expect at least a few showers this afternoon and this evening. it's 49 degrees outside in raleigh, 58 in durham, 50 is our current temperature in fayetteville. we'll end the day at about 52 this afternoon and again our best chance for that wet weather going to be 3 p.m. and 11 p.m. this evening. temperatures right about average for this time of year. the wet weather continues through tonight wraps up though, generally right around midnight. so we will see clouds continuing to increase this morning and into this afternoon, some showers likely as the cold front moves in from the west and it's week ahead. as we see colder air tomorrow we may have a few flurries in some spots and that's going to be the best chance for it is going to be along our virginia border counties tomorrow morning, afternoon, much colder temperatures tuesday as well and
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continues to settle in overhead wednesday into thursday. we'll see mostly sunny skies but high temperatures not even going to get out of the mid and upper 30s. so the coldest stretch of weather we've seen here in quite some time. our future cast weather arriving right around 3 p.m. we'll see most of the wet weather wrapping up before midnight. then as we head into our day tomorrow we'll start off dry but we may have a few spots of flurries. up to 52 today in raleigh looking at a high of 51 in durham, 54 in fayetteville. tonight temperatures fall to 32 degrees. our showers end, maybe a flurry or two but i think the best chance is going to hold off until tomorrow. our 7-day forecast has temperatures cooler for tomorrow, 42 degrees for a high, 38 degrees on wednesday, even colder as we head into thursday, our high temperature 36, but at least we're going to be dry and we are going to see some sunshine.
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friday, and then go back into the 30s for your weekend. check out those temperatures saturday and sunday, 39 degrees saturday, 37 on sunday. and i do think we will drop into the teens by sunday morning, and even wednesday night and thursday night this week a chance some of us will wake up into temperatures in the teens. so a cold stretch of weather coming our way and then we get rid of the rain at least after this afternoon. >> yeah, we've had some good streak this winter so there's been times we've forgot it was winter but it is february. >> look how warm it was in december and even parts of this month. so it was a matter of time. all right, coming up, the good, the bad and the weak. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver.
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time against defense wins championships. van miller was easily mvp. >> it's just the type of football player i am. >> he can really play. he's a great player, that's for sure. reactions to the super bowl half time show they have been mixed so far. viewers slammed cold play's performance on social media however they really warmed up when bruno mars took the stage and more pleased when beyonce rocked the house and marched down the field. she performed a new song and announced a new tour coming up. . >> a lot of praise for that rendition that. it was also signed for the hearing impaired.
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can have your (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. . >> welcome back. you have a chance to see one of the state's oldest most beautiful artifacts in raleigh this morning. the 1663 charter was installed. it the birth certificate of our state. the document is normally in a vault at the state archives. in it king charles the second of england. you can see the document through this sunday. that's pretty incredible. meet larry jacobson a member
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every super bowl since the first one held in los angeles back in 1967. he was giving the first super bowl 50 straight out of the factory. he's a lifelong 49ers fans but they've had several chaplainships. >> and it was played in the 49er stadium so he was close to home. >> all right carolina didn't win but maybe next year. not too bad right now, a few showers rolling through. tomorrow we might have a flurry or two roll through the area and then cold the rest of the week. >> all right sounds good and
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hello and happy monday.
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