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tv   WNCN Today at 430AM  CBS  February 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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set to take center stage in denver, colorado for their vick tear parade. >> hello. -- victory parade. >> i know it is tough. i know carolina fans hate to see that walk out of the plane, that's for sure especially with the trophy. i'm mike gonzales, glad you are with us. we have a lot going on but let's start with the weather. i know we have some systems coming our way. >> reporter: we are looking for trends for a few flurries just throughout the day. we have pretty cloudy sky, down around portions of moore county, they're seeing a few flurries, a few sprinkle, not enough to cause any problems on the roadways. let's talk temperature, if you are heading out door early on this tuesday morning, it is 36 in raleigh and clayton, 34 in lieu would you sayburg, below freezing around 30 and around the sandhills 38 in fayetteville and let's go to your forecast. the fast forecast showing a
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the cold side at 8:00 a.m., flurry and a late sprinkle or two on and off. 41 at lunchtime, 44 is the high. it is breezy later today which mean it is wind chill going to feel like the mid 30s throughout the afternoon hours. we will get to more on your forecast and when we will see more sunshine in a moment. but let's check in with traffic. if you are heading out this morning, this is i-40 and barbie road, just a car or two at this early hour on this tuesday morning. let's check in with your live drive and you can see all around 440 and 40 things are moving in green. here a look at the drive times, we will have more on this coming up in next check on traffic and weather. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. breaking new, raleigh police have arrested a man and charged him in connection with the murder of a taxicab driver. major edwards shot and killed jose outside of an apartment complex early yesterday morning. we spoke to some of his
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now to the apartment complex where it all happened. emma. >> reporter: workers are nervous to be driving a cab in an area they normally consider safe. police are still out here and have the area taped off. his friends and coworker versus started a small memorial. she say jose was called here to the apartmentapartments pick someone up. that's when he was shot and killed. >> it is so sat -- it is so sad. >> joaquin is shaken up. the death of his friend is still fresh in his mind. >> my brother called and said i heard some of your coworkers got killed. i say i don't know what happened. then, i called a close friend, he told me yeah, he just got kill. raleigh police say this man, 25-year-old major earl edwards shot and killed 55-year- old domingez early monday
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>> i seen it was a male in here, not responsive. >> neighbors say the area is usually quiet. >> they had that taped off, that taped off, police cars here. i have never seen anything like this before. >> is this a bad area? does it make you nervous? >> well, i never heard nothing at these apartments. i have been here in times. he was never worried before. he says he will now think twice the next time a call comes in. >> his friends tell me that jose had been driverring a cab for years. they say most of that time was in new york city. he came to raleigh here about five years ago, as for major edwards, he's expected in court later this afternoon. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, wncn new. >>
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even more inside look into a north raleigh murder trial. prosecutors want today play portions of a 7 hour jury. melissa huggins-jones. the judge only allowed edited portion that is did not make clear what smith was saying. >> a witness and cooperating, potential suspect? >> the jury will likely see more of the interrogation later today. the prosecution could wrap up the case by thursday. >> today, two former cumberland county employees are expected back in court to face charges of assaulting students. both worked at an alternative school for behavior issues. they attacked at least four students, terry drake, a school coordinator faces three charges of child abuse. a former teacher is charge window grabbing a student by
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the child against the wall. this happened back in november. both suspects were terminated following the incident. >> >> voters could have two big decisions leading to higher taxes. they want more money for school buses and schools. one is a a proking to increase half a cent tax. the school board some county leaders are concerned about having both the transit plan and school plan plan same ballot at the same time. but yesterday county commissioners including hutchen -- hutchenson and holmes said they should have considered having voters weigh in on both. >> they believe in our county and believe in investing in our county. they understand the importance of good public education and a transportation system that works. county commissioners are expect today decide in late spring what will be on the fall ballot.
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joe biden will be voting a new cancer-fighting initiative. he will stop at duke. it is a cause close to his heart. his son bo died from brain cancer last year. new hampshire voters cast their votes in this years election season the list includes -- voters came out late last night to vote for if the candidate they want to see but they had to hold on to those ballots until stroke of midnight. the handful of locations are holding midnight voting in the first of the primary states. staff votes were cast and counted it was john kkaik and bernie sounders. >> today president obama will release the 2017 proposal.
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little chance to be adopted. the president faces stiff opposition from the republican- led house. today's super bowl champion, denver broncos will be rewarded with a parade through their home city. they dominated the the panthers it was peyton mannings's second super bowl win. the carolina panthers were welcomed home to cheers. they came to out to celebrate the 17-2 record. >> that was an amazing season. >> second place isn't bad in the nfl. >> when you put it like that. >> 4:38 is your time. >> beyonce stole the show during the super bowl half time perper foreman's. later when you can seer in -- performance. later, when you can see her in
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. >> welcome back. hope you are having a great morning. snow fell across the mountains in our state. this was spar at that. snow fell in boone and areas in the western part of the state. fortunately we didn't get hit but we have some activity going on. >> it is not a quiet day but it is cloudy skies for majority of us. >> it is february. nothing is about the -- so let's take a live look or a look at your drive time forecast. sun rise happens around 7 another, it ends -- 7:29. we will be falling to 33 by 7:00 a.m., 34 by 8:00 a.m., 35 at 10:00 this morning. cloudy skies will dominate. there's a chance for a few flurries in and around the area.
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any problems on the roadways: we are seeing a few of those flurries right now south and west of the triangle. toward pineburst just a few flurries in your neck of the woods. as you move north and west, the county is seeing a little mix. that's what i expect across the sands hill ifs we do see that throughout the afternoon hours. -- sands hills if we do see that throughout this afternoon. mid 30s around sanford, pine hurst, fayetteville up in the upper 30s. this after, no 50s like we saw yesterday, as a matter of fact, we will stay around 44 for abafternoon high, tomorrow is even colder, 40 and 30s for a high on thursday. we will see if we see a late- week warm up when we come back in forecast. >> appreciate that. it is now 4:42. deadlines quickly approaching concerning congressional districts in our area.
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it is not like we need
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we have another one for you, welcome back. it is 4:44. raleigh police have arrested a man in connection with a murder yesterday at an apartment complex. investigators say major edwards shot and killed jose. he expected in court today. domiines was a taxi driver. >> voters came out late last night to vote for the candidate they want to see move on to the general election. after the votes were cast and counted, kasich and sanders came out ahead in the city. total voters they just have nine people there. >> today, a victory parade will
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champions, the denver broncos the broncos beat the panthers 24-10 in a game dominated by both teams defenses. the victory was legendary, quarter back manning's second super bowl win. right now to fort bragg soldier is in jail accused of murdering his wipe. jesus mora called 9-1-1 asking for help. when deputy 50s rifed they found him in a neighbors drive way. he took authoritys to his home where they found his wife unresponsive on the floor. his bond set at half a million dollars. a fight for student rights in durham. >> -z around two dozen parents protested outside of the school, for creative study yesterday. they're demanding a change to the student dress code after the principle renee price
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students to remove cultural head dress worn in recognition of black history month. durham public schools except for medical and religious reasons. price gave the order because studentstsailed to get prior approval to wear the prohibited attire. parents tell us they wawa the dress code to include cultural exemption. >> but we felt like cultural expression needs be added to that. >> school board members are meeting this thursday at 4:00 to discuss revisions to the student conduct code. special session may be necessary for lawmakers to sort out congressional voting districts after three federal judges ruled the new lines could impact next month's primary, the judges ruled that race was a factor in a drawing of two congressional districts. the first district which has wilson durham and the 12th district which has areas to west including winston salem the state must redraw the lines by next friday.
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decision on hold. >> we can't control when federal courts do what they do. all we can do is to work within the system. >> our state supreme court should have knocked these maps out a year ago. that would have helped everybody. >> supporters of the decision say they're glad the ruling was made because they say the election would have been illegal. lawmaker concerned about potential impact to people filing absentee ballots. they gave the plaintiffs until noon today to respond to the ruling. >> state and local leaders are not settling for the -- wncn spoke with renee el mer about what she and others are doing -- el elmer about what she's doing. she says she's not convinced that closing the 440 won't harm the military's readiness. >> we have about a 9 day window look at this.
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have to address the issue. we have to comment on this, and we have to pull together to ensure this doesn't happen. >> elmer heads back to washington dc today to continue her efforts to save the 440th. loretta lynch is head today fayetteville. it is part of a six city tour highlighting police departments that can serve as law enforcerole models. the first takes place in miami. we waiting to learn the exact details about trip to fayetteville. >> a strong nor'easter took out parts of the beach near the cape hat ras lighthouse. it wiped out dunes. the winds kept the ferry from running. overwash shut down parts from the ferry to island. kitty hawk and nearby areas saw a flood prosecuting overwash.
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section is closed until this morning. it was a rough ride for passengers on a royal caribbean, caught in the storm, off the north and south carolina coast. the weather service issued a warning for hurricane-forced winds. anthem of the seas was headed south from new york to the bahamas when it ran into some trouble with the storm. it changed course and approved at port ca investigator real florida. unlucky people there, back at home, how are things looking. >> we are just looking at cloudy skies for the majority of us, we could see flurries from time to time but those won't be that widespread and they're not going to come down fast enough to cause problems. here is what you need to know as you plan your day: temperature around around, 8:00 a.m., 44 hour afternoon high, not only are we tracking flurries later today but it is going be breezy. we are back to near 39 toward 6:00 this evening. but here a live picture outside from our wncn tower camera,
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looking out over the belt line. there's just one two cars out there. 36 degrees, i am showing you the radar because we are dry here around the triangle but look at areas to the south west, toward chatham county, also through moore county, we are seeing flurries and mixing in with light rain that's being dealt with around pinehurst and toward rayford, a few light sprinkles. again, this is not a big deal today. you will notice the cooler temperatures and breezy conditions. we are in the mid 30s through through goldsboro. 34. henderson 36, now we low freezing in both rocksboro and rock hill. visibility is a concern for you especially if you are along the 95 corridor. visibility at 6 miles and travel just down 795 and you are looking at visibility less than a mile right now, goldsboro two and a half miles in smith domestic violence clinton. if you are along the corridor,
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from time to time this morning. the fog should lift out mid- morning and again just a few flurry, a few sprinkles throughout the day. at lunchtime today talking about pretty cloudy sky, we will see some sunshine but again sprinkle, flurries possible, overnight tonight, calling it cloudy and throughout the wednesday, partly to mostly cloudy, we should be dry and not have any precipitation. for today a high of 44 in raleigh, 3 in durham and closer to other in fayetteville. cloudy sky, colder temperatures move in and an overnight low of 25. that is where we are going to go to the next few kays. look at n wednesday a high of 40. we continue to see the temperatures drop around 36 on thursday, 40s return for friday and toward the weekend ahead, 39 on saturday, the chill continues, and possibly the coldest day of the next 7 will be sunday, 32 our high but we will start the morning in the mid teens as we head into next
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monday. it is 4:52 right now on this tuesday morning. let's check in with traffic. this is i-40, a quiet morning for us as we saturday -- as we start our tuesday. let's look at the suppose. people are cruise ago long, i- 440 westbound both moving over 70 miles per hour. so drive -- so drive safe and buckle up. all right. thank you a lot. we appreciate it. here is today's pet of the morning. meet buddy. he's playing in the snow that fell last month. remember that? >> yes. does he look happy about is that? >> i can't tell. >> i think he wants back inside. >> hey, bud by boo. >> we are want to fee your your furry friend. get your pictures ready and
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here is the two dozen people are recovering after a charter bus flipped over in madison, connecticut. the bus was heading to a casino when it crashed on a snow- covered i-95.
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than hour -- more than hour four hours. a family files a lawsuit regarding the levels of led in flint michigan. the tap water was contaminated after the source switched from the detroit area to flint river in 2014. there was a cost cutting move made while the city was under state financial management the corrosive river water was not properly treated and caused led from wipes to seep into the drinking water. >> in san francisco, the city is cleaning up and moving on. they spent the day tearing down signs and cleaning up trash. they handsed it reigns to houston which will host next year's big game. ticket gonzales on sale next week for beyonce's -- ticket gonzales on sale for beyonce's big show. [ music ] [ music ] she was really rocking the
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beyonce performed her new single, formation. the tour kicks off on april 27th27th includes a stop at carter finley. manning did not waste any time celebrating his super bowl victory. he took a trip to disney land. he was the center of attention in a parade at the theme park in anaheim, california. mickey, goofy and all the friends helped him wave to roaring crowd. manning also brought his family to enjoy the trip. >> how much fun, congratulations. hopefully going out on top. >> some exciting changes are coming to wncn at the end of this month. we got a chance to visit the cbs head quarters in new york city. starting february 29th, we will be new home for cbs programming, ncias, price is right and march madness. they were great fun, love that charley rose. >> yes. >> superguy. >> pizza lovers, it is national pizza day.
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love me some pizza, deep dish or homemade, it is america's favorite comfort food and according to a 2014 report about one in eight americans consume pizza on any given day, whether it be a school, a restaurant or pulled out of the freezer and baked at home. >> i thought it would be a little higher. >> i thought like one in two. >> i like little cesars like $5 you go there. >> any pizza. >> breaking new, just hours ago, raleigh police arrested a
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we have the full story . happy tuesday. >> i'm mike gonzales. glad you are with us. we have a tragic story of a taxicab driver that was shot
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check in on the weather.
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