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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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this tuesday, even a few light sprinkles falling across portion of hear net county but look at lee county seeing showers over sanford. that changes into light flurries around chatham county. all in all it is continuing to move east. it should clip the southern portions of wake county but it is all no light that i am not expecting any problems. that's good news as you get ready to head out on the morning drive. 36 in raleigh and lewisburg. clayton and goldsboro. along the virginia border, 31 in south hill. here is your forecast for today. it will be close to freezing at 8:00 a.m. we are looking at a temperature of 41 at lunchtime today. flurries possible on and off, light showers, it will be breezy this afternoon, 44 feeling more like 36. more on your forecast in just a little bit but it is time to check in with traffic on this tuesday morning and this is i- 40 and barbie road just another car or two out there than what
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in on this camera. let's check in with your live drive. everyone is in the green. if you are traveling i-40 to the airport this morning i-40 westbound at ability 60 miles per hour. all right, thank you so much. raleigh police arrested a man and charged him in convection the -- charged him in connection with a murder of a taxi driver. major edwards shot and killed dominguez yesterday. we will go live to apartment complex with more on what coworker hearsay to say. >> reporter: cocab drivers are -- coworker hearsay to say. other cab drivers are worried. they say it was a safe neighborhood. still have the area blocked off and some of jose dominguez friends and cowork verse put downflowers and a memorial for him.
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the -- here to apartments to pick someone up. that's when he was shot and killed. >> he was a very good friend. >> joaquin loylaoy he's shaken imhis friends death still fresh in his mind. >> my brother called and said i heard some of your coworkers got killed. i say i don't know what happened. then, i called a close friend, he told me, yeah, he just got killed. >> raleigh police say this man, 25-year-old major earl edwards shot and killed 55-year-old dominguez outside of the hodges creek apartments early monday morning. >> i pulled up, and i seen it was a male laying there, not moving and not responsive. >> neighbors say the area is usually quiet. >> they had that taped off that is correct taped off. man, police cars there. i have never seen anything like this before. >> is this a bad area? does it make you nervous. >> i never heard nothing.
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i work at night. i have been here in times. you know, there are no incident. >> joaquin says he was never worried making late-night stops in this area before but he will now think twice the next time a call comes in. >> >> reporter: jose dominguez coworkers tell me he had been driving a cab for years, most of that time was in new york. he came to raleigh about five years ago, as for the suspect in this case, major lee edwards, he's expect today make his first court appearance this afternoon. reporting live in raleigh, wncn news. thank you. today jurors could get an even more inside look into the process and to a north raleigh murder trial. prosecutors want today play portions of a portion hour interrogation of smith to the jury. he's accused of murdering jones.
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portions that did not show exactly what smith was saying in that interview. >> wind up being a witness and cooperating or do you want to be a potential suspect? >> the jury will likely see more of the interrogation later today. the prosecution could wrap up its case by thursday. today two former cumberland county employees are expected back in court to face charges of assault students. both employees worked at the middle school, alternative school for students with behavior issues. cumberland county sheriff deputies say they attacked at least four students. terry drake a safe school coordinator faces three charges of child abuse. danny a former teacher is charge window grabbing a student by the neck and chest and throwing the child against the wall. both suspects were terminated following the incidents. voters in wake county could have two big decision this is fall potentially leading to higher taxes.
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for school buses and schools but some people are worried about the impacts: one is a proposal to increase the sales tax by half a% to fund transit. the other is still being debated at this time. the school board wants to start on a plan to build more schools. some county leads are concerned about having both the transit plan and the school plan on the ballot at the same time. but yesterday, hutchenson and holmes said that leaders should consider having voters weigh in on both. citizens of wake county believe in our county and believe in investing in our county. they understand the importance of good public education, they understand the importance of a transportation system that works. >> and county commissioners are expect today decide in late spring what will be on the fall ballot. >> tomorrow, joe biden will be in the trihang toll promote a new cancer-fighting -- triangle to provote a new cancer- fighting initiative. it is part of the cancer moon
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it is a cause for close to his mar. you may remember his son bo died from brain cancer last year. breaking news, now new hampshire voters in a hand full of town, the list includes dixville notch. voters came out late to vote for the candidate but they had to hold the ballots until stroke of midnight. a hand full of other locations hold midnight votings in the nation's primary state. after they were cast and voted. kasich and sanders came out on top for dixville notch total of nine voters. >> this will be obama's bible budget proposal. in believe it -- obama's budget proposal. today the super bowl champion, the broncos will be
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the home city. they beat the panthers 24-10 in a game dominated by both teams defenses. the victory was legendary quarterback peyton mannings second win. [cheering and applause] >> carolina pang they ares were welcomed home to cheers. -- panthers were welcomed home to cheer. >> they deserve a welcome home like that after this year's season. 5:37. beyonce stole the show during the super bowl half time performance. hope you got to check that out. i did. lovered it. later when you can see her action in live. >> perhaps may 3rd. >> calling in sick. >> plus instead of taking a cruise on a calm ocean vacation, where the ship was headed and where it ended up. talk about scary stuff,
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36 right new in lieu would you sayburg. and 34 in roanoke rapid,
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for your morning co morning. we are dealing a few isolated showers this morning. as we continue throughout the rest of the day, we are going to be dealing with some on and off again showers and maybe even a few flurries as well. your three-day forecast showing a high today of 44 degrees. now for your morning commute we are likely in the 30s and just a few flurries as i was pointing out. as we head into wednesday, we
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being clouds and sunshine. look what happens into thursday, 36 degrees, our afternoon high. after a morning low around 20 degrees. i will let you know, that's not even the coldest day of the week ahead the coldest temperatures are actually going come before this upcoming weekend: i will break down your forecast and what it mean for rest of us coming up in the complete forecast. thank you so much for that. it is now 5:41. a deadline is quickly approaching concerning congressional districts. still to come, how it could impact you at the polls and it is not like you need another revolve reason to eat pizza; right?
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why you >> welcome back. it is 5:44. breaking news, raleigh police arrest a man in connection with a murder yesterday at an apartment complex.
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jose dominguez off of hodges creek off. edwards is expected in court later today. he was a taxicab driver. >> notary public voters cast their votes in this years election season. voters came out late last night to vote for the candidate they want to see it was kasich and sanders who came out on top for dixville notch's total of nine voters. today a parade taking place for the denver broncos, more than 9,000 people expected there. they won 24-10 in a game dominated by both teams defense. the victory was legendary quarterback peyton mannings second super bowl win. a fort bragg soldier is in jail accused of murdering his wife. jesus mora called 9-1-1 early saturday morning asking for help.
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found him in a neighbor's driveway. they say he took authoritys to his home where they found mary mora unresponsive on the floor. his respond is set at half a million dollar. >> >> a fight for students rights in durham. y'all are young, gifted and -- >> around 2 dozen parents protesting outside of creative study. they're demanding a change to student dread code after principal price ordered a group of female students to remove cultural head dress worn in recognition of blast history month. the student dress code bans all head dress except for medical and religious regions. school leaders say price gave the order because stuns failed to get prior approval to wear the prohibited attire. parents say they want the dress code to include a cultural exemption. >> we feel like cultural expression needs be add today that.
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meeting thursday at 4:00 to discuss revisions to the student code of code. a -- code of conduct. congressal district -- that the new lines could impact next month's primary. the judges ruled that race was a factor in the drawing of two congressional districts, the first district which has areas including wilson and durham and the 12th district 12th areas including winston salem to west. the state must redraw the lines by next friday, law makers are asking the judges to put that decision on hold. we can't control when federal courts do what they do. all i can do is to work within the system. >> our state supreme court should have knocked these mops out a year ago. that would have helped everybody. >> supporters of the decision are glad the ruling was made because they say the election would have been illegal. lawmakers are also concerned about concern tenimpact to people filing absen --
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people filing absentee ballot. >> >> state and local leaders are not settling for the decision to close the 440th air lift wing. elmer spoke about what she and others are doing. yesterday she met with the commanding general and other military leaders as well about the impending closure. she says she's not convinced closing the 440 won't harm the military readiness. we have about a 90-day window to look at this, you know, those of us in congress, we have to address the issue. we have to comment on this. we have to pull together to ensure this doesn't happen. >> she heads back to washington dc caned and will continue her efforts to safe the 440th -- >> dc today and will continue her efforts to save the 440th. it is part of a city tour the first top takes place thursday and friday in miami florida.
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details about the trip to fayetteville. >> a strong nor'easter took out parts of the outer banks. than is what it looks like near high tide near cape hatteras lighthouse. the winds kept can hatteras ferry from running. overwash shut down main road from the ferry to the high land. kitty hawk and kill devil hill saw overwash there. highway 12 survived a beat down on the ocean front dunes, not a lot of damage but a section still closed until later this horning. smooth sailing y think so. it was a rough ride for passengers, caught in storm off of the north and south carolina coast. the weather service issued a warning for hurricane forced winds. anthem of the seas was headed from new york to the bahamas when it ran into big trouble there with the storm. the ship changed course and
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real florida. a little bit of a -- port ca investigator real. we are looking at cloudy skies as we head loud the tuesday. also the chance for a few flurries or shower. keep the umbrella nearby. most of us are going to stay troy. what you need to know, planning your day today. 419 at noon and a high today of 44. it should be back into the upper 30s bier p.m. and throughout the day, we will see light snow showers or light rain showers move through. it is not coming down fast enough to 5:00 cumulate ton roadways or cause any problems. 36 right now, pretty quiet start at the raleigh durham international airport. showing you the radar. we are still dry around wake and durham county. the trihang 18 not seeing any of -- the triangle not seeing any of this moisture. there's a few isolated showers in lee, chat domestic violence ham counties -- chatham county.
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31 in rocksboro. also below freezing in south hill. henderson is at 36. around the sand hills, 37 in fayetteville. another thing that could cause issues on the morning commute, some fogment i want to point out areas east of the triangle. visibility is at 1.3 miles, 3 miles in clinton is chin in smithfield. -- and 7 in smithfield. so at 7:00 a.m. a light shower or flurries, similar situation right around lunchtime today, again, not going to be all day long, most of us are going to stay dry. we should be around the evening drive home. overnight tonight, cloudy skies will stick around. tomorrow, not expecting any sort of wintery precipitation, not expecting any precipitation at all, just partly to mostly cloudy sky, we may get lucky
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raleigh, are 3 in durham and fayetteville. fast forward to night, cloudy sky, colder temperatures, overnight low around 25. as we talk about the coming wednesday. we dropped to 36 for highs on thursday, friday, 41 but it is the weekend ahead that's really going be the cold time frame for us. 39 our time on saturday, 32 on sunday afternoon and look at sunday morning around 15- degree, it could start off next monday in the teens as well. that's your latest forecast. it is just about 5:52 on this tuesday morning. we will check in with traffic, i-440 and capitol boulevard not seeing a whole lot out here this morning that will slow you down. just have a safe commute. buckle up as you head out the door. from you heading northbound into raleigh, on u.s. 1, between highway 55 to downtown, that will be about 16 minute drive. that is a 20 minute drive on 401 from apex.
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traffic and weather. the next update is around 6:00 a.m. >> appreciate it. all right. this is our pet of the morning. meet bud by boo. he's playing in the snow that fell last month. >> you call somebody your boo. >> especially when you love them. >> boo or bae. >>ae to feature your furry friend. keep it here and at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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in my business i can count on my i.t. guy bailing me out all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications. learn more at more than two dozen people are recovering after a charter buss flipped on its side. officials say the bus was heading to a casino when it crashed on a snow-covered i-95. the highway was shut down for more than four hours as crew hearsay to work the scene there. a michigan family filed a
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levels of led in the drinking water in flint, michigan. sofia wade's pans say the 2- year-old has high levels of led the tap water was contaminated afterthey switched from detroit to the flint river in 2014. it was a cost cutting move and caused led from pipes to seep into the drinking water. >> san francisco is cleaning up from the super bowl 50. the city officially handsed it reigns to houston who will host big game next year. next week tickets go on sale for beyonce's new stadium tour. she made the announcement during her super bowl half time show.
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it kick off april 27 and has a stop at carter finley in may. in. >> peyton manning did not waste time celebrating his win. he took a trip to disney land. he was the center of attention in a parade in anaheim, california. mickey, goofy, all the friends helped it family wave to the roaring crowd. manning brought his kids with him to enjoy that day. >> good for him. he was on the west coast anyway. why not. >> who are these face ins get to know them. that's alyssa and me. some exciting changes are coming. we had a chance yesterday to visit the cbs head quarters in new york city. starting february 29th, we will be the new home for cbs programming including ncis, price is right, march madness but we got to people the meet at cbs. they were fantastic, we had so much fun watching the behind the scenes production.
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>> charlie was your favorite. >> yes, i fell in love basically. >> it is national pizza day. >> we love to eat here. chicago style, deep dish, anything. >> yeah, anything. >> we're on the same page, anything, pete is an earn -- pizza is an american favorite. according to a 2014 report from the u.s. department of agriculture about one in eight americans consume pizza on any given day. i thought it might be higher. still we love it. >> even cold pizza.
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now just 6:00. breaking news, 24 hours after a tax sea driver is killed in raleigh, police make -- taxi driver is killed in raleigh, police make an arrest. the first primary are
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a live report come-- coming up.
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