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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a live report come-- coming up. today jurors will hear more graphic testimony in the murder trial of a woman in north raleigh. thank you for watching. so glad you are with us. i'm mike gonzales. >> everything you need to know before you head out to start your day including the forecast with alyssa corfont. >> we are look at cloudy skies, some of you wake up to light showers and that's start to mix into snow around portions of hear net county and moving into cumberland county. we have seen flurry from time to time around moore county into chat domestic violence happen county, but the flurries -- chatham county but the flurries are not coming down fast enough to cause problems on road. that's great news as you head out. 36 in raleigh, 34 in clayton, around the sand hills, fayetteville climbing a degree. >> here is your fast forecast, still on the cold side, 33 out the door, a few flurry, 41 at
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it is going to feel more like 36 once you factor in the breezier conditions. more on the forecast in just a little bit. let's check in with traffic on this tuesday morning. if you are ready to head out the door, maybe you are heading toward durham from raleigh, i- 40 starting to see more car this is morning. now just in to the wncn news room we have the first accident of the morning. it is an accident atwood green drive and deerlake trail, smaller street, not your main highways but avoid the area if you are traveling in that direction this morning. more on your traffic and forecast in about ten minute. >> >> thank you. 6:02. breaking news, raleigh police have sa rested a man -- have arrested a man and charged him with the murder of a taxicab driver. major edwards shot and killed dominguez.
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will go live to apartment complex with what they had to say, emma. >> reporter: those other drivers i spoke with say they're nervous now. they say they thought it was a safe area until their friends got murrayed. -- murdered: it happened right over here. jose dominguez got shot in parking lot. his friends have laid down a small memorial you can see there. we have got some flowers and candles right there. they tell me jose dominguez was called here to apartment complex to pick someone up. that's when he was shot and killed. >> he was a very good friend. >> joaquin loyla says he's shaken up, the death still fresh in his mind. >> my brother called and said i heard some of your coworkers got killed. i say i don't know nothing, and then i called a close friend. he told me, yeah, he just got killed.
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25-year-old major earl edwards shot and killed dominguez out side of the hodges creek apartments early monday morning. >> i pulled up and i seen it was a male laying there, not novembering and not responsive. >> neighbors say the area is usually quiet. >> that was taped off and that was taped off, man, police cars everywhere. >> is this a bad area? does it make you nervous. >> well, i never heard nothing. i mean, on this apartments. i work at night. i have been here in time, you know, incident. >> joaquin loyla was never worried when making late night stops in this neighborhood before, but he says he will now think twice the next time a call comes in. >> coworkers say jose dominguez was driving a cab for years. they say he spent a lot of time in new york city moved to raleigh about five years ago,
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case, he is expected to appear in wake county court later this afternoon. reporting live in raleigh, i'm emma wright, wncn new. >> >> thanks a lot. we are just hours away from learning who can claim victory in the first presidential contest. all day long, new hampshire voters will head to polls to help choose the nominees, wncn mark joins us live from new hampshire, with a look at behind the scenes and what to expect today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike the polls are just opening now that we are in the are a.m. hour. we are here in new hampshire. people are getting morning coffee. as soon as they're done here they will go out to vote. it is amazing when you look at the paper this is morning, the candidatings hitting the final stretch it is that. these campaign versus put so much effort into new hampshire, on monday, we had a chance to go out on a stump to see how these campaigns were really trying to appeal to voters, just one last night.
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and give up the governor of ohio. we are talking about john kasich who is expect today do very well in new hampshire today because afterhe had a disappointing loss a week ago, in new hampshire he is seeing his numbers rise, still in second behind donald trump, the front runner now for a long time. whether or not the polls will show that, that's what we have to wait to find out later today. when it comes to the democratic race, sander, his neighbors here, expected to win handedly gut gap has start today close between sanders and clinton. what we expect to see is that race will be a little tighter than it was a week ago but sanders still expected to pull out a victory. not wasting any time. every vote counts. the tv ads are still on, just -- mark, trump is a front runner on the republican side but coming off of that debate,
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s. there anybody that's in need on the republican side of having a good showing or just maybe out of the race as we move forward. >> reporter: we you bring up a good point. you talk about rubio gap as they call it here that happened saturday during the debate. these others could smell the blood in water and bounced. i was speak being chris christy yesterday approximate he was trying to hammer home the point that yes, rubio, he may not be the experienced candidate of the republican party needs right now, the governors including bush, christy and kasich have been trying to taunt the executive leadership. whether or not voters agree we will have to find out because he was the head liners in iowa. we are talking about rubio. we will have to wait to find out. it is exciting no matter what. >> this should be a good one. reporting live from new hampshire. appreciate your insight on that. >> all right. although most polls don't open
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new hampshire has already cast their ballots. voters came out at midnight in dixville notch to chose kasich and sanders. they started it early voting tradition 100 years ago and although the population has beginalled to just 12 folks -- dwindles to 12 folks they have picked it event gop nomination since 1968. a hands full of other towns cost towns early across the state as you saw. police in henderson are looking for the shooter who killed a teen. it happened just before 11:30 yesterday at gate city foods. police found 18-year-old sheek with a gunshot wounds. if you know anything about this shooting please contact the police. the medical examiners office has ruleed it shooting death of a man by a deputy a homicide in hearnet county.
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killed john liveringston at a spring lake home -- livingston. so far no charges have been filed in this case. today jurors could get an even more inside look into the investigative process in a north raleigh murder trial. justin joins us live in the stud grow with details. justin. >> reporter: that is come prosecuting interrogation video, video defense law officers fought to keep out of the trail. yesterday, prosecutors played portions of the 7 hour integration of smith. he's one of three people arrested and questioned after the 2013 murder of melissa huggisn-jones. about graphic injuries he found on her in her apartment. as for that interrogation video we mentioned the jury saw that and the judge only awill youd them to hear ed -- allowed them to hear edited portions that did not determine what he was saying. >> we can either wind up being a witness and cooperating or
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potential suspect. >> the jury will likely see more of the interrogation today. the prosecution told the judge it could wrap up the case by thursday. all right. thank you a lot, justin. time now is 6:09. coming up we look at the latest information about the zika virus and where experts say the virus is becoming so difficult to control. >> pretty scary there. >> people tough coast had some trouble this weekend what the cruise ship had to do after it ran into a rough storm. we are starting off cloudy, a few flurrys and sprinkles around the area, 33 degrees on the bus stop this morning, 44 an afternoon high and breezy, i
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today's forecast but the re it is now 6:12 on this tuesday morning, the sun doesn't rise until about 7
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in the meantime, cloudy sky, flurries or sprinkles falling in and around the area. our temperature in raleigh is 36. we will fall to 33 by 7:00 a.m. we will slowly climb. this is on the slowly part of today. 34 at 8:00 a.m., 8:00 by 9:00 this morning. ourw radar scanning the sky this is morning. we're dry in triangle but just to the south and west we have a mix of rain and snow, all of this falling is light in nature. it is not going to accumulate on the roadsways. it is not going to cause issue for your morning commute. 1 in south hill, while henderson and roanoke rapids are both in the 30s. sanderson in the 30s. the coming days, high today of only 44 a big drop from the 50s we hit yesterday. 40 for our high on wednesday, still looking at more cloud cover. we see more sunshine by thursday afternoon but it is going be colder, high of only 36 thursday afternoon.
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coldest day this week. i will let you know when the coldest air arrives in the complete forecast. thank you a lot, alyssa. rest and relaxation is anything but what these passengers experienced. it was a rough ride on a royal caribbean cruise ship caught in storm off of the south carolina coast. take a look. the weather service issued a warning for hurricane-forced winds, anthem of the seas was headed south from new york to the bahamas when it ran into some trouble with the storm the ship had to change course and arrived at port ca investigatorna -- canararel, florida. >> who can attend the annual scouting one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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breaking news raleigh
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connection with a murder at an apartment complex. major edwards shot and killed jose dominguez off of hodges creek drive. edwards is expected in court later today. testimony continues in a north raleigh murder trial. the jury will likely see more of the interrogation today. the prosecution could wrap up the case by thursday. today a victory parade takes place for the super bowl 50 champions, the denver bronco, of course they beat the carolina panthers 24-10 in a game dominated by both teams defense the victory was legendary quarter back peyton mannings second quarterback web. >> restaurant workers in taiwan used heavy women to get to more people in -- equipment to get to people in a collapsed building. the rescuers, as they dig
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further, possibly hurting survivors still trapped inside. the quake is being blamed for at least 41 deaths so far. the race toughie's the spread of the zika vie versus proving tougher than first thought. the mosquitoes are some of the hardest species to kill. they can live and breed in tub drain, dog bowls, anything that collects water. the virus is possibly link today birth defect microcephaly where babies have abnormally small heads. it can take years to have a vaccine. >> >> a fight this weekend involving buffalo bills and sent two off duty police officers to the hospital. three off duty officers ordered several bottles of champagne at a night club saturday night and then a fight broke out. the document says two officers suffered broken ribs and went to hospital.
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>> new roll policy from the nfl will restrict -- new policy from the nfl will -- banning athletes if they have been convicted of sexual assault, domestic violence or weapons fence. those who refuse to submit to a background check will be barred from participating. >> ? exciting changes coming at the end of the month, soon after wncn news now, it is going to be cbs this morn being gail, charlie and nora. we got a chance to visit the head quarters in new york and meet those guys. they were so much fun. starting february 29 we will be the new home for cbs programming. that includes ncis, the price is right, alyssa's favorite and march madness. i don't know if you remember last year, she was -- i mean she nailed that. >> she was spot on. >> i don't like to brag, but -- >> we have to prepare. we have to beat her this year. >> i feel like i shouldn't do it this year, go out on top,
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>> kind of like partan. >> she's the peyton manning of the news room. >> how is the weather looking. >> cloudy sky, here a look at the hourly. 34 degrees around 8:00 a.m. 38 at 10:00 a.m. we are into the 40s but we don't get out of the 40s throughout the afternoon. 43 at 2:00, our high of 44 back to 39 by 6:00 a.m. yes, there will be a chance for flurries throughout the afternoon, and there are also a chance for a breezy conditions. wind gusts could be near 20 to 25 this afternoon. right now though, no wind to talk about. no flurries out at the airport, 36 degrees right now at the raleigh durham international airport. for most part, wake county, durham, orange county you are on the dry and quiet side. what we have been seeing throughout the past hour or so is off too the south and west. now, this is round number two of flurries around the northern portions of moore county. harnett county, some sprinkles
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it is not coming down fast enough to cause a problem on the roadways. if you are getting ready to head out, make sure you have the heavy winter jacket. look at these temperature, 31 in rockboro. fayetteville and lillington also in the upper 30s. we also have been checking in with visibility from time to time because from time to time it has been of concern. visibility there is just a few miles. about 7 miles in smithfield, this fog is not going to hang around long. it is along the corridor and that's a busy road at this time of day, a few flurrys and sprinkles. ales continue with that threat into the afternoon, very isolated in nature, most of us as a matter of fact, are going to stay dry tonight. i expect the clouds to hang around tonight and as we head into our wednesday, we are locking at partly to mostly cloudy skies, i do think we
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head into our wednesday, not going to warm us up though, as a matter of fact, tomorrow and thursday are locking colder than where we will be today and yesterday, look for a high of 44 in raleigh, 44 in durham and 48 in fayetteville. tonight mostly cloudy, colder, a low near 25 and here is a look at your three-day forecast, 36 on thursday, that's not the coldest we will be this week though. 41 on friday, look at the sun. we will start sunday and monday mornings likely in the teens. it is 6:22 on this tuesday morning, let's check in with traffic, if you will heading out the door this is i-440, not a lot going on in this morning. let's go ahead and check in conditions. we had an accident a little while ago, that has cleared up. speeds around that area, we are looking at 72 miles per hour,
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if you are heading eastbound, you are moving at about 69 miles per hour on u.s. on 4. more on traffic and weather close to 6:30. >> thank you so much. coming up a statement win for the duke blue devils, coming up how it puts them back on track. a shuffle in the rankings has pushed a new team to the top.
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the >> i told y'all after a disappointing stretch, the blue devils notched away the third straight win last night. >> it was a statement win as the blue devils knockdevils the louisville cardinals. >> duke got out to an early
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devils up 35-24 at the half. louisville took the lead late in half before duke went on to finish game 72-6 a. it was a great night for ingram who herbed a double-double -- who earned a double-double. the tar heels are back in action tonight after falling from second tonight place in the ap poll thanks to thanks losses to -- thanks to back to back losses. the eagle versus yet to win an acc match up. in previous, they won by nearly 30 points. >> they can do it. >> one team benefit prosecuting the top five shuffle from theville nova wild cats. >> -- the villanova wild cats, they are ranked no. 1 for the first time in the program. they're the sixth team too hold the top spot this season. they don't face another top 25 team until saver at the end of next month. >>
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i'm emma wright, who . good morning. happy tuesday morning to you. so glad you are with us. i'm mike gonzales. >> good to see you. emma wright is live this morning in raleigh where police made an arrest after a monday morning murder. we have those detail. >> >> pretty devastating story there. >> justin also has a preview of the first primary in new hampshire. first, let's get a quick weather report from alyssa. >> today we will start off with cloudy skys and the clouds will provide a chance for an isolated shower or two and that's moving through harnett and into cumberland county. more flurries up toward chat domestic violence happen county and moore county. this is not coming down --
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this is just causing a little bit of excitement and no problems on the roadwaysin durham. in raleigh at 36. lillington and fayetteville however are in the upper 30s. here is your forecast for this tuesday, still on the cold side this morn, 33, some flurries possible on and off throughout the day. 41 at noon, 44 our afternoon high but with some stronger breezes throughout the afternoon, it will feel more like 36. we are going to be in the 30s as we head toward 6:00, the evening drive time. i will let you know when even colder temperatures move in coming up in the complete forecast. right now we are checking in with i-85 and duke street. if you are heading in this direction there's a few cars but nothing to slow you down on your tuesday morning commute. let's go head and check in with your drive live this morning. if you are in and around garner or coming in on 70 toward the 40 merger you can see we expect
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at 26 miles per hour this morning. we will continue to watch this slow down and more throughout the rest of the morning. breaking news now, german police say at least eight people dead after two trains crashed head on in the south part of the country earlier this morning. again, at least eight people are dead, around a hundred injured. rescuers say they had to remove all or they did remove all survivors. they had to use held adopt terse carry the injured away from the -- helicopter to carry the injured away from the crash site. the rail lines used for work usually school children are also taken the trains but they're on winter vacation. more breaking new, police have arrested a man and charged him in connection with the murder of a taxicab driver. 25-year-old major edwards shot and killed jose dominguez outside of an apartment complex early yesterday morning.
6:27 am
neighbors and coworkers. ers been covering that story -- you have been covering this story since yesterday. a lot of people are shocked about this. >> reporter: er spoke to cab drivers who could consider this a safe area but they're nervous after this happened right over here. jose was call today this area where you see police still have it locked off. he was called here to pick up someone and that's when he was shot and killed. he was a good friend. >> joaquin loyola is shaken up. >> my friend called me and said i heard some of your coworkers got killed. i say i don't know what happened. then i called a close friend, and he told me, yeah, he just got kill. police say this hand, 25- year-old major earl edwards shot and killed 55-year-old dominguez outside of the apartments early monday morning.
6:28 am
was a male laying there not moving and not responsive. >> the neighbors say if area is usually quiet. >> they had that taped off that is correct taped off. man, police cars there. i have never seen anything like this before. >> is this a bad area? does it make you nervous? >> well, i never heard nothing i work at night. i have been here in times. incident. >> joaquin was never worried when making late night stops in this raleigh neighborhood before, but he will now think twice the next time a call comes in. outside of the crime scene some friends and coworkers have started a small memorial for jose dominguez. he drove a cab new york for several years and came to raleigh here about five years ago. as for the suspect in this case, he is expected in wake county court later this afternoon.
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emma wright, wncn news. today two former cumberland county school employees are expected back in court to face charges of assaulting students. both employees worked at paw lean jones middle school, an alternative school for students with behavioral issue, they say that the two people attacked at least four student, terry drake a safe school coordinator faces three charges. danny pedi isdi grabbing a student -- is charge window grabbing a student: both were terminate. voters in wake county could have two big decisions leading to higher taxes. county leaders want money more for school buss and schools but some are worried about the impact on the wallets. one is an increase to raise by half a half. the other is still being debated the. the board wants to start a $2
6:30 am
some are concerned about having both zit and school plan and same boll lot but yesterday, they say county leaders should consider having voters weigh in on both. >> citizens of wake county believe in our county and believe in investing in our county. they understand the importance of good public education, they understand the importance of a transportation system that tomorrow joe biden will promote a new cancer microphone fighting initiative that's close to his -- cancer- fighting initiative that's close to his heart. it is a cause close to his heart because you may remember his son bo died from brain cancer last year. today president obama will release the 2017 fiscal year budget proposal. poseal be his final budget -- proposal. this will be his final budget proposal.
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-- he faces stiff opposition in the republican-led house. look at the calendar. it is happy fat tuesday to you. it is the last day of the mardi gras season and hordes of ravelers are ready for one day of celebrations: they're expect today be the largest since katrina. we have the story the center of it all down in new orleans. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, the celebrations and the security are both reportedly unprecedented this year with more than a million people expected here in the big easy. >> the costumes,. >> welcome to new orleans, baby. >> the parades and of course the beads. >> all part of an iconic mardi
6:32 am
eyes and ears. >> i am here every year. we dance a lot. >> you may not know the person beside you but you get to know. >> them. >> security is tighter. visitors should always aseem they're being fill testimonied. in addition to agent, some100 on patrol. >> in are undercover. behavior. >> it has been cool and has been coolny perfect but not enough to affect the scheduled events. >> a little rain on these parades not even slowing the celebrations. >> all of this adds up to big bucks dumping an estimated -- into the local economy.
6:33 am
businesses to rejoice once the mardi gras madness i madness with your beads on as well. will not ask what you had to do to get those. that's our secret. other to you now. >> we have to get throughout one day. neither of us have been to that. you get a tasteover it of this mardi gras season, durham is hosting a fat party. it starts at 7:00 p.m. at major the bull, the big bull statue. it is free to attend the event. you are i invited to stay for food, fun and live music. perhaps there's in beads, come on in here. >> yeah, i want some of those beads. hello. >> all right. time now is 6:38: beyonce, did you see it? she stole the show during the super bowl half time per for mans. later when you can see her live in action right here in the triangle. >> she livened up that cold play. they were good but hey. >> bruno mars. >> it was all good stuff. but anyway a senseless prank or dangerous attack. how an alligator winded up in a drive-thru window in florida.
6:34 am
let's go ahead and look at your forecast. temperatures as you are temperatures head out the door. chapel hill at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn
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and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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>> welcome back. good morning to you once again. here a live at your forecast. sun doesn't rise until 7:09. we are at 36. it could don't to fall a few degrees. we will start to very slowly climb just a degree every few hours. 34 at 8:00 a.m. 35 by 9:00 a.m. a few flurry, a few sprinkles throughout the morning drive but they're not coming down fast enough to really cause any problems. here is the big picture on the
6:37 am
we are dry in raleigh. dry in durham. it is happening to the west and south and west, around harnett county you have been seeing a light mix and seeing a few flurries but no problems expected. you will have to bundle up. let's talk temperature, 35 in raleigh and lewisburg at 36. at freezing in south hill, a degree colder in rockborr. yesterday we hit 56 for an afternoon high. tomorrow and thursday will be dry but colder. >> it looks like the weekend ahead, i will have a look at the forecast in just a little bit. >> a florida man is facing charges after he flew an
6:38 am
wendy's dry through. it happened in october but the suspect was just recently taken into custody, officials say official-year-old joshua james pulled up for his order and after the server handed over a drink and turned around, james reached into the back of his truck and tossed it three and a half foot gator through the window: his parents say it was just a harmless prank. >> he's not a bad kid. he's a stupid kid and did a stupid prank. he had no problem turning himself in. >> you are saying he's not a violent person. >> absolutely not. it was a total prank. >> i hope i never have to use those words in a sound byte. he admit today picking tup gator and bringing it to the fast food restaurant. the alligator was released into a nearby canal. stupid may be a good word. rough winter weather
6:39 am
coming up the extent of damage 6:45. the nation's first presidential primary is underway with ballots already being cast. wncn justin is live in studio to break down how things are looking so far for candidate. >> hillary clinton hopes to repeat or come close to repeating the come back in 2008. polls show trump with a lead for the gp and there's a bigs to up as to who may come in second in that race. most polls open at 7:00 but already, three small town versus voted just after midnight. kay kick sanders won the tiny -- kasich and sanders won the tiny town. looking to rest to have day, trump has a huge lead, but the number two spot seems to be up for grabs.
6:40 am
or bush have a shot at it. >> but polls show more than half of the electorate is undecided or willing to switch at the last minute. that has candidates making the final pushes for votes. >> i will ask you, respectfully to please consider giving me the chance to do this job for you. >> it is christmas eve for politicians in new hampshire. you all get to play santa claus. turn out. that's 2/3 of new hampshire voters. so fbi way, the town we talked about of those picking kasich and sanders, they pick the election since 1968. little town.
6:41 am
right now, fort bragg soldier is in jail accused of murdering his wife. cumberland county say he called 9-1-1 early saturday morning asking for help. when deputy 50s rifed theophany mora in a neighbor's driveway. they found mary mora unresponsive on the floor. her bond is now set at half a million dollars. >> special session, the judges ruled that rate was a factor in the drawing of two the first district which includes wilson and durham and the 12th as well which has salem. law makers are asking judges to put that decision on hold. >> we can't control when federal courts do what they do, all we we can do is to work
6:42 am
>> our state supreme cold should have knocked these out a year ago. that would have helped everyday. >> they're glad the ruling was made because they say the election would have been illegal. law makers are concerned about the are tenable impact to people filing absentees. they gave until noon to respond to the request to stay that ruling. >> attorney general and north carolina native, loretta lynch is heading to fayetteville. highlights police departments that can serve as law enforcement role models. the first stop takes place on thursday and friday in miami florida. we are waiting to learn the details about trip to fayetteville though. >> is there talking weather now, a strong nor'easter took out parts of the banks. this is what it looks like near the cape hatteras lighthouse. sending water on to roads there. the winds kept the hatteras ferry from running. overwash that shut down parts of the main road from the ferry to island.
6:43 am
the weather conditions. up to north kitty hawk, kill devil hills also saw flooding and sand from overwash. highway 12 survived a beating, not a lot of damage there but a section is still closed off until late they are morning. they definitely got pounded on the coast. what about here in the triangle. >> well, here we are looking at cloudy look -- skies as we start off our tuesday. a few flurries and it is part of the same system. it is just moving out and colder air is moving in. 34 at at 8:00 a.m. 40s at lunchtime, 44 an afternoon high but it is going to be breezy later today which means it will feel like say the mid to upper 30s as we reach those afternoon highs. here a live picture. we are looking east and you can see the thick blanket of clouds just a little break, as we look
6:44 am
here the wncn radar: at 6 other we are dry in raleigh but look toward this is round number two for you guy, a few sprinkles just south of lillington moving into johnston county. this is very, very light in nature. if you are seeing a few flurries just a little excitement. not expecting it to stick on the roadways or cause delays there. >> as far as temperature, 36 in raleigh, clayton and louisburg, also henderson, fayette april lillington, upper 30s. visibility not really concern for the majority of the area but down around wayne county, fog has been dense at times, visibility there at go and a hoof mile, 7-miles in clinton and 7-miles in roanoke rapids. if you are traveling around 95 know some fog could be in and around the area. i was talking about the system causing concern there and that's what we reason loo
6:45 am
for us. this continues to move to new england, behind it cold air is filtering in, some of the coldest air we've had: with that cold air, just a few flurries from time to time, overnight tonight. we will stay dry but clouds will continue. we will see a little more sunshine into wednesday. our high today, 44, 48 in fayetteville. we will head into tonight. overnight low around 25-degree, that's obviously colder than where we start off this morning. 36 from and look at the weekend. sunday did coldest day of the next 7. high of only 32 after starting in the teens. it is 6:52 on this tuesday morning. let's check in with traffic and nc 147 starting to see steadier traffic out there. the good thing is no slow downs, no delays to pass alongment let's check in with driver times.
6:46 am
a tuesday morning. all in green which means everything moving at the posted speed limits on 540, 440 and 40 this morning, about a ten minute drive from i-40 to capitol boulevard. mike. >> green is good. appreciate that, alyssa. >> tickets go on sale for stadium tour. that makes a stop right here in raleigh. she rocked the house. she performed her new single formation. the turkics off april 2 and includes a stop at carter finley. check it out. >> nbc news, and you can see behind me we're all over state. it is the first in nation primary after the caucus in iowa. we have a lot to report all election day and of course
6:47 am
backing news, news to know before you head out. raleigh police arrest a man in connection with a murder yesterday at an apartment complex. investigators say major edwards shot and killed jose dominguez. edwards is expected later today in cord. -- court. polls are getting ready open in new hampshire for the first primary. voters in a hand full of towns have already cast their votes. dixville picked kasich. a total of nine but the small town has picked the right winner since 1968. >> that's just nine voters. >> that's kind of scary. >> yeah. let's take a look at your forecast. cloudy sky this is morning, also a few light shower, maybe even a few flurries mixed in throughout the morning and into the afternoon. the showers falling now around harnett and cumberland county, flurries toward sigh letter city.
6:48 am
36 toward the door in raleigh, lewisburg and henderson while fayetteville you are at 38. here is your fast forecast. 33 at 4:00 a.m., 44 our high but it is going to be breezy which means it will feel like the mid 30s. bundle up toward the door this morning. speaking of heading for the door. let's check in with traffic conditions, this is clayton bypass and as expected we start to see the traffic mound bumper to bumper traffic if you head into the raleigh area. of course take your time, buckle up as you head for the door this morning. >> we have been talking about bull alyssa was playing cold play. >> the only missing piece is a lombardi for carolina. >> next year. >> thank you for watching. >> we will see you later. today show is right after this.
6:49 am
have a great tuesday. good morning. high stakes. new hampshire votes today. trump and sanders, way ahead in the polls. will the state voters have a surprise up their sleeves tonight?
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