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tv   WNCN News at 6  CBS  February 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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news here. the victim was a second grade teacher here at meadow lane. authorities are trying to figure out how this accident happened. >> this is a huge loss for us. our condolences and hearts an prayers go out to his family. >> gone too soon is the the message at the the -- the mess alligator at the meadows -- message at the meadows elementary. he was struck by a bus and later died at the hospital. >> tom moss is among many parents who picked up their kids early today when news spread. >> i'm a little emotional because i don't know what
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>> there was a lot of crying in my class and me and some of my other class mates went in the librariesto talk about it. >> although just two years into his career with the district, kincaid is remembered as well liked, very active in his church and loved in his cool. >> we just want to come together think about mr. kincaid and his family >> reporter: according to kincaid and his wife's facebook page, they are expecting a new baby boy. they're still investigating. the driver has not been charged.
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news of redistricting battle. a proposed deadline is being submitted to the supreme court. >> three federal judges had ordered the state to redraw the disticket by next friday and today the they said that date will stay. >> election needs to go forward with the congress nal districts intact. >> three federal lawmakers ruled officials used race to draw the line >> as a country and a state our goal is to move towards politics in which race is not the consideration. >> anita early is the director and attorney representing
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redistricting cases in other districts. the state is o appealing but currently it must redraw district one covering cities like durham and wilson. state lawmakers are critical of the timing of the ruling. lawmakers are also critical about what they say wasn't in the ruling. >> they didn't tell us what to do to cure whatever problem to be solve. >> reporter: the plaintiffs want to see the maps redrawn. >> we think the march 15th date will stand >> reporter: lawmakers have speculated there could be a second election for the congressional.
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counties have budgeted for two primaries. a spokeswoman told many do not have the funds someone found a man's body in a wooded near shaw mill road. detectives don't have much information shes but are asking anyone with information to call police. >> we have some of the coldest air in the season knocking on our door. >> highs today in the 40s, but our wind chills didn't get out of the 30s today. maybe you've experienced light snow or rain today. you see light rain along the i-95 corridor. light snow between henderson and
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not enough to accumulate fun for the kids. these light shower also be moving out in the next few hours and temperatures will be dropping more. as long as this big area of low pressure continues to funnel in cold air, we'll continue to see our temperatures. >> we're going to take prescription out but it's going to be prescription, but it's going to be cold. we'll talk about how it's beginning the get even colder this weekend coming up a judge denied bond for a man, major edward for killing a taxicab driver. he shed tears
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killed dr. martin luther king guess -- dominguez. >> they lose a friend that worked together with the community >> reporter: fellow cab driers have black ribbons on their car as to honor their coworker we're less than an hour away from polls closing. all the canned dates were around today making their final pitches. quarterback cam newton admit today bp being a sore loser but defended his actions. >> if i offended somebody, am and i'm not about to conform for anybody's expectation because they will never exceed mine. >> he went on to say he had no regrets for how he handled
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stressed to focus on next season a million dollar fine for coal ash into the river. jonathan rodriguez joins us for details >> reporter: duke energy blamed the federal government for slowing down the process. >> a pipe burst dumping coal ash into the dan river. they were fined $70,000 for that spill. they were fined another 1 and a half million dollars for failure to maintain the site. we talk to jeff brooks. >> we're currently reviewing the action through this find they have provide -- fine they have provided to duke energy and we'll determine what steps to follow there.
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fine in april 2014 more or less. epa asked us to join in a joint action. >> reporter: they got tired of waiting. >> we decided to go at it along and hold duke account can able. >> the immediate impact the spill had on the river added up to one and a half million dollars in fines. >> the dan river is thriving and days after the incident. >> reporter: duke energy has to pay 230 million and the money carolina schools. the jury in the melissa jones trial got to see trayvon
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>> the insights revealed by that questioning are compelling as we watch smith and the detective go back and forth during the integer interrogation as the detective tries to figure out what smith snow -- knows about the murder. >> before playing the recording the judge explained why it was edited before they watched it. >> certain portions of this recorded interview are not relevant to these proceedings and therefore are not miss able. >> reporter: smith claims he never went into the apartment where hug begins jones was -- huggin jones was. he later said he had trouble sleeping because
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>> when i heard her scream, >> reporter: >> reporter: smith struggled to put the screams into words and replied. >> sharp. >> reporter: later in the trial the prosecution brought in a crime scene person, a person who was able to show the forensic. she unsealed a number of exhibits in front of the jury and showed crime scene foe graphs of the victim. final preparations are under way for joe biden's visit tomorrow. hechose duke's cancer
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institute because of how many are on staff. up next at 6:00, a local wedding photo app company taking off. >> a check on traffic. this is
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it's normally a couple's most important day and wed picks app is making it better. >> the idea takes the old idea of the expose able camera and brings it into the now. >> whether it's the grandparents or mom and dad or the best friends, everybody's unique photos flow into this app together. over 60,000 weddings have signed up to use web pics. today we're at almost half a million brides and 50,000 users. >> we had so many different
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must have missed that >> reporter: users sign in with a user id. >> the bride, groom and family can share pictures from the wedding all the way i to the honeymoon. >> with the average couple spending $25,000 on a wedding, it's great for those on a budget. >> as a text start up in the social space, our goal right now is not to make money, but capture a large audience. >> reporter: for what's next
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mike gonzalez, cncn -- wncn news. reverend pinckney is speaking tonight. >> we're in a process of trying to heal and even though it has been several months since this has happened, we're all still torn up. >> tonight's event reflections on charles kenston starts at 7:00 -- charleston starts 7:00. a battery commonly used for e cigarettes caught fire after in a man's pocket with spare change.
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were just laying down and all of a sudden sparks went out and i saw his pants on fire. >> the battery does have a warning saying it should be stored in a case when not in use. today was cooler. our high was 44, but that temperature is the warmest temperature we're going to have it's going to get colder going forward. some of us have a chance of light rain or snow, a few flurries. no impacts on travel, but a little excitement, and this isn't the only chance of light snow and dollar eaton rapidses we have in the next -- flurries we have in the next seven days.
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day and we e have wind chills. our coldest spot in cider city feels like 26. as we take you hour by hour, temperature over wind chill, this time of year, this type of morning, who cares what the temperature is, what does it feel like when you head outside. through tonight we'll keep the small chance of prescription in the forecast. as you see -- presentation. -- precipitation in the forecast. as you see there's a lot going on, on the weather map behind me. for the next couple of days the cold will be our issue. there's a big area of low pressure that's going to continue to filter cold air all the way in from canada and that's why our temperature is
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snow, you'll have to drive to the mountains or head north. we're going to keep it mostly sunny. it's going to be in and out of her quickly on friday. it's another small chance. we get a reinforcement of colder temperatures as we head into the weekend. yes, it will be sunny, but some of us will struggle to get out of the 20s on sunday. it will be another breezy tomorrow and colder. wind chills probably not out of the 30s, a few clouds but no threat of precipitation tomorrow.
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until friday. we'll have a chance friday of light rain and flurries. it's going to be cold. 39 sat, 32 sunday. that's going to be our coldest day. that happens to be valentine's day. holiday monday, president's day, that will begin another precipitation. it could be more interesting. our three degree high was 41 today. we were right on the money. so another $100 from us for the american heart association. someone in the u.s. has a stroke about every 40 seconds and the american heart association deals with stroke issues as well. >> it also affects a lot of men as well.
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some exciting changes
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>> up next a behind in just three weeks we'll be the region's new home for cbs programming. >> we sat in with scott and his team and it is impressive how they leverage their folks all
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most complete nos of the day. >> we're also expanding our news coverage. your same news team will start earlier in the evening at 5:00 and be on at 630 tim following cbs news and hit cbs prime time with also be your home for march madness. our
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viewers and we're not well, i went to the grocery store this afternoon and i saw a flurry. >> just one. >> did you get your milk and bread. >> i'm sure. >> it's nothing like that. it's light rain and snow flurries, nothing that will impact travel.
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over the next s breaking news tonight. a dramatic fight to the finish. crowded polls in new hampshire. can donald trump score a big victory? our interview and a sign you haven't seen. why he says he'd act differently as president. also, the rest of the gop crowd, rubio, kasich, cruz, and bush. are we headed f surprise?
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