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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  February 9, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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in order to have the districts drawn by next friday's deadline, lawmakers would need to call a special session for next week. >> these are unconstitutional districts. they've been resumed unconstitutional by the court. -- ruled unconstitutional by the court. >> she's an attorney representing plaintiffs in two other redistricting cases that are still pending. >> as a country and the state, our goal is to move towards a politics in which race is not a predominant consideration. >> the state is appealing. currently it must redraw district one. including a wide area covering durham and wilson. and to the west covering places like winston salem. a little more than a month before the march primary when thousands of absentee ballots have gone out. lawmakers are critical about what wasn't in the ruling. >> they didn't tell us what to
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>> reporter: lawmakers say they'll ask the u.s. supreme court for one. the plaintiffs want to see the maps redrawn as ordered. >> they think there should be no more elections. >> we think the march 15th date will stand. >> there could be a separate election for the congressionallal primary. the state board of elections says that would cost $9.5 million. i checked with the state board, a spokeswoman tells me many do not have the funds. i'll send it back to you. right now the goldsboro community is mourning a teacher who lost his life in the school's parking lot. it happened when a daycare bus hit and killed brandon kincade outside meadow lane elementary school. wncn's nate rogers has the story. >> very devastating news for the community. the victim was a second grade teacher here at meadow lane. and he used a wheelchair. right now authorities are trying to figure out how this
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>> it's a huge loss for us. and our condolences, our heart and prayers go out to his family. >> gone too soon is the message throughout this elementary school today. 25-year-old brandon kincade had just arrived to work while headed toward the door police say a bus from small world daycare struck kincade in the school's parking lot. kincade later died at a nearby hospital. >> all she said was she saw him under the bus. >> thompson's children just exited the bus before the accident. thompson is among many parents who picked up their children early today as news spread. >> i'm a little emotional. because i don't really know what they're going through. >> throughout the day, crisis teams were at the school speaking with students and teachers. >> there was a lot of people crying in my class. and me and some of my other classmates went in the library to talk about it.
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with the district, he's remembered as well liked, very active in his church and family-oriented. >> it's time for us to come together for the school and think about mr. kincade and his family. oriented. according to his facebook page, he and his wife sara can currently a expecting a baby boy. the owners of the bus declined to talk about the incident. at this time. that's the latest here in goldsboro, nate rogers, wncn news now. deputies and a former north carolina correctional officer pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges. agents say several law enforcement officers conspired to move drugs and cash along the i-95 corridor. turning to weather, after highs in the 50s yesterday, most of us saw 40s today.
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tracking a few flakes and joins us now with the latest. >> nothing significant. nor should it impact your drive tonight or tomorrow. but always exciting. and it's mixing in with a little bit of rain. here we are northeast of the triangle. there's i-95. there's rocky mount. right around you guys, a few snow flurries, and a few light rain showers. most of the triangle is dry now. we go south into the sand hims and likewise, a little bit of light snow flurry county from hoke county to fayetteville and then it turns to light rain from cumberland county into samson county. there's not a lot. and what is out there will move out in the next few hours and the temperatures will continue to fall. that's our big story after 40s today, most of us in the 30s. windchills in the 20s. that big area of low pressure around ohio continues to funnel in that cold air. not snow for us, but more cold air. so as we go into tonight, still precipitation the next few hours, we dry out by midnight and you're out the door tomorrow morning, 26 with a
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and that's not even the coldest time. i'll tell you when that will be here in a few minutes. duke energy facing a multimillion dollar fine for dumping coal ash into the dan river. >> state regulators issued the penalty two years after the spill. wncn investigates jonathan rodriguez joins us in the studio with details. >> duke energy knew this day would come. a $6.6 million fine was issued and the federal government was blamed for slowing down the process. a pipe burst dumping about 39,000 tons of ash into the dan river. spreading about 70 miles downstream. the state fined duke $70,000 for the spill. the pipe was beyond its expected life span and fined duke 1.5 million for failure to maintain their site. this leaking pipe cost the company $3 million in fines. we talked to duke spokesman jeff brooks. >> we're reviewing the action of the north carolina deq through this fine they provided
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determine what steps to move forward there. >> many have asked why it's taken two years to fine duke. >> we were ready to issue this fine in april of 2014. epa asked us to join in a joint federal government. so we aqueoused to that. >> tom reader says they got tired of waiting. >> we decided to separate from the epa and go it alone. because it's been two years. >> duke is moving out thousands of tons of ash each day by train from the dan river site but the immediate impact the spill had on the river added up to 1.5 million in fines. >> the dan river is thriving and it returned to formal a few days after -- normal a few days after the incident. they have to pay enforcement fees. they have to pay or let people know they'll fight the fines in court. the money collected will go to north carolina schools.
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major edwards this morning. he was silent for the hearing but shed tears as he was leaving the courtroom. police say he killed 55-year- old jose dominguez at an apartment complex. friends of dominguez says he was heavily involved in the community and leaves behind several children. a fight in durham ended with a man being shot in the face with a flair gun. it happened at a location on witherspoon boulevard. two men got into an argument inside the bathroom and one shot the other in the face. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. no arrests have been made so far. all lanes of u.s. 70 are back open after a dump truck over turned spilling gravel earlier today. it happened near cheek road. the truck covered the road with eight tons of gravel. the driver was taken to the hospital for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries. gut wrenching testimony in the melissa huggins jones murder trial after a crime scene technician took the stand
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photos she took. wncn's steve has the story. >> reporter: evidence tech tracy gold was called in to identify photos and evidence recovered from the murder scene. at one point, prosecutors had her unseal a purse found in the apartment. >> i know i photographed it. here you can see a small scale and a circle and marker. that's where i believe blood was swabbed from here. these photographs were all taken in the master bed room and they all depict the victim. she described photos depicting injuries to huggins jones, it was tough for her family to watch and listen. the live stream camera didn't show the pictures but those pictures were displayed in the courtroom. and the family and jurors saw them. >> does it appear there are rounds near her neck area and her cheek area and all about her face? >> yes, sir. >> from this angle can you see that she has missing teeth? >> yes.
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unseal many crime scene evidence packets in front of the jury. such as a piece of wall to wall carpeting which had a footprint embedded in it. >> the print itself was just in the carpet. as if you had freshly vacuumed it and stepped on it. that type of print. they're very difficult to collect. it's been photographed. we sprayed it with hair spray to try to stiffen the fibers. >> those four hours of testimony by the crime scene tech are aimed by the prosecution at placing travion smith inside the apartment where the murder happened. i'm steve, wncn news now. a common battery is blamed for an explosion that hurt a smithfield couple. next, how investigators say it happened and what you need to know to protect yourself. the latest on the presidential primary election in new hampshire. which candidates are posed to win big. here is a live look at i-40 and harrison avenue. it's busy but moving all right. stay with us.
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the break. well as temperatures continue to drop tonight, so does a little bit of light rain and snow. and there are two more times on
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one small, one maybe not on air, online, wherever you are, this is wncn news at 7:00. a smithfield man is
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after investigators say a rechargeable battery exploded in his pocket. >> they believe the battery which is commonly used for e cigarettes caught fire after coming in contact with loose change. wncn's david hurst has the story. the completely just totaled now. >> it's a moment this smithfield woman never wants to relive. she heard a loud pop after her fiance put a rechargeable battery in his pocket at their home. >> it scared me but shocked me at the same time. until like, you know, i saw his pants actually on fire. >> the woman who didn't want to be named, suffered minor injuries while trying to put out the fire. her fiance is at the burn center at u.n.c hospital recovering from second and third degree burns. the combination of a rechargeable battery and metal objects could create a spark. something as simple as loose change or keys in your pocket with the battery could cause a fire. >> if there's any injury to
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concern we take seriously. >> johnston county ems is warning others of the fire hazards of rechargeable batteries. >> we want to try to prevent these accidents by heeding the warnings and the recommended labeling that comes with the products. >> the couple is now considering a lawsuit against the china based company who manufactures the batteries. >> no one should have to go through the pain of a third degree burn. >> the company tells wncn the batly wasn't defective and the battery should be stored in a case when not in use. david hurst, wncn news now. digging deeper into electronic cigarettes, 2.5 million americans use the devices and the number is growing rapidly. there were 25 reports of e cigarettes catching fire between 2009 and 2014. two of those incidents resulted and fema says the shape and construction of the devices can make them more likely to behave
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the poles are closed and the ballots are being counted in new hampshire's presidential primary election. earlier results suggest a pair of big wins for outsider candidates. >> i believe in what bernie stands for. and i felt that i needed to go with my beliefs. >> donald trump, he's a businessman. he tells it like it is. >> that's right, donald trump and bernie sanders are hoping to emerge with their first wins of the 2016 presidential election and boost their standing in a very competitive race. hillary clinton has trailed sanders in the granite state for weeks. but new hampshire voters are notorious late deciders. trump decided to tone down his rhetoric. >> when you get to be president or before you get to be president, the attitude will change very much. >> the poems close at 7:00. we'll have more tonight on wncn at 11:00. vice president joe biden will make a stop in the
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cancer fighting initiative. the discussion will focus on cancer shots and eradicating the disease once and for all. last summer biden lost his son bo to brain cancer. wncn will have full coverage of the vice president's visit tomorrow. now your wncn weather forecast. today's high of 44 is cold, right? but it's also our warmest temperature we're going to have in the next six days. think about that for a second. so we're not done dropping those temperatures just yet. we're also not done dropping moisture. a little light rain out there. two clusters, one by rocky mount. the other in the sand hills. there's a little snow mixing in. flurries at that. nothing significant. no accumulation, no travel impacts. what's going to impact you, the cold temperatures. many of us all ready dropping into the 30s.
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lower 30s and upper 20s. peoples like 28 in henderson. so if these are the current windchills and the wind's not going to let up a lot over night, you can imagine what the morning will feel like. a couple things to take in here. we'll leave a little bit of precipitation in for the next few hours. we dry it out after midnight and all day tomorrow. but hour by hour, check out temperature over windchill, 35 at 8:00, we'll feel like 30. 31 at midnight. it'll feel like 25. and on your way to work and school tomorrow morning, 26 will feel like 19. so bundle up. a little bit of snow out there today. everybody's asking me wes, do we have another big one in us before the year is over. and the answer is most likely, yes. yes because we see something coming next week and our statistics. in the last 30 years, we look at when most snow falls. about half the time we get snow storms in january. number two on the list is this month. about 30% of our snowfall comes
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and we're in february. so we might have some more coming our way. a big area of low pressure centered over the great lakes is continuing to wrap around a lot of cold air and yes there's a lot of snow surrounding the system but most of the snow isn't ours. but the cold air is. if you want snow, head to the mountains. they have a decent amount. a lot of fresh snow on the slopes. or head north into virginia and west virginia. that's where the snow will be tomorrow and thursday. for us, mostly sunny and continued colder. we have a small chance of snow on friday. it's another one of those things where it's a little bit of rain and a few snow flurries sneaking in. nothing significant but exciting. after that, a little system swings by quickly. we have reinforcements of cold air. this weekend some of us will struggle to get out of the 20s. highs not in the mid 40s but low 40s. dry weather and still breezy conditions.
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probably not going to get out of the 30s. after 41 tomorrow, 38 thursday, we're back up to 41 friday. that's when we get that small chance of rain and flurries again. and we're dry for valentine's weekend. but look at sunday. sunday morning starts at 15. and our high will only be 32. that's cold. and then we get into monday and tuesday. and this is the next system we're keeping an eye on. granted it's six and seven days away. but this looks like it'll bring us more rain and maybe something else depending on when it falls. we'll talk more over the coming days, in the mean time, sunday. >> snuggle alert for sunday. >> and then some. like a double snuggle alert. >> the 19 degrees and 20. oh no. well a controversy swirled about cam newton's actions following the loss in super bowl 50. he's also taking heat for a decision during the game. the panthers quarterback talks
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the dust still settling tonight from the panthers disappointing super bowl loss. >> carolina lost to the denver broncos 24-10 behind a series of miscues. the game. today they cleaned out their cam newton spoke to the media where he defended a controversial decision to not go after a fumble.
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quarterbacks throw interceptions in their effort after words they don't go. i don't dive on one fumble because the way my leg was. it could have been contorted in a way. okay you say my effort, i didn't dive down. i fumbled. that's fine. but at the end of -- that game wasn't built off -- we didn't lose that game because of that fumble. >> he said he has no regrets for the way he handled things after the game and admitted to being a sore loser. meanwhile denver is in full celebration mode tonight. today the broncos celebrated their super bowl victory with a
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the boleyn family some big and exciting changes are coming to wncn. we'll be the new home for cbs programming.
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of the cbs studios in new york on monday. we met with cbs evening news anchor scott pelley and shot some promos. we also sat in the afternoon editorial meeting. it was wonderful to connect with our partners and we're very excited about our new relationship with cbs and our transition to cbs programming starts february 29th. and it was so neat to be in that building and see all that history. dan rather. >> and it's not just cbs news, there are several other things. like you said inside edition. yeah. soap operas. >> they really have four buildings that are connected and they started acquiring them along the way. some are three stories, or five stories. they have ramps. you lose track of where you are. but you have such a huge team there, you can see them working and the editorial meeting wasn't so great. they leverage all their assets to bring you the best most comprehensive coverage here and abroad. it's incredible to see how they
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>> they pull them up on a conference call all over the world like it's nothing. >> i took this picture. i grew up watching 60 minutes. this was the chair used in the first show for 60 minutes. harry sat in there. it was awesome to see the history again with cbs. where they were and where they're going with us. >> it looks great. and it's a lot of pressure. a lot of good things coming our way. we're looking forward to it. february 29th we'll be is depression more than sadness? it's a tangle of
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>> judge judy: why would you invite anyone to your home? >> announcer: a co-worker's meet-and-greet with the family pet... >> as i'm hearing the dog bark, i asked him what kind of dog that was. and he told me it was a pit-bull/rott mix. >> announcer: and his introduction... >> i said, "your dog has nothing but hate in its eyes." >> announcer: ...didn't go well. >> max, i thought, had head-butted me. at that point in time, i seen my lip hanging down below my chin. >> judge judy: the defendant's dog bit you in the face.
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