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tv   WNCN Today at 430AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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struck good morning. so glad you are with us. a look at the forecast coming up.>> good morning. one thing has changed since yesterday we are not tracking any rain or snow in the forecast. we are drive. some clouds through the morning hours. the sunshine will come up at 7:08 am. temperatures are cold and will drop. 25 in raleigh, 26 interim, 24 roxboro and mid-20s south hill and henderson, sandhills 28 fayetteville, 23 rayburn, upper 20s lillington. test forecast if getting ready to go out the door at 8 am mix of sun shine and clouds.
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freezing this afternoon. fall back to 35 by 6:00 pm. more on your forecast and milder temperatures coming out. look at traffic light for 40 sunnybrook road. a few cars out there no slowdowns to the lake. let's check in with your life drive and this is something that will make us smile, all read on for 40, no slowdowns or accidents. will keep you up-to-date. breaking news, raleigh police arrest a second person connection with the shooting death of a taxi cab driver. >> conrad patterson, 27, arrested and expected in court. it comes one day after police arrested the first aspect, major earl edwards jr.,, 25, in edwards was silent in court and shed some tears after leaving the courtroom.
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dominguez, 55 on monday. drivers have black ribbons on their cars to honor a coworker. fayetteville police searching for a person of interest in an active death investigation. authorities searching for this man, damien boyd, he was seen with the victim amy byrd sunday morning leaving the area of hawthorne drive. police found burnt body in a wooded area off may carry dried yesterday morning and investigators do not know how the 37-year-old died. if you have information call police. joe biden will visit the triangle to promote his cancer research initiative. >> he will toward duke cancer institute, emma rice is there reporting live with a preview of what will happen today.
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president turned heartbreak into helping. spearheading obama's initiative called cancer moonshot. to make decades worth of information ready in five years. >> my dad used to have an expression of father knows that successfully turns and looks at his son or daughter and knows they turned out better than he did. i am a success. i am a hell of a success. >>reporter: biden said about who died of brain cancer in may 2015 is his motivation to find a cure for the disease touched so many american families. during the state of the union address president obama announced biden will lead a federal task force on cancer research. $195 million will be spent on research this year.
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additional 755 million next year.>> that was emma wright reported. duke is one of the handful centers in the us. the vice president will visit at 2:30 pm and will tour the facilities and meet with doctors as well as researchers. wncn will be the and have updates on our website, tonight on your news at six and 7:00 pm. president obama goes back to where his political career began. springfield, illinois for the president served in the state senate for nearly 8 years. it's where he made the announcement in 2007 he would seek the presidency. he will address the illinois general. assembly and is expected to make a call for less divisive politics in america. epic blow to obama's sweeping climate change plan the supreme court blocked the plan calling it an unprecedented power grab the proposal of reduce carbon
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power plants are 30% by 2030. duke energy will likely have to pay more than $6 million in fines after dumping coal ash into the river. it's a case that has been investigated and after a pipe burst spelling39,000,000 tons of cash into the dan river many question why it took the states along to issue the five regulators blamed the federal government for slowing down the process. >> we decided to separate from the epa and go it a lot because it's been two years we wanted to get this taken care of. >> duke has 30 days to either pay the fines or fight that incorporate>> you can see all the breakdown of fines on click on the investigates tie. testimony continues in a two-year-old murder case in raleigh. members of the victim
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description of the crime scene. they showed photos of her body to jurors and other members in the courtroom.>> the womb the cycle her neck area and face, >> effort >> nec is missing teeth? >> yes.>> pretty tough testimony there. four hours of testimony aimed at police. learning more about the teacher killed in an accident and goldsboro it happened yesterday morning at meadow lane elementary school. a day care bus hit brandon kincaid. the 25-year-old taught second grade. he was married with a child on the way. authorities said the driver from small world day care hit him just after 8:00 am yesterday morning and happened
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kincaid just arrived to work was using a wheelchair while heading to the door when he was hit.>> there was a lot of people crying in my class. >> a fabulous teacher, famous person. it's a huge loss for us. >> in addition to his work kincaid was a youth pastor at his father's church in kinston. authorities investigate but this per the driver has not been charged. unc coach williams is recovering after collapsing during last night's game. boston college. williams fell during a timeout in the second half was taken to the locker room for dizziness. williams has struggled with vertigo in the past and that's what he said. he came back though for a handshake after the game. unc 168, 65. we hope he is okay.>> ladies okay. is 4:38 am one year ago chapel hill police say a man shot and killed his neighbors and later will take a look at the case and hear from the
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woman that survived the shooting massacre and the charleston church talks about her husband who did not. her what she had to say. temperatures are much colder
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26 chapel hill welcome back to the wncn and happy wednesday morning. 4:41 am and a look at your drivetime forecast. mid-20s through 7:00 am and levels slowly climb, 30 by 9:00 am. below freezing until 10:00 am. take out the heavy jackets. satellite radar showing clear conditions right now.
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clouds through the day. the sun doesn't rise until 7:09 am. here's a look at where the temperatures set for 26 direct, 24 henderson and roxborough, 23 sanford, pinehurst and rainsford , fayetteville and clinton upper 20s. factor in the wind. feels like the teams. roxborough self-help and siler city. these the temperatures you need to dress for, layer up and make sure the kids have the clouds thomas scarves and hats to expose skippered 41 high today into the 30s tomorrow 40s friday but a threat for rain and snow coming up on the complete forecast. american hospital with second and third degree burns, later what he really started the fire and what he may do
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chapel hill talk about life one raleigh police arrested a second person in connection with the shooting death of a taxicab driver, investigators arrested conrad patterson, 27, expected to be in court today. major edwards charged in the murder of jose nicolas dominguez to extract joe biden will visit duke university and promotes his initiative. the new venture) results are in and the big winners for the night donald trump on the republican side and senator. sanders on the democrats but the biggest story for the gop maybe ohio governor john k6 second-place finish and marco
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after the debate saturday night. the highway patrol investigated a late-night crash. the aberdeen reporting the driver crashed on roads ridge road around 10:30 pm. the driver got out of the car before it caught fire. the driver is expected to survive. six former north hampton sheriff deputies and a former north carolina correctional officer pled guilty to drug conspiracy charges. fbi made the arrest following a stint in april 2015 called operation rockfish agents say several law enforcement officers conspired to move large amounts of drugs and cash along the i-95 corridor. a total of eight current and former law enforcement officers, four correctional officers and two other individuals convicted off part of his case. today marks the
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shot and killed and chapel hill.>> craig hicks killed his neighbors deah barakat, 23, yusor abu-salha, 21, and razan abu-salha, 19, . sharon has more. >>reporter: last year i interviewed the victim's father's after the heinous crime. today nearly one year later i sat down with the mother. she said she still pass by her budget hotels are girls good morning. >> i go to the bedroom and how their pillows. this is gods wish and we accepted it. >>reporter: she says she feels their present and night gets herpes. barakat agrees >> i am living with them and
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she says in the days leading up to the shooting her daughter expressed concern about hex, she witnessed one of the encounters.>> i noticed he was talking to her and was nervous and his voice was loud and she came back to me and i told her what is wrong? she told me this neighbor, this is the second time she gave me a hard time. immediately i told her to let me talk to him and see what is the problem. she said please don't talk to him. he is my neighbor and with time he will know us and nobly and hopefully will become a real neighbor. >>reporter: such strong women and a tummy as time goes on it gets more difficult to cope with the loss of their children. drama tonight on wncn now at seven for the full interview. the victim's parents want you to honor the students legacy
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released #keep the legacy alive. it's to help direct people to a trust and honor called our three winners and not found services projects and scholarships as well. today will gather at their alma mater to honor them. project wncn for coverage of this event. just a devastating story. one of the survivors of the massacre at a church in south carolina spoke at duke university yesterday about the impact of that crime. jennifer pinckney and two of her close friends spoke at duke last night. her husband rev. kylon middleton was one of nine people murdered at the end of the entrusted with jennifer and one of her daughters were there but survived to talk to her family struggled to cope with all the losses. >> i had a little piece of heaven on earth and it was cut
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we would have been celebrating 16 years.>> dealing with the man accused of the shooting is scheduled to go to trial in july and they are seeking the death penalty. weather, snow in the mountains, a close schools in allegheny county and beech mountain. they got 6 inches of snow. temperatures plunged into the teens making it tough for anyone who had to be outside. at home, it wasn't that cold but still chilly enough for me. >> old enough for me. colder temperatures on the way. let's talk about today and will get to in the coldest temperatures are) 37 8 am, 38 lunchtime, 41 and afternoon high. right around 54 for this time of year. these temperatures 13 degrees colder than where we should be
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30s were 6:00 pm. no rain or snow today in our forecast for just sunshine. here is a live look outside, 25 right now at the international airport a quiet start. it heading out early make sure you get the jacket. temperatures will be on the chilly side this afternoon. the big picture, not a lot going on saw several inches of snow accumulate towards the nation's capital towards baltimore, philadelphia from looking at light flurries there. keep this in mind to traveling to the northeast. as far as the temperatures right now 26 europe, 23 sanford, 24 siler city and 25 in self-help. the call trend will be here for the next five days at least. 41 and high today and we go back into the 30s tomorrow, 40s friday and the coldest air will
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saturday, not about freezing towards sunday. sunday's high around 30. future forecast, as cold as we will be we will be dry. clouds at lunchtime, partly cloudy afternoon. a few clouds overnight tonight and towards thursday wall-to-wall sunshine but tomorrow will be colder than today. 41 high today, 40 in general, 45 fayetteville, overnights dropping into the teens. the cold temperatures in the mountains moving into our area. as head into the coming days 38 our high tomorrow and sunny and then the next system arrives on friday and i can bring a light rain and snow mixed. the timing could be in the afternoon hours.
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36 saturday, 30 on sunday, chance for rain and possibly snow as we head towards next monday and tuesday. you can see temperature should be in the 40s. 4:52 am on wednesday morning time for the traffic. here is i 40 on harrisburg avenue cars in both directions moving at a nice speed. here is a check on speeds. into the trail of area 72 on i 85 s., 67 miles per hour nc 147 from raleigh, if up 15 drive speed around 38 miles per hour for 4:53 am and a check on whether close to 5:00 am. today's pet of the morning, the regimen, one-year-old is playing soccer in last month snowstorm that came down.
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not one drop of snow. we want to feature your furry friend, here is the email address include your name, their name and how old they are and where you live. keep it here. it was the affair around the world hunter said his pregnant by edwards. hunter spoke out saying the two were dating until as recently as last year. will tell you what your heart loves omega-3s. but there's a difference between the omega-3s in fish oil and those in megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed
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...which makes your heart, well, mega-happy. happier still, megared is proven to increase omega-3 levels in 30 days. megared.
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>> welcome back. the skater said a rechargeable battery is responsible for hurting a smithfield couple after the battery exploded. while in the man's pocket. they believe the battery commonly used for e cigarettes caught fire after coming in contact with loose change. the man is recovering from second and third degree burns. the man's fiancie was buried while trying to put out the fire. they are considering filing a lawsuit that makes the battery
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website stating it should be stored in a case when not in use. cover part being blamed for a fire last month and nashville tennessee that the split and million dollar home. -- hoverboards. experts believe the lithium battery may be the source of the problem for the hoverboards. universities like duke, unc banned them from residence hall. you can see more about the dangers on our website a scary accident at a parking garage , demolition in houston you can see two excavators working on the size when the structure falls powered. the debris nearly missing one of the excavator operator sprint no one hurts. -- a world caribbean cruise ship is scheduled to return to see the passengers aboard a cruise line and some of the seas took these pictures showing damage on board the ship after the storm hit sunday.
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1600 crew members were on the ship. >> seasickness. i can't imagine. on a positive note, vice president biden headed to durum. coming up. you're watching wncn is now on this wednesday morning. happy hump day.
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will have a check of the good morning. thanks for waking up with us. am alive indurham firefighters you visit. let's check in with melissa. >> if i could turn up the heat
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this morning is in the coldest
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