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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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south hill 25, south of the triangle 27 five bill, 29 clinton and lillington at 28. straight to your fast forecast, 25 yesterday, in the 30s most part. 38 nice mix of clouds and sun, 41 high, it will feel like 30 -- 32. back in the mid-30s by 6:00 pm. partly cloudy skies. i'll let you know what that means coming up on the complete forecast. let's check in with traffic, i 440 and sunnybrook road a few more cars and we could have a disabled vehicle on the side. it's going in this direction buckle up. read more road closed at the
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and accrued -- crew on the way. alternates old weaver trail and new light road. we'll watch this and more. breaking news. raleigh police arrest a second person in connection with the shooting death of a taxicab driver. >> conrad patterson, 27 in jail and expected in court today. patterson's arrest comes one day after police arrested major earl edwards jr.,, 25, , in court edward was silent but shed tears as leaving the courtroom. police say they killed jose nicolas dominguez, 55, on monday. fellow cabdrivers have black ribbon to honor the coworker. fayetteville police
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interest in active death investigation , authorities searching for damien boyd, 23, seeing with haney bird early sunday morning leaving the area of hawthorne drive. police found birds body of of may harry drive and that was yesterday morning. investigators do not know how the 37-year-old died. call the police with any information. vice president biden will visit the circle. people toward duke cancer institute. emma wright joins us from to with a preview of what is taking place. >>reporter: the vice president says he chose duke because they are a leader and cancer research. he became an advocate for finding a cure for cancer after his son passed away from brain cancer last year. after tragedy struck the biden family last year the vice president quickly turned heartbreak into helping. spearheaded president obama to cancer research initiative cancer moonshot. the goal is to make decades
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find a cure in five years. >> my dad used to have an expression, he would say a father knows he is a success when he turns and looks at his son or daughter and knows they turned out better than he did. i am a success. i am a hell of a success. >>reporter: biden says his son beau who died of brain cancer in may 2015 is his motivation to find a cure for the disease. during his state of the union address president obama announced biden would lead a federal task force on cancer research. $195 million will be spent on research of this year. the president is asking for an additional 755 million next year. the vice president will come here to duke at 2:30 pm we are told he will give a speech and mentor the facilities and meet
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today president obama goes back to where his political career began. springfield illinois. he served in the state senate for nearly 8 years. it's where he made the announcement in 2007 he will seek the presidency. he will address the illinois general. assembly and will make a call for leftist for -- the face of politics. a big blow to obama's climate change plan. the supreme court blocked the plan. the proposal would reduce carbon dioxide emissions at existing power plants by 30% by 2030. duke energy will likely have to pay more than $6 million in fines after dumping coal ash into the river.>> a case that has been investigated for two years after a pipe burst spilling nearly 39,000 tons of cash. many questioned why took the
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fines. regulators blaming the federal government for slowing down the process. >> we decided to separate from the epa and go it alone because it's been two years and wanted to get this taken care of and hold to the. >> to have 30 days to pay the fines are fight them in court. you can see the breakdown of the fines and past stories on and click on investigates temperate testimony continues in a two-year-old murder case in raleigh. family members of melissa huggins jones was into graphic testimony. the scene was described. they showed photos of her body to jurors and others. that doesn't appear will steer the neck area and cheek area and about her face? >> yes, sir perspective you see she has missing teeth?
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to listen to. four hours of testimony aimed at placing tracy on smith, the defendant inside the apartment where the murder happened. we're learning more about the teacher killed in an accident in goldsboro. yesterday morning at meadow lane elementary. a day care bus hit brandon kincaid. he taught second grade at meadow lane elementary and he the way. the driver from small will take yesterday morning. is in a parking lot. kincaid had just arrived at work and was using his wheelchair while heading to the door when he was hit. >> there was a lot of people crying in my class rates back a fabulous teacher, famous person. a huge loss.>> such a tough deal. in addition to his work he was a youth pastor at his father's church in kinston. authorities investigate the this was the driver has not
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williams is recovering after collapsing during last night's game at boston college. williams fell during a time out in the second half. he was taken to the locker room for dizziness. williams has struggled with vertigo in the past. he came back out for the handshake after the game. unc one. he came back out for the handshake after the game. unc 168, 65. we hope the coach is doing okay and will make a full recovery. >> he is always gracious. hope you're doing well. one year ago chapel hill police say a man shot and killed his neighbors and later we take a look at the case in here from the victim's mother spread a woman that survived the shooting massacre inside a
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5:40 am looking at temperatures in the mid-20s, 25 and will stay there for 7:00 am and slowly climb, 27 8 am, 30 9 am and you can see the are below freezing to 10:00 am print a live picture from our terra -- our camp. no weather conditions that will slow you down. 22 roxboro, 25 durham and raleigh , lillington and clayton and rocky mount 28, clinton 29. factor in the wind and you can see it feels colder. the wind chill 13 roxboro, 18 raleigh and 15 and siler city.
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stop need layers under the winter jackets. 41 our high, a bit cooler than yesterday, we see temperatures drop, 38 thursday and friday 40s . a chance for rain and maybe snow friday afternoon. i will break down the forecast coming up. you said snow and a caught my attention. 5:41 am johnson county man in the hospital with second and third degree burns. later what he believed started the fire. the mothers of the three muslim students killed in
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talk about life after our top stories breaking news raleigh police arrested a second person in connection with the shooting death of a taxicab driver. conrad patterson arrested and will be in court today.
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murder of jose nicolas dominguez happen today joe biden will visit duke university today and promote the cancer moonshot initiative. the cancer institute has 100 oncology board-certified physicians and 500 staff dedicated to cancer research. the new hampshire primary result in an the big winners of the night trump on the republican side and sanders for the democrats. the biggest story for the gop maybe ohio governor john kasich's second-place finish. marco rubio's disappointing finish after a debate saturday night. the highway patrol investigating a late-night crash in moore county. the aberdeen times reports that crash on rose ridge road around 10:30 pm. the driver got out of the car before it caught on fire and the driver is expected to be
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deputies in a correctional officer pled guilty to drug conspiracy charges. the fbi made the arrest following a stint in april 2015 called operation rockfish agents say several law enforcement officers conspired to move large amounts of drugs and cash along i-95. eight current and former law enforcement officers today marks one year that three muslim students were shot and killed in chapel hill. >> craig hicks killed his neighbors deah barakat, 23, yusor abu-salha, 21, and razan abu-salha, 19, . sharon has the stories. >>reporter: last year i interviewed the victim's father's after a heinous crime. today nearly one year later i sat down with their mothers and
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stop by the bedrooms and health the girls good morning. >> icon to the bedroom and hunt the pillows -- helga -- hug >>reporter: she says she feels their presence and that gives her piece. barakat agrees. >> i am living with them. it's not only when i go to his room. i feel that man -- them. she says the days leading up to the shootings her daughter witnessed -- expressed concerns about hicks i noticed he was talking to her and he was nervous. his voice was loud and she came back to me and i told her what is wrong? she told me this neighbor is the second time he give me hard time.
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and see what is the problem and she said, no, don't talk to him he is my neighbor and with time he will know us and know me and hopefully will become a real neighbor. >>reporter: such strong women. they say as time goes on it becomes difficult to cope with the loss. join me tonight's on wncn at 7:00 pm for the full interview. the victim's parents wanted to honor the students legacy. united muslim relief released #keeping their legacy alive. it's to help trip to a trust in her honor called our three winners. people gather at nc state university to honor them.
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event coverage. one of the survivors of the massacre at a church and south carolina spoke at duke university about the impact of the crime. jennifer pinckney and two of her friends spoke at duke. her husband rev. kylon middleton was one of nine people murdered at the bethel ame church and charlton south carolina. jennifer and one of her daughters were also there but survived. she talked to her family struggled to cope with the loss. >> i had a little piece of heaven on earth and it was cut short. we per about to celebrate 16 years. >> dylann roof is scheduled to go to trial in july and is facing the death penalty. turning to the weather, snow in the mountains close schools. beech mountain got 6 inches of snow. temperatures plunged into the teeth making it really tough
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brutal conditions. at home it wasn't too nice out there but it was a macro. >> it wasn't that cold but it will get colder later this week. i will show you in a moment. today's forecast, the low freezing until 10:00 am. 27 8 am, 30 3:10 am 38 noon. an indicator that the afternoon hours will be much cooler. normal this time of year 54. we will be topping at 41. nice mix of sun and clouds and should stay dry. a live picture looking towards downtown raleigh we can see the skyline, no fog and for the nice part to clear. the temperatures are so cold. there is a pair of over central north carolina of clear conditions. towards the nation capital lingering snow and they saw several inches fall around
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philadelphia. here because of the clear skies temperatures 22 and roxborough, 25 durham and raleigh, 28 billington and clayton. factor in the wind you can see temperatures feel like 18 raleigh, 13 roxborough. the wind chill in the teens and siler city and pinehurst. plenty of sunshine today, a few clouds mix in. nothing that will negatively impact the forecast for towards the night drive. we stay dry for thursday. no chance for rain until friday possibly snow. for today, high 41 raleigh, 40 durham, 45 fayetteville . tonight, teams in the mountains -- teens a. thursday afternoon
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40s on friday and could see rain and snow friday afternoon. for the weekend, 36 saturday but sunday will be so cold, 30 high. 25 at lunchtime 30 in the afternoon. one of the state to stay inside and put some chili on the stove. 48 early next week. time to check in with traffic. heading out the door this morning a live look at the drive conditions. creadmoor road closed at old creadmoor) an accident with reports of an overturned vehicle. alternate routes old weaver trail and wrote. we have police on the scene. watch for directions to get around the accident. and more still an accident on
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a missouri state trooper praise for saving a woman from her burning car around kansas city. the dashcam video shows the trooper running to the car and pulling her out with another person's help. the woman was seriously hurt. a driver ran a red light and slamming into her. the driver was later arrested. ambassador say a rechargeable battery is responsible for hurting a smithfield couple after the battery exploded while inside the man's pocket. they believe that battery commonly used for e-cigarette caught fire after coming in contact with loose change but the man is recovering from second and third degree burns. the man's fiancie was parents while trying to put the fire out. they are considering filing a
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that makes the battery but that battery has a warning on the website stating it should be stored in a case when not in use. hoverboards being blamed for a fire last month and national that destroyed and million dollar home. the teenage parents at her home at the time and they had to jump out of a window. the fire is one of more than 40 reported to the federal government that was started by hoverboards. experts believe the lithium battery is the source of the problem. duke and unc have banned them from the residence halls. you can see more about the dangers on our website on scary accident in the parking garage in houston. two excavators working with the structure falls forward. the debris barely missing one of the excavators and the operator. no one was hurt. the royal caribbean cruise ship is finally scheduled to return home to new jersey.
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showing all the damage on board the ship after the storm hit on sunday. more than 4500 passengers and 1600 crew members on the ship. i bet they have a lot to talk about.>> i can only imagine. vice president biden had a deterrent. coming up what he is promoting and why he chose . i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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vice president biden coming to the triangle. where he is headed and why he is here. the nation's first primary and the votes are in. breaking news raleigh police make an arrest in the
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