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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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thanks for watching as today. let's get over to alyssa for the forecast. good morning. much clearer skies this morning than what we are dealing with yesterday. yesterday we had rain and snow. not the case this morning. clear skies and cold temperatures. 26 and raleigh, 27 clayton, 28 goldsboro -- goldsboro. pinehurst and sanford and siler city 23. bundle up. 20 5 am, close to 30 at lunchtime. it will be breezy this afternoon and wind gusts 20 miles per hour . high temperature should be close to 41. it will feel more like 32. a cold afternoon. more on the forecast coming up.
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i 85 and us 70 a few cars out there and no delays. let's talk to an accident creadmoor road remains closed at this point in time. intersection of old creadmoor road. an accident there was an overturned vehicle. police on the scene. good alternates old weaver or -- will monitor this throughout the morning. vice president joe biden will visit the triangle to promote his new cancer research initiative. he will tour two. emma wright joins us with a preview of what will happen. >>reporter: the vice president
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they are a leader and cancer research. he became an advocate after his son passed away from brain cancer last year. after tragedy struck them last year the vice president quickly turned heartbreak into helping. spearheading president obama's initiative cancer moon shots. the goal is to make a decade's worth of research advances and find a cure in five years. >> my dad used to have an expression, he would say a father knows he is a success when he turned and looked at his son and daughter and knows they turned out better than he did. i am a success, i am a hell of a success. >>reporter: biden says his son beau who died of brain cancer in may 2015 is his motivation to find a cure for the disease that touched so many american families. during his state of the union address president obama announced biden will lead a federal task force on cancer research. $195 million will be spent on research this year.
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additional 755 million next year. the vice president is expected here at 2:30 pm. we are told he will give a speech and then take a tour and meet with doctors. wncn will be there and we will bring you updates on breaking news raleigh police arrested a second person in connection with the shooting death of a taxi driver. investigators removed -- patterson was arrested. major earl edwards jr., was arrested
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the two suspects killed jose dominguez, 55 on monday. fellow cabdrivers have black ribbons on their cars and circled the justice center to honor the coworker. happy now fayetteville police searching for a man of interest in an active death investigation. damien played, 23, scene with haney bird sunday morning. police found birds body in a wooded area of may harry tried yesterday morning. investigators do not know how the 37-year-old died. if you have any information call fayetteville police. the polls were correct in new hampshire with both trump and sanders celebrating a win after the primary. but come off of losses in iowa last week. a state where people stood in line long after polls closed to make their vote count more than one third of new hampshire republican said yes to trump. ohio governor case that -- john kasich's second-place. clinton lost to bernie sanders
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it's not over. >> we have some work to do particularly with young people but i will repeat again what i have said this week even if they are not supporting me now i support them. >> south carolina will be the next contest to the republican candidates on paper 20th. clinton and sanders compete in nevada that same day. coming up at 6:40 am you can hear from the winners of last night's primary. state lawmakers will turn to the us supreme court asking for a delay for the state to redraw congressional districts. three federal judges made the ruling say lawmakers use race as a predominant factor and drawing the district lightford they told lawmakers to redraw them by next friday. lawmakers asked judges for delay which they denied. the state is concerned because the march 15 primary, ballots with congressional districts
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>> like many voters across the state the general. assembly will be in a scramble to figure what to do. >> i would say as a country and state our goal is to move towards at politics in which race is not the predominant consideration. >> the two districts involved include one in our area and lawmakers asking the supreme court to issue delay only appeal the decision. if no delay lawmakers will hold a special session next week. the passengers of an alaskan airlines flight safely to the destination after a man had to be forcibly removed from a plane on tuesday. a passenger aboard the flight capture the video of the man's detainment on their cell phones in the destruction was enough of a problem that flight 769 it took off in boston and was headed to san diego landed at the denver international airport to remove the man. said that is a nightmare.
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>> it's a huge disturbance. 6:07 am, walgreens says it will offer a life-saving drug with no prescription needed. details of the company's push to fight against drug abuse. a new recall, coming from ikea. details coming up. a look at bus stop forecast. very cold conditions, made 20s
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i'll let you know
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temperature 26. the sunrise as -- rises 7:09 am. 30 9 am. we noted above freezing until 10 o'clock this morning. checking in with temperatures elsewhere, 25 durham henderson and self-help, the low 20s in roxborough and siler city that these are the temperatures you need to be prepared for, the wind chill. feels like 18 in raleigh, 17 ann henderson, 19 self-help and roanoke rapids and rocky mount feeling in the upper teens. this afternoon 41 and raleigh, 30s return tomorrow for action highest and towards friday the 40s are back the we can track the chance for rain and maybe snow mixed in as we head towards the afternoon. a closer look at this forecast and a look ahead.
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washington made the middle of february feel like the middle of may. president seattle took advantage of the 62 degrees day. and forks washington it was 73 degrees. that is the warmest temperature ever for the month of february. about 7 degrees warmer than miami florida. time right now 612, 2015 was a bad year for shark attacks so
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experts believe the top stories that raleigh police arrest a second person with the death of a taxicab driver.
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major edwards charged with the death of jose dominguez great chapel hill police say craig hicks shot and killed his neighbors and muslim students deah barakat, 23, yusor abu- salha, 21, and razan abu-salha, 19,. today people gather at their alma mater to honor them. watch wncn news at 10:00 pm for coverage -- 6:00 pm. biden will visit duke. the cancer institute has 100 oncology port certified physicians and 500 staff dedicated to cancer research. you can count on wncn as well as for live coverage. tens of thousands of dollars seized by law enforcement after rates at two sweepstake parlors yesterday for the first business the a1 cafi on 70 w. in goldsboro.
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illegal terminals and $70,000 in cash. second business the longhorn on highway 117. they found 50 illegal terminals and 15,000 in cash. the owners about the establishment of facing felony charges. raleigh police issued a warning of a phone scam. the person is impersonating a deputy sheriff and threatens to arrest the victims if they don't comply with demands for officials say no real law enforcement will ever contact you in any way like this. residents asked to hang out and notify police if they get the call. president obama will walk down political memory lane and address the state legislature in springfield, illinois. the university of his presidential announcement in the city nine years ago. obama serbia as a state senator from 1997 2004. the president is expected to urge the nation to move beyond
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consumer warning if you own an ikea ceiling lamp look at the picture, the company is recalling more than 1.2 million of the first is the ikea says the plastic retaining clip to secure the last shaken break and cut people. the company has gotten more than 200 reports of incidents. if you own one return it to ikea and get a full refund. bring of the number of job openings in the us is at a record high. the labor department says 5.6 million unfilled jobs in december of last year. that a shot of the all-time record set in july of last year. the downside is many us workers don't have the skills to fill them. and help reduce the number of americans that don't have health insurance has fallen in the past two years been the biggest drop was in adults between 18 and 64. have health insurance for the
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belgrade says it is taking a stand in the fight against drug use. they will sell loc. cit., a heroin overdose reversal drug without a prescription. stores in 35 states and washington dc will operate over- the-counter. north carolina is not one of them at this point. walgreens will install kiosks where they can dispose left over medications. 2015 a record year for incidents between swimmers and sharks. experts say they were 98 unprovoked shark bites worldwide including 30 in florida alone. the previous record 88 and 2000 the us-led this year's numbers 50 938 in our state, several severely hurting people. shark experts say the numbers will climb as the human population growth and the shark population recovers. it was a scary summer. >> it's scary that can continue to climb. a trend you don't want to continue.
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either.>> the focus on the west coast experience 90 degree temperatures. not fair. >> here is what you need to know. 80 am 27, 38 at lunchtime, 41 afternoon high, a few degrees colder than yesterday. 54 is our normal high. far from that mark. far from the mark this morning. 26. to start out the wednesday a quiet day at the airport. look at temperatures 25 durham, 25 henderson and self-help, 28 lillington, 27 fayetteville all referred 24. you need to factor in the wind and it feels
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the wind chill 18. 28 clayton played the wind not having a big impact but rocky mount as a wind chill of 17. he don't like the cold i don't have any good news. the temperature trends the next five days showing today 41, 30s tomorrow, 40s on friday and at temperatures really take a nosedive over the weekend. 36 saturday, 30 on sunday. staying below freezing for afternoon highs. the good news is at least today and tomorrow we will be dry. addition amount of sunshine at lunchtime. overnights night partly cloudy but towards friday sunshine will dominate our forecast. for today high of 41 in raleigh, 40 trend -- durham. fast forward to tonight and midteens will be here, hands-
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like i said temperatures below dakota this weekend. 30th thursday, friday 41 and could see a shower or snow showers mixed and sunday afternoon and looking at the weekend had sunday high of 30 as we head into early next week around 40 on monday, 48 tuesday and buses carrying the chance for some snow or rain can be mixed in. 620 right now on this wednesday morning. if you're getting ready to head for the door hears i five -- plenty of cars out there. no slowdowns to report. we haven't following an accident all morning long. creadmoor road still close. good alternates old weaver trail and new light road. more traffic and weather close to 6:30 am. coming up what should have been a routine win for the tar
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a recap of how they pulled off the wind. blake griffin is in hot water after hitting 18 employee.
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the tar heels found himself in trouble last night and massachusetts. >> they were visiting boston college and looking to win. coach williams had a fainting spell. more on that in a few minutes. steve robinson took the team over and the team rallied to pull off the wind, 68 to 65. big night for jackson ranking of 20 points off the bench. a valentine matchup for
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1 o'clock and the dean dome. griffin has been suspended. he will miss four games was the roster. he is expected to miss 4 to 6 injured in the fight. griffin makes more than 225,000 per game meaning the final total is about $1 million. disadvantaged youth in la. super bowl champs broncos got a massive welcome home party. a sea of orange and blue and downtown denver. the mayor says 650,000 people came out to see the lombardi trophy and also hear from general manager and pay him manning. back here at home bank of america stadium lockers are cleaned out for the off- season. >> carolina panthers spent the
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they fell short of the super bowl tree. one of the bigger headlines with new is pastor. he addressed the backlash tuesday but was unapologetic. >> i have been on record to say i am a sore loser. who likes to lose? usually a good loser and i will show you a loser. i am not here -- is on a popularity contest. i am here to win football games.>> they finished 17 and 2. they had a great season. results coming up. vice president biden is expected to visit the triangle. coming up the important message
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good morning. this morning wncn emma wright in durham ahead of the big visit them vice president biden. let's first check-in with your weather. we will see some sunshine today for temperatures colder. right now we're looking at the satellite radar and is doesn't it is hard to tell but no rain or snow. if you remember yesterday we started with temperatures in the 30s and this morning 26 and raleigh, 28 clayton, 28 goldsboro and clinton around the virginia border self-help 25, roxborough 23. fast forecast, mid-20s to 8 am
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41 afternoon high that it will be breezy and wind gusts 20 miles per hour with those conditions around it will feel more like 32 for afternoon highs. the drop back in the mid-30s for the evening drive home. remember all your winter gear. more of your forecast coming up. time for traffic. i 40 and nc 54 in carry seeing more activity this morning. it appears cars are cruising along. you have been keeping -- we haven't keep you alert of the accident at creadmoor road. an overturned vehicle there for the accident has been moved to the shoulder to the road is back open but you can see in both directions some reds, oranges and yellows. an indicator we're dealing with congestion. will monitor this to the rest of the morning. next check on weather and traffic in a few minutes.
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visit the triangle to promote his new cancer research initiative. he will toward duke cancer institute and laboratories. wncn emma wright joins us live from duke with a preview of what's taking place. >>reporter: the vice president says is coming here because they are a leader in cancer research. he became an advocate for finding a cure after his son passed away from brain cancer last year. after tragedy struck the biden family last year the vice president we turned heartbreak into helping. spearheaded president obama's new cancer research initiative called cancer moonshot. the goal to make a decade's worth of research advances and find a cure in five years.>> my dad used to have an expression it's a a father knows he is a success when he turned and looked at his son and daughter and knows they turned out
6:28 am
i am a hell of a success. >>reporter: biden says his son bell who died of brain cancer in may 2015 is his motivation to find a cure for the disease that touched so many american families. during his state of the union address president obama announced biden will lead a federal task force on cancer research. $195 million will be spent on research this year. the president is asking for additional 755 million next year. the vice president is expected here at duke at 2:30 pm and we are told he will give a speech and more the cancer research facilities and meet with doctors and researchers. wncn will be here and we will have updates on and on the news at 6 pm and 7 pm. right now a big blow to president obama's climate change plan. the supreme court blocked the
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the proposal would reduce exposure 30% by 2030. duke energy will likely have to pay more than $6 million in fines after dumping coal ash. >>'s investigation we uncovered for two years. after a pipe burst spelling 39,000 tons of ash. many questioned why it took the state so long to issue the fines. regulators blaming the federal government for slowing down the process. >> we decided to separate from the epa and go at it alone because it has been two years and want to get this taken care of.>> duke has 30 days to either pay the fines or fight them in court. you can see the project of all the fines as well as past stories be done on the coal ash
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testimony continues today in a two-year-old murder case and raleigh family members of the victim melissa huggins joseph was too graphic testimony from a crime scene worker yesterday. the worker describing the scene in a bloody bedroom where the woman was murdered in her north hills apartment and raleigh. they showed photos of her body to jurors and others in the courtroom. >> there are wounds near the neck area and cheek area and her face? >> yes. >> from this angle can you see she is missing teeth? >> yes.>> tough to listen to the testimony. four hours of testimony aimed at trinity on smith the defendant. we're learning more information on the teacher killed in an accident goldsboro. yesterday morning at meadow lane elementary. a day care but hate brandon kincaid, 25, taught second-grade . he was married with a child on the way. the driver from small world day care hit him just after 8:00 am. it happened in a parking lot on e. ash st. and goldsboro and
6:31 am
was using his wheelchair while heading to the door winhec.>> there was a lot of people crying in my class. >> a fabulous teacher and person. it is a huge loss. >> in addition to his work at meadow lane he was a youth pastor at his father's church in kinston. authorities continue to investigate but at this point they haven't charged the driver. a unc coach williams is recovering after collapsing during last night's game at boston college. williams felt during a timeout in the second half. he is there was taken to the locker room for dizziness. williams has struggled with vertigo in the past and he says he struggled with it for the past 18 years. he came back for the handshake after the game. unc won the game 68, 65. we hope williams is okay. >> like to say he's doing okay.
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killed his neighbors. we take a closer look at the victim's mother spread a woman that survived the shooting massacre inside a charleston church talks about her husband who did not. coming up find out what she had to say and an update about the temperatures this morning in the upper 20s and not a lot
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at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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happy wednesday morning to you. 26 right now, 27 7:00 am forecast temperature
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am but we will still be below freezing. temperature around 9:00 am 30 degrees. patty a clear skies out there right now and still hard to tell. a live picture from shaw university the you can tell the sun rises happening earlier and earlier because if you look closely the skies are getting ever so brighter. more of a sunrise shot coming up later. let's talk about temperatures right now. 25 term, 23 sanford, wellington 2828 clayton and rocky mountain louisburg 27. enough of a breeze out there to have a big impact and it feels more like 18 and raleigh and the wind chill in the teams. here is the next three days. today 41, nice mix of sun and clouds and more sunshine tomorrow but colder. i am only 38 on thursday, for friday we are tracking the
6:36 am
and afternoon high around 41. the weekend ahead looking unseasonably cold. more on that coming up in your complete forecast. it is 6:40 am. this may be the coolest video of the morning. british astronaut captured an incredible view from the international space station yesterday as lightning struck over europe and africa. he blasted off to the iss as part of the six-month mission for european state agency. coming up the mothers of three muslim students killed and chapel hill one year ago today
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th the polls prove to be correct in new hampshire and both trump and senator. celebrating big wins after the primary. ohio governor john kasich begat many of the contenders an epic battle for second place after running an upbeat positive campaign. as they were people stood in long lines after polls closed to make the vote count more than one third of new hampshire republican said yes to donald trump. and bernie sanders be to clinton by double digits. >> we are going to make america so great again may be greater than ever before. i love you all, thank you new hampshire. >> they are throwing everything at me except to the kitchen sink and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> nevada will be next for the contestants for the democratic candidates of every 22 republicans will compete in south carolina on the same day. right now the highway
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night crash in moore county. the driver crashed on rose ridge road near pine bluff around 10:30 pm. the driver got out of the vehicle before it caught fire and is expected to be okay. six former north hampton sheriff's deputies and a former north carolina correctional officer pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges. the fbi made the arrest following a sting in april 2015 called operation rockfish. agents eight several law enforcement officers conspired to move large amounts of drugs and cash along the i-95 corridor. a total of eight current and former law enforcement officers as well as for correctional officers and two other individuals have been convicted as part of the case. today marks the one-year anniversary the three muslim students were shot and killed and chapel hill perspective is interstate that craig hicks killed his neighbors deah barakat, 23, yusor abu-salha, 21, and razan abu-salha, 19,
6:39 am
>>reporter: last year i interviewed the victim's father's after the heinous crime. today nearly one year later i sat down with their mothers. she told me every morning she stops by the bedrooms and tells her girls good morning.>> i go to their braille and had the pillows hug --. this is god's wish and we accepted it. >>reporter: she said she feels her -- their presence and that gives her piece. barakat agrees. >> i am living with them. i feel all of them. >> she says the days leading up to the shootings her daughter expressed concerns about hicks and she witnessed an encounter. >> i noticed he was talking with her and was nervous and
6:40 am
she came back to me and i told her what is wrong? she told me this neighbor this is the second time he gives me a hard time. immediately i told her let me problem. to him. he is my neighbor and with time he will know us and hopefully will become a close neighbor. >>reporter: such strong women. they say as time goes on it is more difficult to cope with the loss. to me tonight on wncn news at 7 pm for the full interview. the victim's parents want you to honor the students legacy , united muslim relief launched a social media campaign and in the #keeping their legacies alive. it's to help direct people to a trust fund in her
6:41 am
the fund is a service project and scholarships. today will gather at nc state university to honor them where they went to school. watch wncn at school to o'clock p.m. wncn at school to o'clock p.m. struck one of the survivors of the massacre at a church in south carolina spoke at duke university that the impact of the crime. jennifer pinckney and two other) spoke at duke university last night. her husband , tried before, was one of nine people murdered at the bethel ame church in charleston south carolina. jennifer and one of her daughters were also there but they survived. he talked about her family struggle to cope with the loss.>> i have a little piece of heaven on earth and it was cut short. we were -- we would have been celebrating 16 years. >> so devastating. dylann roof is scheduled to go to trial in july and prosecutor seeking the death penalty he also faces federal
6:42 am
turning to the weather now snow in the mountains close schools and parts of what how , and allegany counties. places like beech mountain got 6 inches of snow. temperatures plunged into the teens making it tough for anyone who had to go outside. what about today? any better?>> it is getting colder. the coldest temperatures looking ahead to the next seven days actually arrive this weekend. to 33. am. 38, 41 afternoon high but keep in mind it will be breezy which the low 30s throughout the afternoon. and earlier. 26 degrees mccullough started to spread across the horizon the official sunrise 7:09 am.
6:43 am
roxborough, the three siler city low 20s stanford and pinehurst millington fayetteville 27. factor in the wind. the wind chill and 18 in raleigh, 15 siler city and upper teens in moore county. wind chills and the teams overall -- 195. forecast for today chilly air. a weak disturbance to the west and that will keep all of the snow behind it. looking at accumulating snow around ohio and kentucky. the mountains of north carolina and virginia and pennsylvania stays put as we head towards tomorrow. i want to put at this, the area of low pressure that will be racing across the gulf states tomorrow and like we've seen this winter the system will move up the east coast as it makes the turn and most of the
6:44 am
snow and possibly rain mixed in as we head to the action hours. it will be widespread and we will have to fine-tune the forecast looks like a chance for a mix will happen in the afternoon. in the meantime clear conditions in our area, sunshine and clouds as we head to the afternoon hours. as we head into overnight tonight partly cloudy and sunny skies expected for our thursday. as far as temperatures 41 high today in raleigh, 40 2011, 45 fayetteville. fast forward to tonight dip into the upper teens and that is where we will be as far as the outdoor temperature for thursday morning. thursday afternoon 38, 40s back on friday, chance for rain and snow in the afternoon. try over the weekend and you can see at the coldest day of the next seven sunday with an afternoon high staying below freezing at 30 degrees. 6:50 am. let's check with traffic. i 440 cars cruising along at a good speed.
6:45 am
a breakdown this morning that will cause delays on i440 at us 70 we know it's a heavy congested area at this time of mourning and with the breakdown occurring it will be reducing lanes. be on the lookout. more traffic and weather for 7:00 am. it was anything but a joyride. the royal caribbean cruise ship that has been tossed around the see is coming back to new jersey. passengers on anthem of the seas took these pictures showing all of the damage on board the ship after a storm hit on sunday. more than 4500 passengers and 1600 crew members on the ship. a florida sheriffs k-9 wounded last year is awarded a purple heart and medal of valor. he has recovered from being injured last november while
6:46 am
deputies he was shot in the neck while tracking a suspect who shot and wounded a woman during a domestic disturbance. a rechargeable battery irresponsible for hurting a smithfield couple after the battery exploded. a within ms pocket. they believe that battery use receivers caught fire after coming in contact with loose change. the man is recovering from second and third degree burns at unc. his fiancie was byrd while trying to pull out -- at the fire. they are considering filing a lawsuit that makes the battery which does have a warning on the website stating to be stored in a case when not in use. a hover board being blamed for a fire last month a national that destroyed a million-dollar home. teenage brother and sister were home when the fire started. they had to jump out of a window to save their lives. the fire is one of more than 40 reported to the federal government started by
6:47 am
the lithium battery may be the source of the problem. universities like to call unc and nc state has banned them from the residence halls you can see more about how hover predictors on been it was the -- [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found that it can help lower cholesterol 2 times more. take care of those you love and cook deliciously.
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a quick look at news speak for you head out the door, vice president joe biden will visit duke university today and promote the cancer moonshot initiative. duke has 100 oncology board- certified physicians and 500 staff members are dedicated cancer research. dan on wncn and for live coverage.
6:49 am
second person in connection with the shooting death of a taxicab driver. conrad patterson, 27, set for court later today. major edwards charged with the murder of jose dominguez new hampshire primary result in an the big winners of the night trump on the republican side and sanders for the democrats. biggest story for gop maybe ohio governor john kasich's second-place finish and rubio's disappointing finish after a disastrous debate on saturday. that today is over so today many christians around the world will begin to observe lent. ash wednesday launches the 40 day length. that in the western church last until midnight easter sunday during the time many believers give up something like their favorite food, fun activity. it's done in remembrance of jesus is basking in the wilderness. are you giving up anything?>> i'm scared tell you what it is.
6:50 am
starbucks.>> i have too many vices. >> here is a live picture outside from our wncn tower camera. 26 degrees and will see a nice sunrise. current temperatures 28 clayton, 27 fayetteville, 23 roxborough. some wind chills and the teams. layer up. in fact forecast 30 a lunchtime, 41 high and the wind will make it feel colder this afternoon. it will feel more like 32. a picture outside this morning look at this for the clayton bypass a breakdown in this direction and we can't see it but you can see the backups extending for a long way.>> we
6:51 am
today. good morning. landslide. donald trump and bernie sanders win big in new hampshire. >> we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> thank you, new hampshire! >> for hillary clinton, a crushing defeat. >> i have some work to do, particularly with young
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>> reason john kasich, energized
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