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tv   WNCN Today at 11AM  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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heels when coach williams collapses courtside and what happened and what he is a great. the vice president's mission to save lives. the ncn news starts now -- starts now. a summer anniversary in the triangle a year ago today three students were shot and killed in chapel hill. craig hicks is behind bars accused of killing deah barakat, 23, yusor abu-salha, 21, and razan abu-salha, 19,. remembrances will be held at nc state. wncn joins us live in chapel hill with more on today's events. >>reporter: deah barakat was a student here and his wife was about to enroll , the one-year anniversary memorial is important to the school. they have been setting up for all day. we have been hearing and do some light checks, setting up the lights, getting ready for this. in addition to being a dentist, deah barakat was a big champion of community.
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shelters . they have a food drive set up over here in honor of those three victims. i talked with some of trent eight classmates and they were wearing shirts with his and his wife and the sister's name on them. it's been a hard year and they say the classes were very close but only 80 students they all knew each other very well. at this memorial the school is going to unveil a memorial for that. they will put the lab coats in a display case that are because they would wear when i went to dental school. his friends say it will be very important and a nice touch with a walk in the front doors of the building. >> when they put this memorial in the building for have had you think it will be once you guys graduate in a new -- a new class comes in to see that and have that memory? >> it will be very positive and a good representation for people to look at.
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people's mouths but you can affect people in a positive way. i think he was a great example of that in the way you can positively affect a life. >>reporter: the memorial service will start at 1:15 pm we are told there will be a lot of students from the school here and some people from the community as well as chancellor foltz and the mayor of chapel hill. wncn will be here as well and will have updates on and of course the news at 6 pm and 7 pm. the legacy will live on. wncn sharon talked with grieving family members of the three students and here is a preview of her talk with the mothers whose lives were taken. >>reporter: last year i interviewed the victim's father's after the heinous crime, today nearly one year later i sat down with their mothers. i was told she still stopped by the badgers and tells her girls
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and hug the pillows. this is god's wish only accepted it. >>reporter: she says she feels their presence and that gives her piece. >> i am living with them. it's not only when i go to his home, i feel three of them with me wherever i go. >>reporter: she says the days leading up to the shooting her daughter expressed concern about trinity. >> i noticed he was talking with her and he was nervous. his voice was loud he can -- she came back and answer was wrong and she told me this neighbor this is the second time he gives me a hard time. immediately i told her let me
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problem and she said, no, please don't talk to him. he is my neighbor and with time he will know asked and hopefully we will be close neighbors. >>reporter: such strong women and a tummy as time goes on it becomes more difficult to deal with the loss of their children. tourney tonight on wncn news now at 7 pm for the full interview. the victim's parents hope you will help honor their children's legacy of service. united muslim relief launched a social media campaign and to the #keeping their legacies alive. it's to help direct people to a trust in honor called our three winners that front service projects and scholarships. today people will gather at their alma mater and see state to honor that you can watch wncn starting at 6:00 pm for coverage of the event as well as
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shooting this one at a church in south carolina spoke at duke university. jennifer pinckney, her husband rev. kylon middleton was one of nine people murdered at the bethel ame church entrusted. jennifer and one of her daughters survived the attack. she talked about her family struggle to cope losing so much simply.>> i had a little piece of heaven on earth and it was cut short. we would have celebrated 16 years.>> dylann roof is scheduled for trial. they will seek the death penalty. developing, a new arrest in the murder of a raleigh taxi cab driver. they believe conrad patterson is the second person in the shooting that killed jose dominguez on monday morning. patterson is set to make his court appearance this afternoon.
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for the first person charged in rodriguez's murder. he didn't say anything at they hearing. fellow cabdrivers wore black ribbons and it was dominguez not rodriguez. donald trump and bernie sanders are celebrating decisive victories this morning in new hampshire. voters reject the traditional politics and candidates. trump one big two, one. hillary clinton suffered a huge defeat to bernie sanders. >> they are throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming soon. >> we are going now to south carolina and we will win in south carolina.>> another big
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second over tom cruise and jeb bush and rubio, it was his ground game that gave him a boost. the ohio governor held 106 town hall meetings across the state of new hampshire. >> he was shaking hands, taking questions, he was connecting with voters. new hampshire is a very retail politics state. he certainly tapped into that. he certainly took advantage of being on the ground in new hampshire and meeting as many voters as possible and answering as many questions as they asked.>> rodriguez says you can't count out marco rubio in upcoming races. more than $25 million in attack ads against the senator from florida percent against rubio in new hampshire. >> let's take a look outside. we haven't seen anything yet. there is some sunshine. alyssa has a look at the
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>> we are looking at lots of sunshine out there. a live picture from the airport and looking very similar to our tower camera for current temperature 34 degrees. just barely above freezing as we approached lunchtime this morning. let's go ahead and check in with temperatures elsewhere, 34 henderson and roxborough, 34 from around to 11, in the mid- 30s around fayetteville, clinton . we haven't talking about the morning there is enough of a priest to make a big impact. a look at the wind chills, feels like 25 right now in raleigh and mid 20s and durham and henderson, 27 roxborough. if watching earlier you know the wind chill started in the teams around term, here in wake county. it is an improvement. that sunshine will hang around at lunchtime which we back to 38. 41 afternoon high but once you factor in the wind it is still
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are barely everything. as a headed to 6:00 pm the evening drive home cold and still breezy and temperatures dropping into the mid-30s. i'll let you know what the cold air of the week comes. tar heels basketball, roy williams gave everyone a good scale -- scare. during a heated exchange with a game official williams became lightheaded before collapsing in front of the whole batch by the medical staff rushed over immediately to help and helps the coach after the game williams attributed the dizzy spell to
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alive and kicking. he went on to say he had vertigo attacks of the last 17, 18 years and that this was the first time he had one during an actual game. we'll have more on the game coming up in sports. there is a tense moment during a pentagon news conference yesterday major. general. james martin junior suddenly slumped over in the middle of a prefiguring he was discussing the air force budget at the time. several people came to his aid and helps the general september he was able to walk out on his own. wncn has learned that he is suffering the flu or a cold and is now recovering. state troopers identify suspect in a deadly began hit and run accident, often collins, 17, died after being hit by a vehicle on wire grass bread. investigators say the 45-year- old driver michael george turned himself in. roxborough police make an arrest, a woman found stabbed multiple times on sandstone way, the victim noel bentley died at the scene. she wants to are turned himself in after 10:00 pm last night.
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for a person of interest authorities are searching for this man, damien point detectives say he was last seen with hannah byrd early sunday morning near hawthorne drive. the 37-year-old's body was discovered in a wooded area of may harry drive. no word on the cause of death. if you see void or have information call fayetteville police. the 40 day lenten period begins today with ash wednesday. lent. they give up their favorite food or candy, chocolate or doing something like taking to charity. it ends midnight on easter sunday, march 27. coming up a fiery accident in johnson county injures a smithfield couple and why investigators blame and e- cigarette. temperatures this morning not only cold in our area public towards the mountains, still in the teams around the
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looking ahead this morning to this afternoon vice president joe biden headed to the triangle. he will be touring durum and the duke cancer institute. beau minnick joins us live from duke with more. >>reporter: biden once said that we need a buna shots to cure cancer and it's that phrase that is jumpstarting this cancer woodshop project. cancer is very personal to the vice president, his son beau biden died in may from brain cancer. as a part of this initiative biden has said his goal is to make decades worth of advances within the next five years in the fight against cancer. prior to beau biden's passing
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say about his son back in 2008.>> my dad used to have an expression, he say father knows he is a success when he turns and looks at his son or daughter and notes that they turned out better than he did. i am a success. -- >> the present after $785 million in this year's budget for funding for cancer moonshot project. the vice president will tour laboratories at duke this coverage throughout the afternoon on we will live stream at and that will have an update at 6 pm and at johnson county couple recovering after an accident involving and e-cigarette. investigators say the device -- devices battery exploded in the
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the man is being treated for second and third degree burns. his fiancie was also burned trying to put the fire out. investigators believe it caught fire after coming in contact with loose change. the couple considering filing a lawsuit. first costa rica and now china is confirming its first imported case of the seek a virus. the patient recently traveled to venezuela and showed symptoms of associated with the mosquito borne virus. the cdc says there has been no transmitted cases of zika but they have been gleaned to returning travelers. cases have turned up in florida , virginia, washington dc as well as texas and california. a rare and credible view of lightning from space. if you are not watching tv take a look, british astronauts
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the footage shows a series of lightning bolt striking earth with a view that is truly out of this world. >> beautiful to look at. heat is nothing new for southern california but it is winter, or it was, the region in february. temperatures have topped out at 90 degrees in some areas and that's over 20 degrees higher than where they should be for this time of year. i can go for temperatures in the 90s, instead we will stay in the 40s. i won't do the math on how much warmer that is that our temperatures because i don't want to think of it. 38 at noon, 40 2:00 pm, 41 afternoon high. we'll drop into the mid-30s by 6:00 pm, back to 30. quickly below freezing by 8:00 pm.
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miles per hour and they haven't strengthen that much yet . they will going into the afternoon. look at this. a live picture right now from sean university, not a cloud in sight. temperatures, 34 to 11, 34 henderson and roxborough, above freezing, siler city 33, 34 stand -- sanford. the temperature trend. if not liking the cold temperatures i don't think you'll like but i have to show you. 41 today, even colder tomorrow, back into the 40s friday and look at the type these temperatures take over the weekend. 36 saturday, 30 sunday. we can easily stay below freezing and we head towards our highs sunday afternoon. we have this week trough to the west and that is keeping snow towards erie pennsylvania and they can have about 1 foot of lake effect snow over the
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that is going to stay put tomorrow but tomorrow we will focus on this area of low pressure and it will be developing and strengthening over the gulf states and as we see that system will take a more northerly turn and that is where we will see rain and maybe even snow mixing and friday afternoon into friday evening. this is a storm system that we are watching develop so as far as how much, still a bit?. some models keeping us try as he had to friday afternoon. for today, we will be dry. a few clouds into the afternoon. your evening drive home if driving home before the sun sets you will need the sunglasses. as we head towards daybreak tomorrow clear skies and sunshine through thursday. 41 our high today in raleigh, 40 durham, 45 fayetteville and overnight 19 degrees much colder than what we woke up to this morning.
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on friday and watching friday afternoon for the potential rain, snow mixed and into the weekend ahead looks like in the teams both sunday morning and monday morning high of only 30 sunday afternoon. i am jealous of southern california's weather. >> you have some friends that there, >> i will ask them to send it over here. coming up cam newton speaking out about his quick [ female announcer ] most of the time it's easy to know which option is better. other times, not so much. so it's good to know that mazola corn oil has 4 times more cholesterol blocking plant sterols than olive oil. and a recent study found
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take care of those you love and cook deliciously.
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i don't think it's fair. there are a lot of young men were losing is not easy.
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post news conference.>> it doesn't like the lewis but he will learn from what happened. >> camp stepped up and owned up to explaining what happened. >> i have been on record to say i am a sore loser, who likes to lose? usually a good loser and i will show you a loser. i am not here -- is not a popularity contest. i am here to win football games. for this organization, for mr. richardson, for my teammates and for my fans. >> you have to respect him because he is who he is.>> i do love hundred>> the tar heels managed a comeback against boston college for unc managed to avoid another loss, announced hot doubt -- valentine's day matchup to above 1:00 pm. nc state back on the course
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wolfpack host wake forest you did something like this during the rally. >> they square off with sticks and a spontaneous drum battle.>> pretty impressive. it should be noted that border patrol agents is a member of the honor guard drum team that marched in the parade. >> i was definitely nowhere near that good. i could barely keep up the.>>
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>> drum and dance while giving the weather. >> 41 our high today, a little breezy and plenty of sunshine. tomorrow 38 and watching friday afternoon a small chance for rain and snow and that paves the way for a colder weekend ahead. 13 sunday morning, sunday afternoon staying below freezing.
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>> my carolina today hello and welcome to alex is under the weather so alex if you are watching i hope you are better and back with me tomorrow. business of turning around troubled restaurants on his food network show restaurants in possible.
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