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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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breaking news tonight in durham, three lanes of interstate just reopened after a car crash. >> that ax shot down three westbound lanes from davis drive for more than three hours. wncn amy is live on scene. >> amy, you've learned a state trooper was one of those hurt. >> i have, sean and sharon. state highway patrol are confirming to us that a trooper and another driver were taken to the hospital to be checked out. now, take a look at this video. this is what that trooper's vehicle looked like after the crash. it happened just after 7 this evening. authorities saying the trooper who they've identified as jj garret had stopped to assist two cars in a separate accident. a tractor trailer passing those stopped vehicles then clipped another car. that car lost control and struck the trooper's vehicle then another one of those stopped cars. in all, five vehicles involved. state highway patrol saying the
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taken to duke to be checked out. authorities say they don't know the exact condition but they believe that those injures are just minor. now they also tell us that they anticipate possibly not charges but possibly ticketing the driver of the tractor trailer. for now that's the latest here in durham. amy, wncn news. >> thank you. families and friends honoring the legacy of three muslim american students one year after their murders. today marcs a day that his wife and her sister were gunned down in their chapel hill apartments. the suspect craig hicks is behind bars. officers say the shooting stem from a parking dispute but the families call it a hate crime. all three victims graduated or attended nc state. .
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support and honor the trio. >> joining together in prayer, sharing memories. >> in their joyous and enthusiast ick embrace of life possibilities. >> three young people now known as our three winnerrers. >> we're proud to have raised children who were good and sincere practices muslims. >> the families marcked the one year anniversary of their deaths. the three muslim students were all shot in chapel hill. since then their families have become some of the most passional voices. >> if this was over a parking dispute, than rosa park's dispute was over a bus seat. >> on wednesday, hundreds of light illuminated the campus. a fitting way to honor the
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>> what happened was tragic and we all should stick together in times of sorrow. >> it's a positive message so send out not only to the community here but around the world square foot it is my hope. >> as these families grieve, they've been thrust into the interningal spotlight. share shop shaping the legacy of three people they will never forget. >> hate is not a good response to what we and our families had to go through. instead owe wpmed to respond with light. >> tonight's event was also partly a call to action. people encouraged is speak out and do what they can. wncn news. >> a similar memorial on the campus. the dental school unveiled white coats to honor him and his wife. he's awaiting trial as
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prosecutors say they have dna evidence linking hicks to the shooting and will seek the death penalty. they passed their finding on to the u.s. attorney's office and decide if this will be classified as a hate crime. the police chief about what they learned after the shootings. >> investigations take time. even preliminary investigations take time and that was certainly the case here and for a grieving family who's waiting for informs about a loved one and suspecting the worst, i so wish that we could have gotten information to them more quickly on that night. >> you can catch our full story with the chief right now on our website and while you're there, also find extensive interviews with the victim's family ands how they're coping with the drag difficult travels a year later. it's all there on our home page.
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weather tonight, the mountains getting a fresh layer of snow. dot is not taking any chances with ice ore snow cruise are out today brining areas prone to ice. it's not the winter weather we're worried about just yet. >> it's the bitter cold temperatures continuing to move in. wes joins us now with just how cold it will be by morning. >> this morning it was 24 with a windchill of 18 and we're gonna be colder than that tomorrow. already most of us in the 20s. you never like to see those ep blues and those purple showing up. we're already anywhere from two to seven degrees colder right now than we were last night at this time so you can imagine it is gonna be colder by morning. an area of low pressure to our north where most of the snow is
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wise circulation that goes all the way up into canada, pulls that cold air down and that will be here with us through the weekend. in fact, it's gonna get even colder. today's high of 40, the warmest we'll see for another five or six days. here's what you've got for the morning commute. sun is up just after seven. it will be a sunny day. a little breezy. temperatures at 6:00 a.m. around 20. windchills here in blue, 14 . by 8:00 a.m., 22 will feel like 17. 9:00 a.m. 25 will feel like 20. and we've got temperatures this weekend that may not get above freezing all weekend long and we've got two chances of snow. one small, one maybe not so small. i'll fill you in on both of them in a few minutes. >> whether it's snow, ice, or stops, take the -- storms, take the latest conditions with you on auroapp.
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sheriff's office mourning tonight after a death in maryland. a panera bread. the suspect open fire department hitting both deputies. additional officers showed up and shot and killed the suspect with outstanding arrest warrants. a wake county deputy recovering tonight after a brutal beating. >> it happened over the weekend in garner. amy has the story. >> they were a bunch of cowards. >> wake county sheriff referring to the four suspects who ambushed and assaulted one of his deputies. 27 year-old year-old all appeared before judge this afternoon. >> knock today the ground, kicked, hit accident beat and the only thing they were saying, we know you're a cop. we know you're a pig. >> it happened saturday night, authorities telling me the deputy was at a children's
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branch community center in garner. >> one of the suspects approached the deputy says he had a question and asked him to come outside. the others hiding behind car ins the parking lot when the deputy got outside. that's when all four attacked. >> he had some injuries of course to his face. hiss back, his kidneys, his ribs. he's in pretty bad shape, but he's a tough guy. >> the sheriff declining to identify the deputy citing his involvement in undercover operation and the safety of his family. the sister of duoof those suspects alex offered a different explanation. >> they're just exaggerating the whole thing. >> alcohol was the factor that his brother knew the deputy before this night. >> there's something with this cop but he does not act like a cop. he does a lot of things a cop shouldn't do. >> that was amy cutler reporting. sheriff harrison says that
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from all of his injuries. >> a go fund me page for a teacher killed in a gold burro school. the family of brandon kinnick cade. he was a second grade teacher hit by a day car bus. the 27 year-old man was wheelchair bound and his wife expecting a babe bay boy in june. snowballing charges against the bus driver but a link to the page on our website now. the city governor is going after the city of missouri tonight. it would improve how police and the justice system treat minority ands the poor. city leaders say the agreement there's no excuse. >> city was well aware that by deciding not to accept it, they were choosing litigation. this is their choice. >> the city has been under fire
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was shot and killed by a police officer 18 months ago and that shooting spike spiked a violent protest foror weeks. lynch is heading to fayetteville. the first stop takes place thursday and friday in miami. we're still waiting to learn the exact details on the trip here. vice president joe biden paid a visit to the triangle today learning act the research that's happening at duke in the fight to cure cancer. this is part of his cancer moon shot initiative. >> i believe that we need an absolute national commitment to end cancer as we know it. i'm not knee naive, i didn't think we could end cancer or looking for a silver bullet. there is none. his son bow biden died from
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president obama's asking for about $800 million in this queer's budget for cancer research. a historic fight in the
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recovering tonight after falling into a 12-foot construction hole. fire crews use add ladder truck and lowered a basket to get the man. he was taken to the hospital with several injuries to his arm ands legs. a community police chief and town worker in hot water tonight. deputies in nash county say the police chief and tammy face cyber charges. forensics talked today as the prosecution winds down. fingerprints gathered at the scene. several specialists also testified including the cc bi supervisor who shot video of the crime scene. >> it's one of the first things that we do. it's almost -- you got your still photograph ands it paint as certain picture but a video, it pans out so you can see
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one time. >> that video disturbing to the huggens jones family. images of her body in her bedroom in the pardon me. also in court today, the second suspect arrested in the shooting death of a raleigh taxi driver. police already charged 25 year- old major earl edwards. they killed jose over the weekend. the pool of republican president chill sand dated shrinks by two. >> bernie sanders went to harlem for a photo op whoments african person democrat to take
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>> people want real change. goosanders will get a soap box attention from democrat says a south carolina resident. >> people will give hem a hearing. >> hillary clinton leads by 30 points in south carolina polling but she was stunned when young and women rejected her. >> i know i have work to co. on the republican side donald trump's 20 point win powers him to the next contest. >> it feels great. the people are fantastic from new hampshire and i think south carolina is gonna be similar to this. >> tom much's got a 16 point polling lead. hoghorner john kasich rushed to south carolina. >> i'm starting to really think we're onto to something. >> jeb bush and ted cruise and marco rubio moved onto south carolina which couldn't help the front runner. >> the more candidate ins this
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trump to win these elections with 33, 34 percent of the votes. >> like donald trump plans in south carolina nbc news. >> and in south carolina two different primaries, republican are a week from saturday and democrats are week later. hundreds of soldiers headed to afghanistan. the army announced it's deploying troops to the provence. they will not take combat roles: the largest troops outside of afghanistan since 2014. military veterans hoping to land a job in the it field. the base holds career fairs monthly more than one hundred service members heard from veteran experts. we are looking elsewhere -- the proposed hub prompt was
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it comes after govern first announced the project was not a viable option. it threatened to take abay their land. a new burn woman get ago ware art fact back in her hands two weeing after giving tup. they found a civil war cannon ball in her front yard. it weighed more than 30 pounds and came from a union cannon. the piece of history was taken by marine and bomb experts making sure it wasn't still dangerous and active. they gave it back and the one hundred led fell lets back to her. >> i think it's really cool. first of all to be able to see it makes it a reality that it really was on my property since i wasn't here to find it and then the fact that history comes alive. >> it certainly does. she will work to restore the cannon ball and look into allowing a museum to house the art fact. >> all right u so it is the
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far this season, i've said coldest air of the season probably about half a dozen times. i'm gonna say it again but this might be the last time. so far our coldest day we've done it three time ins january was 32-degrees. and we had a cold stretch because that's also about the same time we had our coldest morning so 18-degrees on the 19th and 20th of january. we're gonna beat this by several degrees as we head into sunday morning. and it's not gonna be warm tomorrow morning. it is thursday though so we're a one day closer to the weekend. lots of sunshine, no precipitation but remember, in the winter, sun does absolutely nothing to warm up us. if you don't believe me, just walk outside tomorrow and there's your proof. 20-degrees when you leave for work and school but that will feel like 14 . 25 at nine, feel like 20. gonna be breezy. not as windy as it has been. when it's this cold, you don't need a 30 miles an hour wind.
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will feel like 34-degrees. like i said, it gets even colder this weekend but we're not gonna break i. we go back to 1887 but if you were regard, i'm sure you co. 9 below zero was our coldest ever back in 1985. a two day stretch. the day after january 20. it was three below. we've been blow zero several hour e other types but we're not gonna be that cold this weekend. gonna be cold and you might think, it's that cold but not that cold just yet. so we've got big area of low pressure special teams all the snow. some of that is getting drug down into our area from canada and that's gonna filter in. that's not gonna let up until this weekend. then we've got two small chances of some snow. let's talk about the first one coming on friday. first of all tomorrow, not a
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skip to early friday morning so nothing to worry about tomorrow. clouds move in friday and watch here in the south, little bit of mis-ture comes up and runs into that cold air. some turning to snow and mix of snow and rain. but look where it is. it's only south and east of the triangle. it's friday afternoon and it's in and out of here very quickly. a little bit of excitement as usual but no accumulation or impact. the bigger story is gonna be how cold this weekend is gonna be. like i said, tomorrow not a whole lot going on other than sunshine and cold snow. here comes that little bit of moisture in the form of flurries of light snow. quick hitting rain shower friday afternoon mainly shout and east of the triangle. behind the system friday, it high pressure. sure we love that, it keeps us dry and sunny, but it is gonna come all the way from canada
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temperature and that's what's gonna give us the colted temperatures this season. maybe saturday and sun and this is gonna set the stage for a head eighth on monday and tuesday. at best, a cold rain and that's never fun; right? at worst, something a little more. maybe involving snow and ice. as usual, an area of low pressure coming up from the south running into our cold air. our forecast will depend on the area of low pressure. it might come right over the top of us which means the system could start with snow on monday but then since this area of low pressure is come frog a warm destination or a warm origin, it's good-bye bring warmer air with it turning any frozen precipitation into cold rain. that's unfortunately the way it's looking for those much you that want snow. it's very early and a lot will change. tomorrow it's sunshine but cold. just as cold as it was today.
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that's one of the warmer days we have. 34 saturday. not above freezing for most of us on sunday and that's after a morning of 13-degrees so happy valentine's day; right? whoops, got a little ahead of myself but again, we talked act that already. the coldest days. your 7 day. so what i wanted to show you was early next week. that's when monday and tuesday when we had that snow turn into rain and out of that mess by wednesday and into the 50s. >> sunday morning, not walking the dogs. >> thank you, wes. today, ash wednesday mashes the start of lent and we stop by the cathedral. >> michael of the diocese of raleigh spoke to us ab the
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worldly possessions to get closer to god. >> we're deceived to thinking that it's all about the here and now. this is a your honor journey and we all share the -- journey that we share the common goal. >> lent is a joyous time of reflection in the catholic church leading up to easter. well, the search for a definitive link between birth defect ands the mosquito.
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which cars aaffected
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there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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mercedes cars are being recalled to replace air bags. model years 2005 will have 2014. the move is a precaution and no injuries have been reported in this batch of vehicles. the number of vehicles recalled has sored past 24 million. gm also recalling trucks. 2015-2016 silver rain chances does and sierras break pedals can get lose and not work correctly. it has not received any reports of crashes or injuries. the nation's top health officials tackling what to do to stop the spread of the zika virus. it found in two brazilian
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bruiter. there's no link between the two. groups are working on a vaccine and another priority to improve testing. >> symptoms in approximately 80 percent of the people infected and mild symptoms in virtually all of the rest. >> the disease is spreading rapidly across south america especially in brazil. they fear the inevitable spread here while searching for a cure. hope solo says if she had to decide today, she would not go to the olympics this sum every. it should be a safe environment for everyone.
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all right, let's do this again. when you walk outside tomorrow morning, 20-degrees will feel like teen ands we barely get up to 40. don't worry, there's relief next wednesday.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in
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