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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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check out pinehurst in the mid to upper teens, neighboring fayetteville at 22, clinton you're at 26, mid-20s continue around goldsboro as well. now, as we head throughout the day wind chill is not going to be as big of a factor but you can see the wind still playing a role in the temperatures. it feels like 16 degrees here in raleigh, 7 degrees for a single digit reading of the morning in roxboro it feels more like 13 in south hill and the teens continue in siler city right around 12 degrees. so layer up, remember especially the kids as they're heading to the bus stop, gloves, hats, they'll need it. 21 at 8 a.m., 36 at noon, lots of sunshine today, high of 40 and now i hope this doesn't make you cry too much but the normal high for this time of year 54, man, that sounds balmy compared to the 40s we've been at the past few days.
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check on traffic. and this is i-40 and lake wheeler road. you can see actually plenty of cars out there for this early hour. the good news to report everyone moving at or above the posted speed limits and to show you that i'm looking at i-40 south of downtown and we're looking at i-40 westbound at about 62 miles per hour, eastbound right around 70 miles per hour. keep in mind you're traveling through a work zone there so watch your speed. more in about ten minutes. mike. continuing team coverage this morning as we are waking up to those bitterly cold temperatures alyssa just talked about. it is below freezing in many places in central north carolina. emma wright is checking out the roads where they were prepared for potentially icy conditions out there. good morning. >> we're driving around clayton this morning. it looks like they're trying to get ahead of themselves out here. we're
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it looks like they've been out here pretreating the roads. we're not seeing any icy or slick spots just yet. they're trying to get ahead of themselves. we did drop by the clayton maintenance yard it was all locked up, dark. so whenever they put this brine down they did it last night in preparation for the weather we may be seeing later this week. now, because it's so cold area shelters preparing for some potential you know, bad conditions. they're waving the white flag, that means they're opening their doors to anyone who needs it. operation rescue was launched which means the shelter is open to anyone who doesn't have a place to go. people who come there will get a warm meal and some clothes to help them out. as for the roads not seeing any tricky driving conditions just yet, just some folks planning ahead.
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vice president joe biden visited the triangle yesterday learning about the research that's happening at duke in the effort of to fight cancer. he toured the labs. this is part of his cancer moon shot initiative where he is looking to make decades worth of advances in the fight against cancer in the next five years. >> i believe that we need an absolute national commitment to end cancer as we know it. i'm not naive, i didn't think we could quote end cancer. >> he has a personal connection to the fight against cancer his son died from brain cancer in may. president obama is asking for about # hundred million dollars in this year's budget. gop presidential field is smaller this morning and the focus has shifted to next week's primary in south carolina. meanwhile democrats have a lot on the line tonight as they meet for their second one on one
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here's tracie potts who has details from washington. >> reporter: with christy out and fiorina out it's a smaller field. the next primary could make jeb bush or marco rubio. >> the question is what kind of person do you want behind the big desk. >> kasich says he'll try not to go negative. >> i have a right to be able to defend myself. >> ted cruz is counting on the state's evangelical voters. >> donald trump has led every poll in the last six months. in clemson he hammered hillary clinton and her stunning loss in new hampshire. >> women don't like her, men don't like her. take a look at what's happening to her. >> black lawmakers coming to her rescue. they will endorse her
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>> the people in south carolina angry right now and they want a candidate that reflects that. >> could that be bernie sanders. >> go your own way, the revolution is possible, you are the revolution. >> fresh off colbert last night he's quoting carolina voters he'll face off with clinton tonight. the army announcing it will deploy more troops to afghanistan. hundreds of soldiers headed overseas. they will not take combat roles. it will be the largest troop deployingment since 2014. yesterday military veterans met with employers in hopes of land ago job. a career father was aimed with helping veterans. more than 100 service members heard from a panel. right now second tear of state john kerry is in germany for high level talks on syria.
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conference. he's looking to reach an agreement with other world powers. he says he is hoping to secure an agreement on auto ceasefire allowing aid into syria can as soon as tomorrow. i hope you're having a great morning. the fight over a fashion choice, why school board members meeting today and why parents say changes need to be made. and health officials will take the stand today to discuss the threat of the zika virus,
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president wants to welcome back. just about 5:10 on this thursday morning. current temperature 22 degrees. we'll see that temperature continue to drop until sunrise, sunrise happens at about 7:07. so 7 a.m. 21 degrees, then we'll start to slowly climb, 23 at 8 a.m., 27 at 9 a.m. so a very cold morning commute headed your way. hears our radar, not a lot going on around really the state of north carolina towards virginia dry and clear towards south carolina pretty clear as well. so let's put some numbers with those clear skies, 21 in durham, 21 in sanford, 25 in
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temperatures in the teens, 18 in pinehurst, roxboro you're at 17 but you need to factor in the wind this morning. there's still enough of a breeze to make a significant impact on those temperatures. it feels like 7 right now in roxboro. the wind chill in the mid-teens here in raleigh. so i can't stress it enough layer up this morning, again, hats, gloves, remember your pets, check on your neighbors make sure they're staying warm especially in the coming days. today will be #40shgs tomorrow 37 and the coldest air arrives over the weekend. tomorrow afternoon rain and snow, could be a little dusting. of course i'll walk you through the accumulation forecast coming up in just a little bit. mike. >> thanks a lot. right now it's 5:11. airbags being recalled once again. >> and ready set go after the break we'll take a i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this.
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my computer's dying again. you'll need to email us so we can issue you a ticket. but you're right here. it's protocol.
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next day guarantee. it's fast and done right. i'll do that instead. that's not protocol marsha. in by noon, out by 5 the next day. staples. make more happen. here's our top store reese, a murder trial continues today as the prosecutors winds down its case in the jones murder trial. crime scene techs unveal evidence packets. right now a state trooper and another driver recovering after a crash on i-40 in durham county. investigators say the
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drivers who were in a separate crash, a trailer passing the stopped vehicles clipped another car and it lost control and hit the trooper's car. senator bernie sanders and former secretary of state will face off tonight for the second one on one debate. if comes just days after senator sander's victory in new hampshire. today school board members in durham meeting to discuss revisions to the student code of conduct after almost 2-dozen parents protested outside the school for creative studies on monday. they are demanding change to the student dress code after principal ordered a group of female students to remove cultural head dress worn in recognition of black history month. the dress code bans all head dress. parents say they want the dress code to include a cultural ex exception.
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they are being recalled to replace takata airbags. chrysler says the move is a precaution and no injuries have been reported in this batch of vehicles. the number of recalls -- air bag recalls has soared past 24 million. general motors also recalling more than 473,000 trucks. it involves certainly 2015 and 2016 vehicles, brake pedal asks loosen up and not work correctly. looking ahead this morning the director of the cdc will testify before a senate committee this morning to discuss the threat of the zika virus. he will appear before the senate subcommittee on labor health and human services. they'll discuss president obama's request for $1.8 billion
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nations top public health officials tackling what to do to stop the spread. the cdc director has already reported it's been found in two babies who died hours after their birth. the workers caution there is still no definitive link between the to. groups working to i am he prove testing. >> it is believed to cause no symptoms in approximately 80% of the people infected and mild symptoms in virtually all of the rest. >> cdc continues to warn women who may become pregnant to avoid travel to the areas where zika is active. u.s. women's soccer star saying if she had to decide today she would not go to the olympics. u.s. olympic committee is not advising athletes one way or the other at
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drone racing is generating millions of dollars of rescue. this will be 100 teams and the winner gets a million bucks. >> we're seeing the sport grow from a couple of guys working in their back yards to now multi million dollar races happening. >> and the quad race around 60, 70 and even 80 miles an hour. eventually organizers say viewers will be able to watch races from the same cameras that the pilots using. they're now required to be registered and not allowed to fly near airports. >> perhaps we should get into this. >> that's really fast. >> those things really move and hence the reason why you've got to register. do not fly them near airports. talking about the weather it is cold outside. >> that's what we keep saying. i'm trying to stay warm. yeah, it is cold and this isn't even the coldest air. i think the
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but in the meantime we do have to talk about today 23 degrees at 8 a.m., 30 at 10 a.m., noon we'll finally -- we're finally above freezing at 36 degrees. we'll climb very he slowly through the afternoon, a high right around 40. we are expecting plenty of sunshine today so no winter weather today. that could come to a screeching halt as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. i'm expecting the chance for rain and snow tomorrow afternoon. here's where you are temperature wise before you head out the door this morning. 21 in durham, 22 right now in raleigh, the teens continue around pinehurst and roxboro at 17 degrees this morning. so here's our future forecast, today it's going to be quiet day right on through lunchtime plenty of sunshine right on through the afternoon, the evening drive home 6:00 maybe a cloud or two. as we head into overnight tonight the clouds start to build in. they're
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here we are at noon tomorrow and you can see the chance for snow around the majority of central north carolina, the further south you go that could fall as a cold rain, as we head into the afternoon this system is going to move out. so there are certainly some pluses with this system. it's a fast mover, but what does fall could fall as snow. so let's talk about some accumulations. i'm going to show you two models here and you'll notice up to an inch possible here in raleigh. i think we're going to be closer to the dusting side but you'll notice there's going to be some isolated areas off to our east, around the 95 corridor that could pick up one to two inches. this is our american model. this model airs on the dusting side. the biggest accumulations going to be east of u.s. 1, this of course will be something we monitor but wire looking at another round of potentially
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into early next week. so certainly an active pattern over the coming days. 40 our high today in raleigh, 39 in durham, and 44 around fayetteville. clouds. it's going to be cold, pretty calm, so that's some nice news to report. 22 degrees into the overnight hours. and the rest of the work week and weekend ahead 37 our high tomorrow with that chance for rain and snow in the afternoon then we talked about the sunday. so from about saturday afternoon until monday morning we are going to be below freezing. and that's close to 48 hours for many of us and then as we head towards monday and tuesday that's our next wintry weather system. i think it could start as a mix on monday change to go a cold rain by tuesday and then when those 50s arrive on wednesday we may be dawning the shorts and flip flops.
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like a heat wave. it's i-40 and the durham freeway is what we're looking at this morning, just a few cars in either direction. not a lot to report. so as you're getting ready for your morning drive don't forget to buckle up and drive safely. speaking of the durham area here's some speeds coming into durham as you're coming on i-85 southbound moving at about 66 miles per hour, 147 at about 73 miles per hour and 45 miles per hour on u.s. 15 this morning. another check on traffic and weather close to 5:30. here's today's pet of the morning meet bennie, he loved playing in last month's snow. thanks for sending that picture in. all right we want to feature your furry friend on our morning newscast. make sure to include their name. coming up the road to rio
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the united states women's national soccer team took the first step last night towards the olympics.
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round they hosted cost at that pre can a. it only took 12 seconds for the opening goal to be scored. they would win 5 to 0. next up they will face mexico on saturday. all right this may look a little strange but it really is what you think an olympic sized ski ramp in the middle of fenway park. there's a ski ramp three times higher than the green monster. it will feature boarders. the grand prize for the event is $150,000. lakers rookie russell may have had his welcome to the nba moment last night. james and the cavs hosted la. he brings the ball up and it hits him below the belt. the first year guard was on the floor for a few fortunately for him he was back on the floor
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that's happened to me when i was a catcher, not fun. all right coming up. >> some areas already preparing for some upcoming winter weather. we'll tell you what we're talking about coming up. >> all right thanks a lot. and i know something she's going to be talking about is the bitter cold that's going to greet you as you head out the door. alyssa corfont is right back with the chilly forecast.
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warm up ahead. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean,
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good morning, thanks for watching. stefan chase chase has the morning off. you see a live look as your heading out the door. emma wright is in our morning news tracker tracking some of the weather. >> also a trooper is recovering this morning after a crash on i-440 plus the prosecution is wrapping up its case in a two year old murder case in raleigh. >> all right. good morning. glad that you're with us on this thursday morning. i'm mike mike gonzalez, stefan is off. we've got a look at your news and traffic throughout the morning but let's check in with alyssa corfont. let me tell you that these aren't the coldest temperatures we're going to experience over the coming days. i think the coldest air rushes in over the weekend ahead. right now 22 in raleigh, 21 in durham, 17 in roxboro. it's been quite some time since we've seen actual temperatures in the teens here in the morning. 17 in sanford
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clinton is right around 25 degrees.
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