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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  February 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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with dry weather and eventually in the next several hours, clear skies. but then here comes the colder temperatures. we didn't get out of the 30s today. many of us are in the upper 20s and low 30s now. and some of us will not get above freezing all weekend long. that's part of the coldest temperatures of the season. so as we get into tonight, hour by hour, we'll leave clouds around for the next few hours, those will eventually clear out. we'll fall through the upper 20s slowly tonight. then the wind will pick up. so we bring in a windchill. and by tomorrow morn, that means 23 at 6:00 a.m. will feel like 14 degrees. so cold but dry all weekend. and then our next winter event moves in early monday morning at midnight, lasts through 3:00 p.m. could bring an inch of snow and 1/10 of an inch of ice. this will be a moderate event that will result in changes in school schedules on monday. i'll walk you through monday's event hour by hour in a few minutes.
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vacation spot. but tonight look at this. the outer banks covered in snow. this is video of snow covering the peer. a winter storm warning remains in effect until midnight. up to an inch of snow fell in greenville closing schools and causing multiple car wrecks. the snow started falling around 12:30 and quickly covered the grass and roads. two people were killed in a crash south of greenville but authorities aren't saying if it was weather related. back in the area, the winter weather forced a few school systems to close today. >> wncn was at north johnston middle as school buses pulled out after the district dismissed at 11:00 a.m. school leaders made the call to dismiss around 9:00 this morning. >> do you think it was a good call to make today or should it have been last night? >> i think it should have been last night. it could have started snowing any time. and people could have got stuck at school. >> the weather also led cumberland county schools to
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officials grew concerned about ice and slick spots. parents tell us they were happy with the time to be able to get their kids home safely. stay on top of the weather by downloading the wncn weather app. it's free for your apple or android device. look for it in the app store. breaking tonight, state lawmakers will hold public hearings monday to discuss redistricting. it's a controversy that could impact the march 15th primary election. wncn's political reporter bo minnick is here to bring us up to speed. >> all this is heading toward the possibility of a special session late next week. three federal judges ruled last week that lawmakers used race as a predominant factor in redrawing congressionallal districts one and twelve. one includes a wide area. parts of wilson, durham, twelve is out toward winston salem. today lawmakers announced they'll hold the hearings since the judges ruled they must have the lines redrawn one week from today. >> we feel very strong in our legal argument. our attorneys have advised us that the districts we have
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the justice department years ago are fully compliant with the law. >> lawmakers have asked the u.s. supreme court to grant a delay in the case. the plaintiffs have until tuesday to respond. now should the supreme court not grant that delay right away, it appears then a special session would be likely at the end of next week. sean? all right bo, thank you. it was all over $13. that's what the friends of a murdered raleigh taxi driver say was the reason behind the murder. wncn's david hurst has the story. >> working alone and often at night. he understands the dangers of driving a taxi. during the decade he's been driving, he's heard of several fellow drivers killed on the job. most recently on monday when police say 55-year-old jose dominguez was shot and killed while on duty. police haven't revealed a motive. but friends believe he was
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>> it's because of just 13- dollars charge. >> it's made many taxi drivers more conscious of when they make pick ups and who they pick up. many cab drivers say they've stopped carrying cash and don't pick up customers who give vague instructions. dominguez drove for amigo taxi. they suggest safety measures that include security cameras and a bulletproof partition that separates the driver and passengers. the company is working to install barriers in some cars. especially the ones on the night shift. some companies such as taxi taxi have cams in some of their cabs but other companies don't have money for pricey security upgrades and most drivers have to rely on judgment. >> use your common sense to see the kind of customer you pick up. >> the two men charged in dominguez's murder are being held without bond and police
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information on the case soon. the melissa huggins jones murder trial is expected to go to a jury on monday after the defense and prosecution rested today. the state used the medical examiner as its last witness. at one point melissa's mom put her head down and clutched a tissue. huggins jones had 18 injuries and pled to death over the course of an hour. >> the combined blood loss from all the injuries contributed to her death. >> defense lawyer said travion smith wouldn't take the stand and they rested without presenting any evidence. durham public schools will cut 150 jobs this summer. district officials say the budget gap. 15 teaching positions will be cut gradually. along with 100 current positions. the cuts are set to begin july 1st. the u.n.c system is weeks away from its new president taking over.
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addressed protests aimed at her. wncn's political reporter bo minnick was there earlier today and has the story. >> my assignment today is to frame what i expect from you and what you can expect from me in return. >> reporter: her talk about the expectations at the unc board of governors retreat. she takes over as the president of the u.n.c system on march 1st. there have been protests at recent board of governors meetings about her hiring. >> i've been surprised at the intensity of the reaction. but i look forward to meeting with, talking to, and learning from those who have questions about my record and my intentions. those opposed to her getting the job say it was too political. criticizing her record which includes over seeing the launch of no child left behind and serving on a board of a company that collects student loan debt. she was also u.s. education secretary under president bush.
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her about the demonstrators. >> what do you want to say to them? >> people will stop talking about margaret spellings when we get to work on the stuff that taxpayers care most about. >> there were no protests at the retreat, the chair had this to say about meetings moving forward. >> when it gets over the line into disrupting our meeting or creating a violent situation, i would say that there's concern. >> reporter: she wants to improve accessibility and affordability for people to go to college and is eager to get started. >> thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your president, let's get to work. >> she's planning to return to north carolina in about a week. she says when she takes over as president, she has plans to visit all 17 of the unc campuses. bo minnick, wncn news now.
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a sink hole. crews discovered it after pipes gave way near jordan lake. d.o.t. officials say work could be completed as early as june. there's problems with well water no lee count. health officials are warning more than a dozen homes within a half mile of the sanford site not to drink or cook with the water. tests found the areas contaminated with heavy metals. the tests began last fall. before they move coal ash from storage pits to an abandoned mine. earlier this week head coach roy williams collapsed on the floor. next at 7:00, williams talks about his recovery and the impact it had on its players. the family that lived in the cold for years has a brand new heating system. we'll show you today's touching donation. >> here's a live look at i-40 and i-540. there's traffic out there friday evening.
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we're coming we all know it hasn't been warm this week. but it gets colder this weekend. 31 is our current temperature. we look to our friends to the north.
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a lot of times those don't on air, online, wherever you are, this is wncn news now at 7:00. >> durham residents will soon see changes to their drinking water.
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the end of march, durham will perform its annual flush of the water system. it's a process required by state and federal regulations. you may notice changes to the taste as well as color of your water. >> each year during the month of march, we discontinue adding ammonia as a part of the disinfection process. >> the city tells us there's no danger to the water system. the durham police department has released the final draft of its policy concerning body cameras. a new provision was added that allows anyone with a complaint against an officer to see the video but not copy it. city council members disagree with the policy and say videos that show use of force should be made public. two council members say they'll vote against funding the cameras at monday's council meeting. the highway patrol will have extra troopers on the road this weekend. the newest class graduated from the state training academy. they'll get to work right away.
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they replaced the highway patrol as part of a new program that helps north carolinians transitioning from the military to civilian life. >> as far as a transition, it was smooth for me. i was out of the marine core and five days later i was at the training camp. it was an easy transition. >> 29 troopers graduated today. they completed seven months of intensive training before completing the highway patrol. roy williams spoke for the first time about his recent vertigo spell. it happened two night at boston college. williams collapsed in the team huddle. he said today he's feeling fine but as far as his players are concerned. seeing their leader collapse was tough to take. >> it was scary at first. but at the same time, what we wanted to worry about was we knew if we did our part it'd make it a lot better to go back in the locker room and say we got a win.
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68-65 win over the eagles. the tar heels host pittsburgh sunday at 1:00. bitter cold sweeping across parts of the country this weekend. plunging temperatures into the teens. and to make matters worse, snow is a factor in des moines iowa, winds gusting 20 miles per hour causing snow drifts and making temps feel -30. and a big mess in michigan after snow covered roads leading to multiple car pile ups on i-94. four people were injured. one person seriously. in philadelphia, crews battled a water main break that caused some streets to freeze. dozens of vehicles parked on the streets, they were frozen in their tracks and meanwhile back here at home, flurries dominated the day. here's video we shot today of snow falling in downtown raleigh. but it's not the snow. it's the freezing cold temperatures that will dominate the discussion this weekend with these bitter cold temperatures it's nice to be in a warm home. >> that's for sure. but it's not an option for everyone. back in december, wncn teamed
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for the warm hearts, warm homes contest. >> today wncn meteorologist kristen was there as a family suffering through hard times got a brand new heating system. >> we could never get enough money to get it together to get it fixed. >> misty and her family have suffered through hard times. leaving them unable to replace their home. >> we had a few space heaters. it was kind of annoying. >> for four years, her family has been living without heat so her mother entered them into our warm hearts warm home contest in december where wncn partnered with allen kelly and company to provide a new need. >> she called me at work. and i'm like if you called me at work it must be important. and she made me start crying in front of all my coworkers. it's such a blessing. and her kids overjoyed. >> i was surprised. >> it's awesome. >> their new heating system gift.
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previous heating expenses. >> space heaters are so expensive to operate. we don't want them to have the burden of paying their electric bill also. >> thank you to everybody. this is a huge blessing. like not something i expected at all for myself or my family. so i'm very thankful. wncn news now. allen kelly and company, part of our 3-degree guarantee. it's going to feel like 3 degrees. close to it this weekend. coldest temperatures of the season, i'm looking for positives for this weekend. it's going to be sunny. we won't have to mow grass. there's no way grass grows when it's this cold. all the insects that we hate over the summer, they're dying off with all this cold air. there are some positives out there. we're also getting ready for spring training next week. pitchers and catchers report on wednesday for most teams. so keep those good thoughts in your mind because look what with. 23 tomorrow morning. 34 saturday for a high. 14 sunday morning.
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freezing by sunday afternoon. also good news, the wintery mess we had today is now out of here, we're dry and skies are clearing. in fact, we look out at the airport there. nobody on the tarmac now. it's 31 degrees. the smart people i guess out there, i'm not one of them, have jumped on an airplane and flew south at least for the weekend. here's what we have tonight as we go hour by hour, 28 at 8:00. 27 at 10:00. eventually the clouds clear out. but the winds pick up. feel like 14. while this will be cold this weekend, it's not the coldest ever. the coldest ever is behind me. there have been four times in rampage raleigh's history. the coldest was back on january 21st. -9.
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before that, back in the 70s, -1. and in 1899 -2. it's been really cold. not going to be as cold this weekend. but still chilly. area of low pressure that brought us the wintery precipitation today is moving out and high pressure all the way from north canada coming down and that's going to help set the scene for cold temperatures. and then we've got another winter precipitation event scheduled for next monday and tuesday. let's talk about that. so we get through the weekend with a lot of sun. on sunday, you notice the clouds will start to move back in. so that's your day sunday. sunday night into early monday morning, a little bit of snow starts to creep in. in the early morning hours of monday. i think the monday morning commute could be messy. look at 6:00 a.m. snow and sleet mixing in. that sticks around for most of the morning before warmer rain pushes the frozen precipitation back to the north. so the monday morning commute could be messy, we could have
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not a major event. but again it's all coming at us. from monday morning through monday early afternoon. we could have some snow up to an inch. 1/10 of an inch of freezing rain and sleet before it all turns to rain monday afternoon lasting through tuesday night and that could be 1 to 2 inches of rain. so a lot coming at us monday and tuesday. including warmer temperatures. but this weekend, we've got plenty of sunshine. of course it's valentine's day weekend. and we have cold temperatures, 20s tomorrow morning with highs in the 30s. and then sunday morning, teens, with highs again in the low 30s as we eventually increase the cloud cover. so your seven-day forecast, like today will hold us in the 30s. 34 for a high. then 32 sunday. fourth day in a row in the 30s coming monday. monday also comes with a wintery mess. and then it's a cold rain on tuesday as we jump into the 50s. and then we stay in the 50s with dry weather and some
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thursday, and friday. but a lot going on this weekend, including facing us for monday morning's commute. bill and kristen will be here updating you on that all weekend long. >> a lot going on. >> for sure. all right wes. it's hard to believe, but it's been ten years since the carolina hurricanes won their first stanley cup.
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to honor the legacy. tonight in sports t carolina hurricanes are celebrating the ten year anniversary of winning the stanley cup. >> the cup was here in the studio ten years ago. players on the team came back to partake in the festivities. todd gibson is at pnc arena with the story. >> it's a big weekend for the carolina hurricanes. they have two very important games tonight verses the pittsburgh penguins. and tomorrow night they'll host the islanders of new york. we move away as the fans continue to file in here tonight at pnc arena. hurricanes and penguins getting set for action tonight. the big news this weekend is a 2005-2006 stanley cup champions are back in town. they got the red carpet treatment tonight. earlier today, i talked with craig adams about what the weekend means to him. >> it's fine. we found out about it in the fall. and the guys have been communicating obviously. and looking forward to it. so we're happy to be down and
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>> those are the times that you don't forget. so it'll be fun to talk about the old times and relive the glory days. >> it should be a big night for craig adams. the pittsburgh penguins played here tonight and went on to win a championship. the champions will be in town. we'll have highlights of the game. penguins and hurricanes at leaven. back to you. it may not look like much but this is the reynolds coliseum. pictures show the renovations taking place right now. when finished the coliseum will house the women's basketball team, a volleyball team and wrestling team. it will also feature a hall of fame honoring wolf pack sports. reynolds was home to two national basketball championship teams and renovations are expected to be complete by august 15th. i look forward to seeing that. should be nice. here's a look at what we're working on for 11:00. >> insurance rates skyrocketing
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one family's fight to keep their finances in check. and why they're afraid of going in the red. a popular chapel hill bar closed tonight. find out why and when it'll reopen its doors. plus here's what's coming
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we'll be right back. well one part of our winter weather mess is out of here. dry weather tonight and through the weekend. but coldest temperatures of the season are expected, including sunday for valentine's day. monday, a holiday for some. we've got a wintery mess that will start as snow, turn to sleet, and then eventually wind up as rain monday afternoon. but that rain lasts through tuesday. the good news is for those of you who are not a fan of the cold weather, we have 50s next week. >> positively warm. >> yeah, but first the over night teams going into sunday. >> yeah, sunday morning, it'll be the coldest time. probably the rest of the winter. 14 degrees though. hopefully. >> we don't want to go lower than that. all right.
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>> judge judy: she invited you in, she told you to leave. i assume that it wasn't a good fit. >> announcer: mixed signals after moving in with his sister. >> we had to leave now. we didn't want to argue about it, so we just packed our stuff up and left. >> i never said that he had to get out. i wouldn't throw my brother -- i love my brother. >> announcer: but her affection... >> judge judy: did you call child protective services? >> announcer: ...only went so far. >> yes, ma'am, i did. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution ricky bradford and his wife, tammy gilmore, are suing ricky's sister saganda bradford and her husband, darren burley, for money owed for living expenses and punitive damages for a false report to cps.


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