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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. 6:00 a.m. this is a live picture outside of rav on this saturday, february 13th, 2016. we're off to a chilly start. >> and we can expect more cold temperatures, the coldest weekend so far this season. the temperatures will fall into the teens. right now we have an area of high pressure building in from the midwest and that will keep our skies clear today and tonight and part of the day tomorrow and then big changes coming. the temperatures just dropped to 32 in raleigh and 31 in
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in rayford that is one of the cold spots. 23 in clay tonight we have a little bit of a breeze outside this morning. if we factor in the wind outside, the temperatures are colder. it feels like 18 in henderson and 14 in roxboro and 126 in rayford and 26 in raleigh. so it will be a cold day across the area and we can expect the breeze to continue and pick up a little bit this morning and into this afternoon as this arctic high pressure will build in and 26 at 8:00 a.m. and the temperatures will continue to fall in the next couple hours. 30 at lunchtime and 34 the high by 4:00. and we drop into the teens tonight and we'll start 8:00
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27 at lunchtime and 32 the high by 4:00. a drive-by shooting left a 32-year-old woman with life- threatening injuries. the sheriff said that the woman was shot inside a home there and two of the relatives were home at the time but were not injured. the investigators said they need help in identifying any potential suspects. if you have any information, contact the durham county sheriff's office. tonight republican candidates debate in south carolina ahead of and important primary vote there. and going into the debate, the gop hopefuls views for the blessing of evangelical voters and they will try to tap into another voting group, african- americans. >> reporter: they once seemed like unbeatable shoe-ins.
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bush are both fighting to prove they can win in the south carolina. >> i believe in the holy spirit. and i'm looking for the holy spirit to come over here in the next week. >> reporter: he courted evangelicals at bob jones university. it was also attended by ben carson and marco rubio and ted cruz. john kasich is trying to capitalize on his surprise second place finish in new hampshire. >> i'm glad i'm the second choice now. hillary clinton wants south carolina to be a referendum on bernie sanders and support for president obama who is very popular among african-americans that could swing this state. >> i believe bernie sanders failed the leadership test. and this is not the first time
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>> do the senators disagreed with the president? have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you have. >> reporter: getting personal in the battle for south carolina. >> tonight's debate air on cbs. and starting february 29th, we switch to cbs that is starting monday, february 29th. right now pope francis is back on our side of the atlantic visiting several latino nations. this is video that you see of the pontiff arriving at the ambassador's home. along the route from the airport, crowds gathered to cheer on the pope. and he'll visit some of the poorest and most violent corners of the country and
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border to address the plight of migrants trying to reach the united states. one problem affecting people north of the border is the increase is cost of health coverage. the north carolina largest carrier is blue cross and blue shield is considering getting out of the marketplace and that coverage. >> reporter: this man has been trying for months to get her family health coverage with blue cross and blue shield straightened out. on the website it shows her family has three policies, none of them right. >> but it lists our 20-year-old son the subscriber and the 7- year-old daughter as the spouse. >> reporter: she is among thousands who have had issues like this recently. that is not the only concern
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is skyrocketing fast, $800 more a month. >> it is obscene. i don't see how the system sustain itself or how people will afford it. there's nothing affordable about it and. >> reporter: and executiveses are considering getting out of the affordable care act marketplace. they have been losing money on the plans and resulting in a net loss of $50 million since 2014. >> they're getting the good, the bad and the ugly and there coming in. >> reporter: the affordable care act did not address underlining costs of healthcare visits. >> no. there's nothing else in our economy going up that quickly. >> reporter: 613,000 people in north carolina have signed up for coverage in the mark place and that includes 165,000 in our viewing area. in recent years, blue cross and
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>> there will be a lot of gaps for people that need coverage. >> reporter: they have run the numbers and now they wonder if it is worth keeping her insurance at all. >> we talked about how much we unitetyized. it would be cheaper for us to pay for everything out-of- pocket. >> blue cross and blue shield executives have not made a final decision and they are doing what they can to stay in the exchange. they point out this could open an opportunity for another insurance provided provider to step in but that will be difficult if underlining costs of health care are not addressed. tomorrow the day that your sweetheart has been waiting for. and this year several startup companies are moving in on the internet flower business. a structural issue forces
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but the start of repairs are still months away. it is chilly across north
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detours are in place for southeast raleigh to replace a bridge. this is around the trail wood drive bridge over walnut creek. they discovered a structural issue and opted to shut it down immediately. the new bridge will be ready a little more year after that construction begins. so a little heads up for you. >> no travel problems yesterday with the few snow flurries that we had. but it is still cold out there. >> cold. we had a few snow flurries move through. but east of the triangle, we saw a little light accumulation yesterday. so that did cause some issues in spots. but we're drier this morning and we're cold. nothing popping up on the satellite and the radar. and we're dry and quiet at the moment. and that will be the case today and tomorrow before the next winter storm pushes into the area by the start of the week. it is 32 degrees in raleigh so at freezing. 31 in durham and 27 in roxboro
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22 the current temperature in rayford that is the cold spot. these temperatures feel colder if we factor in the fact that we get a little wind outside it feels like 26 in raleigh and the teens in roxboro and henderson and south hill. it will be very cold today as the arctic high continues to push into the northwest. tonight, the temperatures actually fall into the teens. so we're talking colder air moving n so clear and cold this morning. sunny and blustery by lunchtime and 30 degrees and 34 degrees at 3:00. and we'll be above freezing with the windchill and it will feel like that is about 20 degrees with the falling temperatures quickly as we head through tonight. i'll be back with a complete check of your forecast. and just continue will have more news headline when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it.
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the murder case of north hills mom melissa huggins jones on monday. rested. the man accused of her murder case. tomorrow millions of flowers will be delivered to loved ones around the world. but it is not just your 1-800 flowers doing the delivery. several startups are shaking the floral industry. >> reporter: in a manic over last minute flowers for valentine's day, it is the too late. new flower startups are promising to make your love happy in a few hours or less. the california based startup is sourcing flowers from eco-
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and the states for nationwide five-day and next day delivery and the same-day services for artistans like rachel. they say cutting out the middleman cuts down on the cost. >> so you can go on our site today and order a dozen red roses for $40 flat. because we don't have the multiple layers of the supply change between us and the consumer, we have to bare the markups along every step of the way so we can offer the service year-round. >> reporter: competitors in the on demand eco-friendly space include bloom that wraps the flower he's in burlap and urban stems using bike couriers for
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the more traditional floral industry is taking a hit going from $9 billion to less than $6 billion as grocery stores and on line players have increased their market share. and that is why shabby florals like rachel are going to the booths. >> the gem graphic is very young and broad range. >> reporter: rachel expects this be a very busy weekend for some very happy valentines. one teen seems to have the right idea when it comes to valentine's day. utah high school senior hayden has a girlfriend. but he is not only making her smile this heart shaped holiday on thursday he showed up to school with 900 carnations.
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>> i wanted to make as many people happy as possible. >> i just smiled. it was great. >> godfrey said it is not just being romantic. that is why he is about kindness. and that may explain why he is already taken. cute story. you want to bundle up today and tomorrow. the temperatures will be cold. this is a live look in our tower camera right now. you can see the sun starting to calm a little bit. we have a breeze out there that will make our temperatures feel colder. and we'll see plenty of sunshine. nothing popping up on the satellite and the radar. we got clear skies in the forecast for today. the temperatures are in the 20s
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>> 32 in raleigh and 28 in henderson. we have a little breeze out there. so if we factor in the wind, the windchill the feels-like temperature, these temperatures they're colder. so it feels like 26 in raleigh, feels like 16 in rayford and 14 in roxboro. and the windchills will stay in the 20s through the day today. so it will be a cold weekend for us. and the temperatures will be rising up to 34 degrees today. so we'll droop a few more degrees this morning and 8:00 we're down to 26. 28 at 10:00. and breezy this afternoon, up to 30 at lunchtime and 32 at 2:00 and 34 the high temperature today by 4:00. the temperatures fall quickly
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so west arctic high -- we have this arctic high pressure center. the coldest air of the season is likely the coldest that we've experienced today and tomorrow. but we'll see the sunshine all day today and even through the day tomorrow as well. and then big changes coming our way monday. so the high starts to slide to the northwest. and we're keeping a close eye on this next storm system pushing in from the west here. and that is going to bring us a wintry mix as we head into monday. and the exact timing of the precipitation, right now it looks like it will start late sunday night into early monday morning and it start off as snow for most of news central north carolina and make a transition to a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain and warm irrelevant pushes up from the south, we'll see the wintry precipitation and the frozen precipitation changing to all rain monday afternoon and monday evening and the rain continues into tuesday and some of it will be heavy at time and
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will be warmer with the highs back in the 50s. so let's start things off here monday morning. and you see that we have a little bit of snow moving in early on monday. at 3:00 in the morning, we have a chance of seeing snow, especially north of the trial here through the morning rush. and we start to see the snow filter in and gradually make the transition over to snow, sleet, and freezing rain. monday afternoon, we see the frozen precipitation tuesday. so the messiest part of the storm system will likely be monday morning. so the snow develops monday morning and it mixes with sleet and freezing rain late in the morning on monday. eventually the mix changes over to all rain monday afternoon and monday evening. so as far as the precipitation, the best chance for snow it going to be monday morning into early monday afternoon, and we have the chance for sleet and
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rain taking over monday evening and into thedy and tuesday. today, looking dry and sunny. 34 degrees in raleigh, 33 in durham, 38 in fayetteville. tonight the temperatures fall to 14 degrees, single digits windchills will be likely in the overnight hours and we don't rebound very much for tomorrow. up to 32 for valentine's day, 23 on monday again and we have that snow, sleet and freezing rain and rain moving in. and warmer for tuesday. but we still have rain in the forecast and drier and warmer for the rest of this week. 6:23. this weekend a team of junior hockey players are playing and winning on the ice in quebec. a look at the future hockey
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of it's a big weekend in the triangle as the hurricanes celebrate the tenth anniversary of winning the stanley cup. this is as young hockey players travel to quebec. and we introduce the to the 12- year-olds playing for a little southern pride in this week's
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>> reporter: the quebec international peewee tournament is the peewee tournament for hockey. hockey in the south has come a long way as the carolina hurricanes celebrate the tenth anniversary of their stanley cup title this weekend, kids are learning a sport where it was even given a thought. >> they are trying to get better to achieve their dreams of playing in the national of course i didn't league. >> reporter: each and every one of the junior hurricanes hope it will be them. >> that will be awesome and i can pay back to my parents everything they did for me. >> reporter: not long ago, the
6:27 am
it was used to be difficult and that changed. but the perception of southern hockey hasn't. >> they look down to you before the game but then you prove them wrong they see that there is talent where you go all over the world. >> reporter: and they hope to make and international statement when it comes to home i didn't. and they'll do so with the hurricanes logo across the chest. >> it is where i was born, so i'm playing for my home team. >> reporter: they celebrate a milestone this weekend, the young kids dream of one day moment. >> thursday the junior hurricanes beat anaheim in their first official game. and they have today off but back on the ice tomorrow. much more still to go and we're back in nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn.
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good morning. 6:30 and 32 degrees in raleigh. take a moment to soak that n but a little shaky camera out there. so that tell you something about the wind conditions. good morning i'm justin quesinberry. >> and i'm kristin ketchell. it is a cold start this morning. and it's been a cold stretch for the past several days and that will continue through the
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this is a look at our tower camera. it is gorgeous. but the looks are deceiving because it is chilly. 32 is the current temperature outside in raleigh. but you can see the skies are getting brighter at sunrise this morning and nothing popping up on the satellite and radar. so we're dry and quiet for today. the temperatures will not get out of the 30s as we head into this afternoon. 32 in raleigh and 31 in durham and fayetteville. and some spots in the 20s. 28 in pinehurst, 29 in siler city, 23 the current temperature in clayton. if we factor in the wind out colder. so a lot of the windchills, especially north of triangle in the teens right now and it feels like 16 in henderson and 14 in roxboro and 19 in south hill, virginia. the temperatures will be getting up to 34 degrees and 26 at 8:00. and the temperatures will be
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30 at lunchtime and 29 by 6:00 p.m. and the high temperature a couple degrees above freezing at 34. the breeze is sticking with us through today. and the cold temperatures are hanging through tonight and then another winter storm likely as we head into monday. we'll have a compete break down of your forecast. investigators said that a drive-by shooting left a 72- year-old woman with life- threatening injuries. it happened last night just after 10:00 on forester industry. the -- street in durham. and two of her relatives were home but not injured. they need help identifying any potential suspects. if you have any information contact the durham county serve's -- sheriff's office. a spar losing money because of a punishment.
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yesterday. his facebook page said it will reopen march 4th and they will pay a $5,000 fine to avoid a 30- day suspension. he is not -- while he was not here, they served a 20-year-old and he got behind a wheel and crashed and killed three people, including the six-year- old girl. in november, he was given a 14 day suspension and a $5,000 fine. a man's life for 13-dz that is what friends of a lane is his murder. and the crime is highlighting the dangers of the job and drivers. david hurst has the story. >> reporter: working alone and at night, alex understands the dangers of driving a taxi.
6:33 am
driving, he heard of several taxi drivers on the job. >> he lost his job and he had a family. >> reporter: most recently on monday when jose -- was shot and killed. his friends and family believe he was robbed. >> just 13th. >> reporter: it makes taxi drivers a little more conscious. >> when i see something dangerous and risky, i deny. >> you don't know where they come from or how their day was. >> reporter: and now they're working to improve safety procedures in the company. and they will have security cameras and a bulletproof partition that separates the passengers. and they're working to separate barriers in some cars. and some companies like taxi
6:34 am
but a lot of companies do not have the money for pricey upgrades so they have to use their judgment. >> you have to use your common pick up. >> two men charged in the bond. and they will release more information on the case soon. another murder case is expected to be in the hands of a jury on monday. the defense and the prosecution rested in the economy lisa jones murder trial. the state used the medical examiner as the last witness. the testimony was so vivid that the victim's mother put her head down and cried. she bled together in an hour. >> defense lawyers said that
6:35 am
smith would not take the stand and did not present any evidence in the case. investigators believe that a domestic argument turned violent around 10:30 yesterday morning leading to a 12 hour standoff. they spent most of the day to get 35-year-old kenneth clark to surrender peacefully and he refused and they used tear gas to end it. and then he shot and killed two other men before turning the gun on himself. they have not released the relationship of the man. the family of a north carolina woman mauled to death by her dog share her story. she only adopted the pit-bull two weeks ago. she went to clean the dog's cage wednesday and he turned violent and attacked her. she died a short time later and
6:36 am
out with her remaining four dogs. the pit-bull that attacked her was put down yesterday morning. uber may soon be shelling out millions of dollars in class-action lawsuits. the ride sharing company said it is willing to pay $28 million after people complained that the company misrepresented the safety practices and the fees that it charged passengers. uber will pay some money back to riders that made trips from january 2013 to january of this year. uber also degrees to rename the safe ride feed to a booking fee. the kentucky state lomb -- a kentucky state lawmaker is trying to make a new point with a new bill. it requires women to see a doctor before they can have an abortion. here bill makes a similar proposal for men seeking to use
6:37 am
married and see a doctor twice and get a rain approval from the doctor to get a drug and they will only use the drug to have sex with the spouse. she said it strikes at the same requirements, government interference with a person's bodily choices. and after the break, it is a sight not seen very often, snow falling on the beaches of north carolina and next we head to the outer banks for winter weather. it feels like winter outside this morning. and it looks beautiful. but looks are deceiving today. and the temperatures are not getting out of the 30s and we
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i'll have the break down of a strange sight for many, snow falling on the beaches of the outer banks. but if you are one of many waiting for spring, it officially starts a in a month and a half.
6:41 am
heading to the beaches, especially with more wintry weather on the way this week. it looks beautiful. but it is cold. 32 degrees is the current temperature in raleigh. you can see the sky getting brighter ahead of the sunrise this morning. and nothing to worry about as far as wet weather for today and some of the snow that we had and the sleet that moved through yesterday is out of the picture completely and we have sunshine in the forecast through the day but the temperatures are not going get out of the 30s. 32 degrees right now in raleigh, 31 in durham and fayetteville and in the 20s in a lot of spots. and 26 in south hill and henderson and 25 in clayton and 21 in rayford. and we have a little breeze outside too. and it makes things feel colder. and the current windchill is about 15 degrees in henderson and 15 in roxboro and the temperatures will be chilly this afternoon. and we'll cool off a few more degrees at 26 at 8:00 and 30 at
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sunny and cold. and once the sun sets, the temperatures fall quickly tonight. and the overnight lows falling into the teens. and we got a cold sunday on the way too for valentine's day and the next winter storm if you could see your cough, you'd see all the sickness you're spreading. new robitussin cf max severe soothes and delivers powerful relief of cough, sore throat, stuffy nose and fever. new robitussin cf max severe.
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durham sheriff deputies are investigate the death of a woman on forester treat in durham. two her relatives were home but not injured. pope francis is in mexico city for a five-day visit and he will visit some of the poorest and most violent corners of the country and he'll also go to the border to address the plight of migrants trying to escape to the united states. a lot happening on capitol hill this week. and here is your political week review from washington d.c. >> reporter: billions of dollars in the balance, flint's water crisis and yes, vaping. the week started off with president obama releasing his proposed budget for his last year in office. republicans tore several ideas
6:46 am
>> the way we hold the obama administration accountable is controlling the budget. >> reporter: and there could soon be no local sale tax on amazon. they voted to ban taxes on internet sites personalitily all would have to stop the taxes by 2020. vaping duncan hunters a long time supporter for e cigarettes, he used one for a hearing on e-cigarettes. nothing important about this yet, just good video. >> the trust was betrayed in flint, michigan. and why? i hope not just to save money. >> reporter: and the house of representatives wants to force the epa to notify the public about unsafe drinking water within 48 hours of contamination.
6:47 am
>> reporter: a new crisis. >> we may see tens or hundreds of thousands of zika virus in puerto rico coast. >> reporter: and they wanted to know more about the zika virus and what needs to happen for america to be ready for this quickly spreading disease. next week neither the senate or the house will be working on capitol hill. you can expect to hear a lot less about congress and a lot more about the primary in south carolina. republican presidential candidates are making a play for evangelical votes in the palm meadow straight ahead of the debate there. and jeb bush courted voters at baush jones university. -- bob jones university. and john kasich wants to capitalize on his surprise second place finish in new hampshire. the republicans will debate again tonight at 9:00 in
6:48 am
and tonight's debate air on cbs. and a reminder, starting february 29th, cbs programming comes to wncn. you'll find political news and primary shows starting monday, february 29th right here on wncn. i know ncis is your favorite. >> yes. and i'm excited about that and we're starting to see the sunshine today but i'm not excited about cold temperatures outsthie.d -- outside this is the preston country club. let's take a live look now. and we have dry conditions here and we have this arctic high pressure. so it began to build in yesterday and that is going to push into the area today and tomorrow, leaving us with cold temperatures and some really cold nights here. 32 degrees is the current temperature in raleigh and 31 in durham and fayetteville.
6:49 am
it is 27 in roxboro and 26 in henderson and south hill and 28 in rocky mount. and we have a breeze, 7 miles an hour winds in raleigh and 12 miles an hour in durham and it will make the temperatures feel colder. if we factor in the breeze, the current feels-like temperatures are in the teens and the low 20s. so it feels like 15 degrees in henderson and the current watch is 14 in roxboro. so bundle up if you have to be outside today. it will be deceiving because the sun will be out all day. we have a breeze and cold temperatures. the breeze is going to make things feel worse. our high will be climbing to about 34 this afternoon, with that breeze it will feel like it is in the low 20s for most of the day. again the reason for the cold temperatures is this arctic high pressure that began to build in late last night and it will stay put for today and tomorrow, leading to the coldest weekend so far this season.
6:50 am
temperatures this season as well. and the temperatures tonight fall into a teens by early tomorrow morning. the high pressure center starts to slide to the northeast on monday and that is going to make room for the next system to move into the area. the next winter storm here. it is a complicated system because we have some cold air that will be locked in place. so as this low starts to slide in initially, early on monday morning, we'll see some snow falling across central north carolina. we have warmer air that will eventually mix in those that will transition the morning snow over to a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain and then as this low continues to push to the north, it will bring in warmer air with it. so we'll see the wintry mix changing over to all rain by monday evening and we're stuck with the rain through tuesday as well. so it may be heavy at times with one to two inches of rain likely by the end of the day on tuesday. we're beginning early monday morning.
6:51 am
snow arriving north of the triangle. and the morning rush, we'll see a good chance of seeing snow just about everywhere in the region. as we go through th morning hours, we get the warm air to push in and that will transition the snow over to the sleet and snow and freezing mix. monday afternoon as we see the cold air mixing up, we have plain rain in the forecast through monday and into tuesday as well. so be prepared for a messy day on monday with warmer temperatures on tuesday so snow develops early monday morning and it will mix with sleet and freezing rain late in the morning. and that wintry mix changes over to all rain monday afternoon and monday evening. and accumulations, right now, it looks like up to an inch of snow. about a tenth of an inch of sleet and freezing rain and one to two inches of rain and that is the bigger issue and that is the heavy rain that we'll see monday night and through the day on tuesday. today, dry and sunny, 34 degrees in raleigh, 33 in
6:52 am
tonight single digits windchills likely and 14 the be the overnight low temperature but it will peek like it is in the single digits by early tomorrow morning. for valentine's day tomorrow, up to only 32 in the afternoon, 37 on monday. so we'll get that wintry mix to mix out in rain and the temperatures will crime that above freezing levels -- will climb that above freezing levels and we're dryer and warmer for the rest of the week. surfing 40-foot waves and
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6:54 am
you're watching the 29 troopers were honored for the training academy and they completed 7 months of intense training leading up to this movement. >> if you're in need to warm you up some this freezing week this is half moon bay in california where dozens of
6:55 am
the winner needs a perfect wave and will win a $30,000 prize. we partnered with allen kelly and company for our warm hearts warm homes contest that gave a family in need a new heating system. they stay is a dream come true. >> it is such a blessing. it is something that i've prayed about for a long time and we could never get enough monday to get it fixed and it's been years. so this is a huge blessing. >> in addition to the new heating system, the family received a check for $500 to help pay for heating expenses. last week it was larry sanders. this week is funnily lady and melissa mccarthy. >> i'm melissa mccarthy with musical guest kayne west and we're on next. >> you can catch them.
6:56 am
at 11:30 after our 11:00 newscast. >> definitely chilly outside. so a good day to stay inside and catch up on some "saturday night live" and tv. we had a few good "saturday night live" episodes. the temperatures not getting out of the 30s. and 34 will be the high today and down to 14 tonight. single digits windchills likely tomorrow morning. so that is the feels-like temperature. valentine's day tomorrow, definitely cold and a good day to snuggle up and 32 for the high and tomorrow clouds increasing through the day ahead of the next winter storm that will bring us a mix of wintry weather, snow, sleet and freezing rain and rain all likely on monday and rain likely on tuesday and warmer temperatures for the rest of the week. and the highs getting back into the 50s. >> looking forward to that. >> i think we're all going to be hoping for the warmer temperatures. >> thank you. >> thank you for watching wncn
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the "today" show is next and good morning. life threatening cold. polar vortex delivering bone-chilling temperatures from minnesota to the northeast. record setting cold pushing the mercury to near zero in the big apple. wa inside. >> you should take this weather very, very seriously. >> how long will it last? dylan is tracking it all. southern discomfort. the republican candidates gearing up for another debate tonight. the field getting smaller as the stakes grow larger. will donald trump follow through on his suit to sue ted cruz? can marco rubio comeback? can john kasich keep the new hampshire momentum going? jumping into action. incredible rescue caught on


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