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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  February 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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life in the triangle this is wncn news at 11. good evening i maggie newland thanks for joining us. temperatures are in the 20s right now and they're going to dip into the teens overnight. and can get cold out there so let -- let's get over to the weather department. >> it's cold. 23 degrees. we've got low temperatures right now in the teens already
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probably in their room 26. >> these laws will occur right before sunrise. it could be as cold as 14 and raleigh and 17 in fayettville. it's going to be a cold night. you see the skies are clear so we don't have anything over us. the warmth is escaping into space. this area will start to bring in clouds in advance of our next weather maker. we've got to deal with the cold tonight and they will get geared up for wintry precipitation as we head into monday. there are some watches up already. this is a winter storm watch. it does go close to the raleigh area. it's really up to the north and west and they could pick up up to 3 inches. we will talk more about that
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this is what it could look like with snow and sleet along the corridor with some freezing rain. that will change arraigned monday night. back to tomorrow, very cold at 9 am. 21 degrees. mostly sunny skies with clouds and later in the day mostly cloudy at 3:00 o'clock a natural high of 32. it will be cloudy at 6:00 o'clock but those clouds moving in in advance of that next weather maker. we will talk about the snow that will be greeting you monday morning. this is in the first deep- freeze of the season but it's good to make sure your home is ready when the temperatures drop. we caught up with day and night he began air company in fayettville and they recommend replacing filters and cleaning the heat exchanger and also they say it's a good idea to check your heat pump. >> one of the biggest things is be aware of the weather.
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you have a heat pump system what happens is that rain forms a block of ice around that unit so it won't work. you can put it into emergency heat mode and you want damage any components. >> they recommend making sure your windows and doors are locked and sealed shut tightly. no word yet on how this car into the crashed into an apartment complex. it happened on raleigh boulevard about 9:00 tonight. troopers have not said if anyone was injured. republican candidates for president squared off tonight in south carolina just one week before the gop primary there. the death of supreme court justen antonin scalia put a new focus on the court and the campaign. the six remaining republican candidates for president just hours after learning antonin scalia.
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person. >> he will go down as one of the great justices in this republic. >> many candidates are urging the senate to block president obama is next up -- appointment to the court. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say we're not going to give up the us supreme court by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> it was trump and jeb bush you got in the most heated exchanges in the palmetto state. >> jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely, less so that's just so you understand, that's jeb special interest talking. >> i'm sick and tired of him going after my family. >> donald trump is building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus
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>> the world trade center came down. >> analysts say marco rubio needed a bounce back performance after stumbling in the new hampshire debate. the senator disappeared from the discussion for long periods. >> ted cruz supported legalizing people that we're in this country and only now -- >> a chance for the front runners to solidify their positions are those trail behind to gather momentum. .ms. meet the press tomorrow morning right here on wncn. donald trump and governor john kasich join the program and it starts following wncn today. how to replace -- the nation is mourning the loss of antonin scalia. over nearly 3 decades on the court he was consistently conservative who believed in the written words rather than
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his passing will result in landmark changes for the nations highest court. here's more from washington. outside the us supreme court of flag at half staff flowers and candles mark the passing of antonin scalia. president obama paid his respects in california. >> tonight we honor his service to our nation and remember one of the towering legal figures of our time. >> he was the longest-serving justice on the current court but his death at a texas ranch came without warning. it came in the middle of a landmark court calendar with nothing less than the boundaries of presidential power under review. his passing this is political battle royale over his successor in the supreme court's balance of power. he was well known for his sense of humor and his fiery defense. the cornerstone of a conservative wing that influence a lot of the land on
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he was at firm proponent of the letter of the law not the intent. >> the nations first italian- american justice was appointed in 1986 by president ronald reagan. he was known as an unapologetic but fair conservative. >> i'm not going onto the court with a list of things that i want to do. my only agenda is to be a good judge. >> he was confirmed unanimously -- unanimously by the senate. >> president obama says he will choose a nominee the leaders of the public and controlled senate have made it clear they do not want to move forward and tell a new president -- president is seated next year. teens detained over the last few weeks immigration advocates of said ice ages have become more aggressive. amy cutler has the story from kerry.
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his life is at risk. >> she speaking through an interpreter making an emotional plea for her brother to be freed. this is 18-year-old santos and she says he was picked up by ice agents on thursday. >> my brother is not a criminal. i am asking for judges. my brother has dreams of continuing his studies. studying working in progressing here. >> turner said that she is been in raleigh since 2013 but he fled el salvador after a game threatened his life peak 15 one of six others that have been detained in recent weeks. that's what brought dozens out to the white plains united methodist church in cary. family friends neighbors all coming together. recent ice rates across the
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larger initiative to deport the new wave of illegal immigrants. >> we are noticing a disturbing trend in that immigration is becoming more aggressive in the way they arresting some of these use. we are holding this vigil in hopes it will draw attention. >> the event wasn't just about raising awareness but it was also about taking action. to call i set this phone number or sign the online petition. >> advocates stressing these teens could be deported at any moment and that those now detained will not be the last. it's marching time. it's movement time. several thousand people marched participating in the 10th annual moral march and rally of the forward together moment. naacp says the purpose of the marches a hold lawmakers accountable weather for biting rates immigration reform our
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>> we're out here together. it represents the unity of the movement. >> someone has to take that stand. someone has to stand for what they believe in for the foundation set for me. someone has to take that plunge. we are doing it here. >> this is the 10th annual more margin raleigh. the north carolina gop says those who attended had an opportunity for change but don't show up when it time to vote. >> their version of a stir up the liberals to get the vote out in november, they may have some success on that but are good policies of lower taxes, lower regulations, photo id, more freedom for the people of north carolina, that will be the best get out the vote tool and we will be utilizing that. b mac six public hearings are
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congressional maps it look like. three federal judges wrote lawmakers did use race as a factor in redrawing districts one in 12. district one wide area includes parts of wilson and jerome. district 12 is out toward winston-salem. a delay is being asked and lawmakers may so call a special session on redistricting next week. for a list of times visit our website. a big day today on the hardwood in the triangle as duke and nc state played at home. stay with us. the amazing finish in a career day for one of the wall packs leaders. highlights and reaction next. how would you like it if you don't have to ever go to the gas station again? >> and on-demand fill up another gas station of the future may not be as nation at all.
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plus 24-month financing. ends monday.
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excitement into around the new blue devils looking to get things back on track and maybe back into the top 25 this afternoon endure. the blue devils hosted seventh- ranked virginia today and want
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after missing two free throws and giving up the lead to virginia with less than 30 seconds to go grayson allen made an incredible acrobatic shot as time expired. it is the second straight win for duke against a ranked opponent. duke beat the blue devils will play nice break carolina on wednesday before facing again next saturday . it's part of a four-game stretch against opponents. two teams in a combined to lose 13 of their last 14 games that today in raleigh. lake forest and nc state badly needed to win in this one would not lack pointed star performances. here's the story. >> reporter: despite taking a two-point halftime lead the first 20 minutes frustrated the pack. they would have 56% of their shots and stages could not find the rhythm. >> we're trying to get out and run in every other time we had to go back to the line.
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>> the pickers -- they would whether the demon deacons two- man show of codi miller- mcintyre who had 24 points and devin thomas who had a monster game. 15 points and 21 rebounds. state has cat. cat barber the acc leading scorer huge curtain -- he's the catalyst. he's a guy that's making it all happen for us. and then at the end of the game i look at the stats sheen -- that seat and he really had a terrific game. >> unlike some games barber to get help and battling the deacons. caleb martin nets 18 points and maverick grow an accident 20. it again the pack knew they had to get in they did scoring the most points in acc play in more
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>> every day with we play hard. >> the demon deacons to the 10 straight lost no time to celebrate because the pack is back in action monday at virginia. in raleigh wncn sports. temperatures late this afternoon just barely above freezing in raleigh. that did not stop some nc state students from taking part in the polar plunge. it was all to raise money for special olympics. they look cool though, don't they? a great cosmic, while they are simply people. >> it's probably even colder than a cold shower. it's for a great cause. special olympics, we love that. >> 23 degrees, ice water almost. 23 outside with clear skies. we're going to get cold tonight. right now it's already 19 and
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21 in siler city. 26 in fayetteville, 25 in wilson. 27, goldsboro. we will start at 6 am with 15 degrees. 18 at 8:00 o'clock, 24 and 10:00 o'clock, 30 at noon. we get to about the highest of the day of about 32 degrees. the wind chills, it's cold but not like a was today where it felt like it was in the low teens throughout the day. temperatures tomorrow will be a little colder than today's 34 but it will feel better because there won't be much when tomorrow afternoon. what you will notice i the clouds increasing. increasing clouds on the forecast because our next weather maker is coming our way and it will be a wintry mix. notches early monday but all monday long.
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the time you get up early in the morning, even late sunday night, there will be printed -- precipitation so we won't be waiting for something. it will greet you in the morning and then it will generally be light. despite that, there is that winter storm watch was now up to 3 inches closer to the virginia border north of i-85. there will be ice but hopefully less than a 10th of an inch. the best chance of snow and sleet will be north and west. a look at the snow and sleet map . it's not going to come up for me. there it is. it just takes a while. you can see most of the heavier snow will be out to the northwest but there could be a band of one inch to 3 inches.
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triangle but there will be snow in fayettville to start the day but not really accumulate to anything. monday night and tuesday it's all rain. anything that does fall will get washed away. would you put about 2 inches of rain on that snow it will wash it away even in roxborough. so that's the other big news. we could have a little bit of urban flooding and become some heavy and especially late monday night. monday morning when you get up there will be snow and sleet around from the triangle northward. there will be snow and sleet everywhere else in the viewing area but it will be mixed with freezing rain from fayettville clinton northward. that will last to the morning hours but look what will happen in the afternoon. the snow and sleet and freezing rain will linger along the virginia border but the freezing rain will change the wall rain by 3:00 o'clock in the triangle of the rocky mount but down and close ties goldsboro it should be ray by
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rain downpour. high pressure over us tomorrow morning and here come the increasing clouds but dry for your sunday. after midnight into tomorrow morning, excuse me monday morning, there will be that snow and mixture and sleet, snow and freezing rain and look what will happen. sleet, snow, freezing rain at 11:00 o'clock and in the afternoon it will change the rain. the slow comes through in as we head for tuesday morning we can have some heavy downpours of rain. the good news is that will clear out and i don't think it will be dry. i'm going to forecast dry conditions tuesday afternoon. triangle upwards about 30 degrees for a high. 32 tomorrow after that low with the wintry mix some monday, 37 degrees and that would change
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rain on tuesday morning will clear up 56 in the afternoon. the rest of the week looks splendid. next saturday, 62 degrees. but first we have to get through monday. >> when it gets this cold outside, please bring your pet send. this lab is in recovery she was found in brooklyn's prospect park into a tree. her pause for frozen to the ground and she couldn't stand up on her own. >> she was basically sitting on the ground and she was all hunched over. she was super cold. >> tying your dog out is not the answer. please reach out for help. things can go back quickly especially in extreme temperatures. freezing can take place in a matter of minutes. >> it's not clear whether the dog will make a full recovery. we will hope for the best for
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low prices are making a trip to the gas station less painful for americans. not just a prices but we're introduced to the latest in full serve fuel on-demand. >> reporter: the purple truck is hard to mess. it service difficult to pass up. >> how would you like it if you don't have to go to the gas station again. >> what if the gas station katu? this suv belongs to megan low weight who doesn't remember the last time she filled out. >> i haven't done it in over eight months. >> i've got two small kids at home and this allows me to get home to those babies that much faster. >> booster fuels backed by big names like developer ross perot junior and microsoft cofounder paul allen started the fort
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to 10 cities as far as san francisco. inspired by huber and other services the company and its customers connect to a nap. >> blake phillips was skeptical at first. >> there's got to be some sort of surcharge your monthly be. not one that i've had yet it's amazing. >> the real magic here is that we are able to avoid the expensive real estate cost of gas stations. we try to make this a no- brainer decision by being at the same price. >> same price, almost too good to be true. >> complete disbelief. and then the next question is how do i get that? how does mr. come to my home? how does booster come to my office? how do they come to my farm and fill up my tractor? >> for now they only service business campuses but home delivery is not out of the question eventually.
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breaking the is right now out of durum. deputies tell wncn they found the man outside of a home on glen road.
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check-in at 6 am and have you guys been watching the primaries? >> yes. hillary got her but kicked in new hampshire. >> we're all still voting for her, right? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> sure. >> cool, cool, cool, me too. except i think i'm voting for bernie. >> me too. >> you are? >> so am i.


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