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tv   WNCN Today at 600AM  CBS  February 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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your faithful prayers and gifts. . happy valentine's day much from roses to cars to chocolate. show your special someone how much you care. americans will drop nearly 20 billion contractors -- dollars to celebrate. celebrate inside. look outside. we are waiting for the sun to rise. >> it is 16 degrees right now in raleigh as we see gap to you. >> i am justin quis sin berry. >> it is very cold here. >> we are looking to a winter storm tomorrow. >> little bit of snow. tomorrow. and rain in the forecast for tomorrow. >> all of that is now starting hours earlier. some the snow could move into
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>> little earlier than anticipated. >> our satellite and radar is dry. >> we have a few clouds out there. they are thickening up throughout the day. >> check out the temperatures this morning. it is a good morning to stay under. and snuggle up under the covers. >> it is 15 degrees in raleigh and 16 in raleigh. >> 21 is the current temperature. >> just dropped to 20 in littlington. >> this is making temperatures feel colder. >> our feels like temperatures and these resist in the single digits. >> it feels like it is 8 degrees. and 6 degrees in henderson. in rocky mount. >> we have got the cold today. >> late tonight into tomorrow. >> we begin the winter weather headlines. it goes into affect for the counties that you see highlighted in blue. >> it is for snow and ice accumulation. >> for today, it is more clouds
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and we go from 15 degrees to 27 by lunch and 32 is the high temperature by today. let you know what kind of precipitation you expect. and it is for a few minutes. >> justin. >> flags are flying half staff outside of the supreme court. >> marking the passing of antonin scalia. the 79-year-old died of natural causes while on a hunting trip in texas. >> the first italian-american justice was first appointed by ronald reagan. he was an unapologetic or fair conservative. not the intent of the founding fares. and wit. and colorful opinions. >> he infliewnszed a generation of judges. lawyers and students. and profoundly shaped the legal landscape.
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his wife of 55 years. nine children and 28 grandchildren. justice scalia's passing was a discussion at the gop presidential degate. it dwindled down to six republican candidates. one week before the voters head to the poles in the first southern primary of the season. >> this is greenville, south carolina. >> reporter: a change in tone saturday night as the remaining presidential candidates took the debate stage in south carolina. >> following a moment of silence, the candidates were asked how they would go about selecting his replacement. >> i believe the president accident should not move forward and i think we awtd to let the next president of the united states decide who is going to run the supreme court with the people of the united states of america. >> we need to put people on the bench that the constitution is not a leaving and breathing document.
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>> it is to stop it. it is called delay, delay, delay. >> it turned to the foreign correspondence. >> never should have been m iraq. we have destabilized middle east. >> while he was building a reality tv show. my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe and i am proud of what he did. >> how did he keep us safe with the world trade center. >> the world. excuse me. i lost hundreds of friends. the world trade center came down during the reign. >> that is not safe. >> world trade center calm down because as only ma bin laden didn't kill him when he had the chance. >> he sums it up best. >> this is just crazy. this is just nuts.
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they go to the polls for the republican primary. it will be on february 27th. if you want to hear more from republican candidates. marco rubio. john kasich and donald trump. we talk to them at 10:00 a.m. right after our nine aminus cast. >> tomorrow, the issue of funding for police body cameras is expected to come up at the durham city council meeting. >> last week, the durham police department released the final draft of the body camera policy. what is in it is not sitting well. >> they added a new provision with anyone with a complaint against the officer can view it. and not copy it. >> they disagree with the policy. it shows use of force and
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two council members say they will vote against funding the cameras. >> . also, tomorrow. state lawmakers will hold public hearing for a restricting ruling. >> -- redisticket ruling. >> this is a -- redisticket. and they@ysed race as a predominant factor in redrawing districts one and 12. it could haves a wide area. and parts of wilson and durham. >> 12 is out towards win ton salem. >> hold held hearings since they ruled they must be redrawn by the coming friday. >> we feel very strong in the legal argument. >> they advised us and they were cleared by the justice department years ago. >> and it is fully complaint with the law. >> they have asked the u.s. supreme court to grant a delay in the case.
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>> if the supreme court does not grant the delay, they would likely be moved for late in the week. >> still ahead. >> sharing photos is something we do almost every single day. >> what about sharing wedding photos. >> we hear from the incompetence no straight tories. >> up next. it is windle up time as the mercury continues to plunge. >> how to get your house ready. >> speaking of cold. it is cold outside with many temperatures in the teens. we have snow and ice and rain
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>> . local experts recommend replacing filters and cleaning the heat exchange engineer. and check your heat pump. make sure doors and windows are sealed and we are definitely feeling the chill outdoors and most of us in the teens. >> it is cold. >> nothing more to say. >> it is cold. >> we head into this afternoon. temperatures not better. we will stay at or below freezing today.
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rolling into the forecast. >> big system. >> we will break it down right now and take a look. >> it is cold and we will see a little bit of sunshine. nothing popping up and satellite and radars and building back to the west. and will be increasing today. and most of the unshine here. temperatures as i mentioned in the teens. for most of us here. it is 15 degrees in raleigh. >> 16 in degree and the cold spot. it is south the 11 degrees answer 12 degrees in lou and -- louisburg and it is making temperatures feel colder. >> what it feels like outside. it feels like it is 8 degrees in raleigh and feels like it is 4 degrees this morning in rocky mount. >> if you have to be out and about. >> take some precautions, the biting wind and cold is uncomfortable outside.
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and moves into the area tomorrow. and for snow and ice accumulation. we have the winter storm watch and continues through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. for today, out ahead of the system. tazs not -- temperatures not warming up and heading out tomorrow. we will break down the forecast for you in a few minutes. 61:00. still ahead on wncn today. >> we are at half a million wriedz and over 5 million users.
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makes memories for thousands of . good morning, here are the top store rest. >> they are investigating the death of a man on glynn road. cause of death is under investigation. one man is in a hospital and another in jail after a family argument led to shooting in clay top. they tell wncn, he shot his girlfriend's son in the face and stomach late last night in their home on joyner street. >> people around the world are showing affection through candy and words and affection.
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message of love throughout the country of mexico. >> it can be a couple's most important day. their wedding day and raleigh based app is making it better. we have more object web picks for what is next. >> reporter: the idea takes the old idea of a disposable camera and brings it into the now. >> raleigh based web picks and this is growing rapidly. >> whether it is the grandparents or mom and dad. stream into one place. >> they first met with web picks months after they launched. >> 60,000 weddings to use web picks. >> today, we are at half a million brides and over at 5 million users. >> like the rocks who just married in october. >> we have so many different
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>> i must have missed that and it gave us these experiences. >> they log into the website printed by web picks on small cards. >> we sent it through the wedding invitations and also included at our wedding we had the table. >> bride and groom and they can post and share pictures from the proposal all the way to the honeymoon. >> this is able to collect and share the entire experience surrounding the wedding. >> with the average couple spending $25,000 on a wedding. >> web picks is a great addition. >> it is totally free and the next question they is ask is how do you make money. as a tech start up in the social space. our goal is not to make money. but to capture a large audience. >> an audience that is make being web picks the must have addition for weddings. >> i am mike gonzalez.
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>> just log on to and click on the what's next tab. it sounds like quit a bit is on the way. >> we go from the cold this afternoon to a chance of snow, sleet. freezing rain and regular rain tomorrow. >> this is the forecast much and we will jump right in. >> nothing popping up and drying quiet. >> it is good around the area. and sky cover wise. and we will see cloud rolling in. and into this evening. >> we are tracking the next winter storm. >> right now. it is still sitting back over parts of the midwest and pu pushing into the ohio valley right now and this is messy wintry weather this morning. >> it is 15 degrees in raleigh. >> 16 in durham and it is 21 degrees outside in fayetteville and 12 in louisburg and south hill, virginia. we factor in the breeze and what it feels like outside.
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it feels like it is 8 degrees in raleigh. and 7 degrees in goldsboro. and feels like it is 4 degrees in rocky mount. >> and we head through the afternoon. we will see clouds thickening up across the area. the most sunshine we see will be this morning. >> once again expect cold temperatures today. >> this is pay 4:00. >> high temperatures, right at freezing. >> # 2 degrees. >> increasing clouds and very cold. >> we have the area of ohio pressure. >> it is trying to hang on and we will have the storm and send cloud cover had way and into the evening. >> it is to the northeast. >> very important in the set up here. >> the high pressure center. it is a cold high and it is locking in cold air across much of central north carolina. and when the center pushes in from the west and they will be so cold. we will see our precipitation
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and early tomorrow morning with a period of light snow. >> as it pushes up from the south. we will have warmer air mixing in and change over to sleet and freezing rain and gradually over to plain rain and tomorrow evening. and the low pushes further to the north on tuesday. >> rain lingering in the morning. maybe heavy at times, too. and it pulls out further to the northeast and dry out later in the day on tuesday. >> we will step through the future cast here and try today. and clouds starting to roll in as we head into the evening. >> after midnight. we may see some of the flakes flying around the area. it is still well to the northwest. >> snow. is possibility. and we head through the morning drive tomorrow. and could be tricky and it is president's day and schools are and businesses are closed. >> take it slow on the road tomorrow morning. >> it will stick.
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>> we will start to see some sleet and freezing rain mixing in. and after lunchtime we have that plain rain taking over. once we start to see the warmer air push in from the south. >> winter storm watch goes into effect and continues through 4:00 tomorrow and highlighted the map there. and ice accumulations. >> snow moves in and continues through the morning. mix with sleet and freezing rain. and some roads may be icy and temperatures warm up. it changes over to all rain and wash away wall the frozen precipitation. and we head into monday evening. >> a trace to an inch of snow in the light blue shade here. >> north and west of the triangle. looking for one or 3-inches of snow with ice in some spots: barely above freezing for fayetteville and in durham and in raig snow moves in overnight. dips to 23-degrees. not quite as cold as the temperatures that are waking up
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and temperatures actually warming throughout the day tomorrow. >> it is tuesday. we see the 50s returning for wednesday, thursday and friday and check this out. by the start of next weekend on saturday. high temperatures, they are back in the 60s. justin. >> we want wait for that
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>> the best dunking from the . aaron gordon became a favorite with the stuff and in the slam dunk contest last night in toronto much and that wasn't the winning dunk. >> just enough hang time and sealed the deal. this is zack levine. and they take the title. >> hoops excitement in durham as well. >> duke was looking to get things back on track and back to the top 25 yesterday afternoon. blue devils hosted seventh ranked virginia. and after giving free throws and the lead to virginia.
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s grayson allen made a great shot as time expired. >> second straight win against a ranged opponent -- ranged open point end -- ranked opponent. before facing louisville again next saturday. it is against ranked opponents. meanwhile, two teams combine to have last of the 14 games. both wake forest and nc state badly need a win. >> this would not lack star performances. we have the highlights. >> . despite taking a two-point half time lead. they frustrated the pack. they would hit 56% of the shots and straimgs could not find the rhythm. >> we are trying to get out and run. >> he getting fouled calls and
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>> he had 24-point and monster game. 15 points and 21 rebounds. and state though has cat barber. >> the acc's leading scorer. and barber's tally a career point with 30 of those coming in the second half. >> he is as catalyst. for us. >> a and he just. >> i get to the stat sheet and i go whoa. >> wow. >> he really did have a terrific game and you know it. and don't know how much sometimes. >> unlike some games. he did get help battling the deacons. >> this is 18-points and knocks in 20: this is the game he knew he had to get and scoring the most points in acc play in 24 years. >> 1988 stayed over wake. >> you know. he it today.
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straight loss and no time to celebrate though. >> the pack is back in action photo virginia. >> in raleigh. todd gibson. 628 loop. still ahead. for me. it is about doing things to tackle poverty and racism. it is so ramp napt still in this country. >> from racism to voting rights to healthcare. >> they take a stand marching through the streets of raleigh. we look at not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, plus 24-month financing. ends monday.
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. letting loved ones know how important to you. and spending a little cash too. and federation said men will shell out twice as much as women today. good day to stay in with your loved ones. it is 6:30 and 15 degrees in raleigh and beautiful sunrise. take some warmth and comfort in that. if nothing else sms. >> thanks for watching the weekend edition. >> i am justin quesinberry. >> i am kristin ketchell. we are looking ahead to tomorrow. it could be messy for people out there. >> definitely for the people tomorrow.
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>> this is a look from the camera right now. >> sunrise this morning is at 7:04 a.m. we are seeing the days getting longer and it is cold. 15 degrees the current temperature in raleigh. and not much cloud cover outside. it is mainly back to the west right now. >> we will have clouds thickening up today. and this will bring us a chance for a wintery mix. and this is a current mix in raleigh. 16 in durham and 21 in fayetteville. and most of us in the teens. >> south hill, virginia. >> getting close to single digits. >> we will factor in the breeze. >> it is making temperatures feel colder. so the current windchill. >> feels like temperature is 4 degrees. and this is the windchill in rocky mount. and it feels like it is 7 degrees in sanford and for the county's highlighted in blue tonight. and midnight. continues through 4:00.
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that is for show and ice accumulation and change over to plain rain in the afternoon tomorrow. >> in the forecast today. >> it is 15 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and 27 degrees at lunchtime. 32 is the high temperature today with clouds rolling in this afternoon and this evening. i will let you know what is coming in -- coming up in a few minutes. they have made an arrest in the mirrored on glynn road. >> he is facing a first degree murder charge. this is after the body of 36-year-old was found in the backyard. this is on going dispute between neighbors. >> one is in the hospital and a family argument led to a shooting in clayton. police tell them shot his
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brandon pleasant in the face and stomach late last night on joyner street. >> he is expected to survive and driver is being held in the $80,000 bond. no word on a motive for the shooting. >> half staff on the white house. antonin scalia. >> it shocked the news and he died of natural causes while on a hunting trip in south texas. >> karin caifa has the latest from washington. >> reporter: supreme court justice antonin scalia dead at the age of 79 while on a hunting trip to texas. and he was found unresponsive saturday afternoon. traveling in california, president obama offered his condolences.
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larger than life president on the -- presence on the beverage. brilliant mind with a ber jet particular -- energetic style. >> appointed by president reagan he was the first italian american to be seated on the court. he was a strong voice and critic of roe versus wade and same-sex marriage cases. most recently criticized for his affirmative action. with tributes about who will succeed scalia. president obama said he intends to make that in due time. >> the presidential candidates took the stage in greenville, south carolina and had their opinions. >> it is up to mitch mcdonnell and stop it. it is caused delay, delay, delay. >> there should be an
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and barack obama will not have a consensus pick when he and pointed that person to the senate. >> this is part of a quirk that issued 5-4 decisions. the vacancy may mean some of the remaining decisions this term may be an even split. >> scalia is survived by his wife maureen: i am karin caifa. over the last few weeks. they say ice agents have been more aggressive in detaining teens illegally. they were taking a stand against those actions. wncn's roar ter has more. >> they will kill him. his life is at risk. >> reporter: she is speaking through an interpreter and making an emotional plea for her brother to be freed. >> this is 18-year-old santos and he was picked up by ice agents thursday. >> my brother is not a
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>> i am asking for justice. >> >> our study, working and just progressing here. >> her brother has been in raleigh since june of 2015. and he fled el salvado or and the teen and one of six others have been detained in recent weeks. >> that's what brought dozens out to the white plains methodist church in cary, family, friends and neighbors all coming to ght. >> ice raids across the country to tee port the new wave of illegal immigrants. >> we are noticing a disturbing trend. and immigration customs seems to be coming more aggressive in the way they are arresting some of the youths and hopes it is will draw attention. >> it wasn't about raising aware nsz but taking action. >> organizers urging those who
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number and to sign the on line petition. >> advocates stressing they could be deported at any moment and the now detained won't be the last. >> amy cutler. wncn now. >> it is marching time. >> it is movement time. >> several thousand people marched through downtown raleigh yesterday morning for the moral march and rally of the forward together movement. the north carolina ncaap said it is for voting rights or education equality. >> so many issues and represents the unity of the movement. >> someone has to i can at that the stand and put in their minds that i am going to stand for what i believe in. and the foundation that was set for me. >> someone has to take the plunge and take the plupg and
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>> this is the 10th annual moral march in raleigh. >> still ahead. on wncn today. >> pope francis lives up to his name as el poppa during his trip to mexico. earthquake down under. scary moments caught on video. we are back in three minutes. . outside today it is cold. temperatures only in the teens for many of us. >> we have snow in the forecast tonight. winter storm watch goes into
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i will have a break down . welcome back. scary day in new zealand. earthquake hit the island nation. it hit christchurch and thankfully so far. no reports of serious injuries or damage. five years ago this month. a major quake did hit new zealand and it killed 200 people. it had a lot of people rattled for the quake early this morning. new zealand is tomorrow in new zealand i think. it happened earlier today.
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>> we are really watching the storm coming through tomorrow morning. >> it is the opposite of storms we have had so far. >> we are starting off with the cold air and change over to rain. the biggest problem is tomorrow morning. and they warm up. it is cold right now. we have the cold oir in place. it is 15 degrees. you are taking a live look from the tower camera. and we start to see the sunrise. it is at 7:04 told. we will see clouds rolling back into the area. right now, the cloud cover is back to the west. >> air overhead very dry and my hair is sticking to me. >> it is so tbad outside. and we see the snow. and it is going to have to overcome all the dry air. >> it is 15 degrees in raleigh right now. >> 16 in durham hand 21 degrees outside. in fayetteville and if you factor in the breeze.
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it feels like it is 4 degrees. in rocky mount. it is not above freezing and we do have a winter storm watch that goes into effect in midnight. that is 4:00 in the afternoon. you see them highlighted in blue. and this is during the morning. early afternoon tomorrow. >> for today. we have clouds increasing throughout the day. >> 15 degrees. to 27 degrees at lunchtime and high temperatures with # two rolling this this afternoon and into the evening. snow begins after midnight. how much you can expect coming up at the other side of the break. 6:43 right now and straight ahead. > >> pope francis sole braits
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spreading died. u.s. supreme court justice antonin scalia has died. republicans wanted this to fall to the in things president. one week before the south carolina primary. hopefuls are in the palmetto state. a verbal brawl broke out. and this is among several candidates. he was at the center of highly
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and another one ranging from immigration and campaign tactics. tomorrow, the issue of funding for police body cameras is expected to come up at the durham city council meeting. this add add new provision so anyone has a complaint can view the video and not copy it. >> council members disagree and says use of force should be made public. >> president obama is spending valentine's day spreading cheer throughout the country of mexico. it is a challenge to mexican leaders with security and, justice and pastoral care. >> pope francis condemned the violence and corruption in the country. >> love is in the air around the world today. this is a valentine's display and l.e.d. roses lit up the harbor front there in time for the holiday. light rose garden originated
6:48 am
>> white roses sim pollize pure and love and it is celebrating the chinese lantern festival. it is not just humans. penguins at the london zoo received special treats ahead of valentine's day. it is served frozen in heart shaped blocks of ice. it is to get the penguins in a mood to mark the start of the breeding season. >> really affectionate. they come up to us and say hello. and they preen each other and both the male and female and look after the chicks and eggs as well. this is the kind of day they would really appreciate it if they could under it. >> they said they like trying new things. it is not all love and roses today. in fact, members of a radical behind due group held protests against the valentine's day celebrations.
6:49 am
they burned newspapers and cards in the streets. they claim valentine's day is against indian culture. >> it is a cold valentine's day. and perfect morning to snuggle up next to the one you love. it is outside. and we have the first glims of -- -glimpses and we are seeing this through the case this morning much before we see clouds increasing. you can see the clouds sitting back to the west right now and eventually we will see the clouds producing some snow. >> sleet and freezing rain for us. we head into tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. the next winter storm sitting back over portions of the midwest right now. that is going to impact us. mainly overnight tonight and through the first half of the day tomorrow as far as the frozen precipitation goes. >> it is 15 degrees outside. right now. 16 in durham and 21 degrees insist fayetteville. and 9 degrees in south hill, virginia. and we are in the single digits
6:50 am
and it feels like it is in the sing digits for a lot of us this morning. we have a light breeze and that is making the temperatures feel stronger. >> current whipped chill is 4 degrees insist rocky mount am anal 6 degrees this morning in governor and if you are -- in goldsboro and try to bundle up and have the least amount of exposed sceb as possible. >> temperatures are cold and it does not feel good today. >> we are seeing temperatures rusing to near freezing this afternoon. >> 32 is the high temperature and most sunshine will see. it is until about lunchtime and see the clouds thickening up this afternoon and head of the next storm system that will impact us tomorrow. >> expect increasing clouds and cold once again. and knock it out the 30s and we will see the trends continue through today. we have the pressure locking in the cold air.
6:51 am
we have the cold air in place. northeast. it locks the cold air in. we will see initially light snow falling across the area and the low pressure center starts to push up from the south. it will bring warm air with it. we will see snow change to wintery mix and eventually. and will see. the potential for moderate to heavy rain. monday night to tuesday morning. and we still have to try. you are one of the ones that has to be at school or work. take it on the roads tomorrow.
6:52 am
mix move in and changes over to snow and freezing rain. after lunchtime enough warm air pushes in and changes over to rain. it stays at rain monday night and tuesday. winter storm watch goes into effect and continues through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. it is highlighted in the map there. and snow and ice accumulation. >> here is exactly what you can expect. snow moves photo overnight and continues through tomorrow morning. snow mixes with sleet and freezing rain late in the morning and changes over to all rain late tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening. as far as snow totals go. and expect a dusting up to an inch. and light shaded area. extreme northwestern portions of the area. a and highest totals to the northwest there. anal dealing with the cold. >> 31 degrees can. and 33. and fayetteville. and tonight, temperatures fall to 23 degrees. and moves in. after hid might.
6:53 am
>> it is 37 degrees tomorrow. continue to warm up with the wintery mix. and into tuesday. >> then we are dry for the rest of the week. and temperatures warm up pretty weekend. looking for a high of 62. can't wait for that. >> up next. melissa mccarthy hosted
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four they say five time as charm. i got it tattooed on my arm. >> she was born. born, born to host five times. funny thing. after all of that it is revealed that melissa mccarthy has hosted just four times. it is filled with plenty of laughs and musical guest cania west. >> next it will be jonah hill. this is the eighth grammy awards. frey tide at the age of 67. monday evening his former band mates will give him a special salute and joined by singer
6:56 am
first hit take it easy with frey. >> they sold more than 100 million records worldwide. for the actual awards ceremony. they are flying about who will take home a statue. >> mike wilbur has the scoop. > >> reporter: it looks to be the year of kendrick lamar with nods at the grammy awards. >> grammies feel they have to make it up to keep trick. >> he is the leading editor and theys it is his turn to sweep the major categories. >> you may remember, two years ago he had numerous nominations including. and he did not win in those major categories. so many people were surprised. >> this year's lineup is also impress i have is. >> but the performers also are looking to make an impression. >> he predicts wig things from rhianna. and lady gaga will do a david
6:57 am
came out too late to be nominated this year. >> lionel richie who sank the classic hello is set to perform as well. >> love yourself singer justin bieber who didn't make the cut will also perform. mike wilbur. they air tomorrow night on cbs, cps programming comes here to wncncht on february 29 rdz. >> it will be a cold one. >> temperatures near freezing this afternoon. then we have a chance for the wintery mix tomorrow. we will have more updates and forecast coming up in the next hour. >> still ahead at 7:00 a.m. including a three judge ruling on political districts that could cause problems before the
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what may happen in . happy valentine's day. from roses to cards to chocolates. it is the day to show your special someone how much you care. >> they say they will drop $20 billion to celebrate value p tine's day. >> celebrate indoors. >> it is the deceiving sunrise. >> looks so pretty and warm. it is february 14, 2016. i am justin quesinberry. >> i am kristin ketchell. we are looking ahead to tomorrow. it will be pretty messy. >> it is on the way tomorrow. it is the opposite of storm system it is where we start off with the cold air and then we have the rain moving in. and typically. we have seen rain changing over to snow. and now we have this and the


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