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tv   WNCN Today at 500AM  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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us. our top story this morning is is the weather. once the ice and snow started to melt our focus turned to the potential for severe weather now. >> let's begin with school systems operating on a delay today because of the impact the ice had yesterday. all the systems that you see on your screen right now on a two hour delay. >> it includes orange durham, roanoke rapids, franklin, you can find a full list at the bottom of your screen. you can also go online to we've got it there for you as well. we also have team coverage this morning throughout our viewing area about the severe weather. emma wright she's riding around checking out the conditions like she did yesterday for us. first let's check in with kristin ketchell who's in for alyssa corfont. we've got a lot of stuff happening today. >> yeah, you may have heard the rain already pounding on your rooftop this morning because we've got some heavy showers moving through the area right now some downpour in some spots, and it's very heavy in a lot of locations here.
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look at our radar the deeper colors, so these yellows, oranges, reds indicating the heavier downpour. we had one that moved over the station a few minutes ago and our flights flick can heed but that heavier rain is pushing off to the east. and further back to the west see this stripe of red that's the heaviest rain that we'll see and it's currently working it's way towards sanford and just down to the east of pinehurst at this point. so please be careful outside this morning because in addition to the rain we've got some gusty wind too. 37 miles per hour wind gust in fayetteville. so yesterday we were dealing with ice and some sleet and snow, today we're dealing with some wind, rain and reduced visibility because of some fog too. so keep that in mind the morning commute may definitely be a little slow going here. it's 59 degrees in
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57 in durham, 53 in henderson, still 35 in roxboro but we're not going to hold onto that cold air morning. 60 our current temperature in fayetteville. this afternoon temperatures up to about 61 degrees, not moving very much from where they were right now but the good news is we actually dry out increasing sunshine throughout the day today then falling temperatures tonight. maybe a stray shower, overalthough, things looking much better from here on out as temperatures moving up and sunshine making a come back. your morning drive we do have dry conditions around the area right now on the roads, no major issues but we are seeing some ponding starting to show up in some spots. here's a live look from i-85 and u.s. 70 where you can see the water collecting. it is going to pond on the roads quickly. so if the roads dry at this point they're thought going to stay like that much longer.
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road a little bit difficult to see because we're seeing the water continuing to collect on our lens there. and as far as your morning drive times go looking at northbound into raleigh on u.s. 1 highway 55 to downtown actually takes you about 17 minutes this morning and on 401 from nc 55 to downtown you're looking at a 20 minutes commute this morning. and keep in mind things going to be slow going because of the rain out there. a lot of schools on a delay so that's of course good news this morning. it will give them a chance to sleep in and maybe less traffic on the roads. >> all right our team coverage of this round of weather continues this morning. >> emma wright is riding along our viewing area, so emma, we can see you, tell us what you're seeing out there. >> well, it's not quite as bad as it was yesterday with that snow and ice but things still pretty dangerous.
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down. we just got off of 440 and now we're on capitol boulevard. the roads wet and the rain is heavy and we're you should also keep in mind the it's really blowing us around particularly on the belt line when you're going at a little bit faster rate of speed, we're a pretty heavy car, we're in a jeep so you know if we're feeling it blowing back and forth if you're in a smaller car you're going to feel that wind. we're seeing that most of the ice and snow has melted. there is a little bit in between the lanes so you want to keep that in mind. you don't want to be slipping and sliding in this rainy weather. that's what it looks like out here on capitol boulevard. we're going to continue to monitor the conditions. >> all right.
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out there. thanks a lot. all right an icy bridge is here in moore county. you can see the suv flipped over. this happened on the bridge on night. these photos were sent just another reminder to really slow down during the winter weather situations especially on bridges or overpasses. all right. well, talk about a traffic nightmare, 485 north of charlotte was shut down. and one more reminder if you haven't already make sure you download the news and weather apps where you can get push alerts as well as updates to the weather forecast. it's available for your apple or android devices. and we weren't the only ones impacted by winter weather yesterday.
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and severe weather to the south. tornadoes actually touched down in alabama. a tornado topple add tree damaging a high school. a tennessee -- in other news a tennessee judge ruled there is enough probable cause to move toward against three high school officials. they face allegations for failing to report sexual abuse of basketball players. four players have been accused of sexually assaulting a team mate while on a team trip back in december. the planned parenthood office in colorado springs colorado which was the scene last year of a mass shooting and police stand off is now back open. some repairs still being made as bullet holes can be seen on the building still but with the new security measures in place all services now being
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hearings set to begin in the sinking of the cargo ship, still to come what details expected to
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may have been woken up by some heavy rain pounding on the rooftop. we've got a cold front moving through early this morning and a that's going to bring some heavy rain. temperatures warm outside but we are dealing with some of these downpour moving in. you can see heavy rain just moved into eastern wade county. this passed over the station just a few moments ago and we did hear the heavy rain out there. it's moving into parts of franklin county, the heaviest rain down to the southwest and also to the west of the triangle right now. sanford, raeford seeing the heavy downpour moving in and that's pushing right along i-40 and 70 toward durham and chapel hill. so you guys next for seeing the heavier rain showers move in. this is all thanks to a cold front continuing to push in from the west. behind this system we're going to dry out but this morning we're still dealing with some fog that's reducing visibility in some spots.
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temperatures too. it's 59 degrees in raleigh, 57 in durham, 60 in fayetteville and winds gusting for some of us close to 40 miles per hour this morning. the good news is the rain wraps up early and we dry out this afternoon, 61 our high temperature today before we dry out and cool off tonight. i'll be back coming up in just a few minutes with your complete forecast. well, a woman says her huge lottery win feels like a second chance. gina short has been battling breast cancer for six years. you can see how excited she is when she found out she won the grand prize in the first ultimate millions second chance drawing. her entry was one of more than a million. she'll bring home a little more than $400,000. good for her. well, still ahead bundy will head to court today and.
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wncn's top stories today the huggins-jones murder trial is is expected to go to a jury. the state used the medical examiner as its last witness. defense lawyers said smith would not take the stand and they rested without presenting any evidence.
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severe weather headed our way some people still dealing with the impact of yesterday's winter weather. dozens of flights were cancelled or delayed yesterday. today state the lawmakers will hold a hearing about the public comments they he received surrounding redrawing two congressional districts. district 1 and 12 would be redrawn. district 12 is towards winston-salem, district 1 includes parts of wilson and durham. the deadline for lawmaker to say redraw the district is is this friday. today activists and cattle rancher cliven bundy is scheduled to appear inside a courtroom. he'll answer to charges stemming from an armed confrontation in 2014 with federal officials. he is the first to face charges in what some hailed as a victory in the fight to turn over federal land to state control. more recently his son staged an armed sit in on federal land in oregon. a hearing on the tragic sinking of the el faro is scheduled to begin today.
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coast guard is conducting the case. they're expected to focus on the events that led up to the and previous previous voyages that it made. one of the largest employers in the western part of north carolina is laying off more than dimler trucking told employees friday would be their last day. both locations near charlotte. president's day weekend is traditionally the start of the spring housing market which is the busiest time of the year but according to the latest numbers from the national association of real tornados inventory at the end of december of last year was down nearly 4%, the supply of homes for sale was the lowest since the start of 2005.
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your iphone. >> manually changing an i-phone date to may of 1970 or earlier can pre investigate the device from turninging -- or after restart. >> how would you do that. >> i have no idea. >> apple has nod provided a reason for the bug but it has acknowledged it. officials say an upcoming update will prevent the issue, until then you should keep close tabs on your device so no one renders it inoperable especially if you want to change the settings to the 1970s. >> strange. i don't know why you'd ever want to turn your calendar back to 1970. all right we want to turn the clock forward because i saw some sunshine. >> yes. >> let's turn things forward to the weekend. we will actually be seeing sunshine and 60s for the weekend. we have to get through some of the rain that we've got outside right now.
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their way through the area and you can see some water collecting on the lens there. this is our tower camera in north raleigh and we're looking toward the west of the the belt line looks like it's moving okay despite the fact that we're seeing some heavier showers moving through the area. we've got some periods of heavy rain likely through this morning but this afternoon we're going to be drying out. the morning drive may be a little bit tricky. yesterday we were dealing with some ice, some snow in spots, this morning we're much warmer and dealing with rain. so we've got some heavier showers pushing through parts of vance county right now. the heaviest stuff sitting back to the west, the western edge of our viewing area right now. you can see the deeper red colors here. that's the heaviest rain that we'll see all morning just east of raeford, just moved through sanford and that's pushing its way to the east as well. this is all thanks to a cold front that will clear the area this afternoon.
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that we are waking up to a very wet start to the day conditions improving later on. temperatures much warmer. you'll notice that outside this morning too. it's 59 degrees in raleigh, 57 in durham, 60 is our current temperature in fayetteville. some spots still in the 40s and 30s this morning but we're going to see all the temperatures warming up through the morning hours here and we've got wind too, 39-mile per hour gusts is reported in raleigh, a 35-mile per hour gust recorded in fayetteville. so we've got rain, wind and reduced visibility. because of the rain take it slow on the roads but the good news is the rain clears out of here. by lunchtime the majority of the viewing area is dry and we will see describes clearing. this afternoon maybe a chance for a shower as we head into tonight. our future cast right now showing some of those heavier showers working through the heaviest rain starting to clear
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so again, that morning drive a little bit tricky today. by lunchtime the clouds actually slide off to the east. we will see the sunshine maybe even returning a little bit by this afternoon. this evening we're mostly dry with the exception of a stray little rain shower pushing through especially north of the triangle but you the majority going to stay dry overnight tonight. looking at a high today of 61 in raleigh, 60 in durham, 64 in fayetteville. tonight isolated shower possible otherwise partly cloudy skies 38 degrees for an overnight temperature. and your forecast keeps get better as we head through this week with the exception of that early morning shower tomorrow we're looking at a dry day with partly cloudy skies and 56 for wednesday, 52 degrees on thursday. later this week temperatures continue to climb 54 degrees on friday, and like i said, let's just forget this week and we'll fast forward to this weekend,
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sunday, after the ice and snow that we dealt with yesterday that just sound fantastic even 62 on monday and that's really our next chance for rain here. so a much warmer week on the way. let's get a check on that morning drive because we are dealing with some of the of heavy rain showers. this is a live look from our mobile news tracker. checking out the road conditions they're on it looks like capitol boulevard right now and seeing some light rain showers currently but the heavier stuff is still moving in. so let's take a look at our traffic maps and you will see that we are going to be seeing some of the roads starting to pick up in trapping volume a little bit around the area and we've got a wreck to tell you about south of raleigh right now just one incident on the map there. nothing major though to tell you about here. and so we'll have more weather and traffic updates come up in just a few minutes. >> all right thanks.
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despite a strong first half nc state just couldn't get the upset on the road last night. >> this is not what the pack fans were looking for. they managed to keep the score tied at the half but virginia pulled away in the second half final score 73 to 53. state hosts claim on saturday. >> that's got to hurt. >> yeah, it hurts me. >> sorry. >> next year is going to be a good one. already duke is back in the top 25. >> it comes ahead of wednesday's battle. the blue devils now ranked 20th and have the chance to climb higher if they get a win wednesday over the 5th ranked tar heels. tip off is at 9:00. we'll have of course
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throughout the day so keep it here. the kanes take the ice tonight. they host the jets at 7:00. they visit the jets earlier this month and crushed them 5 to 3. hopefully they can do it again. college baseball season is just around the corner. >> all three college squads kicked things off on friday. they'll play in a three game series throughout the weekend and the tar heels head out to la for a best of three series. their first game is friday 9 p.m. eastern and the wolf pack will have a weekend tournament. their match up is with old dominion at noon. >> yeah, my pack is ranked 10th. as the ice continues to melt after our latest round of weather drivers now dealing with foggy conditions. >> we have complete coverage of the weather issues coming up. kristin ketchell is here and she's got a look at the forecast and the road conditions.
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in by noon, out by 5 the next day. staples. make more happen. right now on wncn talk about some wild weather hitting us just 24 hours ago icy and slick conditions on the roads greeted drivers in many parts of our viewing area. >> and two hours later fog blanketed our area. >> it's crazy out there right now. good morning thanks for watching. glad that you're with us. >> happy tuesday. our top story this morning as we just mentioned is going to be the weather. once the ice started to melt and now our focus is turning to the potential for severe weather. >> we're going to start with school systems operating on a delay because of the impact the
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the systems that you see on your screen on a two hour delay. >> it includes durham, roanoke rapids, you can find a full list at the bottom of your screen, also online at and we also have team coverage for you this morning throughout our viewing area of the severe weather. wncn's emma wright checking out conditions on the roadways. first we're going to check in with kristin ketchell who's got a look at the forecast. >> a whole lot going on. this morning we've got rain and we also have some pretty strong winds out there as well. let's take a look at our wncn tower camera you can see water here. we've had some heavy downpours and the radar is lit up with that this morning, the deep colors indicating some that have heavy rain along a cold front which it's not going to do much for us temperature wise but it is going to bring us again some of the heavier showers


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