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tv   WNCN Today at 530AM  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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light showers. a lot of this starting to fizzle out. this is all thanks to a weak area of low pressure and right now we're seeing light shower activity north of the triangle. the wet weather will come to an end today. there is dry weather and sunshine in the forecast. 40 raleigh, 41 durham, 41 fayetteville , at the rest of the kids may need a an umbrella. this afternoon sunny skies were temperatures warming into the mid-50s. not too bad today, mostly cloudy , 42 8:00 am, 50 the clearing skies at lunch, high temperature 54 becoming sunny by this afternoon. i'll let you know how long the sunshine will stick around and was is in store. let's check first on the morning drive for taking a live look at i 40 and rock quarry road things, out there today.
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like we have been experiencing over the past couple of days. the traffic map showing things clear. all green on your major thoroughfares. if planning to head easound loops from 540 from glenwood two us 64, 70 minutes and on 40 from us one 70 minutes and on 40 from us 1 to 64 70 minutes and on 40 from us 1 to 6410 minute commute. atoll is recovering after getting shot -- shot at home daycare. >> the shooting happened at yesterday afternoon. wncn emma wright has new information for us this morning department. >>reporter: i talked with the police earlier this morning and they say they had picked up some people for questioning. they haven't made any arrests yet. scary moments for a two-run
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bullet holes in the side of of 1508 great bend dr. the only sign something that happened. >> she thought it was firecrackers but when she saw the bullets and debris she grabbed the kids and hit the floor. >>reporter: her neighbor ran a day care center out of the house and tried to save the kids. police say a baby boy was hit in the leg with a bullet. she says the daycare owner noticed two cars racing outside her house before the shooting. >>reporter: to see such recklessness especially in an area with lots of kids.>> there is no value for human life. i think it's sad they would come through with no regard for what is going on. >>reporter: durham police say a little bit was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and asking anyone with information to call crimestoppers. fayetteville woman charged
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expected in court. investigator say mcnair and hold got into a fight and that's when she stabbed him. but there's family members say hold was homeless and he was helping her with a place to stay. community with these activities. to developing story out of raleigh police conducting a death investigation after finding a man's body near a green light. crews responded to supplement and street at city farm road 20 minutes earlier. no word on cause of death. all charges dropped against a man in the shooting death of a chapel hill tolbert on christmas day. someone shot maleah williams in the parking lot of a chapel hill apartment complex in she died a few days later.
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of the first charged in the shooting death. the da says there is not enough evidence to link him to the crime. he is behind bars and the department of corrections to to previous parole violation. the charges are the same for the other two suspects involved. the sentencing phase of pick up to the man who killed a raleigh woman and her home two years ago. melissa huggins jones is a family left the courthouse without making a common history. the jury returned a guilty verdict for travion smith. the decision came within an hour of closing arguments. jurors will decide if he gets the death penalty. it can take several days to reach a decision. we sent a push alert after the jury reached a verdict for you can sign up for them by telling the wncn news app for apple and android devices. it's free in your app store. pope francis wraps up his trip to mexico. he will visit war is present stop at the tech -- border.
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event for he focused on the injustices by mexico's poorest, most suppressed and vulnerable to the drug violence. the gop presidential candidates are gearing up for south carolina town hall discussions. msnbc will host back-to-back specials with trump and john casey. trump will air in o'clock p.m. in a town hall with governor kasich will air 7:00 pm. as for the rest of the field three will appear in a town hall. governor mcquarrie will head to chapel hill to take part in a panel discussion. unc chancellor and leaders will participate next month. you will be able to vote on a proposal for the nc connect and that calls for $2 billion in infrastructure improvements with the majority of colleges and universities. those opposed say it's not fiscally responsible for the
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governor says there will be any increase associated or tax increase associated with it. homeowners say it's a loophole allows the state to hold property hostage. the supreme court heard arguments about the mac act allows data development -- limit development. attorneys suing the state claimed the state uses the to keep property values down to purchase land. >> the amount of mischief that is running rampant through the state emanates through this act. state attorneys argued the dot uses the act to regulate local land-use for the public benefit of ruling doesn't really not expected for several muttered tonight is round one of the battle of the blues. >> unc tar heels playing at home but duke on a three game winning streak. tipoff is set for 9:00 am. wncn tom gibson is covering the game. our crews will be live at the
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there will be smiles and cries. lights, camera, action hollywood came to a riding academy. the message that is taking center stage. from snow to tornadoes will take a look at the wild weather that hit parts of the us yesterday. >> it was unbelievable yesterday went from snow to icelandic to wind and rain yesterday. a few showers this
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in the weather center and
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that hit carteret county yesterday. once a clear out it was a nice day.>> yesterday was unreal with the gusty winds. we had the overturned the truck in the outer banks on the bridge leading to the outer banks. the heavy rain and wind is out of here. we saw the sunshine yesterday and more of it this afternoon. a few spotty showers popping up. a live look at our wncn radar nec showers north of the triangle . franklin county seeing heavy rain pushing through around louisburg and 401 being impacted but that will fly to the east lake. we will try at across the area today. 40 degrees outside raleigh, 41 to 11, 41 fayetteville. the showers outside early but they will clear lake.
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8:00 am and temperature around 42 8:00 am 50 lunchtime, 54 and sunday this afternoon. not a bad wednesday for us but conditions get better this weekend. a complete forecast coming up. 5:42 am, look who is back walked into the school, recchi the guide dog an update on how
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you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they'll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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5:44 am, our top stories. durham police say they are pushing people in connection with a drive-by shooting that said at college loss of respect someone shot the one half year- old little boy at a home daycare on great bend drive around frequently and measure. the wish i'd like that is
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police have made no arrests. the sentencing phase of pick up for the man who killed a raleigh woman two years ago. jury found the travion smith guilty of murder of melissa huggins jones and jurors will decide if he gets the death penalty. apple says it is fighting a judge's order to help the fbi access information stored in an iphone up along to one of the san bernardino california shooters. the manager will apple must supply the fbi with specialized software that can help and hack into the iphone belonging to psyd farouq he and his wife killed 14 people in december. a new report shows a trend about school suspension in wake county. african-american students make up less than a quarter of students the report from the make up more than half of last year suspensions. white and hispanic students make up 30% of suspensions.>> you believe in race plays a role in how students are being displayed?>> i don't think our
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discriminatory but we do see our outcomes are despairing. >> by county officials will meet with the community in the coming weeks as they corrected is very. a local riding academy will become a major motion picture. it helps troubled teenage girls. movie group is falling a movie called unbridled and will take a look at human trafficking. >> movies like this try to produce change. my hope is it is done well enough that everyone put their best foot forward in a way we pay to clear picture of what it is like for these children and and move someone to do something. >> hollywood in the triangle. the movie stars eric roberts,
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and courageous. state democrats say a decision by republicans not to include race in redrawing district lines below the land the case back in corporate lawmakers have until friday to redraw the lines for districts one and 12. they were drawn based on race federal judges say digit one is a wide area including wilson entered and 12 is up towards winston salem. republican lawmakers insist this debate will impact the primary but the issue still is frustrating and confusing for young voters. talk to some young people and durham who plan to vote for the first time this year. much of them are in the first congressional district and it is one of two. voters are concerned about the lack of clarity and what will be on the ballot next month.>> it's aggravating to me they don't know what they are doing. and if they feel like i don't even want to vote anymore because i don't know what's going on.>> we haven't been clear on what is going on and
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students because it affects us head on.>> we talk to the head of the durham county board of elections and he says his offices, quote, percent full speed ahead as of the primary is having next month... leaders say there are no plans currently to move the presidential primary the congressional primary could still change. from raleigh to the coast to virginia everyone saw problems from severe weather alert this was -- in addition to rain and wind fog was a big story. strong winds could be to blame for this tractor-trailer falling on its side while crossing a bridge in the outer banks for wind sensors measure the cost of 77 miles per hour before the accident happened. the driver was not hurt and likely the truck was empty. farther inland the national weather center confirms and ef one tornado touched down at carteret county.
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miles per hour . fortunately there were no serious injuries. surveillance cameras and miramar florida captured trees and debris flying everywhere in the midst of a possible tornado. winds uprooted palm trees and the wind was so strong officials are investigating if a tornado hit the area. hard to miami-dade county also suffered significant damage from the sweeping wins. serono, virginia dealt with flooding after heavy rains. didn't take long for rain to clear out before the sunshine returns. >> we just had snow and ice had been we had in the rain and warm weather. even thunder and lightning. >> it's been a wild week. we are going to see conditions, over the next several days in the sunshine is making a comeback.
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our radar showing a few light and spotty showers north of the triangle. if we zoom in you can see spots of heavy rain in franklin county. some spotty showers and sprinkle in some spots but they are moving out. the system of low-pressure to the south that will take showers with its. -- act. it is not looking too bad, 40 raleigh, 41 durham and fayetteville, 40 rocky mount, 37 louisburg 39 and henderson print a little cooler than yesterday but temperatures this afternoon will warm up into the 50s. a few degrees shy at average for this time of year and warm things up to 54. clouds this morning and plenty of sun this afternoon. skies will stay clear over the next several days.
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skies as the low-pressure slides offshore. for tomorrow and friday a new system of high pressure built into the west. that will lead to sunny skies and highs in the 50s. high pressure system will see the weather calm and the sunshine returns. by the weekend the highest lives to the southeast. warmer air into the region. highs in the 60s on saturday and sunday. a picture-perfect sunday -- weekend. futurecast showing a few light showers for 6:00 am but by 8:00 we are wrapped up at the rain. a few clouds will linger through early this morning but we will see the sunshine stick around throughout the day and a clear skies continue into tomorrow and friday and the weekend. high in raleigh 54, 53 durham, 57 fayetteville. tonight temperatures fall 232,
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degrees. forecast shows temperatures in the 50s through friday. 50 tomorrow, 52 friday. we will see the sunshine all week through the rest of the week and into the weekend. 66 saturday, 64 sunday. warm for the weekend. next chance for rain monday evening into tuesday and around the cooler temperatures moving in by tuesday with highs into the upper 40s. enjoy the sunshine this week. it is looking fantastic and not is a good thing for morning drive. a look at what to expect outside. as far as the morning commute the things not looking too bad. a live look at us 70 and us 70 business where traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. we have no major issues to
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through the triangle. 45, 440 looking good and into raleigh from the north on us one from 542 downtown about 12 minutes. on 70 from ike 542 downtown 17 minute drive. how much protein does your dog food have? 18%?
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a durham police officer get some special recognition. andrew wilkinson went above and beyond the call of duty to help a woman out who had no heat in her home. he realized she was trying to heat her home with an oven. he was so concerned it could be a fire hazard he went out and purchase a heater for her. awakened county sheriff's office -- wake county. it is partnering with the neighborhood partnering with next door, and after for neighbors to -- for neighbors to talk. >> they can touch bases with us and let us know we have such
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the 20th century. let's keep in touch.>> more than 450 wake county neighborhoods have launched next door communities. connected to a story we brought you last month, a campbell law student and her guide dog park back together in school after the community came together to help raise money to pay for the dogs medical care for it mary fowler's guide dog named recchi is known on campus. there's found out that recchi the surgery, her classmates and other people stepped in and donated all the money for the several thousand dollars surgery. >> i am a full-time student so i am not working, just doing law school. that has meant so much because without everybody helping, she would not have had the treatments. >> she says recchi loves to be back in school. she is top dog.
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later this year. today we will learn more about the winners of last month's 1.58 today we will learn more about the winners of last month's $1.58 billion jackpot. the state of florida will hold a news conference to announce one of the winners. we saw the couple that one the ticket and tennessee. affordable announced in california is the last day. >> we need to pull away and try. coming up a toddler recovering this morning after getting shot at a local home
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learned overnights from police. the search is on for the person who shot a little boy and a durham home daycare. breaking news of apple to help an investigation of the terrorist attacks in san bernardino california. time to pick your blue,
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first round the battle of the blues hits the hardwood tonight in chapel hill.>> any predictions? >> the blue team. let's get to our meteorologist. what should we expect, rainer century? >> a little bit of both for today. outside a few light showers popping up on our radar but showers wrapping up. most of them north of the triangle and fizzling out. i think by 8:00 am we are completely dry around the area with more sunshine in your forecast. 41 degrees outside and raleigh entry 11, 39 and fayetteville. we'll see temperatures rise in this afternoon to about 40 degrees. this morning for the best forecast. 54 with sunny skies as we head into this afternoon.


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