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tv   WNCN News at 7  CBS  February 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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not know what it was and then went back to sleep. the next morning she found her mother dead in her mother's bed. she left in her pajamas, found a construction worker, brought him back in and he called 911. she got on her phone and called her dad. you could hear audible crying and i could see family members heaving, very upset by the testimony. hannah did not waver and was very focused. she talked about how her mother was loving and fun and said she will miss her mother. she said one of the things that bothered her the most was the fact that her mother would not see her at her wedding. >>steve: that has to be very difficult, there has been emotional reaction of the family and friends that what has the testimony been from those that knew the murderer, mr. smith. >>reporter: the defense is trying to build a case that he
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brought in a lot of witnesses, a mother who abandoned him and a father who beat and abused him. many witnesses came and including a former neighbor who said his mother denied them food when they asked for it. >> can i have, no you cannot. cut away cash getaway. they were hungry and growing in the needed food. >>reporter: the defense has several witnesses to call tomorrow as they try to build the case to mitigating circumstances. they are hoping to wrap up tomorrow and if that's the case it will begin deliberations to see if he should get the death penalty or life in prison. thank you steve and even if he is sentenced to die it will not happen anytime soon.
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digging in, what did you learn? >> it has been in limbo and no one knows exactly when executions will continue. 152 inmates sit on death row but the state has not executed anyone since 2006. this is where the executions then challenges have put everything on home threshold. to punish doctors that participated even though it was the supreme court overturned that and the passing of the racial justice act got people in trouble. they repealed the act and landed more inmates back on death row. they have stopped executions. the cost is about $95 each
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since 2000 617 people have been given the death penalty. and 18 fund old baby boy was shot yesterday and he is now home with his family. the daycare where the shooting happened abruptly closed down today and the owners tell wncn that the daycare will stay closed indefinitely. most people did not want to speak on camera . it's messed up, i am sad it happened to a day care. >> there have not been any issues in the daycare in the last year and no arrests have been made despite police saying that they are questioning several people in relation. adam madison hospital after crashing head-on into a car being show them how it happened and this is us 401. the driver of the motorcycle
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driver of the car is not hurt. charges are pending. police in goldsboro tell us no charges will be filed against the driver of a private bus who hit and killed an elementary school teacher earlier this month. grandin kincaid was hit in the parking lot of meadow lane elementary, no word on what led to the crash. a go find me was created, you can find a link on our website at city leaders are on the edge of their seats waiting to hear if the city is a finalist for a $40 million grant. carly shows us how could make this city of raleigh in the future. >> winner take all $40 million grant given to a midsized us city to look at innovative technology-based solutions for transportation problems. >>reporter: eric is the transportation manager and is heading up the city's effort to get the us department of
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he is not alone in his endeavor. >> they have access multiple partners who are excited to work with us. technology partners are big. >> this will take a lot of people rolling up their sleeves and bringing individual contributions. offering ideas like smart infrastructure and cars that can communicate with each other. there's a lot of things based around the city of raleigh and feeding an enormous amounts of information and data. the school also suggest integrating personal rapid transit systems.>>reporter: this is not a new concept and they've been working on them for quite a while. they thought it would be a good addition to the city's grant application, plus what a better
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a to point b more efficiently. >> vehicles would go on the pathway and be on demand. eventually the transport would expand from campus to campus to even downtown. in raleigh, carla griffith, wncn news. it will be whittled down to five mac finalist and the winner will be announced in june. the $40 million grant will be paid out over three back years. we are less than a month away from the primary election and with the re-district seeing changes people are asking what it means. state lawmakers are just approving a new map tonight as race is world a main factor in drawing the lines. the political minute joins us live at the general. assembly where lawmakers wrapped up putting finishing touches on the map. tonight governor. mccrery has called for a special session on redistricting , this will take and republican lawmakers have
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matter from the us supreme court but without the delay they need to move forward with the new map. they have repeatedly told me that this will not impact the presidential primary, but with all the changes that are happening to the congressional district it almost assuredly will impact the congressional one. i need a clear understanding of what it is. with the debate over the north carolina congressional district voters are wondering how this will impact them and they are not the only ones. there is a cascading effect and we are in communication. this is a proposed map they are considering and many would have some parts that would see changes. the state board of elections has waited to see the number of voters whose districts would change. this came in on the morning run.>>reporter: they say more than 200 absentee ballots have been returned statewide and the
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statewide. >> no matter what you will see the congressional race on the ballot when you vote march 15. the question is will they count that day and realistically with new district lines the state board of elections has there would have to be a separate primary. >> we want them to be aware of the constraints we are under and how to make democracy work on the ground. a lot of these questions could start to be answered with the work that will start and the next couple of days. the map started out of committee and must be voted on by the full general. assembly and the lawmakers will gather tomorrow. life in raleigh. wncn news now. representing the fourth district covering chapel hill and carried they would gradually have a district reshaped and put in the same
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incumbents. then you are no different than the old and they did not set out to assure fair representation. what you are seeing here is a police officer use sign language to talk a test team grow off a bridge. this happened off the road and they spoke with witnesses on the story will only see white here. traffic was at a standstill on i 40 as officers tried to get a teenage girl to come down from an overpass. she was deaf but as you can see from cameras a police officer was able to use sign language to communicate with her. i don't know what it was because i do not use sign language. the teenage girl with a peer for an hour and finally came down when police helped her to
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brought to the scene. >> as soon as she saw the lady she walked towards her but not past and at the end she was laughing. >>reporter: she was on the harm to now being evaluated. they credit the officer for a fortunate ending. they have not identified the officer but they say that this is not the first time his son has been in the situation and he always seems to be in the right place. wncn news now. >> according to the cdc suicide is the third leading cause of people among teens. the experts they talking about suicide will not plant ideas in their head and we have other resources for you right now on
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tonight it's carolina versus duke in the madness of tonight's game a lot is happening behind the scenes to get ready for next month. we are talking about march madness in raleigh is hosting during the first weekend. is a big chance to shop the region to a national audience and cash in. we look at how people are preparing.>>reporter: even though this is a game duke would rather forget, the 2014 ncaa tournament gave our team a moment in the national spotlight. it's the second biggest in the united states behind the super bowl. this group is among many working with the arena to get ready for march madness to return. the stakes are significant for the players. a lot of teams think that they are going to lose in their entire experience will be the
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>>reporter: it's high stakes for the triangle as a whole as they spent more than $4 million in the region during the tournament. >> we are always looking at different ways to improve and host better. this is been underway for nearly a year. dave olson says it's about more than the logistics of the games itself. >> we put games outside. they say security is the main focus to ensure that the event goes off fairly. we work closely with everyone to make sure things are going on well and we want everyone to be safe and feel safe. >> is a lot of good organizations and people and it a lot of work but it is also one of the finest events we do.>>reporter: in raleigh, michael holland.
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they will be back and starting this year wncn is the new home for march madness as it comes on february 29. there's much more in transition on what a gorgeous day today and tonight so much better for the big game, remember 2 years ago. february game, remember 2 years ago. february 2014 we had snow and ice and they had to postpone the game. it was a wednesday night like tonight and thankfully we do not have that headache but we have a lot of hustle and bustle on franklin street, foot and car traffic as we take a live look this evening and right there on franklin street, temperatures are not warm, remember we have seen coulter in the last couple of weeks so we are happy with temperatures in the 40s and today we topped out in the upper 50s in the next couple of days will get
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head into this weekend. here we go, hour by hour, the few clouds before the sunset will fade away and dry weather. looking to keep the radar out to sunday with rain returning next week. we dropped 10 244 degrees at 8 pm and 41 at 10 peer into the 30s and out the door at 32 degrees in the morning but unlike this morning it will be dry. big picture, 2 things we are keeping an eye on, number one, that low-pressure front came this morning and high pressure which is what we have the next 4 days is clockwise. these are working together to pull down cooler air from the north over the next few days. that is why it will be chilly tomorrow morning in the next few days. that's what the weather holds for us. lots of sunshine that you need coats in the morning and afternoon and you can ditch the coat this weekend because it shifts around and brings when
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help send us well into the 60s. wouldn't be surprised if someone hits close to 70 either saturday or sunday. then as we get into next week that area of high pressure is long gone and we have 2 areas of low-pressure and a whole mess of rain that will be with us, monday, tuesday, and wednesday and while temperatures will cool down even more, it does look like they will be warm enough to keep this a rain event and five or six days out things like this are not written in stone but that is how it's looking right now. we will continue to keep an eye on that. in the meantime enjoy tomorrow, a chilly start near freezing and we will pop out near 50 degrees in the capital. 53 will be our high in fayetteville. the normal high as 56 degrees so we are below that tomorrow and the high of 50 and 52 on friday as we look at the seven day forecast. then we blow it out of the
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lots of spring will be in your mind and today pictures in the report and if that cannot shake winter, nothing well. we keep it in the mid-60s on sunday as well and the clouds will eventually rain on us. monday, tuesday, wednesday. we are not looking at a severe weather outbreak but maybe one or 2 inches and after 3 days of rain will be soggy and no rain tomorrow with a high. we should wish michael jordan a happy birthday. he is 53 degrees, ha ha, 53
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he can still dunk the battle of the blues and tonight rob lori kicked off tonight. there's only a couple of things that separate the all- time series and carolina leads 130 32107 and a lot of great matchups over the years and tonight expected to be another great one. todd gibson is live with the preview. watching tonight at 6 pm
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tonight at 6:30 pm they let the students and and a little more the buzz in the crowd as duke has taken the floor and this is the 231st battle and both teams playing well, duke has one 4 in a row and unc has weathered 2 came then. both teams are playing at an uptick. both teams are playing well and are very confident right now and have found that they are good at and they want to try and put that on the other team. it's a lot better having it this way than having two teams struggling. it will be fun. >> it's a different team to play against. to me they are the best team. they take it further. our guys are giving a heck of
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>>reporter: they think north carolina is the best team in acc and possibly the best in the nation. we will see tonight, unc is favored at the road team in the rivalry always seems to play well, we will send it back to you guys. it will be a great game and
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wncn at 11 pm. military members celebrating their faith across the nation and this year more than 500 soldiers attended. and this weekend we might get close to 70 down there. >> it's still february and it will be called tomorrow morning in the next couple of mornings and we will race towards the 50s, tomorrow morning 32 degrees and friday morning 28 degrees. it will be chilly during the day and plenty of sunshine
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into the weekend the wind shift to the south and temperatures jump into the midshipman to upper 60s and then we have wet weather . right now it looks to be wet and not the other stuff. we still have a few days to jump outside and wash the car. >> it was gr at devry university's college of business, we're looking for the go-getters. so if you want to learn what's been business-world tested today, and make an impact tomorrow, you're our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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>> judge judy: the defendant was a friend of your daughter's. she moved into your house. >> announcer: a mom with bad credit was back on the road. >> judge judy: an automobile was purchased in her name, and you drove the car for a year. >> correct. >> judge judy: she repossessed the car. >> announcer: but it's not the only reason for their fight. >> judge judy: did you have a driver's license? >> no. >> judge judy: so, you knew she had no driver's license. >> i actually wasn't aware of the fact she didn't have her driver's license until i started dating her husband. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of
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danielle myrick barrer is suing her former friend, 22-year-old kaelin hedrick, for stealing her car. kaelin says the car was repossessed, not stolen. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 442 on the calendar in the matter of myrick barrer vs. hedrick. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. ma'am, have a seat, please. >> judge judy: ms. barrer, the defendant was a friend of your daughter's, is that right? >> that's correct. >> judge judy: and at some point when she was in her early 20s, when she was 22, she moved into your house. she moved into your house for a short period of time. i don't know why. it's really not particularly relevant. during that time, you wanted to buy a car, but you didn't have sufficient credit. ms. hedrick had credit, and so an automobile was purchased in her name with the understanding that you would make all of the payments on the car. so far, is the story pretty correct? >> yes, your honor.


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